Group question: The question today has to do with the balance one seeks to achieve between accepting what the universe or the life pattern of catalyst has given one in the way of experiences and people, and then balancing that with using these very same situations, the catalyst of a life experience, and manipulating them in such a way as to attempt at least to achieve the goals which we feel are important, the learning of lessons, the loving and acceptance of others and so forth. How do we balance accepting what the Creator and the life pattern has given us and using it to progress along the evolutionary path?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings and love to you, my brethren. It is in the mystery of the infinite One that we come to your calling. We thank you for asking us to offer our opinions and shall endeavor to make our words as wise as possible, asking each to discriminate as to those things which we say according to each entity’s own light, for we are prone to error.

In speaking of the best way to enable your mind and heart to be satisfied with the balance between surrender and active change we find we need to move to a larger canvas and ask each if there is a serious question as to the wisdom or the charity inherent in the life pattern which is now being enjoyed more or less by each. This decision is critical, for if the seeker finds a faith and a trust in the overall plan and agenda, metaphysically speaking, for this particular incarnational experience, then much of the obfuscation which shadows the clear path may be taken out of the way, for if the incarnational plan or agenda is accepted as one which yields lessons in love and opportunities for service, then the outer picture from day to day has less ability to shake the basic steadfastness of attitude and temperament.

In any given situation there is always free will, and one is free to choose not only how to act but also how not to act. When there seems to be a difficult choice to make the seeker may sit with this situation asking only that light may be given. We suggest no more direction than this, for the direction of the Christ-conscious self or higher self are silent, sometimes subtle, and movement of mind and emotions does obscure the ability of the self to place inside the heart the true model of that which is occurring. During this period of waiting it is well to refrain from thought, and when thoughts occur, to allow them to go their way.

This is a description of meditation in general to some great extent. However, when an entity is looking for resources which inform concerning the will of the infinite Creator one needs to become very quiet … inside. One needs to request of the self a freedom from the timetable, for the first task of a seeker faced with a choice is to sit with the situation, to bathe in its feelings and its shapes and so move into it that the situation itself is clarified. We cannot offer a suggestion as to the time limit of waiting for clarification. However, we may say that the waiting time is often the opposite of that which is expected. That is, there may seem to be a very complex and difficult situation which the waiting and listening period clarifies all in an instant. Or there may be what seems to be a cut and dried arrangement or situation which has a fairly obvious either/or, asking only this or that, which may upon reflection be found rather to contain unsuspected complexities or layers of choice or decision-making.

When the feeling has come that this situation is characterized in the heart and mind in an accurate, subjective manner then there comes a time and space for evaluating for the self the foreseeable spiritual or metaphysical pattern or shape of the road down which each of the options shall lead. In this evaluation one is not considering the surface qualities first. One does not seek, shall we say, contentment, for the path of the seeker is the path which goes onward and is often uncomfortable. This reflective period needs to be long enough that an unbiased or as nearly unbiased as possible evaluation of each option is attained.

So, firstly, you have surrendered to the still, small voice in order to receive a clarified picture of your situation. Secondly, you have turned to the intelligence and deeper intuitional faculties of the mind and heart and have actively applied the self to envisioning the benefits of each option, spiritually or metaphysically speaking. This ends the mid-part of your work.

The third portion is to move back into the contemplative or meditational phase of mind energy and again allow this still, small voice its place. Its place is always with you, in you, and of you. You are not exterior to your situation. You offered this situation to yourself. Now you have received it. There is the often quoted phrase of which this instrument is aware, in the form of a short prayer. It is “God, grant me the ability to see the difference between that which I can change and that which I need to accept.” Often, when all three portions of the decision-making process have been accomplished, it shall be very clear that one alternative will tend more towards the learning by the self of love and the opportunity to be of service to others in a way which is spiritual or metaphysical. In short, you are looking for the highest proportion of any opportunities to experience helpful catalyst and to offer these gifts and talents which are yours to offer on others’ behalf.

We feel that at this point a further direction in the form of a further query would be helpful, as we are through generalizing. We would therefore ask the one known as R if there is a further query on this topic?

I will mention a line of thought that is coming to me, and will ask Q’uo to comment on it. When catalyst is experienced and is considered and an action or an active change in a direction comes to mind, when it stays there and seems to be harmonious, is it then appropriate to make the change within the illusion? To be more specific, how do you metaphysically know, feel or recognize the manifestation of reaching the point where there is a need to do rather than to surrender? Is that clear enough for a further comment?

