[This session was preceded by a period of tuning and meditation.]

This is Ariel. I greet you with love, my brothers and sisters of the light, and with gratitude for your willingness to allow me to join your circle. It is a grace to be here in this room from which so much light emanates. This instrument spoke last night of sensing a very old and ancient energy, one that seemed in her senses to transcend all duality. There was/is/will be, indeed, such an observer.

Please understand as I speak that it is not the spirit that speaks. The spirit would be incapable of such speech, but it must come through the mental body. When there is mental body, I am imperfect. What I express to you, then, is merely my opinion with as little distortion as I am able to give it. I humbly ask that you take whatever I say with that recognition. It is not offered as Truth with a capital T, but the clearest seeing of which this one is capable. And that is all I can give you.

I once spoke to a group in another of your cities about the origins of the Earth as I had understood them and experienced them; that there were those on the immaterial planes who were stuck in some way and in need of greater catalyst for their learning; that it was understood that this must be a plane of love; that certainly negativity would enter, but that those who saw the need were willing and eager to give of themselves to lay the foundation of love. I will not speak of this in more depth here. I believe a written transcript is available.

My dear brothers and sisters, you have learned. This experiment that we have called Earth has been successful beyond our wildest imaginings. Of course, there is negativity on this plane. There would need to be. You understand that it is part of your catalyst for learning and that there is no duality, no difference between the positive and the negative in the long run and that, at the same time, negativity must be resisted with love because of the suffering that it creates.

What has occurred on this earth plane that has seemed so wonderful is that those of you of third density who are learning these lessons of faith and love graduate with far more depth, also, into the fourth- and fifth-density lessons of compassion and wisdom. Of course, there is no time pressure, so you may well ask, “What difference does it make if we learn the lessons ahead of our grade, so to speak?” The difference is that compassion and wisdom are not finite skills. The being who moves into fourth density already with deep compassion and wisdom expands those qualities far beyond what has come to be expected on other planes of learning. Our experience, then, is that those of you who move through this earth plane, working skillfully with the catalysts of this plane, have moved into an expanded sense of compassion and wisdom by the end of seventh density, and in that way expand the Infinite.

While the compassion and wisdom of that which we might call God or the Eternal are infinite, they are also ever-learning and ever-expanding. And those of you who move into seventh and finally eighth density through this plane and return to that spirit which is your essence bring a far deeper wisdom and compassion that expands the Eternal and Infinite.

That you on Earth are capable of this as you move beyond the earth plane on your journey, of course, makes this plane a target of negative energy. You understand that there has been a quarantine, as you phrase it, against physical contact, against the visitation by negative energy. And yet, of course, we must respect the free will of all beings. There has been effort, then, among those of positive polarity to help to strengthen as many as we can and teach how to work with negative energy.

Love is a gift, but it also may become a distortion. One must learn how to balance that love with strength, with faith. I have said that the learning of wisdom and compassion on the earth plane has awed us, in a sense. And yet, great care must be taken that wisdom and compassion are not learned before faith and love, but simultaneously or after. Distorted compassion can lead to a distortion of wisdom which does not oppose negativity with love, but rather, feels need to hear it out; and in that way, negativity may play on that compassion and wisdom and manipulate the, as yet, immature faith and love.

We who profess to be guides and teachers can only share what we see with complete respect to your free will. We see a situation on Earth now whereby with your own expanding understanding, your own curiosity, you are reaching out to the universe with such as these microphones with which you hope to pick up outer space signals. You are reaching out to take your true place in the universe. We cannot protect you any more than the wise parent strives to protect the child as he moves out of the sheltered home. We can only alert you to caution, not to fear but to awareness.

Many watch this experiment we call Earth with a deep sense of hope because of the power of the light that comes from this plane. It is especially groups like this that draw the attention of both positivity and negativity. You know that. The question that many of us have is, are you ready for this move into fourth density? Are you ready to deal with the onslaught of negativity that will be experienced on Earth if there is no longer a quarantine to that energy? In essence, have you developed that faith yet?

Much of the work that your groups do is the deepening of wisdom and compassion. Do not neglect the deepening of love and faith. It is harder to talk about. You can suggest skills, as the ones who are known as Q’uo and Aaron suggested last night—strategies, in a sense—for working with the catalysts of your density. Do not forget the power of prayer, of connection to that light. I know I do not need to say this to this group, but there is nothing I have said today that you do not already know. I only hope to remind you of the importance of tempering your wisdom with faith and with love so that you do not become imbalanced and more susceptible to negative influence through the distortion of love that is not yet firmly understood.

