The question this afternoon has to do with the general topic of how do we cooperate with our destiny? How do we use our free will in making choices that when they are made will perhaps change us in very significant ways as we are all seeking, as portions of the Creator, to return to the Creator—each choice becomes a part of our path, a step that may be unlike any other step we’ve taken, but becomes as integral as any step we have taken? How can we make enlightened choices? How can we cooperate with that which is our highest and brightest path in learning and serving others?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, the one Intelligence, the one original Thought which is love creative. We greet you in all that there is, seen and unseen forever.

How blessed we feel to be with you, to feel the blending of your meditative vibrations, to experience amidst the complexities of each of your conscious minds the single-minded desire for truth. We thank you, for this is the call which brings us to you and enables us to offer our humble service—that of our opinions. We only ask of each one thing, and that is that our words be taken as opinion and not fact, for there is no authority in outer words, but if our words meet with your feeling of remembrance of truth, then you may trust your own authority. Otherwise, we ask that our words be left behind.

People of passion and courage sit in this circle, each desiring and hoping for the most lucid life of service and the most beautiful and rich life of conscious learning and spiritual evolution. Passion and courage should not be confused, and we shall speak to this.

The experience of moments which have added up to years constantly informs the mentality of a seeming continuity of direction, or a seeming discontinuity. When a possibility of discontinuity becomes attractive and provocative, then the mentality says, “Let us by all means cast ourselves into the new effort with all our hearts.” However, passion has one central lack. Although passion seems to come from deep within the heart, the conscious mind untutored by certain practices is not capable of discriminating between the passion of the emotion, the passion of the spirit, the passion of the mind and the passion of persuasive circumstance.

Therefore, as any approaches a personal or services oriented cusp of decision, it is well to know that one has the requisite passion to accomplish what shall be and the courage to see it through. But then one may step back and ask the self to pause so that the spirit may go into the inner room and take all adornments off—all things of the world, all the trappings of circumstance, all of the aura of success renown, of reputation and of desire itself. Lay it to one side and become of a quiet mind and a quiet heart, and say, “Here am I, what would you have me do? What is that highest and best that I may achieve and remain a stable person? What would you have me do?”

A few moments spent in this tabernacle asking this simple query aids one enormously in fitting into the regalia of life’s circumstances, girded within with a promise to do that which has been desired in the highest way. One may then don the garments of reputation and success and be unswayed and unimpressed by the patter and the tap dancing that all of us are capable of achieving in one way or another.

When one faces that choice which seems to be the fork in the road, it is especially worth considering to move into this place of asking and dedication of self both individually and as a group, for you see, the attempt to desire well is that which is done by faith alone. The attempt as a group is also done by faith alone, and entities which converse consciously may not be aware of the power and utility of conversation in the silence of the tabernacle of asking and dedication, for no words are spoken, only “What is your will?” and “I am your servant, send me.” Yet, as you sit together physically in the silence of this shared imaging, there is set up betwixt the group lines of communication that will not stop humming when the conscious minds leave that tabernacle of asking, for after the choice is made and destiny is being followed, yet still, there are choices every moment that work towards harmonizing energies or do not. And every shared moment in this holy silence together is productive of deepening and ever clearer channels of communication which are blessed with a more informed viewpoint, that of your higher selves, and aids in information, and that higher self that is you as a group. This may well be respected and time and attention paid to it.

We are aware that the personal portion of this query is just as important to each and so would turn to the query of service long enough to speak of the personal choices, the coming to them in the most appropriate spiritual manner.

In each personal spiritual evolution there is a repetition of information, a pattern to the individual lesson. If the seeker always got the message the first time, there would not be the repetition. However, your incarnational circumstance is a deeply illusory one designed specifically to addle the brain and confuse the mind totally, so it is not remarkable that almost no entity in your density understands the main thrust of incarnational work the first time the lesson is presented.

As an example, we would give the lesson which your culture feels certain entities should learn. Still within your peoples’ cultural minds there is an opinion that males learn love by learning to provide physical safety and comfort for those whom they love. Females learn the lesson of love which involves sacrifice of the self to the life path of the provider. We use this specific example not only to express our direction of thought, but to express why one cannot generalize concerning personal lessons.

In your density, lessons all have to do with learning to love in society. The society begins with self. You are your main company. Are you a good friend to yourself? Do you treat yourself well? Do you care deeply about yourself? As you are able to fall in love with your, shall we say, human self, that is the persona or shell of personality through which your spirit expresses itself in this experience, just so will you be able to treat other selves.

When one is in pain, be it physical or spiritual, the instinct is to avoid it. However, compassion and love do not grow from avoidance or neglect, and trouble avoided is the unlearned lesson of love which shall even more surely and more clearly be presented to you again. The more times a certain pattern is avoided, the more marked will be the characteristics of that lesson presented the next time around. Consequently, it is well, we feel, to take situations where compassion is lacking into the meditation time of the inner room. Not only speaking and conversing with infinite intelligence concerning this situation which you dearly hope and desire to find a way to manifest love in, but also to bring it into the silence, for words unheard have deep, deep effects upon the conscious ability to manifest as you desire. The key is silence. The door that is opened is that door which you desire. You may not recognize the room on the other side of that door at first, but answers to prayers are various, though always to the point.

Thusly, the personal pain and trouble in relationship—be it with the self, with one other self or with a group self—is that in which the self is…

We must pause. We are known to you as Q’uo.


I am again with this instrument. I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and in light. We wished to allow this instrument to move to a deeper state. It is well.

