Question from S: Question dealing with the concept of what sort of effort to make of a novel that would incorporate the qualities of the wanderer entering this Earth’s planetary sphere in order to be of service and how the development of identity using various concepts that have been put forth in metaphysical writings, how this would be accomplished to best get across the idea of an entity of light wishing to aid a planet that is in the process of being born. And then any words that Q’uo might have to say to S in greeting in general and specifically concerning her desire to be in contrast and in balance to the great amount of doing that she has been doing.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to this group this day. May we express our extreme gratitude that you have in your own love and your own life in the name of the infinite Creator called us who are messengers of love and light to you. Together we praise the one infinite Creator, the mystery that is always [invented] and always mysterious and yet always the bedrock of the incarnational experience for those who have the hearts to understand.

We also would like to express that we of Q’uo is of a principle or combined energy offering consisting of the ones known as Latwii and the ones known as Ra. Each of us in our memory blesses, thanks and offers you love. We wish you to know as we wish all who would seek us to know that to experience our presence in your meditation you need only ask and you shall never be alone. We speak this to the one known as S especially, for it has been our privilege many times as Latwii to be with the one known as S.

Now we would say a few words about this principle, for these words are not those of Ra. The ones of Ra have been our teachers as well as your own. We are much more progressively guided by the ones of Ra than we would normally be in working with this group because the vibrations of this group are such that those less orthodox and introductory teachings are not the desire of this group but rather the desire is to explore further. And as that desire puts out a certain call and as both the ones known as Ra and the ones known as Latwii have permission from the Council which governs entering into your energies within this sphere we banded together, that we of Latwii might use more of the teachings of the one known as Ra.

So, we speak to you with Latwii’s voice but with far more ability to have access to the teachings of the ones known as Ra. There is not a partnership here. You are listening to those of Latwii. It is simply that we have collaborated with those of Ra and we use our own discrimination in guarding the free will of each. It is indeed a blessing to do this work as we very much enjoy and love each other’s social memory complexes.

Now, on to the questions at hand. When a body of work is being written concerning metaphysical truths it is completely up to the author as to whether to fictionalize information or to work with the highest and best information which you have, using it literally and without alteration. This would not be true if by such writing the free will of any would be infringed upon. However, it is impossible to infringe upon someone in book form, for there is no difficulty whatsoever in closing a book. Those who do not wish to see the information or the emotions therein within their own experience will simply find your book quite invisible.

Therefore, it depends completely upon the sensitivities of one who is attempting to become a carpenter in words, building with these structural members an area around those infinite concepts and possibilities that can never be put into words. There is another reason of why it is not necessary, unless it is simply desired to alter the truth of that which you know at this time. Entities who are not ready for this particular material, even if they find it helpful, will assume it to be fiction. For it is stranger than things that are created in the mind of man.

The peculiarities, shall we say, of a truly lived spiritual path are such as cannot be reduced to cliché without considerable practice. Consequently, we feel the issue that is truly being asked here is an issue concerning free will and the potential for an author infringing upon the free will of the reader. We do not feel that this is possible. Therefore, we encourage the one known as S to recruit her own inner wisdom, her own personal truth, and to write fearlessly, carefully and with absolute bravado. For all the tools that are placed within the reach of entities so that they may see them are those works of inestimable service.

In closing out this question, we would add that no matter what the physical fruits of a life lived in faith are, the life itself is a far greater gift to the planet and to the Creator than any artifact of this love and wisdom imparted in things which can be measured and seen. Higher gifts are always unseen.

This brings us to the question about being and doing. And in this question we find each within this group to have a poignant and deep confusion concerning the appropriate way to live a life in faith. We find in each case that each is by nature expressive and radiant, [each] one strongly polarized towards service to the Creator and to other selves. We find that each has been raised in a culture which praises the fruits of labor, whatever they may be, which finds virtue in such things as making money for the sake of making money. In other words, the concept of doing is not only corruptible but is constantly being corrupted. That is, positive polarity service to others is constantly moving into neutral or negative services which catch one upon, shall we say, the blind side. This is a matter of personal discrimination. We do not feel we have to talk about the doing except to express that in a metaphysical or spiritual sense the core of a realized action or doing is that expression of faith which is, “Not my will but [Thine.]” So that as you do that which you do you are grounded in a dedication of that doing to the love of the infinite One. It is said in your holy works, “I am the vine. You are the branches.” In your doing realize that your roots are in the one infinite Creator and that the fruit that you bear is fruit that has come through the Creator like sap up to the inspiration of the self within and there it is fertilized by third-density catalyst so that it is unique to you and to your situation but in all ways beautiful and good to the taste.

