The question this afternoon has to do with coordination between the feminine portion of our minds, the subconscious, and the male portion of our minds, the conscious mind. How this interaction can produce a symbiotic relationship and create a wholeness of experience, a wholeness of being, so that we are inspired to move in the direction that is most appropriate by the subconscious, and inspired to accomplish the work that is before us. How can we gain a clearer, more stable access to that subconscious, feminine portion of our minds; how can we learn to appreciate this process? What exactly occurs in this process when the inspiration is given from the subconscious to the conscious, where does it come from, how is the subconscious aligned with our overall pattern of learning and serving that allows this process to occur? How can we, as we appreciate our own subconscious mind and ability to transform ourselves, how can we become examples or teachers or facilitators to others who may come to us seeking this kind of assistance?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. How blessed it is to be with you at this circle of seeking. We offer each of you blessing and thanks, for by calling us to respond to your query you offer us employment in the service of the one infinite Creator. This is our dearest desire and our chosen mode of learning, for as we teach, we learn, as we serve, we are given service by your beautiful hopes, ideals and single-hearted desires. You cannot imagine how manyfold are the blessings we receive, the learning we receive as we do what is called teaching. We share opinion, not truth, and would not do any the disservice of asking for the status of authority. Please discriminate among our opinions, choosing those thoughts which seem useful and discarding the remainder. This we would appreciate.

As we look for an entry into the wide question asked this day we find that we first would wish to examine the terms male and female as sexual terms, for these terms create a kind of stumbling block to grasping more thoroughly the actual goal of the seeking for the wisdom within. Each, as you sit in this circle, is biologically male or female. The self-consciousness concerning this is at a minimum, yet there is within each some distortion concerning the relative excellence of the body which carries sexuality, and the mind, emotions and spirit which are given masculine and feminine characteristics, seemingly somewhat separated from the consideration of biological sexuality. To lift the stigma of physicality from sexuality would be a well-conceived effort. The sexuality of the physical vehicle expresses very well, very beautifully, and sacramentally the dynamics which are seen in the mental, emotional and spiritual journey. Yet, because of the vulgar use of bodies by their owners and by those who would possess bodies, the body is seen as beautiful in its sexuality or innocent of sin, if you would use such a word, yet this sexuality has much to study in its possibilities in this incarnational pattern.

To many cultures, the eroticism of hidden genitalia and physical forms in general is considered a positive beauty, a pure truth, and were each biological male and female to value the body sacramentally it would become clear that human physical sexuality is an information resource which like any other speaks of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, as one turns to face the mystery of the deep mind there is a close resource, that being the seeker’s own sexuality. As each seeker moves along the highway of the Father’s mystery seeking love and truth it is well to encourage the self to love and accept the self, beginning with the physical body, its sexuality, its every curve, dimple and seeming marred place or imperfect place. Loving the self within the skin is far more readily attempted when one has loved and accepted the skin, the shell of physicality which carries about the consciousness which you truly are and which manifests within this illusion your field of consciousness, desires, questions and often cryptic answers.

To this end, let us pause and let each feel the heavy, familiar physical vehicle. This is that which has given itself that you may think and feel and express your free will and your choices in this life experience. Feel the breathing, the limbs resting, the muscles as they are supported. You may perhaps feel as if you are driving a car all of a sudden. This is a feeling we would like for you to experience. You are not your body, but your body is a second-density form. Every cell of this body vibrates with the love and the light of the infinite One. Take this moment to thank this beautiful animal form for the sacrifice of its instinctually lived life. That life you have tipped upon the ear, and that life is not possible. This body of yours is living your life and dying your death.

Very well, if we have been able to encourage feelings of acceptance and respect and love for the gallant body, then it is time to move on to the seeking of that within which seems archetypically female. Within each culture the male and female dance a somewhat different courting dance, play somewhat differing roles. It is not well to generalize, and we hope to be accurate, but insofar as one can be general, the male feels that it has chosen a female. The female waits for the choosing. When one applies this to the seeking of the intuitive wisdom of the subconscious one may focus upon the male portion which chooses to reach for the chosen one, the pearl among all other and less entities, the very most nearly perfect of all possible choices. It is with this lover’s delight in the right choice that the conscious mind reaches for the lovely, gentle and very powerful subconscious.

