The question this afternoon is from V in San Diego, and she would like to know a little bit about some books, a group, and a contact that she has been getting information from, and inspiration from, and would like to know what Q’uo has to say as regards the nature of the information that she’s been getting from Metatron, who’s been working with her on an inspirational and a channeling basis, I believe. She would also like to know about a book called The Keys of Enoch, and her study of this particular book has been closely linked with her work with Metatron.

She would also like to know about a book called Love (and Love): Through the Doorway, written by Solera. It has to do with the date that passed in 1991, I believe… January 11th… At any rate, it was a time during which a special doorway was supposedly opened into the New Age so that there would be a greater intensity and variety of spiritually awakening experiences open to people.

She’d also like to know about a group called Starborn Unlimited. This is a group that I believe concentrates on people who believe that they are from other planets and very likely other densities, what Ra calls wanderers… a group formed around that concept that shares information about those from elsewhere and the nature of their mission or work upon this planet in being those who help to lighten the vibrations and aid with the birthing of the New Age upon this planet.

And lastly she would like to know about a little book called E. T. 101 that is published by the Intergalactic Council Publications and written by Master [Jho]. And they are supposedly related to the Council of Nine, and this also has to do with the nature of entities that are from elsewhere, and those, such as Q’uo, who have offered their services in the aid of growth of mind, body and spirit on this planet during its time of transition.

We would like to know what you have to say to V on these topics and any other comments that you would care to make.

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of the principle Q’uo. It is our privilege to share your meditation and to speak with you concerning questions having to do with the correctness or authority of various entities and written volumes. We begin by saying that we do not have any authority over you. We are prone to error. Our opinions, though offered because we feel them to be worthwhile considerations, do not constitute error-free information, but rather careful opinion of one who is on the positive, or service-to-others, path. Each individual entity, each group of entities, in the end all the unity of entities, insofar as they have the capacity to activate, evaluate and judge have no capacity for logically, rationally proving any authority from the outside in. In our opinion, neither any entity’s self, higher self, nor any teacher that still speaks or thinks or considers has knowledge of the mystery of the infinite Creator.

By saying this we wish to establish a basis upon which we may build. The foundation of the right consideration of an entity’s position as judge of its own creation depends firstly upon there being no authority that is final. No hand or word has the master’s authority over servants of the infinite One, for the infinite One has established that in all manifested creation there be no final, provable answers. As entities discover what seem to be definitive answers, the edge or furthest limit of knowledge is pushed back, and it is discovered that beyond that new pioneering frontier of knowledge there lies still an infinite mystery.

Now, it is well for a student of any subject or field to do research, read, and gather tools and resources for coming to understand that field of inquiry. Those who seek along a spiritual path are not so different from those who seek to learn how to work one of your machines or learn a previously unknown skill. There is the studying, the processing of many facts into subjectively formed categories and organizations, and in the end there is [you] with a more enlightened point of view concerning the field of inquiry which has been studied.

We encourage those who hunger and are not yet filled by spiritual food to seek out experiences with entities visible or invisible and to read that which they consider helpful. All of the information on each page of written work, each thought from a channeling source, is to be enjoyed. However, this is not to say that all is simply to be accepted. Nor are we saying that if many things seem wrong about a source there is no good in it, for even the most inaccurate contact, dealing with the most fear-driven subjects, are attempting to serve the one infinite Creator. And those which listen to or read these perhaps wrong-headed thoughts may be offered much erroneously fearful information. Still, there is at least the gathering together for reasons of spiritual inquiry. And as this energy brings entities together to seek, so no matter how faulty the group may seem there is the effect of help from each consciousness present to each other as all form a circle of seeking.

There are several ways to consider how to form one’s own opinions and value them. We might suggest that when information is being evaluated the seeker stop to reflect as to which energy center or centers are being activated by this information. For instance, information which focuses upon matters of survival is driven by the instinctual energies of the red ray, [all in] the reflection, naturally, from the yellow ray physical existence. We speak of inner rays here, rather than densities.

If information is offered concerning the moving together of some who are different from others, or simply if there is information about groupings and joining or avoiding groups it may be seen that there are many energies of the yellow ray. And if there is information concerning this or that messiah or special chosen entity, then it must be left to the entity itself to evaluate whether the attraction of this savior is resonating with the red, the orange, and/or the yellow ray.

All of this sort of information tends not to activate or enhance the healing powers of the opened heart or green ray. It is within the more abstruse and abstract regions of theoretical considerations that the inspiration of words or thoughts might be offered which open the heart or the powers and energies of communication. And it is within the student only that the indigo ray is activated by any material whatsoever.

