The question this week has to do with how we accept change and the attitude that we can best utilize to meet change. Then we would also like some information on what it is exactly that changes. What is this sense of ourselves that changes and uses various tools like the mind, dreams, archetypical mind and whatever to change?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings from the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo, and we are privileged to bless you in the love and the light of the infinite One. We thank each for calling us to your meeting this afternoon and cannot adequately express our feelings of honor, for it is privilege indeed to be able to blend our vibrations with your own and to share our humble opinions with you. As always, we remind each that we are fallible beings prone to error. We need to request that each choose those opinions which seem to resonate within the unique web of energies which are your evolving self and to lay the rest aside, for we would not be a stumbling block before any.

This concept of change is interesting. Imagine if you will the unity and infinity which characterize the creation and all within it. That which is various is infinitely various. That which is infinite is made of one thing. Where, then, is the change? Where the manyness? Each entity focuses within itself every energy within the unified creation. Within each unique and infinitely precious soul lies all that there is.

Thusly, the changes and chances of incarnation take place against a grand backdrop. You now see this backdrop as though it were the universe; you cannot see the stage beneath your feet for it seems to be Earth, nor can you see the self within each character that you play, nor can you see each character that you choose not to play, for you are of tho[se]—we correct this instrument—within the train which spends its speed into gathering twilight, the cars filled with light, the travelers talking and drinking and eating and sleeping and gazing out the windows at the passing scenery.

How much of this landscape that you see have you made yours? This image is intended to funnel your conceptual mind into a configuration within which you may see that the incarnated experience which to you seems greatly various and changeable is in a more light-filled illusion—which is your metaphysical counterpart at this space/time—straight as an arrow. The change you perceive is just that: perception of change, not change. You are on the incarnational train. It is not a local. It does not stop until you disembark. The concept of destiny is [inaudible] to most who chase under its heavy hand. Yet, we say to you that this [inaudible] destiny is your greatest ally. This train which shall keep you on track regardless of what scenery you view will ride through its destination well in mind, all the curves, and mountains, valleys and great chasms that seem to toss and fling you through life are the scenery of your spirit’s learning, the visual aids of the great college which is your incarnation.

To focus upon change is skillful for the one who works to accelerate the rate of spiritual evolution, but we greatly encourage each to couch this focus upon change within the larger picture in which you may see that there is a strong and substantial reason to trust and have perfect faith in destiny.

You have put yourself on this train. This trip is planned by you. You did not ask yourself to be happy or sad, to do well or to do poorly, not at all. You asked yourself to experience this exact incarnation. This is your responsibility, to experience as fully as possible each moment—to be hungry for food, that food being all that you can pay your attention to.

Therefore, the first thing we would say about change and the entity changing is, remember that the changes are apparent as great and sweeping [inaudible] changes in direction, but in a more true sense you are simply moving from car to car on that train of destiny. You are beyond all changes secure, safe and held with the greatest tenderness by the love of the infinite One. When all overwhelms you it is well to remember that you need do nothing but rest in those arms. As change occurs the disoriented and torn consciousness which is often experienced can be most unsettling, yet there is always beyond the unsettling emotions the comfort which you may claim, that comfort of the one who loves, the one [whose] love is greatly [inaudible] of you. Love created you and love loves you.

This resting and abiding certainty can heal the most tattered spirit, but the gaze must be shifted away from the torn and bleeding circumstances, relationship or whatever is perceived as changing and making vulnerable and afraid that self which is your conscious self. To attempt to get a true grounding from the other passengers, shall we say, is not to invoke the higher or more overarching energies, rather, to turn to the infinite Creator for solace and comfort is the effective action, for consider that each entity who you interact with is also on that train which his destiny has chosen.

Let us now gaze at who it is that changes, and who it is that records or witnesses change. Imagine the self standing in the desert at night. The entity you [are] imagining reaches one hand to [inaudible] sky. Moving finally from this [inaudible] attitude this figure begins to dance, and as this figure dances and spins, the stars above begin to whirl [inaudible] until all of creation is drawn star by star into the self. This figure, then, has all within, all of star, all of space, all of emotion, all of life, all within. This is the entity which witnesses change. You see the manifestation of yourself, it seems to have dimension, to be the daughter of time and space, or the son of time and space.