Being, although it seems very simple, is very much put aside within your western culture. This culture is overstimulated, distracted, irritated at the extraordinarily close contact each must have with the other in most circumstances. How does one be when one is constantly being fed stimulus after stimulus after stimulus? One way to experience that being in a very vital way, and also in a very harsh way as concerns your physical vehicles habits, is simply to, as this instrument had suggested earlier, move to a retreat situation where there was the silence of the self to be explored with the companion that is also silent. This would entail a good deal of mental and emotional discomfort, for a desert experience, whether it is natural or contrived, is never particularly pleasant. In the desert, in the silence, one meets the self in all of its aspects. Yet it is in this desert and in this experience of the self that has both its light and its shadowed sides that the self learns finally to accept all of the self and thereby learns a compassion that cannot be learned in any other way. For when one sees oneself to be so far from what it wishes to be it is humbled with a good humility, a humility that realizes that within this density it is impossible not to err and be deceived repeatedly.

Beingness moves into the life experience as it is given space. The meditation is the beginning. Other tools which encourage being are those tools which also offer solitude or company with like-minded entities. In gardening, in hiking, in walking, in contemplation, in reading ideas are brought before the eye, the ear, and all the senses. And the being is allowed to expand beyond the quantity of flesh and bone until it is felt securely the nature, the essence of this field of consciousness that you are, each of you. What beingness does for this field of consciousness is to amplify the positive polarity of the entity who is being in a way that attempts to express with more and more compassion the self that is loved and accepted and forgiven and therefore is able to experience all entities as loved, accepted and forgiven.

The deep layers of being include purified emotion, worship, adoration, faithfulness and an unshakeable and unquenchable love for the one infinite Creator. None of this need be spoken. None of this need be obvious by word or deed for the work of beingness to be done. This offering that is directly to the infinite greatly aids the planetary consciousness for it has no object except simply to be, and by that being to channel love and light. Indeed, being is the most strenuous activity possible, for in being there is no past, there is no future, and there is no solidity to the form of the one who is. The strength of the field of consciousness is your strength. The nature of that field of consciousness is your identity. You cannot see results from things that are not actions unless you watch very carefully and then you shall see the power of authenticity in beingness.

We would at this time transfer this contact, with thanks, to this instrument, the one known as Jim. I am the principle known to you as Q’uo. Love and light to you.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which may be upon the minds of those present. It is with great joy that we offer ourselves in this sharing of that which we have found helpful upon our journeys and we desire that your journey may be enhanced to some degree.

Is there a query at which we may begin?


I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. As we look at the entity that is your planet in its present state of transition we see that there is much confusion among a great many of your peoples who are more conscious of the process of growth and that of seeking which you might call the pilgrim’s path. For many of these entities have become aware of how their own life patterns are evolving to the point where there is the necessity of giving greater and greater amounts of attention to what seem to be the tedious details of the day; that is, the very basic nature and level of living and continuing in this pattern in a manner which is stable and productive. Many find that there are difficulties which are more intensive and in need of attention than any previous time within the incarnation. This is [due] in large part to the current experience of the planetary sphere itself, as this may be seen to be the most critical period in this birthing process. We say critical in that there is movement towards polarization in both the positive and in the negative sense, so that those entities which are able to welcome and enjoy the more intensive vibrations of love and light are doing so in the manner which is helpful to each entity as an individual in that its choice of polarity begins to be apparent.

This choosing and polarization process, as it is reflected in your mundane world, is seen as that which is traumatic, for much of progress within your third-density illusion is the product of that which you call trauma. It is often the case that those who have been for a great period of time slumbering or nearing the wakeful period of their seeking will be nudged into greater polarity of seeking and consciousness of the process by that means of resolving the difficulty of, as you would say, dealing with the traumas that are increasingly a part of each entity’s incarnation. If your illusion was less, shall we say, encumbered with the veils of forgetting there would not be the necessity for the loud and long ringing alarm to awaken those that wish to be awaken. However, this same nature of intensive veiling also allows greater progress in the spiritual journey. For each step is far more valuable and carries a great deal more weight within the total beingness as each step is taken with less surety and the need for greater will and faith to continue and even to begin this conscious journey of seeking.

