My name is K, and my first question is as follows. In our previous session the advice to the entity known as K was terminated due to the discomfort of the instrument. Would you kindly continue from the point as follows: “… you may embody that truth and then, through the quality of reflected love within the self, may open doors in service to one or a few or many entities. When light is considered, consider also that it is [not an] artifact of time and space nor does it transcend the illusion in the way logically or intuitively available to the educated mind. We encourage the consideration of… “ [Contact was terminated at this point in the last session.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most happy and pleased to have the privilege of meditating with this circle at this working, and thank you for calling us to your session to offer our humble opinions in response to your call. As always, please use your powers of discrimination, as we are fallible. The clue which we had intended to offer was this: consider whether manifestation is a creature of the powers of manifested physical energies or a creature of what you know as mind.

May we respond further?

I have a further question, which is as follows: Is the vortical electrical coil suggested by Walter Russel worthy of research, or can similar effects be obtained using the triangular or pyramid forms?

We are those of Yom, and appreciate your query. In our opinion it is equally fortuitous to experiment with the vortical coil as the one known as Walter has discussed and to consider the pyramid energies if it be seen that the pyramid shape is the replicated shape of the downward portion of the gathering force of the pyramid. The physical, shall we say, pyramid then would be that which received the windings of both clockwise and anti-clockwise spirals as the unmanifest reflection or gathering or blessing portion of the coil then be able to use the reflected grid to complete the same double-phased energy as expressed by the windings of the vortical coil.

May we say that it is, in our humble opinion, the work of the inner discipline whose moment in your space/time and time/space has arrived and that these energies shall meet with representational mind capable of ethical usage of power, not at this juncture but in the fourth density or density of the love or compassion vibrations more harmoniously and predictably being in balance.

Is there a further query?

Yes. I appreciate the need to become a transparent radiator of available light. Am I correct in believing that a closeness to nature will in my case aid this process?

I am Yom. We answer in two portions. Firstly, the creation of the Father, as this instrument calls the second-density sphere and biota upon which you enjoy incarnation, is full and replete in undistorted love, therefore the Earth and its creatures are helpful whether or not the individual entity is aware of this aid. Secondly, to one whose spirit rejoices in the creation and the energies of this harmonious and beautiful creation these positive effects are many times magnified. We may note in this regard that the impulse to seek nature can be somewhat wayward when one finds oneself in a position athwart the forces of this natural, harmonious and sometimes inconvenient world of nature. Therefore, it is well consciously to pause in good weather and evil days alike, sun and rain, to give praise to the infinite One for this perfected manifestation, and to offer thanks for beholding Its face.

May we answer further, my brother?

I have no further specific questions at this time.

I am Yom. My brother, we are limited in that which we may relate to you. This we realize you understand and accept, further, we feel that your intentions are pure. Consequently, we encourage your heart to remain pure, your goal to become more pure, and your manifestation shall indeed surprise you and delight as well.

With our farewell we clear the way for our brothers and sisters of the principle known as Q’uo, as this entity is waiting to speak also. We leave this instrument and group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We greet each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. As our brothers and sisters of Yom have said before us, the honor of sharing this discussion with this group is keenly felt and your service to us in calling us to you is greatly appreciated and hopefully deserved, however, we request that our error-prone nature be considered in evaluating our thoughts.

We are called to this question not because of specifically physical work, physically oriented information which we have to share. We have nothing of that nature to offer; however, the structure of the empowering intention or desire of the one known as K inadvertently to this entity calls for a type of inquiry and way of viewing which we might share with some efficacy.

The manifested world may be viewed in a terseness and plangent depth by study of that portion of the deep mind which you and we have termed the archetypical mind. The myths of the Titans, of Lucifer, and many other mythical examples of light bringers show the bringing into manifestation of this light which allows the consciousness within incarnation to expand. As the gaze turns to the archetypes of the mind and the archetypes of the body it may be suggested that the powers progress through the vortical coil, for example, might be seen to involve the archetypes of the Matrix and the Potentiator of the mind or of the body.

