Group question: The question today has to do with the general kind or level of angst that we each find in our lives no matter what the particular experience, whether we are not being able to fulfill our creative identity and desires we know we have, or the ability to find the balance in our lives so that we are able to move through our lives without being swayed overly much either towards the sadness or the joy, the ability to find balance between being and doing. Each of us seems to have some kind of angst, some necessity for dealing with a situation that is difficult, that provides us with worries, with fears, with challenges, with work of some nature that needs to be done. We are wanting to know if there is some level of changing this angst or this way of perceiving our experience so that we are more in line of what we feel is fulfilling our abilities, of walking a balanced life, of being of service to others, and wonder what you may have to say to us in that regard.

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator whose blessing is upon us all. We feel most privileged to be sharing in this circle of seeking and thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you. We ask that each seeker realize that we are not final authorities, we make mistakes, and are as you, seekers along an infinite path of learning and becoming more and more that which we seek. Therefore, we ask each to use his own discrimination to take up those thoughts which have an interest and to leave behind those which do not, for only in this way may we feel free, without infringing upon your free will, to offer our opinions.

You ask us about the pain of living. What is the necessity of it, how can it be transformed? We must begin with a larger canvas, so if you would, come with us in mind. We take you to the point at which the infinite and eternal consciousness which you are chose to come into manifestation or an incarnational experience. What were you co-creating with the infinite One when you created the opportunities and overarching destiny which you did indeed co-create? It seems logical to assume that the choice to come into manifestation in this manner was based upon an advantage to be gained from so doing. There are things which entities in incarnational, physical bodies can do which discarnate spirits cannot. Those in incarnation cannot know. Those not in manifestation cannot escape knowing that all things are one, that there is one Source, one great original Thought in which all exist and which is in everything. In the illusion of manifestation this truth is escaped, cleanly and completely. There is no way of knowing while in incarnation that you are one with anything or anybody. All things seem to have limits and seem to be separate, whether these things are people, relationships or ideas.

The darkness of the valley of the shadow of death, to quote one of your culture’s holy works, is the setting of the stage for your journey through this incarnation, for are you not all born with the life sentence of inescapable death? Therefore, you live in the shadow of that known outcome throughout the incarnational experience. So you have chosen to enter into an illusion which blocks all knowledge of unity from the conscious, logical mind. Further, you have come into an illusion which is eternally mysterious; that is, nothing is known no matter whether one seeks to the limits of the microscope or the telescope. One cannot find the basic reason “why,” a basic method of “how,” or a good definition of “what” the essence of the experience of manifestation might be, for as telescopes grow more powerful infinity is simply seen in more depth. As microscopes grow more powerful all that may be seen is the path of energy left by your electron particle. Now, if you are fields of energy, interacting in an illusion whose trademark is mystery and shadow there must be a reason not immediately obvious for your choice of coming into this illusion.

We shall pause.


This illusion is the third such level, shall we say, of learning for the infinite portions of the one Creator. To experience the first being the level of the elements, the experience of being rock, sea, air. Those experiences are simple yet move deeply and slowly, and consciousness then graduates to another level of illusion. In this illusion, for those portions of consciousness which now know that they exist and begin to move in order to seek the light, the easiest example of this movement is the turning of the flower and leaf to the sun to receive light. In these two illusions there is not self-consciousness, but with graduation into the third-density illusion which you now experience, you as co-creator are in a physical vehicle which has the ability to be conscious of itself experiencing the illusion.

There is a purpose for this particular illusion, in our opinion. Just as the purpose in the first density is to experience manifestation at its basic level, and just as the second density’s purpose is to experience and learn the movement, the choice towards being fed, being comforted, being warmed, finding light, so in third density the individual seekers of light become self-conscious and decide to interact. Your illusion has everything to do with learning not only who and what and why you are as you are but also in learning how to interact with those about you. Upon graduation from this density the next series of lessons starts with learning to be a complex of entities which have all memories in common. In the next density this veil of mystery and forgetting which you now experience is gradually lifted, and, once again, you know that you are all One.

Only in third density is the unity hidden. This is in order that each may make an all-important choice of how to proceed with the evolution of the spirit, for there are two paths to the one infinite Creator in general. One path is radiant, giving, loving and unifying, and is called service-to-others path or the positive path of seeking. The other path to the one infinite Creator is magnetic, attractive, charismatic, and may be called the path of service to self or the negative path. Each of these two paths is a valid path to follow and will bring the seeker to the growing awareness of the nature of the mystery of Creator and self. We are those of the positive path, as we find it to be the more efficient path, and in our opinion the more agreeable one to follow.

