The question today is from N. The first part is about the cycles. Since “as above, so below,” only by understanding the universe, cosmos, celestial bodies and finding correlations with the activities of the mind, the human body, cells, tissues and molecules, atoms and subatomic particles, down to the etheric body, can we comprehend the whole. Could you comment on the correlation between cycles and the relationship to the human body?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We feel pleasure that we have been called to this session of working in order to share our thoughts with you. Thank you for this honor. Please, as always, take what is meaningful from our opinions, discarding the rest.

The physical makeup of your visible universe is most impressive, the systems, seeming rigidly hierarchical until there is a closer look, at which time anomalies begin to mount. The part of the crystallized creation which is withheld is great. This withholding is not in order that visibility be restricted, rather the withholding is due to the lack of sufficient sight, or opportunity for sight. In other words, neither the third density physical vehicles nor the consciousness inhabiting these physical vehicles is at your present equipped with receptors capable of assimilating the amount of data which exists.

We say this because the attempt to match perceived cyclical hierarchies is made non-useful by this fact. It is indeed so that that which exists, as you say, above, is indeed reflected in that which is, as you have said, below. However, that which is above is other than can be conjured or mentally figured out. That energy which created all that there is may be seen to be the center of all that there is. This field of love is of a nature which is reproduced and is the stuff of all levels of vibration which stem therefrom.

This nature is an essence or a fullness of field. The energy is saturated, that is, there is fullness of love. You seek in understanding cycles to better understand healing. However it is an understanding, shall we say, of fields and of the amount of saturation or fullness of love in the fields, in field strength, shall we say, that aids in the efficacy of healing. That is, the more saturated the awareness of love is the more fullness of health there is.

To work on the influences of heavenly objects, as you call these, is instead to do fairly subtle work in the area of the archetypical mind. The influences upon these archetypes from celestial objects varies according to the native ground or earth of a particular entity and the study of these correspondences yields a wealth of detailed information in each individual which undertakes such study.

This touches only tangentially upon healing information in that it is so that in working with the archetypes and their relationships there is much opportunity for the skilled student to take fire from a newly perceived gracefulness of relationship that clarifies in some way the student’s thinking or, as you so often say, understanding.

May we ask if there is a further query?

A minor harvest cycle is related to the solar year which is the amount of time it takes our sun to go around the zodiac, about 25,000 years. The master cycle is said to be 75,000 years. Is there a star around which our sun or solar system moves that is the center of this 75,000 year cycle and, if so, can you tell us is it Alcyone or some other star?

We are those of Q’uo. While it is so that the numbers 25,000 and the turning of sun about solar system—we correct this instrument—Earth around solar system are similar, there is not the importance placed upon the connection between these two similar numbers. The timing, shall we say, of cycles of spiritual living or advancement are as they are because of quite sensitive factors involving the energies of the group of entities moving through third density. In other words, since your Earth sphere has certain populations of entities from various planetary influences the timing of these cycles of spiritual evolution is set in such and such a mold. As the group populations’ biases collectively are altered through what you know as time the timing of the cycles also evolves.

The setting of these cycles is ever liquid and is regulated quite, quite precisely according to every single entity and thought of each entity. This energetic whole has a nascent life which expresses its times of blooming and learning in such and such a way while stars wheel above in the heavens according to your physical sight, the constellations of thought and intention infinitesimally added until a towering largeness and fullness of information has been assimilated. This living entity expresses as a field and this entity’s expressions create the exact timing of the cycles of learning.

The cycles of learning have only tangentially, again, to do with the concerns of healing which we believe we understand these questions to be directed to. It is difficult to express how this perfectly logical seeming set of correspondences actually has an effect because the archetypical mind is most deep and for that reason most difficult to penetrate. We are happy to work upon the metaphysical implications of cycles concerning the archetypical mind, however, it is our feeling that this is not germane to a study of healing except as a rather advanced and subtle portion of healing which has to do with abstract or mental body healing at certain levels. We would suggest working from other assumptions than the assumption that cycles of spiritual learning are correlated with the cycles concerning healing.

Is there a further query?

He also mentions a 206,000 year cycle and he would like to know if there is any relationship between this 206,000 year cycle and Arcturus or Aldebaran and if there is a metaphysical significance to this cycle.

We are those of Q’uo. We do not find the comparisons listed to be useful.

Is there a further query?

Yes. He would also like to know if there is any significance in a 26 million year cycle and if it has any relationship to a specific star or location.

We are those of Q’uo. And again we do not find a significance to the 26 million year cycle. Perhaps we could suggest that the center of the universe is the center of each entity’s heart. The open heart of the great Self which each self is is that center which is a unity. All of the portions of the Creator, shall we say rather misleadingly, seem to themselves to be in time and space each unique, each separate and each apart. Yet, in truth, the center of the constellations is the open heart. All measurement, all numbering, all ways of detailing and patterning the observed creation fall to dust before the open heart. Love is of a certain nature. The fullness, breadth, depth and height of the nature of love is both revealed and concealed by its visibility and ready accessibility for each self contains this center without distortion within the open heart.

It is both blessing and curse that those who seek so longingly and yearn so profoundly for scientific information to aid in being of service must have their hopes thwarted by the illusive and ever receding face of spiritual knowledge, for this knowledge is not that which has to do with the kind of measuring which is used to calculate the hierarchies of the observable, physical universe, but love moves and its traces dwell within all things. The keys to healing echo the ways or nature of love itself.

We find that to speak further at this juncture is to infringe upon the free development of the awareness which would ask further queries upon this healing subject and consequently we feel that to speak further at this working is not appropriate. We thank this instrument for bearing with us while we attempted to use some concepts which stretched the instrument’s ability to understand, if we may again use this term. We also thank the questioner and encourage study and further queries on this interesting subject. Our hearts are full of a love and desire to be of service, as always, and we are most thankful for the energy and desire and longing to be of service that this group expresses with these queries. It is truly a privilege to be able to blend our energies with your own and we cannot thank you enough.

Is there any other query at this time?

Not from me, Q’uo. That was very good. I’m sure he appreciates that a good deal. Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo, and we greatly appreciate your kind words. May we close by simply spending a few moments stating the wonder, the marvelous wonder of hope when hope is not logical. The wonder, the miraculous wonder of faith, when the faith is not logical. May we encourage each to live in hope and in faith, forgetting not one iota of the darkness perceived but knowing that no darkness eradicates light. Live, then, in light, for [inwardly] you may always be standing beneath the bright sun.

As your spirit basks in its intelligent warmth the body is most positively effected. So may the time of cold and darkness be for you lighted within by the sun of hope and faith. We leave you rejoicing in this faith, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

We are known to you as those of the principle Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.