The question this week has to do with “why.” Why, if there is a benevolent, higher force that we might call God or the Creator, is there so much sorrow, suffering, sickness, violence, disease and general disharmony in the world, in individual and in group experiences? Why do people have to go through so much difficulty in order to just survive in many cases? Why is there not a more active participation, either on the part of the Creator or the forces of light, the angelic beings, to intervene and to provide sustenance, relief, healing and so forth on all the levels—mind, body, spirit and emotions? And, as an adjunct to that question, how does this interaction of the Creator and the forces of light in our personal, mundane lives relate to the New Age, so called, now dawning where we are supposedly ending one cycle and about to begin another experience. Is there a relationship in the sorrow and the suffering that is going on now on the planet in its intensity and its widespread nature to this supposed ending of one age and beginning of another?

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as those of the principle of Q’uo, and we greet each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a blessing and a privilege to speak to this circle of seeking concerning the great “why?” of personal and planetary suffering, and the possible connection with the end of the age. We are the brothers and sisters of sorrow, and are part not of your answer, but of your query. We would ask each of you to weigh our words as those without authority; friends, but not divine friends, merely those of somewhat more experience than you have conscious memory of at this, your present moment.

Let us begin with our name for ourselves. We have called ourselves “the brothers and sisters of sorrow,” for we are social entities whose members have decided to move far from our planetary home to speak to those who sorrow, who stumble, who are faced with deeply central choices, when the surrounding atmosphere is one which is profoundly lacking in accurate, trustworthy information upon which to base choice. We speak to one entity at a time. “We are not those who will save the planet.” You may put that phrase in quotations.

We witness the suffering, and, although we shall proceed to speak upon some portions of the answer or answers to, “Why is there suffering?” more important is it to us to verify and underline the centrality of this question, for it is not the starving, the freezing, the sickening unto death alone who are suffering. Each entity who is born into your third-density illusion begins immediately a process of loss, suffering, increasing limitation and ordeal, followed by physical death. Each of you recapitulates in a leisurely manner the misery of the starving infant. It simply takes many entities, born into healthier climes and circumstances, longer to complete the menu of suffering. And, oh, my friends, there are so many interesting entrees on this menu!

Why are you in the place of suffering? We ask this to bring each who listens into the same environment as those for whom one feels the compassion, to focus upon an instance of suffering close to this instrument’s mind: each is the beaten, each is the one which wields the instrument of beating, each is the jury member forced to evaluate the incident, each is the rioter, each is the shopkeeper. Each of you lives a life that is seemingly personal, truly unique, but deeply planetary. Each entity’s uniqueness lies not in the specific experiences alone or in the specific reactions in thought, word and deed to these experiences. But, rather, each is also part of a sea of consciousness shared by all who dwell within, upon and around your planetary sphere. You are beginning to become more and more aware of the connection betwixt the personal inner self and all consciousness upon your sphere.

The query, “Why is there suffering?” then can perhaps be brought back home [for consideration] to each of your personal journeys, as well as remaining cognizant of the [world’s] intense and acute examples of suffering. The conversation earlier touched upon the term karma. Karma, in our opinion, is a kind of residual energy or momentum. An action which produces an imbalance betwixt the giver and the receiver creates a bond of imbalance. This is called a karmic bond. The momentum is often visualized as circular, and thus the term “wheel of karma” is used to describe the way that a balance is offered repeatedly to those who are imbalanced. Again and again, a situation will occur in which an entity may forgive the self and the other self involved in this karmic tie. When forgiveness is complete—that is, there is forgiveness of the other self and of the self in full and unstopped measure—the wheel of karma stops.

There is a planetary karma also, for nation states and large economic, social and, what you term, religious groups of entities have offered unbalanced action to other groups of entities. Thusly, the individual karma and the societal karma mount to the level of the heavens. The planet as a whole does not at this time have one karma. Thusly, there is the opportunity for entities which wish to aid in the societal karma to do so, and many among your peoples are those which have incarnated to do personal work in consciousness, to make choices which further refine choices, to work for the one infinite Creator, and to serve in a healing capacity upon the level of the consciousness which is deep enough in the roots of mind to be that consciousness shared by all upon all levels of native being within, upon, and around your planetary sphere.