I thank you for allowing me to share this with you today. I know that my brothers/sisters of light, those that you know as Q’uo and as Aaron, would also like to speak to you and to speak to your questions. With my joyous love to each of you, I leave this instrument at this time.

This is Aaron. My love to you all. Barbara is still in a very deep trance. You cannot call her name to bring her out of it as she is deaf. I would ask that you direct your energy to her, simply calling her in your minds as I will also do. That is all.

I am Q’uo. Greetings to all in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. The privilege of speaking with you is appreciated; and as the one known as Ariel has said, we offer opinion only.

The difficulty of aiming for an absolute is that in your universe of relativity, one may approach but never reach the absolute. Yet still, we encourage each to comfort, protect and give support to that pilgrim within which hungers for a more nearly pure experience of being transparent to eternity and the limitless light of the Logos, which offers embodiment to eternity and infinity.

Earlier there was speech concerning the long and difficult path which demands an endurance. Each wonders, perhaps, why endurance would seem to call first for faith and then for understanding and wisdom. The archetypical feature of wisdom is its ability to regulate. This is seen in the body wherein the potentiator of physical energies is that which controls and manages rather than that which is fully open and uncontrolled. However, the need for regulation of energy cannot precede the development of a firm and persistent compassion. Compassion is a corollary of faith. Thusly, the first persistence is to working with your consciousness to exhort and encourage the self to be foolishly faithful, foolish in the eyes of a pusillanimous world.

The quarrelsome world turns to one who is attempting a persistent devotion to a life in faith and says, “You have not got the picture. You do not have a clue as to the realities of the grimy situation which you call civilization and societal interaction.” However, those who do attempt the living by faith are often more nearly entwined in acceptance with those viny, dark energies which curl about your illusion than those who are so cynical and worldly-wise. You see, they attempt to regulate an unforgiven incarnation.

The seeker must first, in faith, face every encyclopedic, universal kind of being that makes up the whole Self. It is to this universal Self with as much of negativity as positivity experienced that the seeker embraces. The seeker who wishes to have faith embraces all without regulating or judging the phase or facet of the whole of nature’s ways. Thusly is the incarnation redeemed and forgiven by the self. This process is only hindered by the wisdom which says, “You must flee from spite and scorn, from the dirt and discordance of negative thinking, and move instead in mental, emotional and spiritual lands of light and joy.” Wisdom would divide the self against the self if that self moved to learning wisdom before it had forgiven the whole Self first. How can one forgive those precincts of personality which are capable of murder, theft and a multitude of regrettable activities, except by faith?

What is faith? Can you catch it from another? Can you learn it as at school? We might suggest that it is by far the quicker entry into a faithful life to begin accepting what is precisely at that moment. If you at that moment when you decide to commit the self to faithful living are in the midst of traffic, then your first act of faith is to experience the beauty of all that is seen in the hustling, bustling street. By faith you suddenly experience sitting more lightly in your car, touching with love and reverence the steering wheel, the gears. It simply needs to be deeply accepted by the self. Then comes the long, long pilgrimage of deepening that faith of living, ever aware that faith, not words or manifestations, offer the truer suggestions and solutions to the very complex and often troublesome living environment of the incarnation. Only when the pilgrim is solidly and firmly devoted to a life in faith so that the open heart’s energies flow and flow and flow without stop or hindrance is it time to consider wisdom.

May we, that is, Aaron and we, invite a query?

I am Aaron. My dear friends, may I invite your questions, not specifically about what has been said, but whatever question is closest to your heart this morning. That is all.

As we who have been working in the spiritual path for some time go through our days, it seems that we don’t become very much more intelligent in our use of affirmations than we were in the beginning. I think that praying without ceasing is the ideal, but I seem only to be able to approach it just so far.

Carla, you just asked a question that’s been on my mind for a week.

Q’uo, how can we get closer than that to being faithful?

I am Aaron. There is a difference between the concept of prayer without ceasing and the experience of it. When you move into it as concept, it becomes another “should,” something else to grasp at. I ask you to consider in what ways you may more deeply allow the experience of it, transcending thought and concept. That is all.