The subconscious is coy, hidden and not always immediately responsive. The first feminine characteristic, therefore, of the conscious mind’s learning is patience. There is the reaching, but not the immediate grasping, not the rapid, obvious success, but the long, patient, tender courtship of these qualities within which are lighter, freer and more wise than conscious plodding thought. How difficult it is to be patient, how weary one is of the waiting. At this point the second feminine quality is evoked by need, that is, the faith that patience is deserved and appropriate. Faith is a fruit of the wisdom within the spiritual self of the deep mind, yet it cannot be reached except by faith.

Thusly, as the male portion of the self—and we are generalizing—as the conscious mind reaches for the unconscious, intuitive heart’s wisdom it uses faith, that which it believes it does not yet have, yet the very reaching for this perfect bride of wisdom evokes that principle and faith is found and persistence is able to be sustained. In the journey of the seeker there are times or periods when the spirit within seems to burst into bloom and flowers appear in the conscious mind, the blossoms that are daughters of the patience, the faith, and the waiting. The farmer cannot say how the seed germinates and grows, nor can the seeker say how inspiration has come, yet the farmer knows to collect seeds of the appropriate type when it is planting season, and so the intelligence of the conscious mind chooses its seeds in the fastidiousness of its courtly, loving and patient approach to the fertile subconscious.

Let us use a sexual image to further focus upon the fertile aspect of the spirit of truth. The desire of the conscious mind for truth, for information about how to love the Creator, how to know the Creator, how to serve the Creator, may be further and further purified as seeking proceeds. The questions do not change but the process of seeking the answers can be more and more refined so that the lover of truth has ever more abilities to penetrate in a gentle yet fruitful way the recesses of the unconscious. The reaching becomes very single-pointed, very courtly and very passionate, and the fruitful wisdom within is made into a living being of new concept. Something is born, something that as a unit may rise through dreams, through daydreams, or for those whose thresholds of consciousness are permeable, simply through the limen of the conscious mind. The desire truly impregnates intuition.

There may perhaps be a figure which may explicate this feeling. The guide or teacher has been seen in your spiritual studies often as angelic, wise, without a body or with a light body, but certainly that which comes down from the higher planes to touch the hearts of seekers. See that consciousness within which is the spirit of truth, the unconscious as that which is touched by fire, that which becomes the fire so that as the seeker seeks within itself it is aware that that which it seeks within is a miniature, holographic representation of that highest truth which is the infinite Creator, the intelligent infinity which moving through ethers and ethers, dimensions and dimensions, stays true to its spirit as octaves stay true to their tone so that the subconscious or unconscious is in a fruitfully thought of way the Creator, the Highest Self, and this Creator may create, and you as co-creator may co-create and invent and manifest so that as you seek within, the unconscious organizes itself according to the gentle, loving courtliness it has received from the conscious mind, and becomes attuned towards wishing to give the outer or conscious portion of itself more information so that the way in which you approach wisdom creates the precise kind of information you shall receive. You are creating your own information because you are the spirit you seek.

Now, the other portion of this figure is that when information has been reached for lovingly and received with respect and molded to the self’s person, or spirit, or character it may then have a strength which is not simply your own but which contains higher octaves of spiritual wisdom, so that as you are able to manifest the blossoms and fruits of the subconscious these retain a quality of infinity and are able to refresh and renew not simply the self but other selves as well, and this without tiring in any way the conscious self.