We say to you that in actuality all that you have experienced as rock, as tree, as human, as what you call angel, as sun, as Creator, all of these things are the witness that flings the hand to beckon the stars. All that moves moves and has being in an instant and within this instant the millions and millions of years of a whole creation beginning, [inaudible], and ending has taken place. You now experience the instant before the Creator coalesces once again. Time is an illusion, space is an illusion. The witness knows at some level the depth of this illusion, and through all change it keeps its feet steadily upon the desert floor. There is that within you which has such power that you could not image or believe this selfhood to be yours.

You ask how to meet change? We say to you the second thing that is you do not have to meet change. You have only to remember who you are. You are the witness; pay attention. Remember the desert floor and the out-flung hand, remember the stars spinning into your consciousness and meet change with love, for you have nothing to fear. You commanded this change.

The third and final thing we would say about change is most skillfully taught by the one known as Jesus. This teacher said to worry not about what to eat or what to wear or what things to say, for food and clothing and words will all be supplied as the destiny kindly arranges one day at the time, as this instrument is fond of saying. Yesterday’s change is moving away behind you, tomorrow’s change is not imagined. You need only focus upon the present moment as you perceive it.

The impulse of the manifestation of yourself which is human has the instinct to grasp and hold those things which are perceived as being needed. There is the stretching and the reaching for enough to withstand what might occur. Yet change does not happen well to entities which are holding on to anything. What if in this instant the gravity you experience was reversed. Would you do a somersault or would you fall all over yourselves while explaining that this was impossible. How much of change is painful because it is resisted? There is in the makeup which you have supplied yourselves with a great tool; as always, we mention this tool, that being meditation. The levels upon which are lived the life are several. You see, to unite the spirit, the mind, and the body to promote that unity which appears as health, that health may be greatly aided by the frequent remembrance of the ground of being during meditation, even if it is only for a second. The various pieces of self are knitted up in that opening to the presence within that loved you before you ever hoped to love it. How precious each of you is.

It is as though within the meditation, regardless of how scattered it seems, there is a pure and distilled waterfall of light which irrigates and illumines cell by cell the body, mind and spirit. It is like being rinsed and polished to relax into that presence which is holy. And do not simply confine the self to one kind or form of meditation, for various experiences request various kinds of coherent illumination or meditation. Sometimes you may wish to contemplate a certain eye-catching thought or question, sometimes the meditation may be very active, the sacred dance, the sacred song. Sometime the true need is for the self to rail and complain bitterly to the infinite Creator, to say, “This does not seem to be a lesson in love at all. This hurts, this is painful, and I don’t like it.” Complaining is allowed, my children, complaining is encouraged. Too much is made of the wonderfulness of the infinite Creator and not enough said about the intimate love of this love itself that engages you in conversation and responds caringly and intricately to the way you speak your experience and tell your story to [it].

We encourage each, especially in times of dislocating change, to tell your story either mentally or out loud to the infinite One. The infinite One is never happier than when being addressed, and you, in addressing the infinite One, receive reflections you cannot imagine, reflections of the highest of truth and beauty. Each of you is waiting to flower and bloom from moment to moment. To most ably assist the self in [blooming] through change we encourage each to remember who you truly are. Remember the true magnitude of your infinite self. Remember the impossibility of ever judging a circumstance or combination of feelings in any accurate way, and shed the responsibility for that. You are responsible only as you will yourself to pay attention to that which is before the eyes and then to address that situation, curious to find the most love within the self and the most appropriate way to share that love—first with the infinite One and then with the self and others, looking in times of change for ways to love and ways to be love, and accepting all with a brave heart.

[Inaudible] in the deeper and deepening consciousness of the witness self that watches all change yet remains the self within the rock, the self within the Creator and all points between. Then may you be tossed about by experience only a little, only to the extent that you accept with a high and courageous heart. We feel you cry out in this change’s occurrence. We feel the pain within the voices that ask “Why?” and we do not wish to be cold-hearted. Yet, it is the perception of the animal within that change is dangerous, and that mind which is the mind of the second-density animal which carries your consciousness about in this lifetime resists and demands a cessation of change, for it does not have faith, is not self-conscious. Its instinct rule and its intellect rationalizes instinct. Yet, you are not this life-form but another. You are consciousness, and you have accepted partnership with this entity which walks and talks and moves about.