Therefore, as you approach the choice of which path to follow, nothing can be known for sure, for it is all important that this choice be made in faith and not because of any proof or fact, for only in faith, only in the mid-air of that leap of faith is the choice truly made to love. Once the pilgrim’s soul has made the choice to learn to love by attempting the positive path of service to others then there shall be the unfolding of the destiny which you co-created. This does not mean that free will is abridged thereby; it is as though you have furnished yourself with a place to begin a journey and a place where that journey ends.

See, you begin in Louisville and go to Chicago. In the journey there you may well travel through China but you will end up in Chicago. This is what you experience as the rough and tumble of the frustrations of your days. You have a destiny at work in you. The more clearly you make and remake the choice of polarity, the more you have the emotional calmness to be aware of whatever hints and synchronicities that are around to offer you the nudges you need to choose this or that way to be, to act and to respond to the seemingly good and seemingly bad things which occur to you. So you see, rather than your angst being a suffering without a context, this angst is as the ballast, the weight in your frail barque of being.

As you sail across uncharted waters your only rudder is your basic faith that all is well, that you have not misplanned these things which are occurring. The more you begin to realize that there are no mistakes the more you can move past wondering why the suffering was necessary and, therefore, the more time you have to take to pay attention to the situation in which you experience the suffering. Is this suffering necessary? Well, my friends, we may say that the discomfort of pain is necessary.

Now, the more the discomfort is resisted the harsher the discomfort. As we are on the journey of the mind and the spirit you shall constantly be changing and transforming because of your experiences. These changes are uncomfortable and, therefore, there is pain. To the extent that you cooperate with these energies of transformation, then to this extent the discomfort may not breed fear. You can look at the suffering and say, “I must be changing pretty well,” but if you need the fear, allow it. There is nothing wrong with protecting your delicate and sensitive inner self. It is possible to allow this fear and then try just a little less fear, and then a little less, and move slowly, supporting the self, not discouraging the self by railing against the lack of courage or railing against destiny for the discomfort which change brings.

Perhaps what we would leave you with in this portion of this working is the thought that if you are learning lessons of love your first lesson is to love, accept and forgive yourself. In one of your holy works it is written that there are only two laws of being, to love the infinite Creator and to love all others as you love yourself. What entities often do not realize is that they are loving others more than they are loving themselves. How hard are you on yourself, my friends. Attempt to support and refresh your own self in your pilgrimage just as you would any friend. Attempt not the courage but the lack of discouragement. When you feel discouraged, find that portion of your spirit which cradles you and comforts you, and allow that comfort to fill and calm the rough seas, the rough seas of emotional pain. Then simply open your eyes and gaze upon that manifestation which barely hides the imminent glory of the one infinite Creator.

My friends, you are loved so very much by the infinite One, you are so precious. You are unique. Your nexus of experiences and biases is irreplaceable. Feel that jewel within yourself grow and glow and allow the Creator to move through each facet of this jewel of essence, and this shall be your rudder on the uncharted sea.

We would at this time open the meeting to any questions that any might have. May we take a first query?

Yes, Quo, in the negative polarity, do they view themselves as being of negative polarity? Do they have a concept of polarity?

I am Q’uo. My brother, there are very, very few which, having no concept of polarity, are nevertheless of the negative polarity. However, the negative polarity is far more difficult than the positive polarity to do work in consciousness using [inaudible]. This is due to the fact that in order to graduate, shall we say, from the third-density illusion in the positive path it is necessary for an entity to be working in service to others at least 51 percent of the time, whereas in order to achieve graduation along the negative path of polarity it is necessary to be working in service to the self 99 percent of the time at a minimum.

Therefore, those who follow the path of negative polarity are almost always quite well aware of the process whereby all energies and entities about that person are subsumed and consumed by that person in order to bring added strength and power to the self. The times of slavery, shall we say, of which negatively polarizing entities are capable is large, however all are to one extent or another conscious.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes, do the negative polarity people or entities, do they view us as positive polarity and themselves as negative, or do they not use this terminology or way of thinking? Perhaps I am not asking that clearly, I am not sure.

I am Q’uo. We believe we have the gist of your query. From the standpoint of the negative path the positive path is naive and weak. From the standpoint of the negative path the negative entity feels that it must look out for itself, and shall take all opportunities to take advantage of others who are naive and weak. It further feels that if these entities which are naive and weak learn from this experience to protect the self and use others who are naive and weak, then they have been of service in teaching a previously naive “babe in the woods” the nature of “the real world.”

Indeed, almost no negatively oriented entity wishes to use such prejudicial language about its path. The language is more often couched in terms of affirming the self. This is not to be confused with the process of accepting the imperfect and universal self as a heart of preparation for loving others as you love yourself. Do you see this, my brother?

Yes, thank you.

May we answer you further?

Yes, I’d like someone else to have a turn.