The more the conscious mind becomes impatient for knowledge, the more knowledge will recede from the spiritual seeker. The instructions are to desire greatly the wisdom of the heart, yet one is not rewarded for translating great desire into eager and impatient great desire. In this kind of desiring we ask each to consider the value of feeling the beauty and purity of this desire, appreciating it in and of itself, seeing its virtue and knowing that no matter how long it may seem that the search goes on before results occur, this desire, this stance, this way of being is in itself a witness to a life lived in the heart, for is it not a value of the heart to wait patiently upon wisdom, knowing that it cannot come at an appointed time but must always surprise the seeker? Dwell peacefully with the desire without taking away the intensity, so peacefully and intently await the impregnation of the heart by your desire. Seek and ye shall find. These words of your holy book are true. The time factor is not mentioned.

A portion of your query looked into how to aid others concerning the seeking and learning of and from the unconscious portion or deeper portion of the mind. In this regard it is well to reflect upon the entities which have aided the self. Perhaps within there was the need for reassurance, but insofar as the teacher took responsibility for your learning, just so did the teacher vitiate the progress made by creating a false dependency, so when one gives counsel and is able to act as an effective catalyst for deep learning, the overwhelming response of the client or patient is gratitude and the giving of credit away from the self to the catalyst.

The way in which this dynamic is handled by the teacher is potentially quite helpful and potentially quite disempowering. To empower the student, the client, the patient, one may do one of two things. Firstly, one may smile and say nothing. The lack of feedback will be catalyst for the student to work through the realization that a blank wall cannot be given credit. The other, and perhaps more seemingly humane method of dealing with this situation, is to explain the action of the self with the self when it strikes a catalyst. The catalyst remains unchanged, the work and the reward are both those of the reagent, in this case the mind and portions thereof of the student.

In either case, only so much can be affected by any means of communication. Entities which wish to be dependent will simply choose to be dependent. In those situations it is well to know the self well and to protect the self as if from the biting insect. The repellent is thought, a simple thought that catalysts are only that, that responsibility cannot be taken, that much as one would like sometimes to have effects upon others, one’s work is always with the self. Dwelling in this realization, giving thanks for it, and praising the infinite One for the harmony and resonance of this aspect of the Creator’s universe seats one in this fluid thought, marinates one in the precious well of self-knowledge. The limits are here and here, this is peacefully affirmed and known, and like balm upon the skin which insects will not choose to taste, so do the hungry dependencies of students find themselves unable to fasten upon you.

In the world of metaphysics, thoughts are your tools. We began with the sexuality of the third-density physical body because the process of spiritual evolution is sexual without the stigma attached to that word among your peoples. The wisdom of the heart is not touched but absorbed, and it does not move in a linear fashion to inform, it is born and its DNA is coded by the purity, patience and lovingness of your desire.

We realize we have barely scratched the surface of this interesting query, yet the instrument requests that we move on. We would leave some portion of this working for queries, however, this instrument is somewhat fatigued, and we would prefer to transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and leave it in love and light. We are known to you as the principle Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be any other queries to which we may speak. Is there a query at this time?

I have a query. I am curious as to the nature of restlessness, restlessness and always constantly needing to [inaudible], boredom in things and this [inaudible] different work that I do, I do it for a while and become bored and must move on to something else, and I do that for a while and there never seems to be anything that I am settled in for very long [inaudible] is there something that I can do to become more rested and settled?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my sister. As we look upon the characteristics of any seeker’s life pattern we see that there are those which are understood in some degree and not understood in yet other ways. Each entity, as it journeys upon the path of seeking the truth, will find that there is a pattern that develops that will inevitably create the web of information and service opportunities that was desired before the incarnation began. Thus, we are cautious in attempting to give information that would infringe upon this process, in that there would be the loss of opportunity if certain characteristics were altered. However, as we look upon the query which you have offered to us, we may comment by suggesting that within the personality structure that you have adopted for this incarnation there is the need to gather a great deal of information in a variety of fields so that there is a resource available to you upon a very deep level of your own being that will allow you to create a mythology, shall we say, that is various, that is full, and that is of a balanced nature so that you are able to express feeling tones and emotions and desires in a way that is satisfying.

