Group question: What is the true definition of a wanderer?

[This session was preceded by a period of tuning and meditation.]

I am Aaron. My greetings and love to you all. I would simply like to ask you that as a group you offer the intention that the work of this group is for the benefit of all beings.

Each of you has your own areas of pain. It is fine that a part of this motivation is to alleviate your own pain. But it is important that you not become stuck there. Thinking of all beings who wander in darkness and confusion, may the work of this group be a lantern in that darkness, helping all beings to find their way. May each of your energy help to brighten that light. That is all.


I am Aaron. It has been decided that I will begin. We begin with the question, “What is a wanderer?” I heard you ask before: “If I am of a higher density and come back to Earth, what is my role there? Am I both teacher and learner? Why am I demoting myself or accepting demotion?” My dear ones, it isn’t demotion. Let us get this concept straight: You are in an open-classroom school. Each of you begins as what I call a spark of God, just a small bit of that energy and light moving into self-awareness. I will not explain how you move into self-awareness; simply, it happens. You begin to perceive the illusion that this self that is aware is separate from that of which it is aware … God is out there! … and thus begins your journey. The only way out is through, through the illusion of separation. This illusion is not a burden that you must carry, but a gift. Would you remain that small spark forever or would you blossom into a brilliant sun in your own right? The passage must involve a journey.

That first self-awareness is part of the gift. At some point awareness notices itself being aware, and with that first notice there is a shift, something which feels itself to be aware. At that point awareness chooses a direction in which to begin evolution. I emphasize begin, because nothing is ever fixed. You do not move into a path and stay on that one limited path until eighth density. There is always choice. Some of you will choose material planes and some will choose non-material planes. I will explain later in this weekend some of the factors in that choice. For now, it is sufficient that there is a choice.

There are innumerable planes, both material and non-material. In some planes you have only spirit and mental body. In other planes there may also be emotional and, if it is a material plane, physical body. The earth plane is the only present material plane that has a foundation of positive energy and love, and in which all four bodies are brought together. As such, it is a very powerful experience.

Time is not the factor that leads one into the emphatic learning experience of the earth plane, but a deep aspiration to learn. Some beings choose to move into that earth plane immediately. Others, for one reason or another, are led in different directions. Again, later in the weekend we will talk about some of the material and some of the non-material planes where beings evolve.

What is a wanderer on the earth plane? As simply as I can put it, it is a being that has begun its evolution on a plane other than the earth plane and at some point in its learning has made the decision to incarnate on Earth. It may have been in a physical form before on other material planes or it may have only existed previously on non-material planes.

To say material and non-material, in itself, is a bit confusing. Light is energy, so one tends to think of the light planes as non-material; but all material substance is made up of bits of energy, molecules of energy. What we are speaking of here is simply the degree of tightness of cohesion of those molecules. At a certain point we call it solid and move into the illusion of that solidity.

You are not solid. You only think you are solid. It is the illusion that establishes material body. Thus, the difference between material plane and light plane is less in the form itself than in your belief that the form is what you are. All of you are simply energy and light with enough density of molecules that you may become convinced of your form. At a certain level, the physical body and the emotional body are illusion. They are the gift of the incarnation.

Moving into Earth incarnation, you become actors in a play. The actor that walks onto the stage unprepared says to the audience of which it is also a part, “This is illusion; just a play, not real life.” That actor deprives the audience of the opportunity of learning from the script, from the play. The actor must believe in the play if the audience is to feel the meaning with its heart, yet that actor must not be lost in the illusion to the point that it turns its back to the audience and forgets that it is a character in the play.

This balance between relative and ultimate reality is what allows the deepest learning on the earth plane. Some beings incarnate here become lost in the relative, blind to ultimate reality. Others find it very difficult to stay in the body and live the relative-plane experience. Wanderers have an edge here because you have lived, dwelt is a more accurate word, on other planes on which there was no veil of illusion. Many wanderers, then, are able to penetrate both realities. The difficulty you find, many of you, is that there is some aversion to the illusion, some attachment to resting in that ultimate reality, which is so spacious and joyful.