I am Q’uo, and feel that sufficient amount of questioning has occurred for us to grasp your query, my brother. Perhaps in speaking to this point we may offer our opinion that either doing nothing and continuing with experience as it flows in the present moment, and making a change are viable and good options. The lessons of love which are yours to be exposed to shall be yours upon either path. Where skill can be learned is in the evaluation of the opportunities in each situation, based solely upon the feelings which come together in a moment during which the choice becomes perhaps not clear but distinct, in that whether you can explain it or not, you have found a peace, and this peace is the satisfactory validation of your end decision.

The emotions are treacherous if experienced only at face value. However, the emotions contain and can be refined so as more to contain enormous, infinite stores of wisdom. When the issue at hand has come into a place where one option makes all of the heart rest in an emotion of purified, dynamic peace, then you may feel you have done that which you needed to do. The decision is made. If there is no discovery of any peace, then the conservative suggestion would be to stay precisely as you are and continue doing that work which lies before you while awaiting that moment of inner insight which renders the whole entity—soul and body, shall we say—peaceful and relieved.

To act when the situation is not enough clarified within to bring one to peace then you simply realize that you may have chosen a more crooked and bumpy detour upon your path. This does not mean that you have lost your way, but only that you may choose the harder or rougher or more catalyst-heavy road.

The free will seems just a joke, and a cruel one at that, when one is looking at one’s limits. However, when one moves within to the point of present infinity and can see the starry heavens rather then the place two inches in front of the nose, or even the city or nation state, then one has become larger within and has given the self more room in time/space in which to allow this decision to become obvious.

It is well to do nothing until some insight into the fears and other emotions concerning this choice have become part of self-knowledge that can be first gazed carefully at and then surrendered. As long as any portion of the seeker is withheld from the inner surrender there will be that proportion of things occurring with extra bumps and fits and starts. Thusly, if one were able it could be said that the best way to make decisions is to wait and continue doing that which you are doing, while opening the self regularly and repeatedly in simple offering of thanks and praise and the desire to be sent forth to allow light to shine through you. As you ask for this light to shine through, you begin to have the feeling that any road is good as long as this light is shining through you, as there is no exhaustion of spirit as long as the heart lies open and the incoming undistorted light is then able to move through the transparent personality and out into the waiting and thirsty world. You yourself are thirsty for the light, yet that thirst in itself is a beginning of the deepest service.

May we answer further, my brother?

I would ask for one additional comment along the line of … When this process is going on and there is apparently another entity involved, to which extent is it appropriate and helpful to communicate with the other entity of the process, of the work that you do, the work that you have to do on your own? I am looking for a comment on how this [work] affects another being. Is that clear enough for a comment?

I am Q’uo. My brother, there is not a decision you can make which holds for any other person besides the self. When decisions are made they need to be considered upon the merits of the situation for the self and for maximizing the self’s opportunity to learn love and to offer love in service to others. If there seems to be another or others involved in the decision then the decision has not yet the maturity to be ready for the decision-making process. Before one may seize, shall we say, the moment and act in a spiritually wholesome way one needs to focus upon the self and gaze at those things which in freedom of will are options to one. In other words, as each seeker is responsible for the self, decisions are, shall we say, in our opinion better made focusing upon the direct and simple situation which is the harvest of removing, one by one, those things of which you as a seeker do not have control. Only those things which are yours alone to control come under the provenance of your own decision-making process.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, Q’uo, that is a lot of thinking to do for me, and I thank you very much for your comments. I would yield my place to other questions, if there are any at this point. Thank you.

We thank you also, my brother, and can express only encouragement and our love as you seek to become more clear and more filled with the true freedom which is wholehearted service to the infinite One. If that service and that center are maintained the result will be a calm and steadfast heart in the end.

May we take any other queries at this time?

Thank you Q’uo. I don’t have any. I appreciate what you have to say.

I am Q’uo. Thank you, my brother.

It is our great pleasure and privilege to speak to you this day. We realize that choices are the essence of third density and that they do not simply disappear. Passive decisions are also decisions. However, we would ask each to reflect upon freedom, the freedom of the self, and attempt to see where this freedom comes from. If one is free in a chaotic way one will either be random or somewhat destructive, than somewhat positive. However, if a deeper singularity of self is sought, a deeper connection with unity, then many puzzled pieces which are not relevant to your decision-making can fall away and the true nature of the decision lies then uncovered in far more simplicity. The connection between freedom and the basic decision of serving the infinite One shall give your heart a strong structure and the best possible way to seek the understanding to move forward in support of your own spiritual evolution. Because this is far from obvious we simply wish to emphasize this consideration.

You have your homework now and we thank you once again for allowing us to so tease you. Although we are, as always, reluctant to leave this group it is indeed the decision which we have reached, that it is time for our service to withdraw from this instrument and subside into that passive carrier wave of love to which each may avail itself during meditation. We are with you in silent love and support when you ask, and we feel very blessed that you do ask. We leave you as we began in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator …

[Tape ends.]