Group question: Well, the two issues that I have in mind are, first of all, if we can obtain a definition of life that would certainly be applicable to all creation and simple enough to be understood at our level. That is the first question that I had. And the second (it is the simpler one in the group), is why the rainbow colors are sort of upside down, with the purple on the bottom and the red on top. You and I spoke extensively yesterday and today, so you probably know better than I do what else I would like to ask.

And as an addition to the question on what the definition of life would be, in a form that we could understand here, we would also like some information on how the death and removal from this illusion of any one of us would affect the others that we have incarnated with who don’t remember the pre-incarnative plan; and who especially if, say, a child dies at a young age, the loved ones that are left behind may engage in some expression of grief as a result of the death, that would have effect on their karma. How does the life that we live affect other people, as we remove ourselves from this illusion through the death process?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. What a pleasure and a privilege it is for us to be with you in your meditation this afternoon. The mingled vibrations are such a blessing to us, and it is a privilege to join in your circle of seeking and light. As always, we are sharing our opinion, and ask that each use his discriminatory powers in listening to this or any material offered for spiritual seeking. Trust in your discrimination, take what is for you—what seems remembered instead of learned—and leave the rest behind you, for we would not be a stumbling block for any.

We speak to your query about a definition of life. My friends, the subject, like all metaphysical subjects, defies the use of your words. However, if this be understood as a necessary limiting factor, then we may proceed in good humor, tripping over the nouns and verbs of your illusion. The most comprehensive definition of life is this life, is manifestation. To put this another way, life is movement. Because we do not feel that this basic a definition is helpful, we shall go further, but it is well to remember that all that is, is alive—that all was created by a thought which was the character and nature of the infinite Creator. This thought we call Love, for there is no appropriate designation. However, this Love is as terrible as it is filled with wonder, and loves as passionately destruction as it does creation, for the love that is the nature of the Father, shall we say, is a love that embraces the creation as a whole process, so that all phases of this movement are equally lovely.

To focus more in on a definition of life that might be helpful, we would consider the way in which third-density entities come into the energy web of a physical vehicle. In terms of human existence, the human life is joined when the vibratory nexus of what you may call the soul enters into and mingles with a permanent bonding with a physical vehicle. There is a life of the body complex. This is inextricably enmeshed with the life of the spirit or soul, and the resulting harmony of vibratory patterns becomes a living being.

Similarly, when the movement of the spirit has ceased and separated itself from the energy nexus of the physical vehicle, that human being is not living. This occurs sometimes before the physical death and sometimes at the moment of physical death, and in some rare circumstances where there is a soul very tenacious of consciousness within this particular illusion, there remains the clinging of the soul to an unviable physical vehicle. This is usually described as a ghost or a haunting, and is a result of the spirit being unwilling to move forward.

Because there is the energy for more directed querying possible, we would like to open the meeting to a series of questions, if this is acceptable to each. We ask now if there is a query to be asked, or if each would prefer for us to go on with our, shall we say, sermonette, on our own. Is there a following query to guide our giving of information?


I am Q’uo, and we see that this circle wishes us to proceed. We shall. As each rests within this illusion, the questions of, “What is life?” and, “How fully am I living?” seem bright and obvious and pointed. The life looks to be obvious. If a person moves and thinks and expresses, this person is alive. If this person is not breathing, not thinking, and not moving, this person is not alive; however, this is not the simple truth. The truth is simpler, though still a mystery to us, and that is that all which proceeded, is proceeding, and will proceed from the one great original Thought or Logos of Love, lives, and this life moves with an ever more characteristic energy pattern as it moves through sub-densities of incarnation and experience, moving into matter or space/time coordinates with time/space coordinates within, and by your science largely unexplored.

We would if we could suggest in a specific way, that, “The key to further grasping the life that is within the illusion which you enjoy …” however, we cannot. We can only point the way for those who would consider and do investigatory work along these lines; and that is that the so-called “inner planes” are time/space coordinate areas, shall we say, in the twin illusions of time and space, which are precisely out of phase in a sequestered but complete harmony which echoes the manifested space/time life, so that there is a strong bridge, a common center, shall we say, which connects space/time catalyst and time/space beingness, in such a way that that which occurs in the incarnational experience of the living being is able to have a skillful and complete interfacing with the appropriate coordinates of time/space, that is, of the metaphysical or inner bodies and beings of the entity, or spirit, or soul which is living this incarnational experience.

This is an enormous aid to the ongoing and eternal spirit, for by this conjoining of the inner illusions and the outer illusions, material may be refined and refined, again and again and again, until the mystery begins to be seen—that mystery which is beyond all definitions of life, and yet a mystery which gives all life and absorbs all spent life within itself, with no loss of coherence or energy, so that in no way, regardless of the passing pageantry of changing existence, is there any iota of beingness lost, no way of learning and loving and giving ceasing or at an end.