Thus, we see upon this planetary sphere that there is the seeding of light in many places where light has not been in predominant expression, shall we say, but has only flickered briefly. And at this time we see that there is a great deal more light beginning to shine forth from many areas, entities and groupings of entities upon your planet. However, as with all transformations within the third density this is a process which must partake of the breaking or shedding of the older ways of perceiving, of thinking, and of doing so that there might be made a place for a new way of perceiving and of bringing forth that quality of compassion and understanding that has long been hidden within the hearts of many who have incarnated with the desire that they may show forth this energy of love that will aid, not only their own evolutionary growth, but will enhance the opportunity to be of service to others and will also lighten the planetary vibrations as a whole.

Thus, we see the difficulties that many have yet we see that this is the portion of this birthing process in which difficulties may be expected. Further polarizations, both towards that which you call positive or radiant and towards that which you call negative or that which absorbs the light, may be expected to continue so that there is as it would appear to be a movement in the mass consciousness of the planet in the direction of both of these poles with the great majority of entities remaining between these polarities yet also feeling this movement of polarization.

Thus, the time is critical. The time is that portion of the process during which the process gains what you may call a momentum and continues towards both the positive and the negative vibratory rates.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I am acutely aware of the wall being placed before me. Is this a point where I have to stop and wait for a teacher, although I am very suspicious of a physical teacher… I know I know that thought. Just wondering why I can’t get past that wall.

I am Q’uo, and aware of your query, my sister. As the conscious seeker moves further upon its path using those tools which it feels are appropriate to continue the journey there is a process that occurs within each entity that may be likened to building the shell around the young that is to be born, seeing the seeker at any point in its journey being both the father or mother of that which shall be its new self as what you have learned is put into practice in your thinking and in your being. You find that there is constructed an area or field of reach which becomes more and more familiar to you as you construct the qualities, the concepts, the relationships, in short, the philosophy of your beingness and your relationship to the one Creator.

In its fullest flowering and expression this philosophy provides with a means by which you may move each step upon your journey up to a point which becomes increasingly difficult to approach with the existing philosophy, requiring, therefore, that there be a new means of penetrating the mystery which has again symbolically solidified around you in that form which you call the wall, which may also be seen as the egg through which the birthing entity will chip a new way through, a new path, a new perception as this entity is transformed by its own desire to seek and by its previous success in seeking.

Thus, you may experience the feeling of being before the wall for a significant portion of what you may call time. As there is then the necessity for that transformation which many have called initiation that will in some fashion allow the “new you” that is waiting to begin again at another level in this process to find the tools that will allow you to move through, around or to move beyond this wall which seems to restrain but which is more accurately a threshold that requires a greater degree of what we may call an intensity or increased desire to penetrate. There is often aid given by those whom you may call the guides or teachers. This aid may or may not take a form which is recognizable as that which would proceed from a guide or teacher. The aid in many cases is the inspirational dream or continuing series of dreams or line of thinking that develops within the prayerful, contemplative or meditative state so that a trail is laid and there is the accumulation in a step-by-step process of the tools necessary to penetrate the wall and begin again at a new level of understanding, shall we say.

Patience is that which is a paradoxical recommendation at a time when there is also the need for the renewal of inner determination to continue. Thus, if one is able to await patiently yet alertly and with firm intent one has prepared the self as well as one can for this time of a transformation.

Is there a further query, my sister?


I am Q’uo, and aware of your query, my sister. We walk carefully in this response, wishing not to step over the boundaries of infringement upon free will but we find that you are querying concerning you own powers of discrimination and we would advise you or any seeker on this journey inward to value highly the discrimination that is borne…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and again with this instrument. We are pleased to make a time to pause so that those of Latwii may join you in your meditation. We shall pause at this time.


I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Those of Latwii greet each in love and in light and wish to assure the one known as S that there is never a separation between us. We are always near and walk with joy upon the journey. Seeing the heart of love inspires each step however difficult the steps may become or however confused the process of thinking may become. There is always support. We are honored to be available in this manner and would be most happy to join you in any of your meditations for the purpose of deepening your meditation.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.