In our world today it seems like most people are overstimulated with information and distractions and busyness. How can the seeker who wishes to remember the Creator do so in this kind of world today? How can we remember our harmony, our unity, and our place in the world and in the Creator?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. It is a privilege indeed to share in this meditation with you and to be called to your group to discuss the subject of having time enough for the infinite Creator. We thank and bless each of you for having the desire to seek the truth and we bless each in the spiritual journey which we share with you as those brothers and sisters who have perhaps walked a bit longer on this path, but who are still pilgrims. We are not authorities, and we ask each seeker to test our words or any words against that discriminative faculty which is every seeker’s and encourage each seeker to leave behind those thoughts of ours which do not seem useful and take those thoughts that seem to have a resonance within. We thank each seeker for exercising this discrimination. Each seeker’s truth lies within, awaiting the rediscovery, the remembering. When your truth does come to you, this is how it feels, as if you had remembered that which had slipped your mind.

The speed at which things become old has a profound impact upon the intelligence of those who are witnesses of this phenomenon. In your far distant past things became dated and obsolete at a snail’s pace, for it took great reaches of time mechanically to explore, to come across new and strange ways. As the technology of humankind’s creation was first added to the experience of living, the globe began to shrink. Geographical distances were suddenly able to be traveled, not at the pace of the wind-driven sail, or the sturdy horse and wagon, but with motorized travel over water and land. Things began to change at a quicker pace.

Now, as each of you experiences incarnation that which is new becomes old quickly. In the atmosphere of constant change there is not the rest and relaxation available from the surroundings. The environment has become geared to the handling of constant-seeming progress, and within your culture this situation is seen to be as most beneficial. The age of information has arrived amongst your people. The seeker now routinely is aware of an enormous array of situations around the globe, aware of fires and earthquakes in far-flung places, aware of wars and rumors of war from near and far, aware of the suffering and starvation of displaced nations of peoples—aware, aware and aware.

Now that we have flattened this instrument with the horror of the present day we shall attempt to give some pointers as to how, in this very trivia-ridden existence, it is not only possible but inevitable that the infinite Creator shall be discovered at the very heart of this tight-wound world. Each who hears these words has a universe of its own. In each seeker’s universe the center lies deeply within, opening like a flower to a melange of sense perceptions, infinitely rich and varied, infinitely full, infinitely profound.

Within this web of sense perceptions, within this inner universe, seemingly the self is at the center and events impinge upon that self from without. The telephone rings. The mail lands upon the desk. The door opens to bring more concerns, more things into the environment. Each seeker alone is not trapped but certainly encouraged to remain within that perceptive web, seeking the infinite One as best it can.

However, the Creator’s plan for your particular illusion contains one essential adjustment to this personal world view. That adjustment is in the perceptual shape of the realization from the inside rather than from the outside that others, other selves besides the self, are those who are able to express lucidly and clearly the presence of the infinite Creator. At first the seeker is involved in the perceptions having to do with seeing the self without regard to others. As this attempt deepens, the seeker begins to collect the memories of those entities which said just the most helpful, the most correct thing in order to open the door within the heart which invites the Creator in. And we find that we become for others that same witness to the light. Perhaps we, ourselves, might not feel like the mirror of the infinite Creator, yet another may find within what we say that encouragement and support that turns the seeker’s heart to remembrance.

The role of the seeker is often seen as an isolated, lonely role, and in many ways it is. The quest for truth places each seeker in that wilderness of spirit in which the testing and tempering of the spirit may most fruitfully take place. In this instrument’s mind is the old refrain, “You have to walk that lonesome valley by yourself. No one else will walk it for you. You must walk it by yourself.” This remains true. However, as the seeking moves forward, as we said, others seem to appear at just the right moment to offer to you that realization for which you hunger. So each becomes to each a teacher, a supporter, a strengthener.

Realizing that each person you see bears this precious gift of presence, the seeker may then begin to practice regarding those who come before the eyes as that instrument of the infinite Creator that they truly are, showing to you the deepest truths of creation implicit in the connection between self and other self. Imagine each of you upon the globe, each within the infinite reaches of its own universe, yet each able to reach across that chasm created by space and time and illusion and touch heart to heart and hope to hope, each seeker strengthening the other.

We have a simple message and we repeat it endlessly. The goal of the seeker is, shall we say, a vibration or a state of being which is the vibration of the Creator Itself, the one great original Thought or Logos which is Love. Each seeker attempts to form that vibration of self more and more like that vibration which is infinite love. Each movement towards that primal vibration of being is a step out of the sea of confusion which the everyday illusion offers. And as each seeker attempts to correct the many, many distortions of its own vibratory patterns, the greatest gifts that the Creator has to give are those paintings on the path which intend service to the infinite Creator and to all of those upon the planet within which you dwell.

So a great resource, then, for the seeker intending to become less fettered in time is the readiness to listen to and to admit the words, the expressions and the actions of others. For you were not incarnated for yourself alone. That which has been prepared for you involves other entities inevitably. The lessons of third density revolve about other selves. This is the time of choice for each emerging, unique consciousness, and each lesson which enables the seeker to make those choices more deftly and accurately involve relationship with others.

Perhaps the simplest way to attempt to remember that entities are first spiritual is to practice gazing at another person and seeing for a split second the reality of that entity, for that entity is the one infinite Creator with a few rough edges that a millennium or three might work a little more magic upon. Each of you is as a hologram of the infinite One. This is the deepest realization. Yet at the point at which that realization is accepted, at that point the seeker no longer carves out great boundaries between the self and other selves. The seeker fully open to the possibilities of third density knows the great value of other entities.

