The question this afternoon comes from Session Number 41, Book II of The Law of One. We would simply like Q’uo to comment on any or all portions of this question.

In trying to build an understanding from the start, you might say, starting with intelligent infinity and getting to our present condition of being, I think that I should go back and investigate our sun since it is the sub-Logos that creates all that we experience in this particular planetary system.

Will you give me a description of our sun?

I am Ra. This is a query which is not easily answered in your language, for the sun has various aspects in relation to intelligent infinity, to intelligent energy, and to each density of each planet, as you call these spheres. Moreover, these differences extend into the metaphysical or time/space part of your creation.

In relationship to intelligent infinity, the sun body is, equally with all parts of the infinite creation, part of that infinity.

In relation to the potentiated intelligent infinity which makes use of intelligent energy, it is the offspring, shall we say, of the Logos for a much larger number of sub-Logoi. The relationship is hierarchical in that the sub-Logos uses the intelligent energy in ways set forth by the Logos and uses its free will to co-create the, shall we say, full nuances of your densities as you experience them.

In relationship to the densities, the sun body may physically, as you would say, be seen to be a large body of gaseous elements undergoing the processes of fusion and radiating heat and light.

Metaphysically, the sun achieves a meaning to fourth through seventh density according to the growing abilities of entities in these densities to grasp the living creation and co-entity, or other-self, nature of this sun body. Thus by the sixth density the sun may be visited and inhabited by those dwelling in time/space and may even be partially created from moment to moment by the processes of sixth density entities in their evolution.

In your last statement did you mean that the sixth density entities are actually creating manifestations of the sun in their density? Could you explain what you meant by that?

I am Ra. In this density some entities whose means of reproduction is fusion may choose to perform this portion of experience as part of the beingness of the sun body. Thus you may think of portions of the light that you receive as offspring of the generative expression of sixth-density love.

Then could you say that sixth-density entities are using that mechanism to be more closely co-creators with the infinite Creator?

I am Ra. This is precisely correct as seen in the latter portions of sixth density seeking the experiences of the gateway density.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. The pause which you have experienced before this contact has been somewhat more lengthy than our usual time of adjustment with this instrument. However, this instrument was also picking up other signals and there was time needed, as you would say, for straightening out the traffic jam.

We always try to mention these bits of detail concerning the mechanics of the channeling process in order that those who study it may become more nearly able to use the practices more and more skillfully. It is always well to take any amount of time needed by a channel in order for that channel to assure itself that it does indeed have the desired contact. We cannot overemphasize the centrality of this concern to the practice of channeling.

You wish to investigate further into the sun-body which we shall call “sun,” as that is your appellation for it. And indeed, you may well find this sun-body to be provocative and interesting, for it quite obviously and literally is the light of the world. All that each of you thinks of as a life within the Earth plane thrives because of the sun, its radiant warmth, and the energies which it and its co-entities in creation have upon the world as seen, as you would say, and indeed upon each of you.

Let us move to the beginning where there is only intelligent energy created by free will, which creates unpotentiated love, which in turn, it being the first articulation of singular characteristic, out of this singular characteristic, creates one thing—the photon.

This photon is timeless and spaceless. It is unity and infinity. It does not have number. It is solid, that is, in its estate as light limitless, it is solid. All that there is, dwells in [inaudible] of that one original Thought. And at the level of this one great original Thought there is, eternally, the endless creation of light or what you call the photon.

We refrain from calling the first emanation of the sun-body light, for we wish to distinguish between the timeless, spaceless light which is limitless and a child of this light which is radiation of the light as you experience it upon your level of existence and as others experience it in theirs.

At the photon level, light is all that there is. This limitless light is the background created by Love before any articulated creation made from Light. This Light Everlasting, shall be as always, infinitely creating in an infinite and eternal present. At this level, light is a thought. That is, it is a perfect creation of a thought. It does not contain error but is a creature of utter Love containing the infinite intelligence without distortion.

Within the context of third-density lessons of love, this plane of light has little substance in reference to questions of moving from third to fourth density, learning the lessons of love. It is to the light which interests your peoples as an ideal is to a philosopher. Yet this is the environment, shall we say, within which the infinite Creator has being. This is for that mystery which is the Creator.

The way entities seeking to love the one Creator may visualize moving into the highest of all tabernacles, pure, limitless light, there is this place where light is still, for it completely fills all that there is. At this zero time/space intersection, there is the seed of all infinity and all eternity.

Once free will begins to operate and that great Logos begins its creation, the interest of seekers in investigating light often moves toward that radiation from the sun. Each already realizes that we have said before that the light which seems to radiate from your sun-body is that which has builded all that you see. All things are made of light—this instrument, the microphone which this instrument has about its neck, the clothes, the furniture, the Earth, the sky. These things all are created of light.

