Group question: The question this afternoon has to do with the effect our constant pursuit of having enough money to survive and pay our bills causes in our spiritual seeking. We were wondering if that basic attitude of our working from 9 to 5 for most of the days of the week has an effect on our spiritual seeking, and we were wondering if there was another attitude that would have a more beneficial effect, keeping in mind that, well, I’ll suggest that the Egyptians began some of their difficulties with disease and famine when they changed from the barter system and the common ownership of all things to private property and the institution of a monetary system. So we would like to know what the effect of our monetary pursuits have on our spiritual seeking and if there is an alternative attitude that may be more beneficial.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are blessed to be called to your group this day. The sun streams into the domicile in which you sit, touching this channel’s body with warmth, and we feel the metaphysical warmth of your welcoming to us. Thank you for this privilege. As always, we request that each entity use his personal discrimination in choosing those of our thoughts which may seem interesting to you. Leave others behind, please.

You ask if your monetary system has an effect on the life of the spirit. We may start by saying that it is clear that your sphere has great feelings concerning this system whereby a symbol of wealth is used in order to purchase goods or services. The globe upon which you dwell has in some form a monetary system regardless of where, in which culture, or at what level you may look.

Earlier, the one known as R was wondering if the brain was capable of giving good information considering that its makeup is a portion of the delusion. The brain is quite effective at dealing with problems within the illusions. One of the problems it perceives is the need for a supply of your money which not only shall cover the daily need, but shall also extend beyond that need to some possible future need for which there must be a supply which is more than enough for today.

As your peoples’ cultures become more sophisticated, the perception of your biocomputer brain grows continually so that in the technically sophisticated culture which you now experience there is the universal perception that whatever is being received is probably not enough, for there is not enough extra.

We could encourage each to take the mind and lead it into a more wise configuration. However, the spiritual uses—we correct this instrument—the spiritual nature is not greatly linked with the biocomputer brain. The key, then, to a more elevated view of the relationship of money to the self is gained through the use of consciousness rather than the brain. To better gain access to a right relationship with money it is well to place concerns about finances within that holy of holies which lies within your deep mind. The consciousness of One is a consciousness of infinite plenty. The creation is full of all that there is. Every need has that which can meet the need. This consciousness of infinite supply sheds a welcome light upon the soul besieged by financial worries.

To backtrack, please move in mind to that prayer which began this session. You asked for daily bread. The teacher known as Jesus recommended that prayer include the concern over money. That is, that there be enough for today. If entities worried only when there was not enough for this day, a great deal of worry would cease and hearts would calm and feel soothed. However, though this is true, it is not definitively helpful because there is so much of world opinion which screams that enough for today is not at all a satisfactory end to concern.

But what if you were to alter the term “money” and subsume it in the term “energy”? When the term “energy” is used this may aid somewhat, for that which is energy does not need to be hoarded, but rather expresses its nature in its potentiation. Thusly, the general rule of thumb is that entities may do that which they must to gain enough energy to survive and be comfortable. This energy may be transmuted by those who see the spectrum of energies so that many things become money. And we feel sure that each can think of many instances where seemingly impossible things have occurred because of the trading of goods and services rather than the insistence upon some single form of energy.

Why, then, do entities feel that they must be concerned beyond today with money? For this is the place where concern over money does have a deep metaphysical result, [that is, thinking and worrying about the future.] Each is familiar with this habit of thinking, “Is there enough to pay this and this and this?” As each touches into this feeling, we suggest that each is gazing at a temporal being in fear that it may cease to exist, or that it may exist less comfortably.

Even with those who amass great quantities of money, the motivation continues to be at heart based upon fear. Indeed, money is but one example of the way persons within your culture perceive energy. We said earlier that the word “energy” would help those who hoard money, for they see that the use of energy is in being used, consumed or spent. But upon another level, those who have ambitions to gain power, for whatever reason, will amass as much extra power or energy as they can, there being no ceiling on the need for more.

In your culture, there has been more and more an unspoken assumption that there can never be too much energy, money, power, call it what you will, that there is literally no end to ambition or greed—all in the name of being more secure. Yet where is your security? In the bank which may fall? In the job which may cease? In the legal agreements which may be broken? Seek for that security, seek to amass energy saved against possible need, and feel the footsteps wander off the path.