For work to be done in consciousness, the consciousness must have its attention upon doing the work. We might take a different tack in this matter of personal discrimination. Now, we are saying simply that each spiritual seeker, having its own universe, must and shall evaluate for itself all stimulus which comes into the sensory net of awareness. From the first impressions to the end of the most involved and recondite argument all that is processed by a spiritual student is accurate to that student, and the only authority is that student, for the infinite Creator Itself, while offering constant love and support, does not wish to influence the experiences of any being. All beings are free to experience what and as each chooses. This is that which is the seeker’s gift to the infinite One.

No outer authority may be considered, in our opinion, a satisfactory substitute for an individual’s inwardly moved framework of opinion. So we encourage each student to think of itself as responsible in that the will of the infinite Creator is that there be love. Each is love, and each experiences love. This is that which is the truth insofar as we know it. Putting this truth into manifestation is a task whose characteristic is polarity or apparent difference. Without this, there can be no manifestation, for love experienced as love is an eternal tautology when considered as a way of knowing as opposed to the way we grasp being[ness].

So each of you is sovereign—the judge and jury of those things which come to each entity’s attention. If that is accepted, then it can be seen that there is a certain desirable character, or group of characteristics, which may be attributed to a responsibly working spiritual student. The teacher known to you as Jesus the Christ spoke of this when it said to its students to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. The serpent is a symbol for wisdom, and it is wise in apparent manifestation also. The first sense is that of the symbol. This symbol of wisdom is expressed in your cultural myth by the gift of the serpent which was making available the knowledge of good or evil. In other words, wisdom has to do with a personal ability to judge whether something is good to that person. This kind of decision is strictly personal, and cannot and should not be offered in dogmatic fashion for others.

The other way in which the serpent is wise is that when an enemy or possible enemy comes into hearing or sensory range the serpent removes itself cautiously. These both are good ways of being wise. When one considers the innocence of doves and asks how that can be applied to the judgment of information, we can only suggest that each entity knows of those individuals to whom all things are signs of disappointment, trouble and doom, while others with the same basic situation find much to make merry about and much to give thanks and praise for. The innocence, the purity, the untouched nature of the open and loving green-ray energy center—the open, loving, compassionate heart—can see beauty in almost any situation, for as it speaks to itself it hears the outer world.

We find that this is a good beginning upon this topic and invite further queries both now from this group and, in the future, from the one known as V. We hope that this transmission has been clear in why it refrains from offering opinions considering the validity of sources.

Before we leave this topic we would simply say that there is much, much of fear in any human experience. The physical vehicle is fragile, and it is known that it is mortal. Many of the fear-driven topics, which may be considered by many such as this instrument to have little effectual truth, have a truth in a larger or archetypical sense, for there is a wonderful urgency about this present moment, about this present cycle, about this present year, and so forth. These are the minutes, the last minutes, of each of your incarnations. There may be millions of these last minutes, but they can be counted. Thusly, there is a deep and natural capacity to fear, for one’s worst fears, those of annihilation, stand starkly, and without evidential answer, before each seeker’s life. At the end of that last minute of the incarnational experience, that consciousness that is the seeker goes through a door and it closes behind that entity, leaving those who are still experiencing the illusion of third density to remain ignorant of that which occurs thereafter.

The more compassionate way to deal with this existential fear is to realize and affirm the wonder and blessing of each present moment. If disaster or catastrophe is to be part of an entity’s destiny, it shall occur, regardless of planning attempts to protect the self from such a fate. If all is to be peaceful concerning a seeker’s last days in this illusion, so it shall be, although the seeker stands within a hundred which are slain. The attitude of gazing with a full and loving heart at whatever is occurring is the more compassionate and loving approach to the quandary of existence without answers. Appreciate and attempt to inhabit fully each moment, each minute and hour of each day of this experience, one at a time, and whatever the outer circumstances, the inner spiritual journey shall be as full of light and blessing as the experiencer can hold.

We would at this time ask if there be any queries? May we have a query at this time?

Not from me, Q’uo. Thank you very much. That was very helpful.

Not from me, either, Q’uo. Thanks for [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we have enjoyed being with you also, my brother, and are grateful that you allow us to be of service. We always wish to linger with this good company, but it is time for us to go. And so we caress each beautiful spirit in hugs of brotherhood and offer always our love and blessing in the name of the one infinite Creator. We leave you in that Creator, in love and insofar love is manifest, in love and light. It is the season of the growing light. May each ray of the Creator’s love and light that enters your heart find a happy home. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.