Group question: The question this session deals with the doubt that all the instruments feel as to whether or not the contact is actually themselves making up the information, or are they receiving information from an external source and simply relaying it. What is the best procedure for a new instrument to use to deal with this doubt?

(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. Greetings in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are privileged to come to join in your session of working and to share with you thoughts concerning doubt and its place in the channeling process.

We ask each to take the step backwards and gaze at the self as it is seated within your domicile. Note that within the entire life of experience of this small, fragile being that walks upon the surface of your planet, note the vulnerability and the lack of knowing.

Each entity chooses to live with free will made manifest strictly because no moral course of action can be proven to be correct. Each individual seeker walks his own path, balancing between doubt and the rational mind, and overzealous faith and an irrational mind. On the one hand, [there] looms a petty system of small correctnesses; on the other, the chaos of feelings allowed to have full sway without discipline. However, although both the intellectual and the zealot believe and feel that they have the truth and know it, neither knows the truth, nor does any other entity know the truth.

Within your vibrational system your environment is such that each entity may hope to become a witness to the truth, that is, as close to knowledge of truth as there is within your density, and indeed, those of higher densities may have far more well developed systems, however, if the gaze is just, the eyes shall see not provable truth.

Each life is lived either without faith, or with faith. The choice of those who choose to have faith is the nature and character of that faith. Being true to the self is important and this importance is far more easily seen when one realizes that, in any event, there is no knowing. There are no shortcuts to truth. Truth shall bloom within each seeker as does the desert flower and we encourage each to treasure and cherish this inner self planted in the desert soil of deep mystification. Praise it and the Creator, when a glimpse of that precious bloom is seen.

To be more specific and to aid in the channel’s development of its instrument, we ask the instrument to consider that there must be the start somewhere. The way which is far mellower and seemingly easier is that way which simply requires that the new instrument sit in meditation each day and invite contact. However, we have developed opinions, as has this instrument, upon the subject through practice, and our current opinion at this point is that the one known as Carla is doing well to, shall we say, “Toss the new swimmer into the water.” For no matter how long the interval is between deciding to take that first long step into the chasm of not knowing, nevertheless, when the first attempt is actually made, there will be that strong and substantial feeling of not knowing, feeling of alarm, even at the possibly or the possibly not glimpsed contact.

As this instrument has said, the experience of processing the words of a channeling message is quite like the process of ideation within an instrument’s conscious mind. The concept of—we correct this instrument—the concept arises from the subconscious and passing through the threshold into consciousness is quickly or laboriously cloaked with logic and actual words, becoming a thought and then a spoken assertion or question. Consequently, there is no clear and provable way to know that a contact is positive and is the highest and best contact.

Also, this instrument has said a great deal of the total effort of an instrument is made prior to opening to channel as that instrument tunes itself more and more skillfully. Thus, in answer to the query concerning opening to channel, without sure knowledge, we may summarize by saying that there is no provable way to be sure one has made contact.

However, the most aid one can give oneself towards assuring itself that it will receive the appropriate contact is to focus and observe closely the results of tuning sessions. As the experience mounts, some particular ways or elements of a way of preparing shall show themselves to you as being the most efficient and efficacious means for you, personally. Note these and repeat the use of them until there has been developed within you a kind of awareness which is ritualistic. As you then go through the process over and over again, its ritualistic nature will reward you a familiarity of the deep mind. When the deep mind becomes aware that you are going through this ritual that deep mind will perforce open with much more balance and correctness of opening so that the way for the channeling is made well. Each entity, being on an unique path, will and must develop his system of or process of opening the channel in a protected way for himself.

We are glad to answer queries, before we move on, if there are any with regard to this basic point. May we develop this material further, my brother?

No. I think that gave me enough to work with. Thank you.

We thank you, brother. Very well then. We would like then to move on to the portion of the session with the new instrument.

Very briefly, we remind the instrument that the way of moving forward in learning this skill lies in a balance between disciplined care at opening the channel and being able to take the process lightly enough that there is a relaxing and loosening of concern and worry, so that when contact is perceived, or hunched, the instrument feels free to make an error if it is wrong, and then simply begin.

We would also note that those of Latwii request that the new instrument be aware that there is no simple way for a discarnate entity to refrain from speaking if a contact is left open, consequently it is encouraged that when practicing the processes of tuning and challenging, that there be a polite request made, if necessary, after the greeting to move immediately to the closing, so that the channel is neatly and carefully guarding the conscious mind of the instrument.

The few sentences, perhaps, of other thoughts are not anything to concern the instrument about. However, it is more appropriate when practicing with three entities together that any message be politely, but firmly rejected.

This is, as we said, simply for the most respect to be expressed for the process of receiving a full message, that is, respect for the process of channeling and for the message itself.

We would like to speak at this time concerning love. The desire to speak of love to each present is always there, for that is at the heart of our message. We bring a simple message to your peoples, that love is. That “is” expresses its nature in all that there is and that each may accelerate the rate of its development and evolution by seeking more and more closely to match that original Vibration, which is love. However, this message is too simple to seize the minds and hearts of most of your peoples and so we speak in many ways concerning love. Therefore, we find this a good topic when the channel is exercised.

What we would enjoy doing, if it meet with each entity’s approval, is simply to pass the channeling around, while each entity each entity receives a relatively short portion of the continuing message. We feel it shall give each the best opportunity to exercise its channel and also will give the somewhat more advanced channels the opportunity to work on their skills in harmonizing a message, which moves through several different sensibilities and frames of reference. This is a delicate and subtle skill once the initial practice opens this kind of channeling up within the mind of the more experienced channel.