Let us gaze at the archetypes of the mind. Firstly, the Matrix of the mind. This essence or energy is the untaught seeker, the beginner’s mind, reaching, reaching and again reaching. For what? The Potentiator of the Mind is that which receives the desire and enables it by a process of reflection and blessing. The Significator of the Mind is then the result of the Matrix entity or archetypical figure reaching or intending that which can only be potentiated by the seemingly passive Potentiator, that seated figure which has within the bosom great wisdom.

Thusly, the Matrix of the Mind is able to record incoming data, and through the Potentiator once again is able to deliver to the archetype of the Catalyst of the Mind the catalyst which shall become experience.

In the archetypes of the body the process is reversed, the matrix of the Body being even-functioning or balanced. This equilibrium is moved one way or another by the interaction with the Potentiator of the Body which may be called informed judgment or wisdom. The Matrix then is the blessing, is, indeed, manifested perfection which moves it away from balance and the pattern repeats in reversal until we see in the Significator of the Body the entity which is completely suspended upside down, thus showering the manifested body energy with its treasure as it falls from the clothing of this archetypical figure.

This has a relevance due to the triple—we correct this instrument—the three-fold cycle which is the pattern within the thought of the one known as Walter, that is, the first cycle which is not until it is manifest by the second cycle and recorded in the third cycle.

We are having difficulty speaking upon this topic through this instrument and would ask this instrument to move a bit deeper that we may have a firmer contact. We shall pause. We are those of Q’uo.


We are again with this instrument. Within the context of the questioner’s concerns we would suggest the consideration of a fourth cycle, which may be called the cycle of blessing or enabling. The Matrix, then, of the Mind would equal, archetypically speaking, the voided first stroke; the Potentiator of the Mind, the second stroke which makes manifest; the matrix of the Mind is then again the third stroke, as it has become enlivened by the Potentiator. However, until this is moving through the Potentiator’s blessing or enabling it cannot become catalyst, or, in terms of physics, it cannot work. The fourth cycle, then, is that area which may be profitably considered, not for windings of coils manifested, but for the personality of the facilitator of such designs. For in order for these to work the potentiating position must begin within the mind of the observer or facilitator of the process. This intangible set of mind, body and spirit, but for beginning study the mind, is necessary in order that the device that effectively works might be conceived and manifest.

These words are as slippery as the stem of a water lily, and we grasp them as one would who believes that where there are lily stems there are also water lilies in bloom. Before, during and after all attempts to manifest truth lies a shining, loving, powerful and wise mind which is in each of you. We ask that more and more you learn to rejoice not because of any one thing but because the true nature of creative love is more nearly truly expressed in joy than in most other states of emotional mind.

Let the point of view remain as closely [attuned] as comfortable to the nascent spirit to remain with this joy, for it abides within and is not simply a response to that which is without or beyond the five external senses. Seek always this steady state of balanced joy and the mind that is the higher mind will more and more find itself at home and more and more shall the small one that each apparently is become graced with the overshadowing unity of a larger oneness.

We, as always, emphasize the patient, persistent practice of inner silent listening which is generically called meditation. And, further, encourage the use of those who guide, not for outer information but for the homing towards unity which the disciplined personality seeks to become.

Are there any queries at this time?

No, there are no specific queries.

Does any have a query?

I don’t have a query.

Not I. Thank you very much, Q’uo.

Thanks for the elaboration.

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. It has been like riding the tiger to get this transmission through, and we ask that care be taken to keep this instrument quiet until the next diurnal cycle. As usual, this instrument would not quit when it became discomfited, therefore we needed to use the proper energy. However, though we thank this instrument, we would encourage it to be careful when it is uncomfortable with an acute difficulty in your future. We smile at this instrument’s desire to continue, for it is charming. May wisdom more frequently accompany such charm.

Each of you, how blessed we feel by you, and in return offer our love and like blessing. Truly you and we are loved and all that we do in return is only that which has rippled through from you to return. This is your love, our love, your, our, your, our… until there is one. In this oneness greet each other, always.

We leave you and this instrument in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.