The solution each day is to reorient the way of perceiving on a conscious level when you see yourself turning to that grasping concern for more than enough. Say to the self, “Let go of fear.” We realize we speak to those who must work long hours in order to pay for food and lodging and all necessities and desired objects. Yet we suggest that those who do not need to spend long hours working are still just as capable of loosing sight completely of their true nature and of their true orientation with regard to plenty, if you must go to the place you would not wish, to do a job you would not choose. Yet, still, those who have no need but to please themselves spend at least as much of their time in fear.

The question of supply is perhaps the deepest chasm of irrational concern which seduces your peoples. In the face of this, we simply suggest that as the healthy regard for money is in being sure of the daily bread and then allowing concerns to fall away as appropriate, each simply move each day or each time he feels this concern into a conscious reorientation.

Step back now and gaze at the illusion. Money is a perfect symbol for this entire illusion. It is a polarized concept. Not only is it “more” and “less,” but “all” and “nothing.” To the prudent, there is more money and less money. To the large majority, there is the state called, “I have money,” and the state called, “I don’t have enough.” It is all or nothing. Such is the radicalizing effect of fear.

Your situation surrounds you and seemingly would be obvious to you. Yet it is carefully structured, that is, the illusion is carefully structured so that you do not catch on to the depth of illusion. We praise this illusion in which you struggle, even though the struggle is not necessary in terms of sheer metaphysics. Within third density, each of you came to struggle, came to be confused and befuddled, came to develop fears, to do all the wrong things, to clutch and grasp at everything from money to ideas, feeling needy. And why? Because it is in working with these honest feelings that the entity within you, the spirit, the consciousness, may float about the being with all these concerns and may interact with it in such a way that consciousness is transferred into the working brain, the working mind.

Basically, your job here is to, within incarnation, begin to allow the programming of consciousness to replace the programming of your mind which deals with the illusion in a polarized manner. See the concern for money as the challenge it is. What consciousness does to this concern is to lend it the awareness that there is enough, for consciousness is infinite.

Celebrate your problems. They bring you to the point of desiring and seeking a higher truth. We encourage every discomfort of mind that leads you to seek and seek and seek again.

This entity just thought to itself that it tends to seek and seek and seek again to have enough money to spend. Very well, that seeking, too, may provide material for an entire lifetime. However, there is an alternative to seeking within the illusion. That is simply seeking the consciousness and its infinite plenty-essness.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light. We would ask at this time if there might be any further queries to which we may speak?

I guess the only thing that I would say—it’s not a question—is that in my mind, anyway, the situation where you’ve got somebody who is spending most of his day at work and he gets really tired and he says, “Well, how can I have time to seek spiritually when I’m just wearying myself at work?” I just don’t feel that’s been addressed entirely, and I was wondering if you could go into that. Because I see where it’s consciousness, if we had a consciousness of plenty we’d be a lot better off, and, still, how do you find the time?

I am Q’uo. And am aware of your query, my sister. The time, as you experience it within your illusion, is oftentimes lacking for the pursuit of the metaphysical foundation for that which occurs in your physical illusion. And too often, for those who labor from sunrise to sunset, there is no time to consider the meaning of the life that seems so hard and unyielding. It is for these entities that there is a primary purpose for the life that includes nothing other than dedication to a goal and honing the desire to survive, not so much because this is of importance, but because the entity needs to focus its spiritual awareness upon a single concept. And, perhaps, at some point in this persistent practice, it will feel the need to move its awareness to a higher goal.

But for those who have the ability to survive without expending all of one’s energies to do so, there is the luxury, shall we say, of being able to pursue the finer ramifications of the focus of spiritual awareness upon goals that are more intricately delineated. Each entity has this life agenda that provides for it the opportunity of that which is most important in its overall soul pattern. Thus, [for] those who are able to find their purpose within the illusion of supply and survival, there is the constant repetition of this opportunity.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No. Thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there any other query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to each present for inviting us to join your meditation this day. We are grateful to be able to offer that which is ours in metaphysical understanding in response to your heartfelt queries. We appreciate the difficulty of your illusion and the confusion that is, of necessity, experienced. We wish each well as each attempts to untangle the confusions that are the threads of your life pattern, and we assure each that your work is being accomplished with steady and sure hands whose Source moves beyond this illusion, and the work that is done stretches far beyond this illusion.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.