The question this afternoon has to deal with the phenomenon of the visitation of a third-density human being by a negatively-oriented entity or energy that is sent from another third-density human being practicing what is usually called the black magical arts. We are wondering how the person receiving this energy or another wishing to help this person receiving this negative energy would deal with it. What is the best attitude, the best actions and the principles that need to be considered when dealing with negatively oriented visitations, whether of an entity or an energy?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most blessed to greet each of you this day, especially welcoming one new to our circle, the one known as K. Those of Oxal greet the one known as H, and are with this entity in silent enjoyment during this period. We are honored to have the privilege of being called to your group to speak of negative entities among your own people, and to speak also of those non-physical principles and entities which may be called upon by those within your density who are polarizing upon the path of service to self or negativity.

Let us first define the term black arts or black magical art. The metaphysical—both of the service-to-others path and the service-to-self path—is that which takes place upon a field which appears to be dark. The background of metaphysical work for both polarities is a metaphysical environment of darkness, for the metaphysical consciousness of the living spirit within third-density illusion is hidden within the deep and unlit roots of mind. Consequently, both those who seek the darkness and those who seek the light begin in a common ground of darkness, the darkness of that which is not known.

Upon this level of seeking for energy or power the search for truth is conducted in night conditions. The moon’s dimmest light is the brightest illumination as one seeks spiritually. It is extremely subtle and difficult work to distinguish truth from [inaudible] or outright falsity, to distinguish the positive leaning towards the love of the infinite One in service to others from the same activity which may seek service to self. Many are those metaphysical seekers who expect that the seeking towards the positive truth will be done in noonday sun metaphysically speaking; this is untrue. The metaphysical search is not clear, obvious or simple. Each of you here who listens to this voice speaking our thoughts knows of the case of mistaking apparent truth for truth, and can recall instances in which that which one thought one had discovered to be a shining light was instead relatively valueless and not filled with light or power.

In the dim moonlight, shadows can be deceiving. The metaphysical search, then, is one in which faith is the great illuminator, that faith which cannot be given by one to another, that faith which each gestates within the spiritual part of the mind and body so that there becomes a faith which is personal, founded by the self.

Now we return to a view of how to deal with negative entities. As a positively polarized person living a life in faith, one is prone to feel safe in the arms of the good, the true and the beautiful. However, the entity upon the negative path feels that there is no safety, feels that there is no haven, feels that it and only it shall be the one to be counted upon, relied upon. Therefore, this entity wishes to build personal power with a greater initial reason and impetus for building a magical personality. Furthermore, this magical personality is simpler to build than the positively oriented magical personality. The negative entity need only attempt to [inaudible] to the self all possible power of any kind whatsoever without the need for discrimination or judgment.

The positively polarized entity instead is moving through processes of balancing the seemingly opposite of all things to ascertain the most careful balance of truth, of beauty, of goodness, for to the positively oriented entity it is clear that the illusion has the appearance of a bias toward negative events and circumstances. In order to clarify right action and the positive use of power, careful balancing of all stimulus needs must be done. Thus, each of you has the seemingly more difficult task in living a chosen life of faith, for both paths are given by the one infinite Creator. Although the Creator offers suggestions implicit in experience that the positive path of serving others is preferable and more to be desired, the negative path beckons and it too is [inaudible], as this instrument would say, godly in that there is no energy [but] that of the one infinite Creator.

Further, the [inaudible] of your experience in third density offers simpler beginnings to a metaphysical base of power for those which choose negativity. What is not obvious is that the negative path becomes more and more difficult, until at last it is a road impossible to be walked, whereas the positive path is eternal.

Therefore, one who is assaulted by word, dream, feeling or other action by a negatively polarized entity of third density is dealing with not only a godly person but his own self, for all are one in the creation of the Father. In each mind, body and spirit which together make up the person there is all that there is. Each person is an holograph of the creation, the created and the Creator.

Thusly, when negative greeting is known or suspected the positively oriented person of power sits down and prepares itself to reckon with its own universal nature. It is fully capable and fully supplied with negativity. The perceived negativity from the outside in is successful when the positively oriented intended victim knows not that it is being greeted by its very self. If a ravening beast comes at one’s body, one attempts to slay that beast to save the self. If a metaphysical ravening beast attacks one in the manner of magical arts, one reckons with this attack by visualizing this creature, welcoming it into the self, and accepting fully that this horrible monster is a part of the self.

When one chooses a path one has the full spectrum from which to choose precisely because one contains all that there is. The first defense, therefore, is to visualize this negative power and fearlessly to invite it to take up a loving absorption within the very heart, for positive power is power balanced by knowledge of the self. The decision not to attempt power over another is made when the entity grasps that there is no need to have power over others, for all of creation expresses its power in the self. All magical work, therefore, is done upon the self. There is no need to manipulate, teach, control, move or advise other entities. The need is only to do these things within the self, disciplining the self to a more and more balanced and clear acceptance of the universal nature of selfhood, and therefore choosing lucidly and clearly to serve others, to withhold judgment of or control over others, and to practice loving the self, accepting the self and allowing the errors perceived within the self to be self-forgiven.

