With today’s question we are asking what kinds of service that the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has to offer the population of our planet. We are aware, of course, of the channeling service we offer here, we are also aware that there are inspirational dreams where people are helped with the direction in their lives and the services they are to offer, and the lessons they are to learn, with coincidental meetings, with people, books, ideas that are important for the person to be concentrating on… and we are wondering if there are other services? In what ways does the Confederation offer itself to the people of our planet, and are there cycles or seasons of certain services so that it is felt that some are more helpful at a certain point in a person’s or population’s evolution and other services are more helpful at another time? For example, with so much channeling going on today all over the planet, and there being so much that is of questionable value, does channeling or any other service after a while tend to lose effectiveness so that there is the need to move on to other kinds of services?

(Carla channeling)

We are Q’uo. Greetings to you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We greatly thank you for requesting the presence of the Confederation at your meditation, and are honored to share in your vibrations at this space/time. As we answer your question we, as always, request your appreciation of our fallibility and our hope that discrimination will be used in assessing the worth of our opinions in your own seeking for the truth.

As we begin the consideration of what our service to humankind consists in, we feel it wise to express that we and you who listen alike have the same service, that is to do the will of the infinite Creator, to live in such a way as to be continuously focused upon that will, surrendered to that will, and willing to either act or wait as the spirit makes itself known to you to do. That being said, we may turn to details of our particular service to humankind at this space/time.

We have chosen for a season to attempt communications with your peoples. The communication is of several levels, and these begin with the level of introductory material having to do with the infinite love and light of the one Creator being all that there is and the author of all that there is, concluding with the need for daily, regular and persistent meditation, contemplation or prayer. This is perhaps to be considered as the kind of instrument such as this instrument’s so-called telephone answering machine. When there is a request for this information which is below a certain vibratory quality, the automatic information begins flowing. This is, shall we say, in place about your sphere and has been for some of your years. It is only when entities begin attempting to realize their universal self aspect that we begin to be able to communicate more advanced material, whether it be in thoughts or images.

By universal we mean that there is a distinction between personal sources of information and inspiration and universal sources, such as we. The inner planes of your sphere have many greatly wise inhabitants—and many not so wise—all of whom are moved to at times become involved with a living—that is, incarnationally lying—entity. These inner plane beings and energies have a right as those of a native land to be very frank and personally helpful to the extent of their knowledge with those to whom they may speak. We may speak to those whose vibratory level and ability to receive information is of a certain quality. Let us then look at this quality.

The path of seeking moves each seeker through the trials of regularizing, crystallizing and clearing out the basic and central energies of self, self-love, love in relationships with others, and relationship with the society in groups and as a whole. The clearing of the heart and its opening is exceedingly important and usually much of a seeker’s time is continually spent in keeping this heart energy flowing and radiant. The work turns, then, from the obviously radiant to a more tightly focused radiance in the development of communication skills which are based upon a certain depth of personality or depth of a point of view, that is in the blue-ray center.

We do not say that an entity has blue-ray energy simply because the entity speaks a great deal. The communication of one working in spiritually vibrant blue ray is of a certain quality or order. This in turn is based more upon work done in the brow or indigo-ray energy center than simply upon the open heart. Thusly, we are able to address this instrument in its highest tuning because we worked with our energies to find a harmony which was euphoniously interactive with this instrument’s ability to receive in-depth information. This energy is one which will not endure beyond this particular channel’s use of us as we formed this union in order specifically to work with this particular channel.

We see the concept of the universal self as one which may bear some interest to you. When you receive a certain level of, shall we say, initiation or transformation a peculiar thing begins to occur. The self that has many, many details to concern the self with begins a little at a time to receive from the deeper mind—that part of the deeper mind which speaks consciously. You may have noticed the growing tendency of your own mind to have a kind of knee-jerk response in terms of how one looks at events and occurrences. Spontaneously, there begins to be a larger part of the self which sees each thing occurring as being part of an universal experience, that is, one common to all beings.

It is to this energy that we communicate. We have no right to interfere with your free will. For those who wish personal advice we have only spiritual principles to share, and often this is not satisfactory. However, we can only offer that which is rightfully ours to offer. It may be said that we who have been among your people have the right to be in your inner planes and speak from that standpoint. However, we see one kind of information as being, shall we say, horizontal and the other as vertical. The inner planes attitude is level with the mundane experience but has, in addition to the mundane, further mundane-oriented information which applies and somewhat crystallizes thinking about situations. We chose as each of two planetary groups to refrain from inner planes’ work for our, shall we say, gifts lay more in the vertical or the transformative, universal information. The worth of this information, as all sorts of information, remains at the level at which it was delivered. Truth seen through various biases of contact and channel does not go out of fashion. It is a matter of entities choosing to continue to improve their abilities as channel which limits the excellence of the channeled material, not the cosmic rhythms which have to do with the perusal or use of such material. There are more entities attempting to create teaching tools and resources at your space/time present than at other earlier or later times. However, the material is timeless insofar as the channel has held to the universal viewpoint while preparing to make contact.