It is not wise to be driven by this animal or its very capable mind. Retain the awareness of that consciousness that does not resist destiny, and school yourself as far as possible to create the response to stimulus which is positive and says, “Yes, I will accept this change and will be sustained in it by the presence of love.” Call upon your own faith, feel strongly the hope which abides, and attempt to remember that all those changes have to do with lessons about loving. You are experiencing manyness; you seek infinity. You are experiencing concern and questioning doubt and worry. Bring in, too, remembrance, love. All things will pass away except love. You are love, you just don’t know it yet. Give yourself and the illusion time.

We would at this time leave this instrument and transfer to the entity known as Jim. We thank this instrument and leave it in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light. It is our privilege at this time to ask if there may be any further queries for us from those within this group. Are there any further queries at this time?

I just—I have one question. Is there something within women that is fundamentally different than men, in that woman seem to want so much more than men… comfort. Is that part of the archetypical nature of woman, that they wish for reassurance more, comfort, reassurance, hugs, approval, that kind of thing, or is it training?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my sister. This is a query which reaches deeply within the nature of the biological female within your third-density culture, and indeed beyond and before as well. We shall speak briefly and rely upon further queries for specificity.

The female of your peoples is that entity through which the force of life manifests itself, and knowing this both consciously and subconsciously the female nurtures that life force in every way possible, seeking as all mothers to guarantee the circumstances of the birth and rearing of that life force in manifestation. Thus, the female is more disposed to seek and preserve those situations which shall enhance its abilities to give the life force manifestation through its being as are all such [inaudible] or distortions within your illusion. This distortion also has those echoes and ramifications that attend to each individual female’s interpretation, both that which is conscious and that which is subconscious, so that the desire to nurture the life force may occasionally express itself as the desire for the more comfortable environment that will allow it to do that which is its destiny.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I have one related to the male/female difference, that is, given that females are inherently more nurturing than man, why is it that all major cultures on this planet are dominated by males?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. Again, we do not wish to oversimplify that upon which we speak but we may in brief reply that the male of your peoples is an entity that has its part to play in the preserving and the enhancing of the life force as it manifests in succeeding generations. Thus, as the male finds itself physically superior in most cases, it has the task in symbolic form, if not always in practical form, of finding those shelters and food sources that it shall provide for the family, that is the means by which the evolution of the species is accomplished.

As we mentioned previously, this protective aspect of the female nature to provide safe surroundings for its young has the distortion that can be personally expressed; so does the male have the personal and somewhat more profound distortion of taking that nature of providing physical sustenance and distorting it in a fashion which allows the preeminence of the male to be expressed. Thus, each function of male and female, and indeed of any entity, may be echoed in various portions of the environment that is created by the interaction of individuals and groups. Thus, the physical strength may be overemphasized to such a degree that the male claims physical dominance, or a dominance in any number of avenues. This quality is one which sets up the dynamic tension, shall we say, that works many times in [retrograde] nature, as the male does not always see how it may relate in a more civilized sense with those about it, both the male and the female.

The tendency to view the self as superior because of looking at one quality only is a common feature of many of your peoples. Thus, there are individuals who judge themselves well because of mental brilliance, because of physical strength, because of creations of one kind or another for which they give themselves credit. These are means by which distortions maybe noted and may be set up for balancing, shall we say.

There have been other times upon your planetary influence when the male was not in all cultures in the position which it finds itself at this time. However, you may note that the cycles of relationship move and change and there is much of this change evident now within various cultures at this time, moving as always from the pioneer individuals, shall we say, to those about it, and spreading as the ripple effect to others as well.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you. That was very helpful.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

No, Q’uo. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we seem to have exhausted the queries at this time. We are hopeful that we have not exhausted your patience as well. We are most grateful for your invitation to join your circle of seeking and we rejoice with you at every stop upon the journey, for indeed we and many others walk with you, perhaps unseen but forming a goodly company nonetheless. We shall at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.