My name is K, and I will give a preamble to the basic question by giving some details on why I am interested in this question. My interest is in the Law of One, especially as it pertains to the manifested world. Current science states that many manifested variations are caused by multiple forces and laws, and is the outcome of compartmentalization brought about by specialization and the many scientific disciplines. There is but one law and one cause. Walter Russel produced the most comprehensive study of the Law of One and some of his writings are in this room now. Nicola Tesla, or Tesla’s inventions, gave most practical demonstration of this law. Tesla’s work was performed when the electrical applications were in their infancy, hence were somewhat crude and cumbersome, yet functional. Russel suggested the use of vortical coils to generate heat, and the details of that are also in the documents that are available in this room. The current need to find alternative power generation methods due to environmental pollution and… crystal technology is not appropriate at present, although it is the preferred solution, therefore there is the need to investigate Russel’s suggestions to determine the viability of vortical coils. Three possible solutions from vortical coils are as follows: the first is the one suggested by Russel which is to produce steam from water cooled centering units which are placed in the center of the vortical coils. One could also use the increased electrical energy at the vortical coils centers. The third possibility is to use vortical coils to generate torque to drive alternator shafts. Please discuss the viability of these options.

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. Greetings to each present in this circle in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for the privilege of this invitation to share our opinions with each of you. It is a service to us that we cannot overestimate, and we are grateful for the opportunity to attempt to be of service. We ask that it be accepted that our opinions are fallible and that each use his own discriminatory faculties.

We are limited in what we can verbalize using this instrument, however the contact is stable and we shall proceed.

The concern for methods of healing the effects of the indulgence of naturally destructive actions of humankind is certainly understandable. We find that what you might call destiny has rather overtaken the energies of those entities who have heard the sorrowing cry of the Creator’s second density creation manifest before you. Further, it is greatly to be appreciated that there be visionary entities whose education and patterns of thought are scientific, focusing into issues concerning the removal of manyness from what is called scientific research. We shall come back to this thought but would like now to address the specific query insofar as we are able through this instrument.

It may be understood in our opinion that the key to the use of vortices for [weal or woe] depends in part upon that which overarches and overshadows the illusion which you now enjoy. The nature of light is such that within this density we have called third a relatively sparse degree or amount of radiant light is received into the gridwork of natural vortices within and upon your sphere. A portion of the information that is necessary to use the quanta of energy from vortices is unavailable to entities whose intelligences, shall we say, accept, recognize, appreciate and thrive under light that is denser than the light available within this density.

Given that this crystallized channel were to be found to speak to the essences which are full of life energy at each vortex, the crystallized entity must bid farewell to much, however, given that such a facilitator were present, some considerations might be interesting. The concept of the vortex, though not congruent in many minds with what is called pyramid energy, is indeed the same quality of manifestation. It may be helpful to visualize the shape of the triangle balanced upon triangle, both having the same base, then at the perpendicular to other triangles of the same base. When these four triangles are moved together, the outside of the figure is the square, indicative of the manifested illusion of third density, or, in many cases, of types of manifestation in other densities. The inner shapes are interesting, but the inner-most bears consideration.

The use of water connected with what you have called vortical energy, given the transducer of denser light, is benign, and it is probable that consideration of the crystalline properties of water and its interaction with qualities of light might prove helpful. The use of torque, while certainly practical in some ways, may be found to be not the dead end but the least desirable avenue of inquiry. We find considerations which cause us to refrain from speaking further at this moment.

However, we shall accept queries when we have finished our consideration of two things. Firstly, we ask each to consider the depth of the illusion. To a non-scientist it seems that the world which is inhabited is secure and permanent. To the careful scientist this picture alters due to considerations of the ultimate total lack of knowledge of first principles. The unlimited and infinite beings that each entity is contribute to the waking consciousness the urge or impulse to question that unknown area left by authority. This is a consideration to be pondered.

Our second concern is to speak of the preparation necessary to be a what may be considered a crystallized channel. We speak as those of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator when we say—not without regard or sympathy—that the key to the Law of One in its manifested form is, to our knowledge, not, nor will it ever be, any thing. Things may be created by a crystallized entity which would in history’s memory overshadow that servant’s identity or renown. However, the greatest single manifestation of the Law of One remains each of you. If you cannot master the universal self which you are, then other secondary manifestations will accordingly suffer.

To become crystallized is the work of an infinite number of incarnational experiences, no one number being correct. Even though the disciplines of personality are nearer to hand than the breath, yet such is most difficult to discover within one’s self. Nothing that one may learn from another is sufficient to ignite the ultimate realization that places an entity in a state of purity of discipline within which allows all things to occur as the forces and tides of happy circumstance unfold. Much of what feels as though it were one’s personal identity is stripped, not from the exterior of the worker in consciousness, but rather from the interior structure of self-perception.

The releasing of effort is difficult for humankind, for it seems as though the harder one worked, the more one would prosper. In our understanding, the deep bio-programming alterations necessary to enkindle and engage the pure love within are those things which are sensed as deeply threatening to the outer consciousness. The time, as you realize this illusion, needed to move in one’s inner life into a choiceless, compassionate position which transparently radiates a fullness of available light is long in coming. When it arrives, it is a probability that the crystallized seeker will then find laid before it the manner of its service, which in great probability will be unexpected.

We would enlarge upon that spoken, or entertain other queries at this time. Is there a further query?

I thank you for your deliberations, and I fully appreciate that in order to fully understand the Law of One, one must become the Law of One, and only then will one not need to ask these questions.

I am Yom. My brother, we do not perceive a question. If there be one, please restate.

There are no further questions at this time.

I am Yom. As we leave this circle we pause to thank each for the intensity of seeking which brings you to this domicile to offer this call to us at this time. Knowledge seems to be that which contains truth, yet that which is known is not truth. To move this seemingly endless paradox is the rightful work and learning process of the children of paradox, those within the creation you now dance through. To each of you fan out the paradoxes which create the dynamics for causing each in his own way to hunger for the truth. Hold to that divine hunger.

One last clue, as the one known as K would say, is this: light is the first manifested thing, moreover, light is all manifested things. However, the energy that creates the whim of manifestation is inadequately but best described as love. We regret the nearly useless term, but feel each grasps that the one original Thought, the Logos, is unmanifest and remains the sole receptor of truth. You may embody that truth and then, through the quality of reflected love within the self, may open doors in service to one or a few or many entities. When light is considered, consider also that it is [not an] artifact of time and space nor does it transcend the illusion in the way logically or intuitively available to the educated mind. We encourage the consideration of… We must pause.

We are those of Yom. We are again with this instrument, and find it has become uncomfortable enough to be less than adequate for good contact. Therefore, we thank and bless each with great affection. Thank you each for seeking with persistence and passion. May your journey be one which is irresistible. In the Creator’s infinite love and light we leave this instrument. We are known to you as those of Yom. Adonai.