We can suggest that if you feel that this quality that you have described as restiveness is playing a detrimental part in your overall process of growth that you examine your desires to move from one endeavor to another very carefully within the meditative state, and that you picture that which is your current experience as fully as is possible and see this experience from a point of view that looks at relationships of self to others, self to concepts, self to the environment about you, and begin to see this experience as one portion or piece of a larger puzzle. Look at those areas that have been enriched by it, look at the possibilities that depend from it, and then look at that feeling that has grown within yourself that you describe as boredom and follow that feeling as it were a trail, exploring each turn and tangent that is touched as you explore it so that you come to a more complete understanding of its origin, its process, and its consequences.

Thus, as you accomplish this meditative examination you may inform yourself as to the step that you are taking and become aware of its significance upon a level which is more fully informed than would be possible if you merely moved upon the impulse with a more cursory kind of examination.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Is there a principle here to look at? Is it probable that each time we think we have a fault or that something is inconvenient to us, if we follow it through we see that it’s one side of the coin, the other side of which is our greatest opportunity?

I am Q’uo and we are aware of your query, my sister. In general, this is correct. It is easy within your illusion to see feelings and experiences as separate from the overall journey that is being made so that there is the possibility that one portion of value may be discarded as irrelevant when, in fact, it has a close connection to the primary program for the incarnation if more carefully examined. Thus, each portion of the experience presents the opportunity for discovery of the self and of the great Self from which we all come and to which we all return.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query?

How does one find lessons for the self in frustrations encountered during the seeking?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. The lessons that are before one, oftentimes as they are becoming apparent, are in large part hidden so that what is necessary is the continued application of attention and effort by the seeker upon that which is the source of frustration, for there is within each frustration a trigger point or place of beginning which is the key to unraveling more of the nature of the experience that is before you. If you can look—and again we suggest the meditative state for this looking—at the experience which provides the frustration and look at that experience objectively so that it is but experience and see the frustration that comes to you as that which you have created and which is not inherently contained within the experience, then it is more likely that you will see the point at which frustration becomes the experience for you.

This examination will provide you the means, once again, of following a trail. The trail begins at the point at which frustration is noted. Look at the series of events, the relationships, the entities involved at each of the portions of the experience before you. Look at them not only in their practical and mundane senses of everyday activities but look at them also as symbols of higher principles that are at work within your incarnational pattern. The more carefully you have observed patterns of all kinds within your incarnation the more easily will you be able to connect the relationships of these patterns to the nature of the lessons that are yours to learn and the services that are yours to offer within your incarnation.

The point of frustration is as a sticking point, shall we say, at which time there is more that is not understood than there is that which is understood. If you can explore what qualities within yourself have brought about the response of frustration in relationship to the experience before you, you will have informed yourself of the basic relationship that can yield more understanding of not only the experience but of yourself as well. If you can, shall we say, cross-reference the various causes of this frustration you may begin to see themes repeating in your pattern of experience, and as these themes repeat you may discover that there is a certain quality within your character or personality that you are developing and that the feeling of frustration is a kind of friction that wears away those lesser qualities, those which are no longer useful to you and which provides you a more polished surface so that you may see yourself more clearly. Thus, frustration can be an indicator that there is an opportunity to expand one’s concept of self, of service, and of learning within any particular experience.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and as we have exhausted the queries, we would take this opportunity to thank each of those offering queries and each present for inviting us to join your circle of seeking on this afternoon. We are most honored to do so, and feel a great joy of walking with you upon your journeys. We feel a great affinity for seekers such as are gathered here this afternoon, for the desire that is evident to know the nature of your paths and the desire to be of service as you travel them are most inspiring for us to observe, for we know that the paths that each of you travels during an incarnation in this illusion is a path that is filled with mystery, is a path that is filled with difficulty, and is a path that has much confusion, for most of the qualities of the one Creator that we all seek have been covered quite carefully by the nature of your illusion so that those lessons and services that you are able to discern are far, far more valuable than would be lessons and services within an illusion that were less heavy, less dense, and less filled with mystery. Your challenges are great, yet we see that your desire is greater, and we commend each of you for your stout-heartedness, your good will and your cheer upon this difficult journey.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave each of you, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.