Why is there suffering by those starving in foreign lands? We may suggest that there are many who have chosen to incarnate for the purpose of suffering as intensely and as long as possible before the inevitable death by starvation or illness, not only in less technologically oriented cultures, but also within each culture, for within the culture which is your own there are those with short, hungry and brutal lives. These, may we say, Christ-like entities are pursuing a beautiful, poignant and terrible service, absorbing the deadening, merciless, pitiless and ruthless service-to-self distortions which have caused motives of greed, revenge and slaughter to erupt into actions against groups of other selves through, what you call, your history.

Others there are among you who do a great deal of work within, calling it prayer or meditation or worrying or concern, sending love and healing to those who watch and suffer and wait and perish. There is a lovely orison sounding, with millions of souls blending at all times; your planet prays without ceasing. Always, in every night watch, there are those millions unknown to you who keep the watch for humankind. When others sleep, you may well be raising your internal voice in praise of the infinite One in thanksgiving and in intercession for all who suffer. And so, by lives lived in some part sacrificially, the societal karma is being, to some extent, alleviated through the heartfelt caring of very many of your peoples.

We know this query is far-ranging, but we would attempt a focus upon the heart of the query before we leave this instrument. Gaze with us at the pattern of the incarnation you now enjoy. There is the pain of the learning, the growing, the changing to fit new heights and weights and emotions. Then, seamlessly, there begins the long decline of the physical vehicle which carries your consciousness about from the first health of youth to the last breath before the physical vehicle is no longer viable. In the space between, one experience after another challenges, baffles and confuses the mind, the spirit and the emotions. Each may dream of utopia, of the Garden of Eden, yet each is soundly thrown out of it. This is your circumstance at this time.

Why does the infinite Creator place you so firmly and decisively in a milieu of loss, ordeal, limitation and eventual dying? We ask you, what gets your attention: the perfect halcyon day or the moment of toxin, the alarm, the adrenaline and the sudden movement to cope, to save, to defend? Each of you has two minds: one will keep you in this density forever; the other will evolve. Your two minds sometimes have very different ways of dealing with circumstances. The first mind is the intellectual mind. Its soul purpose is to manipulate the environment in order that you may survive, find shelter, be fed and have comfort. The other mind is that mind best described as the “wise heart.” This heart’s wisdom is that portion of the mind whose roots move into racial, societal, planetary and Creator mind. It is this mind that is always and forever.

The suffering, the ordeal of living, is specifically designed to grab the attention of the intellectual mind and then proceed to baffle it so thoroughly and completely that the intellectual mind gives up, and the thrust of inquiry moves to the heart. In the heart lies that beingness which gazes at this experience of third-density illusion and chooses, in faith alone, to be a part of the love—the good, if you will—of the personal, societal, planetary mind.

There is no “why?” in the heart’s wisdom, nor is there any answer. The heart sees suffering and embraces it, for, to the heart, any entity who is thirsty is the Christ waiting for a drink. Any entity who needs clothing is the Christ waiting to be covered. Thusly, the ordeals become opportunities for service and are seen as challenges worthy of attracting one’s attention.

We glory in the beauty of your sunny day and of the peace each has found within the heart. But more, my friends, we glory at the suffering that each encloses. We ask each of you to touch yourselves with loving and forgiving hearts, to be healers of the self, and to allow that healing which is from eternity to eternity to move into the ever-wounded conscious self so that each may become a healing expression and manifestation to those about each, not by word, but merely by the point of view. Let your hearts be those open channels of love, and may you love each other, for the suffering is part of learning how, truly, to love and, eventually, how to be love.