The second way in which the mind may be, shall we say, encouraged to find that awareness of the Creator is the meditation, the contemplation, the prayer. We are aware that each does attempt to spend time with the infinite Creator within the daily round. We commend each for this effort and encourage its continuance. It is as though there were a hunger within which nothing within the illusion can satisfy. Those who are not on a spiritual path, those who are happy with life as it is, gaze at the seeker in amazement wondering why, in the midst of a happy life, this seeker must spend so much time and energy upon that which does not even make the entity more happy. For certainly the spiritual quest does do many things, but it certainly shall not make you happy.

To explain to this non-seeking person the reason for discontent is difficult, yet to one to whom this spiritual hunger has been awakened lies the responsibility of foraging for something to eat spiritually, some wisdom or intelligence that informs. Where to find such information? My children, it will not surprise you to hear us say that it is not in the noise of your culture but, rather, in the silence of your meditations. That listening within which meditation encourages is the activity which allows food and drink to come to that spiritual self within. The more times during your daily routine that you can find a way to work in just a moment or two of meditation, this is a helpful thing.

This instrument, for instance, has worked in a school where the bell marks the changing of the period, and when that bell sounded the instrument’s effort was, for one split instant, remembered. Each of you has within the day certain repeated experiences, the ringing of the bell, the ringing of the telephone, the marking of the hour by a chiming clock. Whatever it is that you find within the environment to use as a key or trigger, we suggest that the seeker target this and train the self to use these found moments to turn once again to the infinite perfection of the mystery that is love.

The third thing that shall teach each more and more to dwell in the presence of the infinite One is time itself, for as the experience of the incarnation mounts there comes that point wherein the seeker has experienced enough time to have become somewhat desensitized to that mechanism within which rings the tocsin 1 of alarm. As the incarnation becomes full, it is not that maturity overtakes the seeker but rather that the entity becomes able to care less about those things which it cannot affect. To one who is relatively unmoved by his own imperfections, to one who has begun to accept the imperfect self, is given a state of inner peace which is a healing gift. Beyond all other lessons, finally the seeker in third density grasps and accepts its own lack of perceived perfection, seeing the myriads of issues the world offers for consideration. The entity which has accepted and forgiven the self for being human has a greatly enhanced opportunity to remember the infinite One and practice Its presence.

Those who come to third density plunge from innocence into confusion. Within the brightly colored illusion which time and space have given, the seeker moves to find that infinite love which is at its heart, moving always within utter chaos and confusion. The seeker must choose its own way. We urge each to hold out the hand more and more to life as it is on the surface, to embrace the multiplicity of the tales, the boisterous comings and goings which seem to distract and fritter away the time. For it is not that the time has sped up, rather it is that the nature that beholds that time at this moment in the ending of an old age and the beginning of a new one is more transparent to catalyst and stimuli. Each begins to see the vainness and emptiness of surface life, and each becomes more and more willing to let go of the demands to be such and such a way.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…that things are so changed, but rather in wonder that we have done as well as we have.

Each of you is so courageous, my children. Gazing at illusion, stubbornly you know that there is an infinite love. Oh, you who are of this stubborn faith, we bless and embrace each. As you attempt more and more to practice the presence of the infinite One use these tools as they help you. Use each other and grasp that that is appropriate. Joyfully seize those moments that you can turn for even an instant to contemplation. Rejoice in and encourage each other, for each shall show the Creator. The only question is what aspect of that Creator shall you choose to give as gift to the infinite spirits all about you? And when the time comes when the emotions and nerves are tired and worn by suffering, rest back in the strength of heart that lies within one who has suffered and affirm the perfection that shall never be sensed by the self for the self, but which is the higher truth for each.

As always, we again encourage each to lay aside any thought of ours that is not useful. We are most happy that we have had this opportunity to be with you. How we have looked forward to this event. We would like to transfer the contact to the one known as Jim at this time. We leave this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to ask if there might be any further queries to which we might respond. Is there another query at this time?

I have put aside channeling for the last two months because I felt I needed a break. It’s good to be back. Could you evaluate taking a break? Is there a better or best way to remain fluent in the channeling work while the actual channeling practice is being given a rest?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We are unaware of any technique by which an instrument might maintain the fluency while resting from the practice. However, we are very well aware of entities’ needs for the variety of experience that taking a break from one’s work will provide. We are aware of how intense the experience which entities such as yourselves encounter each day, and we do recommend that you do take those times of rest and peace which allow you to become reinvigorated, as the newness of your experience becomes, shall we say, seated in your pattern and is then able to alter the flow of energy in a fashion which becomes refreshing rather than becoming more of a weight to bear.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you. I always yearn for a closer connection to a spiritual life and it seems that we always fall short of what we desire in that regard. And you are saying that we always have that connection and we just need to open to it. Could you comment on that?

I am Q’uo. It is that feeling of falling short that is both the blessing and the curse of the seeker, my sister. For the desire to move even closer and move in more purity in the work that you do is that which allows the progress in the work, yet can also become the source of the over-critical self. Thus, we salute the desire to increase one’s purity and purpose of work. Yet we suggest the gentle hand as the estimation and criticism is given to one’s work by oneself.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you.

We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and we thank you all for your kind words. Since there is no further query we shall take this opportunity to express our great gratitude for allowing our presence in your circle of seeking. We would, again, ask that you take only those words which we have spoken which ring of truth to you, leaving behind all others. We do not wish to become a stumbling block to any but would walk with each upon the journey in whatever way is possible, for together we seek and reveal to each other the one Creator. At this time we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument, leaving each as always in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. tocsin: a bell used to sound an alarm.