The characteristic of light to your plane is such that entities cannot see or often imagine how literally all things are made of light. This is in part due to the fact that the functions of light operating within your density cause the formations to lack obvious resemblance to that which is light. The operation of light and building structures is such that light appears as magnetism or electromagnetism or fields. We apologize for this instrument’s lack of proper vocabulary.

Thus, when the intelligent light creates, it does indeed use light. However, this is seen as form, color, shading, size—characteristics measurable, visible and so forth. The objects are seen that they are in the way they are, that is, that they have the shape and form they have, [which] is known to be the result of each object having a field of energy that somehow keeps all together. In investigating questions concerning the use of alternative ways of healing, this point is well to remember.

A characteristic of light, which is indicative of the range of its metaphysical characteristics, is that light is inherently intelligent and, therefore, any amount of infinite light can grasp, as though it were an entity, the heartfelt communications made to it. This ranges from something as simple as the sun-body being aware when the radiation of the sun touches your skin and you praise the light and the love of the infinite One. You have communicated with the infinite Creator.

Entities who have followed sun worshipping practices have been known among your peoples for all of your history, the reason being that there is indeed that opportunity to converse with the, shall we say, as this instrument does, Lord of Light. And these conversations uplift the entity within. Again, when an entity goes into meditation and calls for the limitless light, and then remains in that light, basking in its glow, that entity is tabernacling with the one infinite Creator.

At this time we would have this entity open the meeting to questions.

Could you tell me how the sixth-density reproductive function of creating light by what we see as fusion is accomplished and is there more there than what we see?

We are those of Q’uo. That which you see as radiation from the sun is an offspring of the mating by fusion practiced by some of sixth-density entities. You would more likely find accuracy in grasping that such who choose to become a portion of the sun-body to create offspring move to the center of that celestial body. The immediate offspring of this mating is more a “quality” than a “thing,” more a tiny being than a measurable substance.

This tiny being, created as the Logos Itself has created, is a special class, shall we say, of light. Not all rays from the sun are the children of sixth-density love, however, that aspect of light which is healing is aided greatly by the working of the immediate offspring of those who choose to create their progeny by fusion within the sun. This is a sacrifice for the sixth-density entities in that they are not able then to enjoy the company and the living, shall we say, with their offspring. However, the offspring have the advantage of being only half way, shall we say, aware of free will. Thus, during their tenure within the sun-body, they may intelligently choose to drench the radiation, in general, which comes from the sun to those upon your sphere so that the maximum amount of healing energy moves into that sphere and into those locations wherein a prayer or pain has announced the existence of need for healing.

Is there another query, my brother?

The rays of the sun provide light for the Earth which causes photosynthesis to happen in our second-density plants. It causes the cycle of rain and evaporation that continues to bring life. I’m wondering if these are some of the reasons that human beings from thousands of years in the past have worshipped the sun or have they also been aware of the metaphysical qualities of the sun as the reason for their worship?

We are those of Q’uo. In most cases, there is the sun worship because of the reasons you placed forth. In a few instances, some metaphysical material concerning the sun has been known in much distorted form, such as during the ancient Egyptian civilizations.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you very much. I appreciate everything you had to say.

Very well, my brother. Thank you for most interesting questions. Is there another query at this time?

I was wondering, Q’uo, when our third-density fusion is achieved by scientists who manipulate matter to achieve it, is there a sixth-density entity involved in it? Can you comment on this phenomenon?

I am Q’uo. My brother, as you rest upon your seat within this domicile, you are immediately touching all densities. Every possibility lies directly at the zero point of your present moment. It is difficult to express in your language the fullness of creation. In a [man-]made fusion power [plant] there would be no more sixth-density entities than if that power plant were not there. However, there would be other beings, which also are children of light, sometimes called elementals, which enliven and particularize light and act as ambassadors, shall we say, to those upon whom light falls.

May we answer further, my brother?

So what you are saying, if I grasp it in my thinking, is that thermonuclear fusion does not necessarily mean sixth-density beings are there as they choose to be in the sun. Is that correct?

We are Q’uo. It is correct that there would not be sixth-density mating within a thermonuclear fusion in a power plant. Nor would such be desirable, for some of the operations of entities living within fusion create in that fusion a perpetual motion machine, shall we say, in effect of an ever enlarging kind as seen within your relative mathematical picture. This would be extremely undesirable for one of your power plants, for it would blow up. Thusly, one would not wish to have that particular activity going on in a power plant.

Is there a further query, my brother?


We are those of Q’uo. We feel very full of gratitude that you have once again sat for a working with desire to seek and know the truth. We thank you for allowing us to speak our thoughts to you, knowing that you will subject them to your discriminative faculty. With you we feel the beauty of this occasion. The blending of vibrations is beautiful to us. And with reluctance, as always, we take our leave of you through this instrument, encouraging each to seek and keep the light touch, to hope and to dream in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.