A helpful tool to learning to more fully enter the incarnation is to understand why you came. Each being that moves to the earth plane is both teacher and learner. This is true of every being, not just the wanderer but also those who move directly from that first self-awareness into the earth plane. Even those small sparks are teachers, which I will explain at a later time.

The wanderer is not set apart, then, in being both teacher and learner. This is true for every being. What more clearly sets the wanderer apart is the clarity that it has entered the illusion. This clarity may manifest simply as awareness: “I came here for a reason. I don’t know what it is, but I came for a reason.” Eventually, every being breaks through this veil, wanderer and non-wanderer alike, and awakens to the spiritual truth of its being.

The wanderer moves into the incarnation, bringing with it potent tools to pierce the illusion. It is far less likely to be lost in forgetting. It is far more likely to feel a sense of frustration and confusion: “Who am I, and why am I here?”

I said that every wanderer—every being, but we speak here of wanderers—is both teacher and learner. I also said at the start that this whole process of evolution, these eight densities, is an ungraded classroom. On the earth plane there is clear distinction between first, second and third density. At present, when you graduate from third density you cease to incarnate on the earth plane. This will be changing and is something we will speak of further this weekend.

There are some planes where third-density experience is minimal. The lessons for each plane remain the same. The foundations of faith and love support the learning of wisdom and compassion in fourth and fifth density, but they are not necessary to that learning. The process can be reversed. Some of you, for example, at some period evolved on a non-material plane in which there was essentially an open classroom: third, fourth, fifth grade. The material was learned in whatever order one was ready to learn. There is no upper limit to how much faith, how much love, wisdom or compassion can be learned. This school offers these lessons; that school offers those lessons. If you wish to study music and your school has no orchestra, you join the band or choir. You may still wish to go somewhere else to learn to play the violin.

Thus, some of you evolved on planes where you moved into deeper lessons of wisdom and compassion before fully penetrating the lessons of faith and love. You learned much that could be gift to the earth plane, each with your own special skills. Feeling stuck in some way, you made the decision to more fully enter the illusion through human incarnation. Another way to phrase this is that your karma drew you here. Because you learned to play in a band and sing in a choir does not put you ahead of your neighbor. You learning the violin, you simply have a different background. You have highly refined certain skills and understandings. There is still much that you need to learn or you would not be here. There are very few beings in the history of the Earth’s evolution who have incarnated only to serve; and even those few, of course, have also learned. The difference—I think of such a one as Jesus here—is that this teacher did not need to come to the earth plane for its own evolution. Being here, of course he learned.

I would suggest a figure of 98.6% of wanderers need to incarnate for their own learning … please rephrase that … need to understand something for their own learning, and choose the earth plane as catalyst for that understanding. That 1.4% is those beings which are fully evolved, usually into high sixth density, and incarnate simply with the desire to serve and in order to return with fourth- and fifth-density beings. They do not need to incarnate as they are past the need to incarnate. For those who come back as wanderers, the third-density lessons could be learned elsewhere; but because there is something they could teach on this plane and they could learn the lessons as well, they might as well come here.

The sixth density has completely shed the emotional body and is not attached to the mental body. It understands the mental body to be a tool. This is the being that has no need of the teachings of the incarnative experience, but will wisely make use of the teaching when offered that opportunity.

Those that come as wanderers are most likely to be of third or fifth density. Fourth density is occupied with its group learning experiences and less likely to move back into incarnation, although it may occasionally choose to do so. Most wanderers are third and fifth density. The lower sixth-density wanderer has shed the emotional body but it may still have some attachment to the mental body. This being will be helped to release this attachment through its incarnative experience. Only the upper sixth-density energy is completely free of the illusion of ownership of the mental body, and makes the skillful and loving decision to incarnate solely as servant. As I said above, it will also learn.

I want to emphasize, then, the wanderer may be highly evolved in some areas—an outstanding French horn player with great understanding of musical theory—but he or she still must learn the correct hand position to hold the bow or place the fingers on the violin. What he or she brings to the incarnation is that advanced skill for which a need is perceived. For example, a wanderer of our acquaintance who is in his first human incarnation is what you might term a computer wizard. He is offering skills and understandings gained on other planes for which it was clear the Earth was ready. There are two ways to bring those teachings to Earth. One is channeling. One is for a being to incarnate into human form and teach it. Neither way is better than the other.