Whatever the level of self you are dealing with, it is a self to which you wish to connect with love. Therefore, the pain and the trouble are those things which attract the attention and let the self know that here is an opportunity to learn and hopefully to manifest the results of that learning. Much has been learned by an entity, even a young entity, for much is brought into incarnation—biases towards certain choices and away from others. Yet here sits this intractable, irritating seemingly negative outer other self or aspect of self—a stone in the shoe, an aggravation. One wishes to take the walking staff and stomp away and say, “I go around this, I am not here to climb rocks.” But each is here to walk a stony path, to experience the loss of much, the various limitations that occur, the ordeal of the pilgrim on the pilgrimage, and this entity is there not to please, but to be welcomed as an opportunity, no matter how challenging.

As you consider how to make a compassionate response, let the mind dwell on images of compassion; the wise old man in the desert who sits patiently aware that there is no escape from the merciless heat, and therefore composes himself in blissful meditation to await the change of consciousness from the life in the physical body to life in another body; the tears falling upon the body of the wounded as the nurse and medic attempt to save the life, tears of deep love, of frustration and of gratitude when a life is preserved, yet those tears bless those whose lives are not preserved.

Now gaze at yourself. You are an object of compassion. Does the sun not shine upon you whether you are happy or sad, feeling virtuous or distinctly unvirtuous? Does the breeze not lift the tendrils of your hair from your neck? Do the trees not give you oxygen no matter what your condition? You are objects of love and mercy and infinite compassion because you are part of love—part of a Creator. If you move from your humanity, from your shell of personality, you shall quickly run out of compassion, for you have it in small supply within your ratiocinative mind. But if you can open your heart and sweep aside the pretensions and blockages of self, of relationships, of all those things which would seem so important, and move to yourself as the object of love unlimited, free flowing and infinite, then you are merely that through which compassion moves, and you shine infinitely.

Now, this, this is the answer to both queries, for if you shine with that which moves through you, you are doing your utmost to manifest compassion in your personal evolution and learning, and you are also in the mental, emotional and spiritual situation, from which standpoint you are directly adjacent to the inner room of asking. How can you give more than infinite light? How can any choice made in this frame of heart and mind be incorrect?

We do not recommend sitting and waiting as one among you said before the meeting. We grasp the point of the working on one’s behalf to ask to move forward towards the desire. Yet we ask each to consider the natural compliment to this energy, which is the utter receptiveness of the request to do the will of the one infinite Creator, whatever that may be.

As you open your eyes and greet the world again and move into your daily round of activities, the first challenge to your manifesting compassion may be an obstreperous child, a difficult co-worker, or a pile of dishes, none of which seem particularly central or worthy of all of the machinery of dedication of self to the loving way. Yet all services are equal. To love the dirty dishes is worthy, just as to offer instruction for healing to many is worthy. There is no quantity to right action or just service, but only the quality of unrestrained compassion.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, thanking this instrument and this group and leaving this instrument in love and light. We are of the principle of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We would offer ourselves once again at this time to any who may have further queries upon this topic or other topics that are of interest. Is there a query at this time?

I have an obvious one to start off with. In J’s case, before she said the word, there is somebody who simply doesn’t like her. I know you can show compassion just by feeling compassion. Is there any way that you can address an already, you know, in place feeling from somebody else—that he just flat doesn’t like you, other simply than forgiving him that and loving him anyway? Is that the extent of it?

Let me ask the question more specifically. Could you write the person a love letter and then drop it down a well and expect it to do any good? Is there anything active you can do on the personal?

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We are aware of your query, my sister. The writing of the love letter, as you have put it, can be effective if that letter is written in the heart’s true compassion, for, indeed, all are one, and as you search your heart for the foundation of your feelings, you open a pathway to the entity that is the focus of concern, and offer to that entity upon the metaphysical levels the gift of your love, which will, in what you call time, so move both that entity and your own entity in the daily round of activities in a manner that will allow that love which has been found at the center of one’s being to move to the more mundane and daily round of activities. There is the need, however, to be certain that the seeds are sown in true and honest compassion, thus, the need to explore one’s own heart first.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, Q’uo, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I have a query. I feel that I am on a… I am at a turning point, not only with my spiritual life, but I feel even in my everyday work I have, I am close to a turning point there also. I very much want to be aware and keep in touch, and perhaps I’ve come here today for some words of wisdom about this.

I am Q’uo, and we feel the concern and the dedication for your journey that you have expressed, and would comment by suggesting that when it is felt within one’s being that there is the opportunity to progress upon the path and to become a new being in seeking and in service, that one be especially vigilant for the opportunities to serve and to see the Creator about one in those areas in which one may not commonly look or expect to see the Creator. This is to say, that in all transformations—or as they are often called amongst your peoples, in all initiations—there is the testing, the opportunity to express the quality of love and acceptance that are yours to express. These opportunities oftentimes present themselves in situations which are commonly viewed as difficult, confusing and disharmonious.

In such situations, it is easiest to respond in a manner which is, shall we say, of the world, in that there is the expression of hostility for hostility, anger for anger. When you become aware of any situation which is not as you would have it be, look carefully for the place that your love may be put so that that which is the highest and best of your offering may be that which you give freely. Look at those who seem separate from you, and see not only the Creator there, but see yourself there as well, and feel the compassion for that entity that you would feel for any honest and sincere seeker of truth that has for the moment closed its eyes to the heart of love.

In such a way, may you aid your own transformation, for as you are able to see yourself and to see yourself as the Creator in all that surrounds you, thus you aid the shedding of the old ways which were an useful step upon your journey, and thus do you aid yourself in taking a new step and in donning new garments of light.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Q’uo, and we thank each for inviting our presence once again to your circle of seeking. It is an honor most great to be so invited, and we cannot thank each enough for this opportunity. We again remind each that our words are but our opinions, and though we offer them freely and joyously, we wish each to take only those words which have meaning and to leave behind those which do not. We are those of Q’uo and at this time shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.