Group question: The question today has to do with how we open ourselves to the awareness of non-dedication to an outcome. When we do anything during a day, whether it’s attempt to apply a spiritual principle to a situation, or earn money, or reflect upon ourselves—anything that we do—we tend to have a yardstick by which we measure the outcome, so that we set ourselves up with expectations for how the things shall be done and the final product that we produce. So, we’re aware that if we can achieve the non-dedication to the outcome—open ourselves to whatever comes through our experience—that things tend to turn out a whole lot better than we could ever imagine. And when we put expectations on outcomes, then we tend to find that our experience isn’t so harmonious, and we tend to judge ourselves. So we would like to know something about how to open ourselves to the awareness of acceptance of any situation and any process that we find ourselves in.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to be called to this session of working to share our service with you. We are humbly thankful and are happy, indeed, to share our opinions and experiences. We do, however, request that as we are not those with perfect authority, but rather seekers of truth such as you are, that each here present use his own discrimination in listening and taking to heart that which each hears. We would not be a stumbling block before any. With this understood, may we say that this particular session of working is a real treat for us, as each present brings something new to the vibratory patterns which we have become more and more familiar with through what you would call the passage of time. We thank each. And so, to our subject.

Picture, if you will, the tree in the early spring. It has been bare of all foliage except a few dead leaves for the long sleep of winter. As the air and earth gradually thaw, there is created within the living tree that life-giving food which pours upward and outward from the tree’s roots, systematically feeding and encouraging growth in the whole tree with all of its members. As each bud begins to be distinct and to show its tiny head on each limb of each part of the great trunk of the tree, does each leaf consider what it shall do? Each small creation, each bud, being of second density, has full unconsciousness awareness of the perfection of the enormously complex process of developing the leaflet to the leaf, and the process occurs perfectly.

When third density begins, those entities which have been individuated from second density and are harvested to third density receive great gifts, whereas before, all awareness and knowledge was unconscious but full. So now, third density offers the gift of self-consciousness, of self-awareness, but there is a balancing gift as well, and that is that a veil is dropped between the conscious and the unconscious minds or levels of mind, so that there is no longer that perfect unconscious awareness of the perfection of processes which is occurring. The third density, then, is one which begins with the unconscious mind completely opaque.

Among your peoples, those entities which have by choice or by geographical design been left to form societies which are simple have been more successful in reaching a recommitted relationship with what we could call destiny, so that the attitude toward good and seemingly bad things remains one of cooperation and acceptance. However, a great majority of people within your culture do not lead and do not have the obvious opportunity to lead, simple lives—the life small enough to be lived in one place with the small tasks not associated with the earning of your money. These tasks become luxuries, and entities choose under great pressures to do so, to have ambitions and to pursue these ambitions, whether they be within the world of material supply or intellectual advancement or spiritual seeking.

The basic attitude is often that which seems obviously to be at work in the processes of the educating of the self throughout the school years—to read, to do, to learn, to gather, to amass, to become more aware. These ambitions create tremendous complexity. To relocate so that the living of the complex lifestyle is possible while retaining the attitude of one who lives a simple life is a seeking which is, we would say, close to universal among those entities who have consciously chosen to pursue the living of a life by faith rather than by words.

The one known as Jesus was a teacher whose words often addressed the process of choosing to be a pilgrim, seeker or disciple of truth during a busy incarnation. This entity often suggested the very difficult possibility—to look at, to choose—of actually becoming the whole and complete pilgrim, giving away all things of the world except one outfit of clothing, not worrying about money, taking to the road … And this is one good way to begin to simplify one’s worldly, shall we say, concerns. However, the effects of an ethos or “cultural type” are subtle, and into any chosen lifestyle, no matter what its seeming simplicity, the cultural pressures to think along certain paradigms almost inevitably create as much complexity revolving around what this entity would call “chopping wood and carrying water” as they would create for a professional person with extended responsibilities. In other words, although choosing a simpler lifestyle may seem to aid in the development of a more harmonious attitude, any outer, physically described circumstance offers only the potential for such results. In each case, it is the mind of the seeker which creates that which it desires by desiring it.

What is the process of desiring? One, perhaps, could describe desire as “a falling in love with.” Certainly, the desires of the heart are deeply felt and etched with the pen of love. The yearning for that centered, flowing, effortless living which each seeker has experienced at certain times is constant, and sometimes nearly overwhelming. How the seeker yearns to feel wholly connected with the wellsprings of life, light, love and truth! It is within each seeker’s ability to so discipline the thoughts and the attitudes that, more and more, there is an increased potential for returning to a centered position of heart and mind, within which a true simplification of the improving of the centered stance is achieved.