We are pilgrims with you in this quest. We thank each and this instrument for calling us to you in this matter. We are at this time happy to speak to your further questions, but find that this instrument grows weary. Thusly, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo, and leave this instrument with thanks in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time, we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

I’d like to ask about the changes that will be taking place in this area around the year 2000.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We are not those who have the desire or ability to describe in detail those changes which are as the weather at your graduation. These changes have begun many of your years ago as the planetary entity itself is also making the graduation, shall we say. There has long been upon the surface of your planet populations of entities who have engaged in disharmonious relationships even unto the war, and have, through the heat of the emotions, transferred this heat into the crust, as you call it, of the planet itself, so that as the planetary entity attempts to make its own movement from this density of light into the succeeding density of light there is the necessity for the reharmonizing of the planetary garment that will allow for the release of the excessive heat in a variety of means in order that the planetary entity shall remain and retain in its whole nature; that is, shall proceed into the next density of light intact.

Thus, the release in a controlled fashion of heat energy is achieved as those natural, shall we say, catastrophes, as you call them, are experienced in the form of eruptions of volcanoes, the earthquakes, the heating and cooling effects of your geothermal forces, and other forms of the release of energy that will allow for the continual harmonization of this planetary influence as it moves through this period of transition.

Thus, there is much of choice on that part of the populations of this planet that will determine the precise location, duration, intensity and nature of heat release. As entities and groupings of entities are able to resolve difficulties and achieve a more harmonious perception of relationship, there will be less need for the drastic, in your terms, release of this heat of emotion energy. Thus, it can be said that these releases of energies shall continue. As to their location, etc., this is, as you would say, in the process of being determined by the movement of thought…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Is there another query, my sister?

What visions do you have for the New Age which is approaching?

I am Q’uo, and, though the query is most general in its point, we would suggest that the nature of that which you have called the New Age is one that is quite different from the experience which is now enjoyed by the population of this planetary influence. We shall attempt to give only very general descriptions, for this is a large field of inquiry.

There is the graduation into and use of a physical vehicle which is more densely packed with light than the one which you now utilize in your current experience. This vehicle is that which is associated with the fourth energy center or chakra, that having to do with the heart, so that the primary influence of this body and its experience is that of learning the lessons of love, compassion, mercy, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance so that entities will have a greater opportunity to see the Creator in the creation about them, and to see and express that Creator within the self as well.

This perception and expression shall take the form of the communication that is more of the, as you call it, telepathic nature where the transmission of concepts is accomplished much as you would transmit the contents of your field of vision in a moment and this picture would include the feelings and responses that you would have to that in your field of vision. There is in such a form of communication no ability or desire to hide those feelings and thoughts which an entity may entertain. Rather, there is the great desire to blend the individual energies and abilities with others so that there is created what might be called a society of memory-complexes or social memory complex that allows each entity within the grouping access to the memories, talents, experiences and abilities of all others within this grouping.

The grouping of entities itself has chosen the means of further seeking the Creator in that there is the great desire of such groupings to serve others by utilizing the expanded knowledge and abilities that are experienced at this level of being. Further knowledge of and learning of the creation and the Creator is gained primarily by seeking to be of assistance to other entities who may not yet have reached this level of understanding. Thus, there is the waiting for the call from such entities, be they individuals or civilizations, upon planetary influences such as this one.

We feel that this is a good general description of that which awaits this planetary population, and would ask if there is a further query, my sister?

If you talk on the subject of going home, returning home, and explain that, I would appreciate it.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We are aware of the feeling that many entities within this planetary influence experience of being away from home, and may suggest that there are many, many entities upon this planet that have journeyed here from elsewhere, that is, from another planetary influence. In the majority of cases, this journeying has been as a part of a grouping of entities that has sought to complete the cycle of learning that this third-density planet offers, and these entities have sought to complete that cycle upon this planetary influence as it was beginning its third-density cycle at the time of their joining it. This is true for the great majority of entities upon this planet, for you see you are not all of one source or origination as far as progression from a second-density influence into the third density, and this accounts for much of the difficulty in relationships between societies, nationalities, races, religions and so forth upon your planetary influence.

