(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. We greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is a privilege to share this morning offering with you and we thank you for requesting our service at this time. The bright new energies of the day are most to enjoyable to us as we sense the many small sounds of your creatures, the birds as they sing at your windows. To hear with physical senses such as yours is a keen pleasure.

Before we would exercise the new instrument, we would say a few words concerning the so-called “armor of light.” Were we to suggest that you protect yourselves in the spirit of fear, we would be treating you to poor advice. For truthfully, there is not anything or essence to fear in terms of negativity. However, the energies which each instrument seeks to employ are those which are those which have been potentiated greatly more and more intensely towards the polarity of service to others. It is in this mode of intention that the work of channeling is undertaken.

This desire places the instrument close to the source of light, and when one stands in very bright light, one casts a very visible shadow, sharp and black. In metaphysical terms, this shadow is to be respected. This instrument calls it the loyal opposition. The energies of service to self which offer their service to this planetary influence are most delighted when they can sway a channeled messages content to the point that the original intention to serve others is vitiated due to the mixed and increasingly service-to-self content of the messages received. This is done simply by the negative entity aping, or imitating the way the positive source was channeling in terms of both the way the channeling felt and the way the message was worded.

When a positive channel has been compromised in this way, and has become avid for more and more specific answers, the negative entity or energy offering this service simply continues to give more and more specific information, which, however, becomes less and less accurate. Eventually, due to the inaccuracy of the channelings, that particular attempt to be a servant of the light has been foiled.

There are simple things which one may do. In addition to inner cleansing and purification or what this instrument calls the tuning process and we would suggest some form of this protecting effort be used.

We have found it easiest to work with the seven energy centers by color in suggesting a visualization technique which is fairly clear and simple to generate. Picture the spine, mentally, and see the chakra points: red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet as those centers are located upon the spine.

Ask to see these energies and you shall see some representation of what your energies are like at that moment. If the energy is sluggish, ask it to spin, to rotate, and to brighten to clarify or in every way to suggest that is become clear and bright. And even insofar as that is possible with other energies, do this for each ascending energy center, until you see the chakras spinning like, shall we say, a beautiful, large roll of your Lifesavers.

After this has been visualized and you feel that your chakras are open and productive together, visualize the swirling together of the violet, swirled to the clockwise way to the red color and back to violet, so that you have a red-violet color, then visualize yourself being drenched in this red-violet ray, inside and outside every cell. This is representative of the body’s protection of itself. Then move on to a visualization of the limitless light, or the white light that is pure and again drench yourself in this light, inside and outside in every cell. Breathe this white light in. Feel it move into every sense. Can you, as we describe this, sense even by one telling the clarifying energy of this procedure? If you do not feel brightened and strengthened by this visualization, we urge each to discover another representation which has this effect.

The use of the mind is poorly grasped among your peoples, yet we assure each that as entities work with visualizations such as these, these entities are using that skill which your minds, that is your consciousnesses, have in great abundance.

The benefit of such cleansing processes is perhaps best felt when one looks back upon an experience and is able to see that there was a positive addition of poise and peaceful feelings, which in turn aided the clarity of the contact.

We of Oxal have worked with few among your peoples for we are fifth density and are not often contacted, however, due to circumstances of, shall we say, kinship between the new instrument, the one known as M, and our particular vibration. We move into what, for us is a new area seldom visited, that being the opening of a channel.

We feel privileged to be offered this opportunity for service and express to the one known as M our affection and our enjoyment of this honor.

We also express that we feel our way here for we have not, as we said, become experienced at this most pleasant task, consequently, we do ask the one known as M to express mentally to us any discomfort or any other concern, which would be aided by the sharing … we must pause for this instrument to clear her throat.


This instrument just said to herself, “You talk too much.” May we say to this instrument, that in terms of this contact, you talk just enough. We look for a way to more accurately aid in the new instruments perceptions of when to begin with a contact.

As we search this instrument’s experience, we find that this instrument simply has a feeling, a sense of rightness. The equivalent in each instrument’s way in sensing is what a new instrument needs to be looking for. Each time that the tuning and challenging procedures have been followed and a contact is initiated, allow some portion of the sensibilities to record, consciously, the way that induction of shared energy has felt and store this memory as high priority so that when that sensation is again experienced, it may be sensed in a quicker and heightened fashion.

Some who channel find it helpful to request some signal which this instrument would call conditioning, such as the involuntary opening of the mouth, or the movement of the tongue.