Let us ask another question: What is each seeker’s process of perception, for this question is the beginning of a more interesting way of approaching becoming that centered entity which each wishes to become. The processes of perception are enormously many. In order to perceive anything, the five physical senses are, at all times when an entity is awake, sending millions, literally millions, of bits of information all the time to that biocomputer which you call the brain. Your brain uses programming which it began receiving before coming out of the womb. In order to prioritize the incoming data, perhaps one or two percent of the combined total of all sense information is actually chosen for use in any moment, and the rest is stored in that very, very spacious storage which you may call the brain. Therefore, if an entity wishes to alter the attitude, it is a good idea, we feel, to address the question of what sense data achieves the priority to be considered by the conscious mind as the moments fly by.

How can a seeker communicate with that unconscious portion of the mind which filters sense perceptions? The entity simply communicates with that portion of the self. The beginning of this communication is silent meditation. This is different for each entity. Some are refreshed by one method of silent listening, another by a second, and so forth. Each path is good for that one entity; each is unique. To improve that communication, then, the beginning is to meditate in your own unique way, to be faithful to the remembering each in your own way. For you see, it is remembering who you are to sit in meditation for a few moments, and within that silence, however imperfectly you may feel you are keeping that silence, you are doing the equivalent of knocking at that door to the subconscious or deeper mind and saying, “Yes, I am ready for material from you, I hope, in this way, in this set of emotions and attitudes with which I come questing to this silence.” And the deep mind hears and understands, and one more small step has been taken to move the seat of living from the brain and its intellectual circumstances to the heart, with its lack of justification and its purity of feeling, for the true wisdom lies within the emotions which are progressively purified by focus.

Once the habits have been set and experiences have been had of that feeling of life flowing freely, the feeling then can be, not created, but accessed by the seeker with more and more grace and ease, with simple repetitive—we correct this instrument—repetitive practice, for what you seek to be whole is already there, as each is truly aware. It is an allowing of that feeling to be there that is needed, an allowing that calls to your processes of perception and says, “I want information about love in this moment. Where is it? I want to be there working cooperatively with these energies.”

We know that each will be self-disappointed many times. We encourage each to consider that this, too, is a lovely portion of a process by which change within is achieved for each grain of transformation, each new ability to choose spiritually based information rather than other priorities. Some that were priorities will be lost, and as the heart and mind change their habits, that which is old and stale must fall away. This is perceived as painful.

Consequently, what we are saying is that along with the flow of living life cooperatively with destiny, there is a continuing discomfort which comes from changing faster than other entities because that is what you wish to do. However, it is a simple choice to make for most who prefer being awake and in the conscious presence of the Infinite to being those who are asleep in a dream within the dream of incarnation itself, and do not ask themselves to do aught except flow along the lines of the society.

We do encourage each not only to partake in this speeding up process of conscious living, but we encourage and exhort each to find within the attitude a growing awareness of how love felt within is a channel through which the infinite love of the Creator may flow to others. Let that light within be. Let the self open and flow consciously, so that you may be part of the good in the lives of those whom you touch. Sometimes it is nothing more than a supportive smile to a stranger that makes the difference for that stranger that particular moment. As you are given grace to lift away from the stains of sorrow and toil into the ethereal beauty of that ever flowing love which is the Creator, remember to be generous, and know that that which comes through you is in utter abundance—completely unlimited in supply.

How, then, does this translate to not worrying about lacks of perfection? My friends, when one does remember that one is a portion of love, much begins to fall away. Work with these thoughts and be patient with the self. We believe you may one day look back and say, “ Why yes, I believe I can feel the difference and see the progress.“ However, do not look for your getting better, but simply turn the heart and mind towards the infinite Creator, Whose creation expresses Its loving nature.

The trees now are in full leaf offering oxygen to each of you as you pass them offering to them, as you breathe, the carbon dioxide which the leaves need to grow. How loving and complete are the interrelationships of life to life! It is love reflected in love, over and over and over. The teacher known as Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that the Creator is seen, not you.” We paraphrase, this instrument is reminding us. Let your light—let that light which flows through you—shine before all, and remember to enjoy that light as it pours through you.

We thank you for allowing us to speak, and we thank this instrument. We would at this time, transfer to the one known as [name] that we may offer questions an opportunity to be asked before we leave this group. Thusly, we do leave this instrument in love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time, it is our privilege to offer ourselves for any further query which those present may have for us. Is there a query at this time?

I have a question. How does grace come into our lives and into our experience?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The quality of consciousness which you would call “grace” is that quality that is nurtured in each seeker, as the seeker is able to open itself to the awareness of the perfection of all creation. Thus, it is also a process of realization. You may, in a moment of great desire, fling all predetermined expectations to the wind and become as hollow as the pipe through which the water moves, and this water for you is grace. The movement of the Spirit aligning with your open heart causes the feeling of perfection, purpose, place and identity with all to occur, so that your experience is the perfect reflection of the one Creator smiling through your face.

Is there another query, my sister?