There is also another grouping of entities that has come from elsewhere, either within this solar system or outside of this particular solar system, that has chosen to return to a third-density planet in order to be of service to the entities upon this planet, even though those who return have progressed beyond this third-density experience. As we spoke to the previous query in suggesting that those who proceed into the next density of light seek to learn by serving others, there are many of these kinds of entities within this planetary influence at this time who have come from elsewhere to be of service in a certain manner as they join this planetary influence. These entities offer their light and love just as a portion of their very being glows more brightly with the honor of standing closer to the light of the one Creator. This service is offered, as we said, as a general kind of lightening of the vibrations of this planetary influence.

Each such entity also has a specific talent or service to offer that is accomplished in a unique way for each entity, whether this be by teaching, by healing, by communication, or by any of a number of means of being service-to-other entities. These entities also pass through that which you call the “forgetting process,” so that as they enter this planetary influence they are completely the citizens, shall we say, of this third-density planet, and do not retain those abilities that would seem to this planet’s population as being that of a paranormal nature in general, so that there is an equality of status, and no entity’s service would be accepted without question simply because it came from one with abilities that were obviously in excess of what is the norm on this third-density planet.

These entities, however, have within them the distant and dimly lit memory of their origin as being from elsewhere, and in many cases this feeling is in the form of what you may call a kind of homesickness or alienation from the planetary influences and vibrations that are of a more disharmonious nature within this third-density influence. However, each entity in the heart of its being is aware that, though there is a home that may be located elsewhere, that the true home of all seekers of light and servants of the one Creator is within that service and within that light that comes from only one source, the one Creator, and each may take solace in knowing that the Creator resides within each entity and shines the light of love and service to all equally.

Is there another query, my sister?

So, you were just saying that, basically, home is within us, is that right?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and this is correct, that the home is truly, as your peoples say, located where the heart is able to love.

Is there another query?

When I was referring to home I was referring to returning to the First Cause… passing through Christ consciousness and returning to the First Cause.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. This journey, that of returning to the First Cause, is more closely aligned to the latter portion of our response where each entity becomes aware that there is a Source from which each comes and towards which each moves after the great cycle of learning and experience has been achieved. For each portion of the Creator that becomes an individualized portion of consciousness moves out from this Source with the desire to seek and to serve the one Creator, for it is felt within the tiniest portion of each entity’s being that it is the great desire of the Creator to know Itself, and that each entity is a means by which this Creator shall know Itself.

As each entity moves through the various densities or dimensions of light, learning each lesson that is possible there, much experience of a various nature in intensity and in type, all having to do with the qualities of love and light, are gained. Aand as these experiences are gathered, the individualized portion of consciousness that is each entity then takes on these qualities and widens the perspective or the “eye-shot,” the point of view, shall we say, so that each entity, then, is able to see more of the other entities and experiences about it as the Creator knowing Itself.

As the final lessons are learned in the last of the densities of light, the entities begin to take upon themselves that which you may call a spiritual mass so that there is the great desire to move into complete union once again with the one Creator, and this union is achieved so that each entity brings each experience with it as an offering or glorification to the one Creator. Each such offering, then, taken cumulatively, becomes the seeding of another great octave of experience and cycle of beingness, as the one Creator once again sends out portions of Itself to gain in experience, to learn that which can only be learned by the giving of free will choice to those portions of Itself that venture out as pilgrims into what is to each the great unknown and mystery of being.

Is there another query, my sister?


I am Q’uo. Is there another query at this time?