If, for instance, this instrument asked us if we came in the name of Christ but did not love the universal Christ as well as the specific entity Jesus the Christ, we could not use this instrument. An inner source could, however, use this instrument very well. For us to accept a call the necessity is for the instrument to be aware of the omnipresent, omnipotent Creator, ever invisible and ever mysterious. This instrument has this point of view at a strongly fundamental level, thusly the contact is stable and we have enjoyed the privilege of communicating through this instrument for some time.

Do you then wish to be universal entities? This question is valuable to consider at this time, we feel. Are you able to look calmly upon the gradual decrease of a strongly personal service and judgment of service in favor of a nonjudgmental and nonpersonal attempt to be, in a spontaneous enough way that experience will be tempered in their formation by inner gifts of universal awareness?

In this regard we remind each of the request of the one known as Jesus the Christ, that if a man were to follow this entity it must hate its mother and father. This is what we speak of. The spirit of universal love and service speaks in silence, yet its urgings are strong and the time inevitably comes when the seeker must choose between personal preference and doing the will of the infinite One. This decision does not have exceptions for family, friends or convenience. It merely is offered without any tangible reward for turning one’s back upon sources of financial plenty, emotional comfort or other excellent mundane benefits. It offers only the impersonal satisfaction of being totally willing to do the will of the infinite Creator.

Not all entities aspire to this type or quality of service. It is especially frustrating to those who seek a feeling of truly being of service that there is no one service more beneficial or high than any other service; the service is completely within in the total loving dedication of heart, mind, soul and strength to carrying into manifestation the Creator.

Consider that which this instrument does to prepare to channel. It always asks that it be completely transparent, so that all that flows from its mouth may be the words given by the spirit of the infinite Creator and not the instrument’s own opinion. This seems an act of self abnegation, yet it is the key to this instrument’s ability to receive fairly advanced material. Were the instrument to be requesting very wise-sounding material, wishing to be thought of well, inner planes energies would then be attempting contact with this instrument. We do not deal with those whose personal—or what you would call egoic—nature is the primary mover causing the entity to seek contact. We are able to make good communication establishments only with those who have surrendered to the will of the infinite One, to the point if nothing occurs the entity will simply carry on without any feeling of being less of a channel.

For those who are living in continuous prayer or meditation or are truly attempting to do so our help is ever present as a kind of keel underlying and strengthening the ability to be stable which each entity has in its seeking. This is perhaps the most used of our ways of communication, and we are not identified as a source other then the self. That is because selves who can receive us in this enspiriting manner think of themselves in a universal way.

At this point we would ask if there are questions which may help to clarify this material. Is there a query at this time?

Not from me, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument in love and light. Perhaps the heart of this session’s query is a consideration of the nature of service to others. It is obvious that this instrument serves as it channels. It is not obvious that this instrument serves as it observes and reacts to sense impressions by creating mental formations which bless charitably those events observed and reacted to. In each entity’s life pattern there is the inevitable assumption that dramatic services are more important than non-dramatic services, that those who are healers or teachers are somehow more advanced than those whose service is to tend machines or to aid other entities in menial and mundane tasks. The truth is that what is most of service is the attitude of the heart. Each entity must work within its own self to create the holy of holies within, to become aware of that occasion within the self and to move gradually, a little at a time, the heart and the seat of the mundane self into the holy of holies that is being prepared within so that the life experience is mundane experience seen from a standpoint which is stably spiritual in its structures of perception.

As we have said, this is subtle work. We feel it is an appropriate direction, and encourage each to contemplate what true service is. Is there truly a necessity in order to be one’s very best? To be obviously a leader among humankind? Or does it feel more likely to you that true service is involved in the surrender of the self, moment by moment, to the inspiring energies of the universal self. The universal self is all of you, yet you are the universal self alone. You are holy and profane, you are as much a mystery as is the Creator. Your mystery and your service may be contained, convenient and finite, or you may choose the high road of attempting to universalize modes of perception so that you move more and more into an acceptance of that which the mind brings. Full and loving action in the face of circumstance is your path of service. Each is on that path. Sudden changes take place in such paths and the scenery changes. As long as the attention is kept upon the will of the infinite One whatever service lies before you will feel most blessed. It may also feel inconvenient, uncomfortable and not at all fun. The persistence and even stubbornness of entities as they move through paths of service which have encountered difficult terrain…

[Tape ends.]