(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings, blessings and love, light and peace and rest to each of you gathered here this evening. It is a great pleasure to be with you and to be called to this work. Technically this is still called the training of a new channel and technically the one known as K is a new channel, but only within this incarnation. The experience this new channel has just had is the experience of being contacted. Normally, we would not do this with a beginning channel nor would a beginning channel be able to distinguish a first and opening greeting. However, this particular instrument has deeper gifts that are remembered in that portion of the mind that is reached in meditation, and so we thought we would give it a whirl, as this instrument would say.

We are glad that this instrument has had the experience of being contacted and the fact that it was not acted upon [it] is quite to be expected of one who has had so little experience in this incarnation. This instrument will surprise itself, although not us. The key is the gaining of that inner peace that comes with meditation.

We would like to speak in terms of those things that are on the mind of those present this evening. Perhaps the most common of those concerns present here this evening is the difference between the daily state of mind that has been achieved by each as it has gone through its day, and the state of mind that it is experiencing at this time, having done the necessary work to bring into harmony the deeper desires of each, the desires to serve, to love, to share.

All have had their excellent and uplifting moments during the day, but we ask each of you if you are happy and satisfied with the basic level of consciousness, or to put it another way, the degree of conscious living that was achieved during the precious moments of this day.

How little is the span of your incarnation and how high are your spirits’ ambitions for you during this tiny piece of what you call time. As you rest and bask in the love and the light of the infinite One, you yourself wonder how could I have moved from my center—how could my life not reflect this peace, this gentleness, this loveliness, this caring, this worship of the mystery. And yet we say to you that your days were more light filled than the majority of those upon your planet by a great deal; so you see, there is much to do.

To paraphrase a cliché within this instrument’s mind, love is long and time is fleeting.

We transfer at this time to the one known as K, leaving this instrument in love and light. We are know to you as Q’uo.

(K channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light through this instrument. We are pleased to have established contact so readily with this instrument, and we see that the paths to the deep memories are beginning to be opened little by little and would encourage this instrument to deepen and strengthen this process through the daily practice of meditation.

As we have stated, the ease of this contact comes as no surprise to us and we await the ease of the instrument with the contact through the process of repeated practice.

We would speak to you this evening on the subject of meditation. It is, as you know, a process by which access is gained to the deeper portions of the mind, the deep memories that lie therein which nibble at the edges of consciousness, the small thoughts and feelings experienced during the day that one may wonder at. Those things that seem to be half remembered, those things and entities that seem to be so familiar, yet with no conscious link in experience of this incarnation.

The process of meditation will begin to expand your awareness of these half-buried memories and recognitions. You will increasingly become aware of thoughts not running through your mind as in a daydream to which only scant attention is given, but as being those with which you are deeply familiar to which you turn your conscious attention and intention to the further pondering of such and the further integration of these old memories brought to light as part of the current experience.

Each of you here this evening is aware of the existence of the deeper self, of the metaphysical entity, of the imperishable light being, and of the network on this level, the connection on this level of all the entities of this planet. And the dichotomy existing between that connection and the apparent separation that exists in your day-to-day illusion. Each of you is also aware of times when that illusion is penetrated to some extent and the connection with some other self is made. The awareness of the other self as Creator brings about a momentary dispelling of the illusory bonds of flesh and societal structure.

What comfort there is in such connections. Such experiences may be realized on a more or less conscious basis, ranging from the barely conscious hint of feeling of familiarity to the relatively full conscious awareness of the deeper levels of existence of the self and the other self. We realize this may add a great perspective to life in the illusion as each realizes each is playing a part of sort upon the stage of Earth that each chooses, what part shall be played, and how each character shall interact with each other character and situation.

It is our hope that you may find enjoyment in playing these roles as you realize the necessity of the illusion for the purpose of growth in spiritual evolution, and the polarization process, as well as in the opportunities presented to be of service to your fellow inhabitants of planet Earth.

As each experiences from time to time memories of deeper connections with other entities as echoed in current experiences, whether slight or strong, the response is often one of joy, of remembered community. We experience peace and love and ease of being—yet that joy may be often tempered by the realization of the difficulty of maintaining contacts within this illusion.

Each of you has very difficult tasks before you and in that each present this evening is what we call a wanderer. The tasks may be experienced as being even more arduous in that the heaviness of the illusion is even more weighty to those accustomed to greater degrees of light. We laud your efforts, my friends and urge you to continue one step at a time. Allow yourselves to be encouraged by the glimpses of the deeper reality behind the illusion. Know that you exist in truth in that deeper reality; that you may contact it at any time in meditation and as your choices and interactions allow in those connections with others who are of like mind, know that you are beings of light. That within the shell of third-density flesh that surrounds you your beingness shines with a radiance so bright that were you to be fully aware of it, your joy could not be contained.

We urge you to make enough contact with that light to encourage you in your endeavors, painful though they may be, difficult though each of your struggles is in varying degrees at varying times, and you are here to encourage each other as well.

Do not underestimate the value of each to each in this journey and in your working together, for each is of inestimable value to each other and to us and to the Creator.

