In an out-of-body experience—which is the question this afternoon—when the exit is via the crown of the head there is impression of movement, at great speed, as if one were drawn up through a tunnel or a funnel. Please describe this process and account for this impression. We would like to know, in this area of out-of-body experience, if this feeling of movement is actual. Does it take place in time/space? Is it a movement in consciousness or is it simply a feeling of movement that accompanies a more profound experience or process? Also, what would you recommend that the seeker of truth take as the attitude or position regarding out-of-body experience. Of what value, in another words, is it to a person to experience out-of-body experience, and what would one think of such?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings, my friends, in the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. Thank you for asking for our participation in your session of working at this time. We are honored to be called to your circle and bless each with a whole heart. As always, we ask that our words carry no authority except that of opinion.

The out-of-body experience about which you ask is a subject which many are focused upon because of an underlying desire to be shed of the heavy chemical machinery of the third-density physical vehicle, or body. The spirit or consciousness of an entity is bound by choice to its physical vehicle in order to persevere throughout an incarnative experience. It is no wonder that the consciousness often may yearn to be free of the seeming tyranny of flesh. However, there is much to be said for the consideration of that which is uncomfortable and inconvenient being also far more useful in the production of catalyst.

Let us look briefly at the experience itself, of moving from within the physical vehicle to observing the physical vehicle through the eyes of the finer bodies which are within incarnative stricture, however are not necessarily tied within the physical vehicle permanently. The consciousness, as it were, in the most natural or easy way of egress from the physical vehicle may visualize the tucking and rolling motion of certain practiced falls or yogic postures. When the physical vehicle is exited and entered with this visualized method the trauma is minimal.

The experiences spoken of in the query, of the squeezing feeling and the tunnel, are those feelings associated with a less skillful method of exiting the physical vehicle. The imagination, if we may use that term, is helpful to those who would wish not to experience the less than optimal symptoms of exit and entry, by visualizing the tucking and gently rolling, both leaving and entering the physical vehicle.

In most cases of unintended exit of the physical vehicle, the finer bodies carrying the consciousness are within the same illusion, or, depending on the vibratory patterns of the individual, there may be the precise location which one enjoys in the third density but the out-of-body experience may be in fourth density. This still appears to the consciousness senses as a normal, solid, seemingly third-density illusion, and though the electrical nature of energies between people is far more apparent, nonetheless the work which might be done in this out-of-body environment is no more or less effectual in creating new polarity than experiences within the third-density physical vehicle.

There is a very old tradition amongst your people of spiritual quest involving work done without the physical vehicle. For this type of moving out of the body a very precise and lengthy tradition or school of training has been followed by the aspirant to, shall we say, holy or magical orders. Within these orders the discipline of the personality is labored upon by visualization and austere practices which begin to reclaim the linkage between the physical mind and the mind of consciousness.

Perhaps we could use the term “brain” to indicate the natural thinking capacity of a second-density animal which your physical vehicle is, to differentiate it from the term “mind,” the mind being that of infinite consciousness. The linkage betwixt brain and mind is normally set within incarnation in a matrix which allows free communication from brain to mind and limited communication from mind to brain. The magical training—which may be called cabalistic or white magical traditional—attempts often quite successfully to restructure the matrices—we correct this instrument—the matrix so that the points of connection are denser between the mind and the brain so that subconscious material is made more available to the brain or that which controls the day-to-day living.

This application of out-of-body experiences is a form of information gathering. In and of itself we do not find it to be useful, however, when a desire is formed to examine the surrounding inner planes and the consciousness which is sent forth is carefully laden with instructions which move it into inner planes, then such a spiritual scientist may make notes and learn more of the subtle inner environments which in total make up the inner structure of the deep mind or deeper aspects of the self. We do not encourage entities to move out of the body without there being a spiritual goal involved, for as many have said before us, it is a crowded universe and many of the citizens of it are particularly interested in those whose life force of spirit and will dims before the life force of the physical vehicle.

The danger here is that those who do not yet value or respect the incarnation may yearn so to be spirits that the emphasis upon finding holiness and worship within the physically bounded experience is lost or tossed away, and instead the entity simply wishes to escape the bounds of the physical body. We encourage each to contemplate the manifold opportunities within the confines of the physical vehicle to be a spirit, that the house of flesh involved does not limit the desire to experience as a spiritual entity, a magical entity, but rather offers to such spiritual questing the sharpness and substance of experience which cannot be had outside of the physical body. This incarnation which each now enjoys is a rare gift. We encourage each to respect and love this gift of intense time, of intensive actions, of deeply difficult choices made perforce in the darkness of illusion. To escape the bounds of body is also to deeply blunt the efficacy of precious incarnational time, space and time where the questing spirit may make blind choices. This blindness, this darkness is precious, for choices made herein strike deeply into the infinite self.

I am Q’uo. Is there a further query?


I am Q’uo. We find many questions in this group, but none of them spoken aloud, so we are not allowed to answer them. We own the terrible pun. What can we then do, having exhausted the queries, but bid you every possible blessing of love and light in your journey towards the One. We leave this instrument with thanks and this group ditto, in the love and in the wondrous light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you also in the love and in the light of one infinite Creator. Greetings and salutations to so many solemn minds today. We ask you who are here why are you so serious? Be less serious. The importance of your work is like clothing; you have on too many clothes. Take off some solemnity! Yes? A vest of serious, a tie of responsibility. Away with these things! And when you are naked and no longer so solerm… solmn… solenn… so solemn—haha! We got it!—when you are not so solemn anymore then bounce and jiggle and jump for joy and feel the waters of love that you so solemnly seek now.

You know you keep yourselves from your own bliss by holding too tightly to the clothing of righteousness. We thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts with you, and would say good-bye with much blessing… blessing… ha! We are Yadda. Adonai.