I am Q’uo, and we shall leave you with a few thoughts and allow the energies to flow once again through Aaron and Barbara.

We may say that in learning of faith, your greatest strength is each other. We know you value each other and we encourage each to have a light and loving but utterly persistent devotion, each to each. In any relationship, each may teach, may learn, may hurt, may heal, may do together any thing which occurs, better and more efficiently than the solitary soul. Therefore, we encourage communication by your letters when there is distance between so that when all come together there is already the full and loving interplay of energies which potentiate each and, more than that, the growing Oversoul, if we may use that term, of the group by focusing upon the being as part of this or other groups. You form and reform small beginning attempts at the life of a social memory complex. You, at this juncture in space/time, are beginning to find the company of others more helpful. This is the natural progression towards your fourth-density experience. Welcome to the beginning of the New Age.

We leave this instrument and this group, glorying in the love and in the light of the one infinite Logos. Farewell and peace. I am Q’uo.

I am Aaron. There is only so much to be said about faith itself. I do not wish to be repetitious; rather, I wish to speak from a different perspective, one that my brother/sister Q’uo brought up last night. After I spoke about opening the heart and being compassionate to oneself, Q’uo said, “You aspire to that but find yourself blocked.” You also aspire to a life of faith and find yourself blocked. Many of you have high intelligence, and at times you use that intelligence as a way of grasping at understanding because you feel frustrated. You want to feel faith, but you cannot force that, you cannot create faith in yourself. You can only gently remove the blockages to faith so its natural appearance may expand in you.

What I wish to point out is that you may grasp at understanding, and in a sense that is a grasping at control. It grows out of a place of fear. Love does not deal with concepts, but with penetrating all concepts and all appearances to get at the true nature of things. When a catalyst in your life creates pain or confusion and you strive to understand it, to deal with it in an intellectual way so that you may give yourself a program—“I could do this and that and that”—that takes you further from faith. When you can notice the fear arising in you, founded on those uncomfortable catalysts, when you can notice the desire to control that grows out of the fear, then you may move back to the open heart.

I cannot say what faith is. I can only speak about how it manifests itself, and perhaps the prime manifestation that I see is the open heart. This is what I would call the heart of surrender, the heart that knows, “I am not in control. I am not running this show. I do not really understand anything, but I will try to greet with love whatever is put before me. I will try to attend the fear with compassion and allow that fear to dissolve so I may move back into love.” This is the demonstration of faith, not the thinking about faith but the living in faith.

In this way, faith precedes wisdom. You do not need to know anything, just to follow the guidance of your open heart. When you follow that guidance, let go of all need to control and are simply present with whatever catalyst is there in that moment as lovingly as you can be, then the mind ceases thinking about, grasping at, planning, controlling. Then the mind is free to penetrate beyond thought and really understand at a level to which thought cannot take you.

If surrender is a manifestation of faith, then courage, willpower, determination, energy, are all ingredients which make surrender possible. How much harder it is to face the unknown than the known fear. Surrender does not mean saying, “I give up,” and ceasing to express your energy. It means expressing your energy in a direction of love with no understanding of where you are going. You cannot foresee, in your human shells, where your path is taking you. You cannot know what it is that you or another needs to learn.

I would like to use an example here, a being that Barbara has seen as a past life, one that she has agonized over and for whom she has finally found real forgiveness and great love. This being was a Native American medicine man. He taught peace and organized a peace conference of sorts at the request of many others. Beings from many tribes and other races attended. There was one tribe that had great fear, and they came in and massacred the whole group. And then white soldiers on the hillside swept down and massacred those of that tribe, even the women and children.

This being that Barbara was survived all of that attack. He sat on the hillside and asked himself, “What did I do wrong? I brought this together. Somehow I should have known it could not have worked. Look at all the death, all the devastation. Am I responsible?” He had not yet learned the lessons of faith, and so he blamed himself and punished himself in his mind with guilt and remorse, with self-hatred. He forgave the others but he could not forgive himself.