We urge you also as you encounter the pain and difficulty that each day [inaudible] brings, as you gaze at each entity and circumstance that you encounter, to attempt to be aware of the Creator in all things. In each difficult situation, in each difficult entity, the Creator is there as teacher, as guide, as friend, as love and light.

We know you are aware of these things, but we also know the difficulty in maintaining this awareness when in the mindset of mundane experience. We urge you to look for the joy in all things, to savor it, to choose the light touch, the merry twinkle in the eye, the smile when none was expected. These things mean more than you think, for your society tends to weigh the value of things in terms of what has been accomplished. But on the metaphysical level, those things that are of the greatest value lie in the areas of intention and in the state of being. So be who you are, my friends. Be light, be love, be joy.

We thank this instrument and this group for this opportunity to be of service in speaking to you. I look forward to the continued training of this new channel in what you call your future and the ongoing work of this group as it resonates most harmoniously with our own vibration.

We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim and close the meeting through that entity. We are known to you as the ones of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would simply offer ourselves to any queries which may hold importance for those present. May we speak to any concern at this time?

I’ve got a concern about [inaudible] make your own decision as to whether you want to answer it or rather it should be a subject in itself. When I invoked the archangel this evening, Raphael—who is usually very prompt and very much in tune with me, and who is the archangel of the air, the land, the spirit—was reluctant to appear and when it did appear, it was not with the usual fellowship that I feel, and I asked myself why this could be. And the obvious answer was that I was not flowing with the wind of spirit, that I was stuck, that I had a subjective feeling that this was a very bad day for me. And the truth of it is that this was a day off. I kept myself from doing work by sheer discipline. Work would have been easier for me than taking the day of by myself. I was alone with my pain. And I know it sounds dramatic, but I’ve never had this much pain before and I don’t know how to flow with it and make it transparent and be the [inaudible] that I am when I’m doing things for people.

When I’m doing things for people, I always feel full of love and full of light and as if there were nothing that was impossible. But when I’m not helping anybody but myself I feel really stuck and I don’t seem to be able to get past my aches and pains, and I don’t need to go into all that, you know. But it is a new level of pain for me and I am not able at all to deal with it gracefully. I know that this is my hardest lesson—I don’t care how long it takes me to learn it—I want to learn it, but could you give me some comments on how to make my sister, my pain, into a true heart sister; to love it and to allow it to be transparent so that I can feel the self-esteem and the worthwhileness in being that I do when I’m doing something for someone else. I am on my knees with this one.

I am Q’uo, and we feel the sincerity and intensity of your query, my sister, and we extend to you our heartfelt sympathy that the pain has presented to you. We know that entities within your illusion feel much distress at this time as each attempts to use those dwindling opportunities for polarization and service to others that are presenting themselves within each incarnation as your cycle moves quickly to a close.

This is much likened to the last minutes of cramming for your final examinations within your learning institutions as we scan the memories of each present here for analogies. Those lessons which belong to each, those services which are possible for each, now are offered in a most vivid manner. In your terms this means the intensity of experience is increasing. The illusion which you inhabit may provide all that it is constructed to provide; that is, the veil that hides the truth of unity and the fundamental purpose of experience. That [purpose] is to move beyond the limitation of the confines of the illusion that exists without the senses and within the mind and the attitude which perceives the illusion. To surpass limitation is a painful process, my sister.

In this regard, you have set for yourself, as you are well aware, lessons which have the purpose of focusing you inward. You have found in your own estimation before this incarnation began, that the experience of limitation and the concomitant experience of pain with its limitation would be most effect in focusing your attention in an inward manner that would make more likely the choices of living the conscious life. For that which is full of the experience which you call pain tends to grab the attention in a way in which there is no ignoring the opportunity. Much catalyst for many people may be ignored until it presents itself in another form at another time, perhaps within another incarnation. This is not so for your catalyst, my sister. You have desired to be of service in a manner which requires an intense degree of what you would call purity or single mindedness—total dedication to service. It was your wish to so hollow yourself out that you would become a clear reflection or channel for those energies of love, which you identify so closely with the one known as Jesus, the Christ, as this entity experienced the final portion of its incarnation nailed to that which you call the cross—and in that crucifixion of the physical vehicle achieved a transmutation from that which was human and moving towards the divine, to that which was truly divine, that which transcended this illusion, that which pointed the way which could be traced by others with similar desire.

This is your path, my sister; to so transmute the daily experience of your life that it becomes a purely formed manifestation to the one Creator. This is not an easy program or series of lessons to undertake. However, with the increasing price of the pain, you may comfort yourself by knowing that you attain that pearl which has no price within the metaphysical levels of your own being. If this could be easily seen within your own illusion, few entities would pay such a price, for it is indeed a great price to pay. The veils of forgetting shroud this process and all progress from your earthly eyes of perception. You seek and seek and seek and seek; you endure and endure and endure for that final moment of knowing that comes when you move through the doors of this life, that you call death, and realize that there has been a purpose known at the deepest levels.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

We shall pause briefly that this instrument might retune…


I am Q’uo, and greet each again through the love and light of this instrument. This instrument wishes to apologize for the delay. [This challenging process is lengthy.] We shall continue.