“Love”—such a word in your language is almost guaranteed to become weak, for so many things are called “love” among your peoples. The word, therefore, loses more and more power as time goes on. However, the creative and sometimes terrible love of the infinite One is that strong and powerful love which we speak at love’s bidding. All that you see was brought into manifestation and each when seeing the beauty of the natural world is gazing at a primary manifestation of love itself. For all beauty is wrought with that light which love created.

Many among your peoples walk down the lovely summer lane of trees, looking up at the sun which warms all, seeing no leaf, or small animal, or warmth of sun that might suggest that there is in the deity a most loving nature.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as M. I am Oxal.

(M channeling)

I am Oxal. The beauty of nature has inspired many men and women throughout time. The love that flows through the trees and streams is the love of the Creator.

At this time, we will transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Oxal.

(Jim channeling)

I am Oxal. We shall continue. The love of the Creator enlivens all creation for there is no other thing than this love, formed in an infinite array of images, each exercising free will and moving in harmony with some with that same love. Thus, the dance of creation is the dance of remembering and experiencing this love.

We shall transfer now to the one known as Carla. I am Oxal.

(Carla channeling)

One way of looking at the process of learning to be of service is indeed the realization that the original gift, which any may give to another, is that gift of uncompromising and unstinted love. How difficult it is to move in one’s mind from the many judgments and cautions of a people bound in fear, to relating to others as one who loves unconditionally, yet what a great gift this sheer love is. Somehow those who receive this gift recognize it, no matter how stumbling or seemingly imperfect the attempt may be.

We would now transfer to the one known as M. We are those of Oxal.

(M channeling)

I am Oxal. The love that is of the utmost importance is the love of self and to be free of self-judgment.

We will transfer at this point to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Oxal. To judge the self is to place a bar against the love of self, and if one is unable to love the self, that one is, then, it is difficult to love any other self, for the connection with each other self is unity. Thus, it is important that each seeker discover that it contains not only what you may call the full array of human characteristics, both those thought of as acceptable and unacceptable, but the seeker must also discover that those portions of the self felt to be unacceptable are as acceptable as any other, for all are distortions of the one Creator set in motion that the one should know itself more fully with greater intensity and variety than would be possible should these distortions not exist. Therefore, it is to the seeker’s benefit to begin the process of self-knowledge that will eventually lead to self-acceptance.

When the small self is accepted then this acceptance may move outwards, as the ripples in a pond from a thrown stone move outward, and begin to include entities within the circle of friends, entities beyond the circle of friends, until all is accepted as the Self, the one great Self.

We shall transfer now to the one known as Carla. I am Oxal.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Oxal. Although seekers may wish they were not such universal entities, yet still each is. The concern of the spirit within, filtered through biases of moral good and evil, express themselves as concern that the self is far too unworthy of love to be loved. As a seeker becomes more clear and honest concerning the true nature of the perceived self within, there are always those times when the seeker must wrestle with the feelings of unworthiness. May we suggest to each that the one who feels unworthy is heavily judging.

The judgment, then, bars that door to love of which we spoke and the clinging to this self-opinion of apparent unworthiness can then stop an entity still in its tracks and gradually, even cause the entity to begin to back up and lose some awareness …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…and allow that loving nature to forgive the errors that are inevitable and to heal that sense of frailty that might make the seeker stumble against its own perceived misdoings.

Beyond all action and reaction lies love. We would transfer to the one known as M. We are Oxal.

(M channeling)


(Carla channeling)

We are again with this instrument. We are those of Oxal. We thank the one known as M for availing himself of our contact and wish at this time to work to adjust for any discomfort. We ask the one known as M to mentally express any discomfort and we shall attempt at this time to begin to make the small corrections in what this instrument would call “the hookup.” We shall pause at this time for a brief time and then would transfer to one known as Jim, in order that any queries which have come up during this session might be addressed. We now pause. We are those of Oxal.


(Jim channeling)

I am Oxal, and am again with this instrument. At this time, we would ask if we may respond to any further queries?

If no one has a question, I have a small one and that is, would you speak anymore at all on the subtleties of working as an ensemble in harmony with other channels as opposed to working to offer one message with one contact?

I am Oxal, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that the, as you call it, ensemble method of offering information is one which benefits both the new instrument and the more experienced instrument for the new instrument is offered both the support of the other instruments and the multiple opportunities to perceive the contact and then speak the words that are given.

This, then, is a more intensive means of learning this part and because of this intensity, the new instrument is developing the skill necessary to be an instrument on a dependable basis. The more experienced instrument also are exercised in their abilities to allow their contact to move freely between them and to speak without reservation.

Thus, both new and old instruments can benefit from this method and thus we offer it for the exercising of any instrument.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Another small one. I can always encourage people who want some kind of proof, subjective proof of contact, to ask for conditioning. I wonder if you of the Confederation have any problems whatsoever with this. Is there any reason why I should not suggest this?

I am Oxal, and we cannot think of any reason why this should not aid the new instrument who would wish a physiological signal that would indicate our presence and our desire to exercise the instrument. Such training ids are valuable, especially in the initial stages of learning the channeling process.

Is there any further query, my sister?

No thank you, Oxal. That’s just all there is today.

I am Oxal, and we thank each for the great opportunity to work with the new and the more experienced instruments. We are not often able to join your group for our vibration is somewhat more obscure and less requested and we are full of joy at this opportunity. We shall be available for any future calling and we at this time shall take our leave of this group leaving each in that great ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Oxal. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.