What he did not understand was that this massacre in some way was necessary for them to learn peace. Had those beings come together and formed a peace treaty and signed it, it would have been a very fragile kind of peace. There was not a tribe there that did not suffer from the outburst of fear. There was not a tribe there who could not take those experiences home and say, “If we had peace, this would not happen.” There was no one to blame. Everyone’s fear was involved in it. This was what they needed to learn. They had tried gentler ways of learning and not been able to learn. The peace that was created some few years later was built on that experience of loss, of pain. That loss and pain was an exclamation of the need to open their hearts and trust one another so as not to continue to destroy each other.

Now this Native American, this being, sat there; and he did not have faith. He thought he knew what they needed to learn, which was peace. And he was right. That is what they needed to learn. But he thought he knew how they needed to learn it. You never know. You do not know what another needs to learn. You cannot take another’s lessons away from them. You can only clarify your own energy as much as you can and offer as much love as is possible in any situation and then surrender: “Truly, thy will be done. I do not know anything.” 1 Can you see how your efforts to understand conceptually, to pigeonhole it all and make logical explanations, offer an escape from the far harder task of having faith?

Compassion can also be misused in this way. I have spoken very, very often with people about compassion and codependence, that it is hard to have faith in a situation and give loving energy to that other being whose energy is distorted into unskillful patterns, but to say no to those unskillful patterns, that you will not aid them. Compassion becomes distorted into, “I want to help.” But as soon as you say, “I want to help,” you must ask yourself, “Why do I want to help? Is their pain too uncomfortable for me so I want to fix their pain? Can I trust the whole situation, come back to faith and to love, attend the fear in my own heart, seeing how my pain reflects their pain? What do I find when I get in touch with that fear in myself? Who is it that I want to fix—them or me? Do I want to fix them so I will not have to pay attention to the distortions within myself, because the mirror will have been removed that reminds me of those inner distortions? Can I have faith that this friend or loved one is in a painful situation, that I am in a painful situation, because there is something to learn? Can I truly say, ‘Thy will be done,’ 2 and stop trying to make anything special happen, just be present with whatever is with as much love as I can?”

I said before, this does not mean no energy, no effort. But where is effort given: to fix, or to surrender and offer love? To let go of the need to control, to see the fear that it springs from and let go, is one of the hardest of human experiences. Yet it is only from that place of deep faith that undistorted wisdom and compassion can develop, wisdom that penetrates into the depths of reality rather than thinking about reality, compassion that grows out of connection to all that is rather than the concept of compassion which puts a bandage over your own pain.

How do you find that kind of faith? It takes practice. That is why you are here. Remember, each of you is, in essence, an angel in an earthsuit. This body infolds the true nature of you and allows it to move through the earth-plane situations which offer you learning. The more you can allow yourself to be aware that both are real—the spirit and the physical—that you are learning on both planes at the same time, the more you can live your life in faith. When fear grabs a hold of you, it is so easy to forget who you are. Your prayer without ceasing helps you to stay connected.

When I hear the phrase “prayer without ceasing,” what I think of is awareness of that flow of brilliant light, that umbilical cord, so to speak, that connects you with the Divine so that you never lose track of who you are. And when you never lose track of who you are, you cannot lose track of who anyone else is. They are just another part of you, another part of God. So that is one tool to deepening faith, and the other is awareness.

They are part of each other: prayer and awareness. Here, awareness speaks of what blocks faith, encourages a willingness to reach out for that hand of the Divine, to take that energy into yourself; and with that opening of heart to lovingly greet each catalyst, to transcend your fear and keep your heart open so that you may truly say, “Thy will be done. 3 I am not in control here. I surrender. I offer my loving energy in whatever way it can best heal this situation, in whatever way learning may best happen. But I do not know what that is. Instead of trying to figure it out with my brain, which is the seat of fear, I will try to understand it and listen with my heart.” That is the best way I know to begin to live a life in faith.

I would ask if there are questions at this time.

[There were no questions.]

It is such joy to share the loving energy in this room. I thank you all for the opportunity to speak with you and offer my thoughts. And I offer thanks to my brother/sister of Q’uo for the opportunity to pass this back and forth, to learn and teach from and with each other.

I echo the words of the one you know as Q’uo, when your hearts are open, when you are in deep sharing and communication with one another, you are coming as close as the human can come to fourth-density group experience. While you know there is no need to practice that which will be learned in another density while in this density, yet you are all making that shift. You are beginning to understand that you can keep your hearts open to one another and how much greater is your energy when it is shared, how much easier it is to have faith when that energy is shared. Enough words. My love to each of you. That is all.

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