We feel this answers one persistent query in one way and we shall entertain further questions at the end of this session. As to what we hope to accomplish through channels such as this one and the one known as M, we hope to accomplish a witnessing of a very simple concept which we feel to contain all the truth we know. That concept is that there is one great original Thought, or vibration. That vibration is love. It created all that is, beginning with the first creation, the photon or what you call light. Graduated rotations of this light have articulated all physical phenomena whatsoever. Your world, your illusion, and all that you can imagine is made of light that is the manifestation of love.

When we greet you and leave you in love and in light, we carry with those words our feeling that this is all that there is. Now this is a very simple truth, but when we say you are love [and] that which you seek is love, become more and more conscious of that love and vibrate as that love vibrates, more and more closely resembling the vibration of the one original Thought, and all the paths to union with the infinite Creator shall be light and love. Entities say, “Yes, but how can I apply this in daily life?” and so we find our treasure in the storehouses of opinion and personal thinking, reading and evaluation which is in each instrument’s mind. Using conscious channels such as this one, and the one known as M, we hope to tell our simple story in an infinitely various number of ways, knowing your that people are greatly individualistic in their needs and there cannot be too many ways to share this truth.

We pause to feel the energy dancing around the circle of seeking. The light which you gather is beautiful. We honor it as we transfer this contact to the one known as M. We are those of Oxal.

(M channeling)

I am Oxal. We again greet each in the Creator’s eternal love and light. The love which is continually expressed from that which you call your sun in the form of light penetrates all that you see.

This light as it moves through the nature of creation can inform those entities who pay close attention to the seemingly mundane of life. The flight of a bird or the splash of a fish, when looked at closely, are expressions of that love.


(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal, and am again with this instrument. It is a helpful thing to remember that all form whatsoever, is love. If all is beautiful this is love, yet too, if there are things that seem unpleasant or harsh or difficult, this too is love. There is no escaping the unified nature of all that there is.

We would again transfer to the one known as M. We are those of Oxal.


(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. We are again with this instrument and we say to the one known as M that this instrument has done well in sustaining the contact, in expressing our intended thoughts with style and accuracy. There is still the natural limit of ability to sustain the focus, however, we stress that this is peculiarly difficult work as is all work of this kind for the work of receiving spiritual information is abstract and metaphysical and takes place in utmost darkness. The light of what one may archetypically call the moon is the only light and this light is difficult that is it is difficult to see clearly in moonlight yet such is the way of spiritual teaching.

Therefore, be merciful to the self and realize that this work is careful and slow and in some ways never becoming easy. However, we believe that there is a call. We sense this call coming forth from your peoples for messages of light and love, words of truth and love, and therefore we welcome and hope only to assist such channels and we thank each who serves in this way.

We do not say that this service is greater than other services. We by no means suggest this yet this is one more way of sharing in the heritage of love with those about you and we thank each channel for without such, we could only speak in dreams and visions.

We would at this time transfer to the one known as Jim for the close of this session of working. We are those of Oxal.

(Jim channeling)

I am Oxal, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time may we ask if there might be a query upon any mind to which we may respond?

I have one. As you were talking about protecting ourselves and the challenging process, I remembered reading in a newsletter about a challenging process, or even the voices that we hear and was wondering if I could get a little clarification on that because I spend a great deal of time speaking with my inner guidance and ever since reading that was a little confused as to how to approach that.

I am Oxal, and am aware of your query, my brother. When one hears voices or guidance from within it is well that you offer to these voices the challenge that asks if they come in the name of that quality for which you live most passionately and would die most willingly. This can be a simple process and need not take a great deal of your effort or your time, yet it is well that it be accomplished with a purity and intention at each communication. For as each seeker grows more fully open to the service-to-others polarity and gains in the power of this polarity, there will be attracted to the seeker those entities of a negative nature whose wish it is to control the power of this light now developing. The means by which such control is gained is that means by which we described at the beginning of this session, thus it is well to ask if whatever voice you hear comes in the name of [that] which you hold most dear.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Just a short one. Should this be done each time the voice is heard, or just the beginning of the conversation? And then assume that the person you are holding the conversation with stays the same?

I am Oxal. This is correct, my brother. At the beginning of each contact is the time for the challenge and the challenge then may respond as it will and be relied upon to be as it says it is for the remainder of that contact.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Oxal, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

[No further queries.]

I am Oxal. We give you our blessing and prosperity in your seeking, and we thank you again for asking us to join your morning offering and for allowing us to utilize the instruments here. It is a great honor to walk with you in this fashion. Know always that you are not alone for each has those guides and angels …

[Tape ends.]