The tools which humankind has to work with during an incarnational experience are those which can limit one. The tools of the intellect—or to use a more neutral term, the intelligence—the intuition, the learning by experience, are all good, sound tools which will be faithful workers for the entity which, in seeking, remembers to focus first upon the mystery which is Love, so that the incarnational experience begins to be pointed towards allowing the living to become the being, and the being the living. Or, to put it in more emotional terms, to allow the manifestations—whatever they may seem to be within the illusion of which you as a seeker are conscious of within yourself—to become the living, so that you are not living “this and that” in life, but rather, you have become the purified, refined essence of the incarnational experiences, which, by faith and persistent request, have become more and more deeply grounded within the energy nexus of both physical self and spirit self.

In this way one ceases being the questioner and becomes the question, and within that question knows that it is also the implicit answer. Thusly does the creation roll itself up until it is complete within you. Each seeker has its own infinite creation, and all of these unique creatures, in turn, are rolled up until there is no further manifestation and all has coalesced beyond that which knows or moves or manifests.

We would wish to focus briefly upon the query concerning the rainbow and why its spectrum seems backwards. This instrument wishes us to go ahead with this thought, so we apologize for the bad joke. No, we think it is too bad to tell. We shall move on. “Now, seriously, folks,” as this instrument would say, consider if you will, the tree: its roots moving down gathering food, nourishment coming up into the tree, the leaves turning to the sun, pulling life from the surroundings, turning to the light … Now, consider the tree of what you may call life, for that is a technical term used in your white western magical tradition. Its roots are where it gets its nourishment. The Logos, descending through the bole or trunk of the tree, [be]comes light in all of its manifestations; and the most articulated of this light becomes conscious of itself in third density, and begins not only to turn towards the light but to turn in whatever way it might choose, gaining its light, its nourishment, leaf by leaf, not by instinct alone but by free will.

That which you know as light comes from the Logos, and is the first manifestation of love of the infinite Creator. It draws its life from the center of love and moves into all of the vibratory quanta which comprise the arrangement of the universe which you behold; thusly, its frame of reference is not yours. To the metaphysical way of thinking and expressing Truth, this which you now experience is the final fruit of love’s traveling into manifestation. Thusly, as through a mirror you see a reflection, so your living, your experiencing, is by reflection; and all that you see, in a metaphysical sense, is, shall we say, upside down or backwards. You see, feel and think by reflection, not by direct perception.

Now, this is a large area and perhaps it would be well to stop before we begin another entire subject, and again ask if there be any queries at this time. We are those of Q’uo.


I am again with this instrument. I am Q’uo. We thank each for the energies brought to this circle this day. We have spoken of life. All is life. We have attempted to focus into the way of thinking about being a living human being. Firstly, the seven grosser aspects of life that is its basic definition, and secondly, the living of a life to the fullest, metaphysically speaking. We can share your hope that entities in the appropriate time/space shall decide to manifest within your illusion, to create instrumentation to measure those conjoining points between space/time and time/space which show to the eyes of those who can see what you call the aura, the existence of a human being as opposed to a physical vehicle whose silver cord has been severed. In a living being whose silver cord has been withdrawn, the aura lacks the motions characteristic of space/time time/space juncture—these junctures moving with emotion and thought in such a way that the resonating energy centers within the physical body are affected either by being regularized, spun more quickly, given more energy, given blockage, or given a glut of energy which creates its own interference difficulties.

These things can be seen by those who have become aware of their ability to see the inner plane bodies, most especially the electrical body as you have called it, or as we would perhaps prefer, the form-maker body, which is so often worked upon by those who work with the aura, with color and so forth, in their healing modalities. The instrumentation for this will, undoubtedly, bring great relief to those who wish to know objectively and in a stable and provable manner the estate of the soul within a physical vehicle. In the meantime, we may simply say that there truly is no incorrect choice when determining life or death in the medical sense, for so much is beyond the ken at all times. When faced with what seems to be a life and death decision, it indeed feels crucial to be right. The intention of being right is central. The accuracy of rightness is acceptable in its variability. Because this is so much upon the heart of the one known as (name), we include these hopefully comfortable words. The following of the hunch, the knowing within and waiting for validation—these tools will aid. The use of what you call clairvisual entities to determine whether or not space/time and time/space nexi are still conjoined …

[Side one of tape ends.]

…that clairaudient ability, like any other ability, has its good and its not so accurate moments. Instrumentation rather than psychics, shall we say, will alone satisfy the mind of the scientist.