Thank you very much, but no. I’ll think about that. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I’m having trouble moving from … I understand what you’re saying about, “re-think what your priorities are,” but moving from just a commitment to doing that and a commitment to regular meditation, to a place in life where you really are OK with letting things be … I’m not real clear on how you put that into effect—how you actually, positively do that. Could you give me some light here?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Again, the persistent practice of remembering is that means whereby you begin to uncover your relationship to all things, discovering that that relationship is balance, is unity, is harmony. The seeker looks and seeks and asks and knocks many times at the door of understanding, and receives many times a glimpse to remind the seeker that there is a relationship of unity. This seeking is like unto moving from the conscious mind through that veil of forgetting, blazing a trail that can be traveled backward and forward into the subconscious mind which is full of the feeling of wholeness and unity. Thus, as you knock and seek, and repeat in heartfelt persistence this desire to remember, so do you remember that reality of unity. The process in your terms seems slow and …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We shall continue. As you continue to seek and to ask, so do you remember and receive the inspiration of that wholeness that is the true reality of your being. The process is filled, it would seem to you, with the pain of missing the mark, the slowness of repetition. Yet, in truth, this process is seen by us to be one of great vividness, great intensity, and great persistence, occurring in but the blink of an eye when seen from the eye of infinity.

Thus, the seeker is well counseled to depend upon the faith and the will—the rod and the staff—as it moves through that valley of darkness that is your incarnation, seeking the light upon the way.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Just one small one. Perhaps that’s why I really love to sing so much. I do find sometimes when I’m singing, especially sacred music, that—I don’t know, things sort of feel better, as if I am accessing that place where everything is whole.

I am Q’uo, and we shall comment briefly upon your comment. It is so that each seeker shall find an unique pathway through the veil of forgetting, and perhaps shall discover a number of avenues or entrances to the feeling of wholeness and one’s complete and absolute connection to that unity. Thus does each entity channel a life experience distorted in more or less degree, and fashioned by the uniqueness of its own personality. Thus, each journey proceeds apace from every direction homeward to the center of unity.

Is there a further query?

No, Q’uo, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and it appears that we have exhausted the queries for the nonce. Before we take our leave of this instrument and this group, we would wish to offer our conditioning vibration to the one known as [name], and if this entity is willing we would speak our identification through its instrument and speak a few sentences following. We would at this time, then, transfer this contact to the one known as [name]. We are those of Q’uo.


I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We feel that there is the work for us to do in adjusting our vibrations to those of the new instrument, and at this time we would leave this group and allow the complex known as Oxal to close this session of working, for this entity has already achieved some adjustment which allows more comfort to the new instrument. Consequently, we would bid this group hail and farewell, in the love and light of the One which is All. That All is Love, and all that comes from It is etched by light. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.

I am Oxal. Greetings in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. This instrument, you may note, has some difficulty with the strength of our signal; however, the one known as [name] finds it very comfortable, and this is why we are here. We wish to close this session encouraging each to put value in the self without reservation, for the love that is infinite can only shine through an entity which is comfortable enough to open a channel to that love. The heart engaged in clinging to concern has more difficulty opening to the love which is always present. If each could picture the inner self as a child which needs a hug, it would aid each in becoming able to love all that is. Those who attempt to do service work before they have successfully fallen in love with the self find themselves unable to access that flow which is infinite, and instead find themselves burning out and becoming exhausted spiritually. You are loved, each of you, and it is in that love that you truly reside. Finding that center is truly a matter of asking, and the asking is well to do each day if possible. We would now transfer to the one known as [name]. We are those of Oxal.

(? channeling)

I am Oxal. The love that we spoke of—the love of the inner child—is one which is close to the heart of the Creator. Have compassion for this inner child as you would any other. We leave this instrument now, and would transfer back to the one known as [name]. I am Oxal.

(Jim channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Oxal. As you begin to become used to ministering to your self, to that inner child, may each become aware, as if for the first time, of the universal inner child that is your common truth, for that which carries you about, thinks the thoughts of the world, and functions within the illusion is not the end of the self. Indeed, you may think of yourself as having two life forms: the second-density animal which faithfully serves and carries consciousness, thinks and makes decisions for the self is joined by the unlimited and infinite Self, which is the consciousness which is you and is also all others.

There is one consciousness. Yet, due to free will, that consciousness expresses within you in an unique way. As the little child is cared for, so is that awareness of what consciousness truly is. It is born within each. That spiritual self must be nurtured and cared for, for it is young. Each of you is, in one sense, an old soul. In another, in the sense that each is facing the lessons of third density, each is a new and untried spirit, newly conscious of self, newly conscious of the true nature of existence, and very hungry for more. Yet, this is a fragile child, and it exists in sometimes inhospitable climes. Therefore, love that inner identity and know those things that faith alone can give knowledge of. All is well. All will be well, and destiny will bring every harsh and sweet lesson which you need in order to grow. Turn to the sun which is love, and bloom gloriously.

Blessings to each as we, too, leave through this instrument. We leave you in love and in light, and in the care of each other and consciousness itself. My friends, you are not alone. Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Oxal.