I have a question for you, Q’uo. What is the role of comfort—physical comfort—within the illusion, on the path of learning? If you can answer that question, what is the role of comfort in the metaphysical sense?

I am Q’uo. My brother, there is no inherent virtue in discomfort. The difficulties into which one falls by wishing for comfort have to do more with an addiction to a certain expectation than with comfort itself. One may indeed be comfortable, happy, wealthy or other seemingly good things, and be quite miserable because of need, for some form of discomfort lies within the soul. The notion of comfort, further, is one which suggests that there is a place in which one is comfortable. This invariably is not so. The true comfort is in accepting and cooperating with the destiny in which one flows like the raft in the torrent of the river.

May we answer you more specifically?

Is there then a place for wishing of discomfort, as far as, metaphysically speaking, wishing for learning? As opposed to wishing for comfort and being couched within the illusion?

My brother, the fine joke of comfort and discomfort is that at the beginning of any learning there is tremendous feeling of discomfort while there is very little seeming work being done. The wheels, shall we say, are spinning, and even the slight bit of change which is occurring is causing tremendous amounts of emotional, mental or physical discomfort. As the lesson begins to sink in, usually the fourth or fifth time the genre of experience has come around again and the seeker is getting the hang of this particular lesson of love, the strides being made towards transformation are far greater, change is occurring at a far more deeply biased level, yet the experience of discomfort is somewhat less because comfort actually lies, as we said, in accepting one’s place in the flow of change.

As the end of any lesson approaches, this realization of the flowing nature of learning and destiny is clearer and clearer. Finally, one is somewhat comfortable, and then of course it is time for another lesson to begin. Thus, there is always the discomfort, the angst, but the amount of angst is not necessarily consonant with the amount of change but is rather more nearly consonant with the amount of resistance to or standing athwart of that change because of preconceived ideas about what one’s path of destiny is. It is well to release all expectations beyond a certain point in order for the play of the wind of destiny to aid rather than to seem to hinder.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, Q’uo. I thank you for your patience with me. I appreciate the different viewpoint and will take time to think about it.

I am Q’uo, and we appreciate your patience with us, for we attempt to give answers on several levels at once in order to speak to each within the circle, and this, while perhaps helpful, at least we intend it to be, certainly does little to keep us simple.

Is there another query at this time which we may obfuscate and confuse you with our answer to?


I am Q’uo, and we find that our sense of humor has run away with us again. We shall put it differently. May we answer another query at this time?

Yes, Q’uo. I do not want to monopolize the time here because I am so full of questions, but I am curious as to … We had so many reports of people having encounters with reptilian-type humanoid forms. I was wondering, this is just a thought that occurred to me, seems to make sense, if there could be a planet which would [have had] reptilian life forms, perhaps a third density or a fourth density, and their body forms made good vehicles for negative polarity entities to reside in. Does it work like that or is it somewhat different? Is that clear?

I am Q’uo, and yes, the query is clear. The physical vehicle which carries consciousness is not ever biased towards positive or negative evolution, for this is evolution of consciousness. This consciousness is infinite and eternal and uses physical vehicles in order to come into manifestation and experience the limitations which allow self-knowledge. This consciousness can use any vehicle. It is this consciousness which has the ability to choose, to learn, and to love the infinite Creator, either by loving others and serving them as the self or simply loving the self and serving the self.

The reason that both polarities are acceptable ways to move towards the infinite Creator is that the service-to-self entity is quite correct when it sees that service to self is the service to the infinite Creator. Nothing that exists is not the infinite Creator, there is nothing to be of service to except the infinite Unity. However, the consciousness can choose to separate the self from others and use others or it can choose to attempt to unify itself with all others in service as if each entity were the self.

Does this answer your query or may we answer further?

Yes, it answers it somewhat. I guess that I am still not clear. Do you not think that there are races … perhaps I should state it this way—when you are in a negative polarity, when this is your choosing, do you form societies, do you all live together or do you intersperse among the populace of the positive polarities?

I am Q’uo. My brother, both polarities exist at this time upon your planet. Some examples of more or less negative polarities are the corporation where the credit for the work goes to the leader of a team, and those who are within the corporation attempt to use others in order to advance, and the married state in which each partner attempts to gain control over the other. You see, we are not speaking of negative races, of beings, but of negativity itself. The actual look of a predominantly negatively oriented society is handsome or beautiful, neat and tidy, the hallmark of service to self being control and order.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, that is all I have right now.

Is there a final query?

I wonder if there is any query that we may answer for you, Q’uo? [Inaudible] joke is on me.

I am Q’uo. Your queries are to us a great blessing. They enable us to pursue our own path of learning. As we attempt to share our thoughts with you we learn a great deal from you and we are most grateful for that privilege. We would at this time rejoice in having been with you all. As you go upon your way may many blessings befall you and may you be merry with one another. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai.