[This session was preceded by a period of tuning and meditation.]

I’m going to share my tuning process out loud and then invite you to join me in it, substituting whatever differences you want, to make it personally appropriate for you.

Moving attention to the breath, coming to center, to that level of awareness that is aware of all awareness itself … not caught in any of it, just watching it come and go, resting in that space of Pure Awareness … feeling this that I call myself connected to all that is, opening, expanding outward, dropping away boundaries, breathing myself out to all that is and inviting it back in to me … I offer my intention for the session: to manifest my energy as purely as I can in service to all beings for the alleviation of suffering and toward the liberation of all beings. I invite in that spirit which would like to speak through me in harmony with that intention.

Feeling Aaron’s energy, I challenge it: “Are you that which I have come to know as Aaron?” “Yes.” “Do you come with a principle of love in service to all beings?” “Yes.” “Do you come as a disciple of that which is an embodiment of truth for me, which is that energy that I have come to know as Jesus, the Christ?” “Yes.”

I am Aaron. With that collecting of our energies and mutuality of motivation and commitment, I return the microphone to my brother/sister/friend Q’uo, who wishes to offer you some closing thoughts. Then Q’uo will return the microphone to me to answer some of your questions and offer my own closing. And finally we will join together in a very brief and simple Sufi dance. To Q’uo … That is all.

We are those of Q’uo. It is time now to greet you for the last time in this weekend of sessions of working in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator.

We who are of the principle of Q’uo cannot express to you how grateful we are for this extended and exhilarating opportunity to share our humble thoughts with you. Your service to us is extreme, for as we teach you, we learn from how you hear us; and this represents our means of growing in love and service to the infinite Creator.

We of the confederation of angels and planets in the service of the infinite Creator have been called the brothers and sisters of sorrow, for we were inspired to come to this planetary influence because of the great cry of pain and sorrow which you had been sending out during especially these past two hundred years, and more especially the past fifty.

We have seen how your factories and technology have encouraged in your culture the opportunities for leisure, the blessing of time which is given beyond that time in which you must make your daily living. We have seen how this same factory and technology-driven cultural system has thrown up for you a culture which attempts always to distract and trivialize the day-to-day leisure. This is, indeed, in its own kind of balance. (The last sentence of this paragraph did not record.)

We do not condemn nor suggest that you condemn technology or factories, or your media programs, newspapers, magazines, fashion and all the culture based upon artificially produced renown, but we suggest to you that you are in possession of free will in all matters. We encourage you to make judicious use of all your time, all your space, all your relationships, leavening all earnestness with high spirits and the light of sarcasm, irony, puns and bad jokes. Be reckless with your laughter and generous with your sarcastic comments. The seemingly trivial moments of self-parody and parody of others are like yeast, lightening the whole of the texture of your living.

We hope that you may practice the art of the spiritual vocation, realizing that whatever you do in your living to create the energy of money may or may not be an obviously spiritual task, yet this is irrelevant to the living of the spiritual vocation. For within you is the heart’s eye, the eye of that great consciousness which you are nurturing into strong and vigorous life during this incarnation. This eye sees with care and compassion, moistening the dry duty with the living waters of spiritual significance and context. The spiritual vocation is that which puts into a context all of one’s experiences within incarnation.

Do not attempt to haul yourself into some discipline where you will be spiritual, but simply attempt in each present moment to be yourself and to respond as yourself, not being defeated by the thoughts of, “I should … I ought to …” but looking within for where the love is and finding that thread opening to more of that material within, so that you are constantly finding new springs in the topology of your mind.

The Creator lies before your face and in your face. You open your eyes and see the creation of the Father. You gaze in your fellow human’s eyes and see the Creator. It is a wonderful masked ball. We hope you enjoy the many dances of life.

And lastly, we wish you to know with assurance beyond any doubt that we are with those who call to us, not to channel as through this instrument, for that would be an impingement, but to be as the carrier wave of love so that you need never be completely alone.

[The remainder of this session did not record.]