As one forgives one’s self, one then is able to forgive all. As the negative greeting is seen, then it is visualized and made materially real within the metaphysical world of thought as a creature of the night, a mythical creature which then is lovingly absorbed, accepted and forgiven. The forgiven selfishness becomes harmless. This alone is enough to dissuade most negative third density entities who are wishing to control others, for most are not particularly skillful. Being accepted is [inaudible] to a negatively oriented entity, who gains power by causing fear, anger, hatred, disgust and other negative reactions of emotion.

When this entity’s selfhood is seen for its blackness, yet lovingly, compassionately accepted, absorbed into a strong goodness of self and forgiven, the negative entity experiences loss of all [inaudible] power and chooses to attempt to control others who will be satisfactorily afraid and terrorized by such. In the case of the very few who have the energy and endurance to pursue the path of control over others to the point where they are able directly to contact metaphysical sources of negativity, the situation, while no less solvable, is not as easy and simple to deal with from the standpoint of the one greeted. Again, in the unthinking person of third density, the response to perceived attack is counter-attack.

It takes a good deal of wisdom to be able to calmly and objectively gaze upon the face of metaphysical malevolence, for those who have contacted those metaphysical sources which are of fourth density have garnered to themselves two things. One is a third-density personality within incarnation of sureness and confidence. There is in such entity a true blackness of spirit, a honed hatred which sees no shadows. The positive path is full of shadows, of questions and doubts, of continual learning and balance. The choice for positivity is not the choice for simplicity of early lessons. The choice for negativity is a choice for simplicity of early lessons. Thusly, an entity which is negative has an apparent advantage once it has progressed to a certain point of being absolutely sure of the self without the need for faith, whereas the positively polarized entity is still dealing with the endless and confusing shadows of the spiritual landscape, which is lit by the dim star of hope and the thin, delicate moonlight of faith.

In this situation where there is not only the living incarnate negative entity who greets one but also the spirit of higher density cooperating in its peculiar manner in this negatively oriented entity, the positive path must be seen to be a place of hope and faith which are accepted without proof. The positive pilgrim takes into the heart a strong desire to leap foolishly into the abyss of the unknown, unprotected by certainty, facing in mid-air the seeming destruction of personal safety, clinging to nothing but a faith that all is well and that there is nothing to fear. Many are the loving and positively oriented souls who yet are not able to do this. When such entities are greeted by these relatively powerful negative sources the most—we search this instrument’s mind for the appropriate word—practical solution is to find one among your people which is positive in nature and is steeped in rituals of positivity, which include in their language the seeking of the greeting of fourth-density or higher positive metaphysical entities. Such people are the so-called priests of various of your religious belief systems which believes in the war betwixt good and evil. This war is fought by fourth-density negative entities and fourth-density positive entities which still believe that a battle is appropriate.

Before we leave this topic we would focus once more upon the [inaudible] and fertile land of spiritual choice, the dark world within. Each of you gaze within. Do you feel magical? Do you feel powerful? If the answer comes too easily it is likely that there is that within you which would choose the easy way towards power, that is, the path of negativity, for each step upon the negative path seems from within to be positive: one wishes power so that one may help people; the way to help people is to give advice, give teaching; make sure that all is well by controlling various people and circumstances. All these things feel natural and good. Most beginning negative entities have no idea that they are embarking upon the path of negativity.

Contrasting with this is the positive path, where power is accrued by being the weakest, [inaudible] greatness is achieved by being the servant of others, where advice and teaching are given only when offered. How many among your religious systems, caught up in the fervor of rightness and righteousness, judge, condemn and control many for their own good? How few there are in your belief systems of religion who [inaudible] doctrine and dogma and seek to serve each entity according to its requests when it can, and offering only benediction, forgiveness and acceptance when it cannot. Yet to those few who know themselves well enough not to judge, not to control others, but to work on the self, to these few come strength, magical power and illumination of incandescent light which shoots through that darkness of metaphysical field like lightning. The world, as this instrument would say, cannot see that lightning. Only each individual pilgrim upon the positive path who moves into a life in faith, a life without fear, may be illumined. It moves through one, it does not stay with one. And such entities are channels of joy and peace.

Whether the greeting of negative entities seems, or seems, or seems not to succeed, such entities are forever safe in spirit. We are those of the positive path. We are also dusty pilgrims who have searched long in the shadows of hope and faith. We do not expect third-density entities to be without fear. We simply ask entities who wish to live in faith not to be afraid of their fear, not to be ruled by their fear, but to accept this fear, to love this fear, as part of the universal self, and to move on, leaping foolishly into the next step in blindness and in faith. May each of you find each step to be one which is offered to the infinite One as a gift, a testimony of love, for if the Creator is love, then the choice of fearlessness is always correct.

We encourage each to be patient, [forgiving], accepting and slow with each fear that keeps it from progressing. Take time to work through the balancing of that fear, overcome it never, but take it within the self, love it, accept it, and gently, strand by strand, part the curtain that keeps the self from progressing fearlessly. This is slow work but it moves one ever towards the truth, the good, and the beautiful.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and the [inaudible] and in light. We are known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. We are aware that we have spoken long and apologize for the length of our delivery. We are aware that we have fatigue in the circle [inaudible]. We are, however, privileged to offer ourselves at this time for any further queries that you may have for us. Is there a query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we shall take this opportunity to thank each once again for inviting our presence into your circle of seeking this day. We are most filled with joy to be able to walk with you upon your journey at this time. We shall now leave this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.