We would move on now to some brief consideration … This instrument laughed at us … perhaps a “not-brief” discussion, of the query concerning the karma and what patterns it assumes when a young one is removed so quickly from incarnational experience. Instead of focusing upon a mother and child, we would wish to look at the term “karma.” A misperception which seems quite widespread among your peoples is that karma is a way of keeping metaphysical books, that karma is a ledger which must balance—debits and credits equaling. However, this is not our considered opinion of the concept karma. It seems to us that karma is the energy of action. An action accelerates an energy within some combination of energy centers, and creates within the incarnational experience a conjoined movement betwixt the body, mind and spirit complexes. It is for this that each came into incarnation.

You see, my friends, you are here to witness to the light and the love of the infinite One. Yes, there are more and less skillful ways to witness this love and this light. Those with a certain lack of metaphysical rhythm or harmony may well spend an entire incarnational experience off-guard, behind, and confused, and without any seeming learning taking place, but rather simply aimlessly buffeted about by catalyst. This person would be seen to be collecting much karma, for its acts towards itself and others might or might not be centered in love and compassion. However, this, as well as the wisest sage’s life, is full of witness.

Now, certainly such an entity asleep within the dream of living shall awaken, and see that it has accelerated itself in a non-cohesive manner and is scattered in its energies. In the next lifetime, then, this entity shall co-create with the higher self or infinite One, an incarnation which addresses the illusion in such a way as to go over the same material again. Entities do not run out of chances to learn a given lesson of love; further, when all that has been accelerated within has been grasped, the lesson taken, and the impetus of karma ceased, yet still, there is a—we correct this instrument—an irretrievable and permanent karma or acceleration which is the movement from source to source or from the Creator to the Creator.

Mistakes appear to be numberlessly numerous, endlessly occurring, and it seems most risky to enter into the veil of illusion, to live the life and attempt to learn the lessons of love with no true knowledge or remembrance of the agenda. However, there is a keel, a rudder within which knows surely its destination; and from whatever place any seeming imbalance or karma might take this entity, from that precise place lies a straight and sure path along the lines of the lessons desired to be learned within the incarnation, so that what matters, metaphysically speaking, is not whether one chooses more correctly or skillfully one’s actions; rather, what matters is the purity and genuine authenticity of the desire to express as a channel of the love and the light of the infinite One.

Begin to allow yourself to see that you are the Creator when you are in any emotional distress or state of anguish, just as much as you are when peace is a loving, living river within, and you have the uplifted knowledge that all is well. The report card, shall we say, is not dependent upon your abilities as choice-maker, but very much dependent upon your desire to love and serve the infinite One. This opportunity does not cease under any circumstance, and there is always an equal, whole opportunity in the present moment to choose life, and not the life that comes into manifestation and leaves, but the life that is One, and is infinite and eternal.

It is in that life, that love, and that light that we would leave this instrument and take leave of this group at this time. It has been a true pleasure to work with your queries, and we thank you for calling us to your group. If it is desired, we are very happy to be with you in meditation as a carrier wave, and that, too, is our pleasure. At this time we would leave so that our brothers and sisters of Hatonn may speak briefly. We are those of the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.


I am Hatonn. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. How beautiful your mingled vibrations are. We join you in joy and rest within each of you, for you do give us rest. The giving of service is our rest and our freedom, and we thank the one known as (name) for hoping that we would be with you at this time. Each of you is so radiant, so full of love. You do not know what you do as you seek and hope and love, but you are lightening the consciousness of your entire planetary sphere. We encourage each of you to consider yourselves worthy, to consider yourselves helpful, to acknowledge that you are channels of light. We do not say this to puff up the pride, but to stay the heart in trust and faith. We encourage you to make valid to yourself your nature, to know and affirm again and again that you are in the Creator and the Creator in you, and that as you breathe in and breathe out your entire creation is changed.

How delicate, how fleeting is your evanescent life within this beautiful illusion. Be of good cheer and merriment, my brothers, and share love with yourself and with each other, for that is your nature, and you simply are chipping away that which lies outside the radiant portion of your nature just as the gem is embedded in the living rock. Within the rock the gem lies whole, complete and fully functional. It simply is not seen. Then someone mines it, chips away what seems to be dross, facets the gem according to its makeup, and lo, it becomes obviously radiant. You are gems embedded in the rock of living flesh and bone, living thought and intellect of the body’s brain. Graciously, gracefully, as you feel the losses and limitations of life, know surely that dross is being melted away, and the gem within will be that much closer to being visibly radiant.

Know that this process takes many lifetimes. Know that you are as you are—perfect, entire, whole and invisible—most of all to yourself. You see the rock. Breathe in, breathe out love, and though your vision shall always be clouded as you view yourself, perhaps to the world, you shall more and more by your desire become a light that truly lightens the consciousness of your beloved planet and of all creation. May you rest in the peace of that knowledge, and forgive yourself for being born into rock with the gem tucked safely within forever.

We are those of Hatonn, and we thank you for calling us to you. We make errors, so we ask, as always, that our words be taken lightly and used when they feel correct. We are those of Hatonn, and we leave you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.