Thus you shall find that the purpose and the pattern of the incarnation will make sense only upon looking back and seeing it in the full perspective. The short answer, my sister, to your query is that though the price is great, the reward is greater.

We cannot express to you the nature of our gratitude for each instrument such as yourself which endures the increased levels of difficulty that go with those who wish to be of greater and purer service to others. With such desires move responsibilities of equal proportion. The responsibilities that form themselves as testings, temperings, tunings and purifications in your daily round of activities are merely the means by which you shall accomplish these goals. That your experiences become more intense and more difficult is an indication that you are ever moving forward upon the paths which you have chosen. This is not to say that your portion of contentment, pleasure and joy shall always be small, but that added to these joys will also be those difficult moments that are the times during which the food of a metaphysical nature is being eaten, being processed, and being transformed into a kind of manna that will nourish those portions [inaudible].

Thus we offer to you, my sister, the larger picture which recedes when pain pulls the attention inward and dissolves the ability to see beyond the pain. Fear not that you wander from your trail, your feet are ever planted there, and although the steps are painful, the progress is steady. The service is offered and the purpose is fulfilled.

May we speak to any other query, my sister?

Yes, a very short one. First of all, I made a tentative decision, based on how I feel during the rest of this month, to allow myself to use marijuana to eliminate the pain when I really needed to, knowing that I would lose a great deal of my ability to function, but feeling that it was a kind of vacation for me, and I would not have another kind of vacation. I wondered if this was self-indulgent?

The other question is this general topic of such a nature that there is more material that you would wish to offer and [would] you would wish to take it up in a full-length [kind] of session?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your queries, my sister. To the first query, we may not speak for this is a subject at this moment being debated within your own mind and we feel it would be an infringement to offer an opinion before you have made your decision.

To the second query, we may say that we have no desire other than to be of service in which we are asked, if it is within our ability to do so without infringing upon any entity’s freewill choices. If you would wish to ask us further upon this topic we would be happy to share that which is ours to share. We have no other desire than to serve.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Let me ask that last question in a different way. Is there further material that is possible for you to give as your opinion, which is, of course, [valuable.] If asked the same question again, is there more material? More of your thoughts and opinions which you would give us?

I am Q’uo. There is a great deal of material that may be shared in the area of which you speak—that is, the experience of pain and the tendency to utilize the pain-filled experience as a means to focus the attention towards one purpose or another—for there are many avenues that offer themselves as an entity undertakes that experience generally known as pain.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, Q’uo, thank you [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we thank you my sister, for your perseverance and your dedication. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, At this point in my channeling, I have no sense whatsoever what might be coming from me and what might be coming from whatever entity I’m channeling, and I don’t know if it’s possible to have [inaudible]. I did feel that the contact was very comfortable and very easy but I would like some feedback from you Q’uo [inaudible] myself, as to how [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We are very happy with the proportion of information that has been able to be transmitted from us through your instrument and blended with experiences, concepts and thoughts that are your own. We feel that we are approaching the level which we attempt in the training of each instrument that is, approximately two portions, or a 70% from our source, and one portion, or approximately 30% of that of the instrument. We feel there has been great progress in your ability to perceive that which is given within the last two sessions of work and we applaud your willingness to open your instrument to the degree that is necessary to achieve this ratio, for this opening requires that one be willing to move out from the safety of the trunk of the tree further upon the limb where one is unsure of the next concept, the next word, that she make sense, as you say, within the overall pattern of the message. We are very happy with this ratio at this time and commend you in your efforts.

Is there another query, my sister?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and we thank you my sister. As we have exhausted the queries for this evening, we would close with our expression of great gratitude to each instrument for allowing us to exercise each instrument. It is a rare privilege to speak to a group which has this level of dedication in offering the self as an open channel for concepts which seem quite insubstantial when compared with the heaviness of the daily round of activities. We find that it is a great paradox within your illusion that the weightiness of your experience can be cradled, but so carefully, by such seemingly insubstantial concepts which at their heart contain the most solid centers of integrity and in truth can support such burdensome experiences with ease, when such experiences are seen as the catalyst and most mysterious of opportunities to learn.

The weightiness of your experience seen in this perspective gives way in its seeming solidity and dissolves in the light of truth. Only when the inner eye remains steadily fixed upon these concepts and there is a regular returning to these metaphysical principles through your meditation, your contemplation, and your times of prayer as you move through your daily experience, only by applying, moment by moment, these principles to the life experience can one lift the burden from one’s shoulders and then, but for the moment, however, even these small moments of realization and centering of the self may sustain one through any life experience.

We know your tasks are difficult and the moments of such relief too few. We are honored to be a part of the renewing of the dedication and the refining of the center of one’s being. We too walk this trail with you. We offer ourselves as comforters to you, and we rejoice with all of creation as you move ever more in harmony with the center of the self, which has never left the unity with all that this.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.