I’d like to ask a question. I’m trying to focus back down into what you were saying and trying to apply it to Rodney King and the events in L.A. and around the country. If I’m applying this correctly, please tell me, and if I’m not, just briefly tell how I’m not. The victim, Rodney King, and the victims—all the shopkeepers, the people whose places were burned—the people who, at some level, were accepting acting as a safety vent for energies that otherwise would have been worse, resulting in, say, a revolution within the entire nation… The ones who were doing the negative—the shooting and the beating and the burning and the looting—where those who had the impulse to do that but, also, at some level, who were accepting the karmic results of that, perhaps as part of the same equation…

I’m really fuzzy on this. And all of the people around the planet—and I know that they are all around the planet—who are praying for peace and for justice and to save the Earth, these energies were aiding in keeping the venting points open so that the energy, the heat, could be vented safely and not trouble the entire nation or the entire planet, in this case, the entire nation. Is that a fair application of what you were saying to current events? That’s why the suffering—it’s kind of like a safety vent?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that there is indeed some confusion in the interpretation in that which we have spoken, and would attempt to speak briefly to alleviate the confusion. The experiences of sorrow and suffering of whatever nature by any individual or groupings of individuals upon your planet is the result of those learnings and services that have gone before and which have been improperly integrated or incompletely assimilated within the individual or grouping.

All experience within your third-density illusion has the purpose of teaching some facet of love and acceptance. As entities move through various experiences there are those challenges or testings that further teach those areas that have previously been lacking in their balance or refinement. The more difficult the challenge or test, the greater the possibility for learning love and acceptance. The traumatic conditions, such as that of your warfare, offer great immediate opportunity for entities to see the possibilities of love and service to others, such as when a soldier would jump upon that which you call the grenade to save the life of a friend. This is the greatest service.

There is a variety of response available at all times to each entity in any experience. Each experience shall offer the opportunity for the entity to demonstrate his or her level of understanding, and this shall be demonstrated by the spontaneous response to each situation. Thus, the difficulties that may be experienced within your illusion are as the catalyst for a process of learning that occurs, in the larger sense, to the metaphysical or spiritual entity that each of you is. The experiences in your daily round of activities are those physical or mundane means by which metaphysical lessons are distilled.

The venting process, of which we spoke previously, is the process by which the Earth itself as an entity has absorbed the heated vibrations of disharmony and difficulty over many, many generations of many, many civilizations. This absorbing of disharmonious vibrations has created a difficulty for the planetary entity in its transition from third to fourth density, as those populations that have inhabited it for many, many millennia have had their own difficulties in reaching harmonious resolutions to differences between entities, races, religions, nations and so forth. Those difficulties are of an extreme nature at this time and require the periodic venting of this heat energy so that the planet may remain intact, shall we say, as an entity as it passes into that experience that you have called the fourth density of light, the transition into a new age.

Is there another query, my sister?

So, people don’t have the possibility of becoming part of a venting, a safety valve, to relieve pressure on the birthing process? Just the planet itself?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. These processes are interrelated, and as entities are able to find, what you may call, a higher or more harmonious choice to each of the testings or difficulties that face them, each entity then adds to the harmonious vibrations of those who pray for peace and send light and healing thoughts to entities in distress. Each time an entity is able to increase the level of spontaneous, harmonious response to a difficult situation, there is a lightening of the vibrations of this planetary influence that aids the entity that is the planet itself as it also makes its transition into that density of love which now beckons.

Is there another query, my sister?

Just one last one, because I noted something that you said and I didn’t quite understand it. I believe that you said that we as a people had personal karma, societal karma, national karma, racial karma, but didn’t have planetary karma. Is that just because we haven’t blown the Earth to a cinder or actually blown it apart? Is that what it would take to have planetary karma?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. All entities that will remain with this planet in its transition are a portion of the planetary population or personality, shall we say, that does indeed gather about it a certain quality or nature as a result of those experiences, those lessons and those services which have been learned and accomplished. This quality of personality may also be seen as a kind of karma, for as all karma is that which moves one in a certain direction, there is also the direction that is determined for the population of this planet by its own choices and experiences that are taken in a cumulative manner, shall we say. Thus, in a more general sense, there is indeed a karma or quality of being that adheres to this planetary influence.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, Q’uo. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we shall take this opportunity to thank each for inviting our presence to your circle of seeking, and we thank each with a glad and joyous heart, for we are greatly honored at your invitation, and especially at the queries that reflect the deepest desires of your heart to know that which is the nature of your journey, your beings, the Creator and the creation. We shall take our leave of this instrument and this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the great love and ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.