I have no need to return in incarnation to the earth plane. This is not to say I would not learn in incarnation; but I have no need, so I teach through an instrument. This friend of whom I speak was drawn to the idea of incarnation because it was clear that he had lessons that could well be learned on this plane. He has incarnated now, rather than fifty years ago, because now the earth plane is ready for what he offers.

In summary, a wanderer is a being who has evolved on other planes up to a certain point of high second density or beyond. Beings below that level of density are not yet evolved enough to make the decision to move into the earth plane. Wanderers are beings of high second density or beyond—third, fourth, fifth, sixth—who make the decision to move into the illusion of earth plane to teach and to learn. 1 That they thus choose indicates that they are spiritually awakened, not fully so but enough to choose. Regardless of what density they have been, as soon as they move into incarnation they are third density and they are fully human. They may think they do not wish to be third density and here on Earth, once they wake up here to the fact of their decision; but some higher wisdom within them has agreed to it. Whatever skills they may have had, whatever wisdom and understanding, there are still compelling reasons why they have chosen incarnation; there are necessary areas of learning. We have barely touched the surface. I lay this before you as background.

I wish at this point to pass the microphone, as it were, to my brother/sister/friend of Q’uo, that it may offer its continued thoughts on what I have presented. As always, it is great joy to share this teaching. That is all.

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings and blessings to each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator.

May we thank each for calling us to your group. The privilege of blending our vibrations with your own as this circle sits in meditation is great. We encourage each to discriminate in choosing those thoughts which may seem to be of interest and value to you. These thoughts and opinions are our service and our gift to you. We make many errors and are not infallible. Consequently, it is well that each lay aside those thoughts of ours which are not recognized as a portion of your personal truth, for we would not be a stumbling block to you in your seeking.

This instrument knows a song, I Wonder As I Wander 2, and each of you has wandered into this precise situation, wondering, seeking, hoping, yearning for love, for truth, for beauty, for peace. We, too, have wandered. We seek with fervent hope the truth receding before us always, infinitely.

Each age, each culture has its wandering spirits. Within the framework of your present civilization, the scope of wanderers may be seen to have been extended, as the consciousness of the vast universe as native land and home becomes more and more a portion of the cultural ethos or setting of mind. Once the wanderer was one who literally walked, being upon a path of seeking, moving from one wise teacher to another. Within your present experience the wandering is often that only of the mind, of the heart, and not of the weary feet.

As the days of your millennium grow most short, the seeking and hungering for truth has increased, activating a great process of transformative birthing. Each who seeks may now rest in the knowledge that he is no longer alone, for many awaken now to wonder. And in that wondering, in that searching—first intrigued, then fascinated and finally transformed—the nascent seeker of truth arises from the peaceful condition of acceptance of consensus reality, shakes the dust of sleep from foot and eye and starts the journey, the wandering, the leaving of one home which is no longer home. Upon this dusty path lie, oh, so many marvelous and frightening events. Adventure is the companion of the wanderer. Joy and sorrow aplenty rest within its quiver.

What is the definition of wanderer? Beneath all specific details, the wanderer is one upon a journey without an ending, seeking a home in a land where there is no home, sailing upon a sea which has no port, no land, but only infinite voyaging. Upon this sea, this ocean, the rudder that stabilizes and steers the ship is the spirit within. Within this inner heart or spirit lies home. How to move through this vast ocean of sense experience skillfully is always hidden within the very air you breathe, within that which you hear and sense and think. To the seeker who pays attention come myriad clues and cues. Listen! Hark! The call has gone out.

There are many beings with each of you, hoping and wishing to serve by strengthening each servant of the light. When each goes into that inner sanctum in prayer, in meditation, in contemplation, we ask each to rest in the knowledge that those who seek to serve the infinite Creator wait to support and nurture by sharing vibrations within meditation, by sharing that seeker’s own meditative energies. We have no complex scheme to offer you so that you may know more about yourselves. We are here as companions in this wandering. We, too, seek and hope and wander still.

We thank this instrument and this group for asking for our service. We look forward to working with your queries throughout this series of sessions. We salute our brother Aaron, and once again bless each of you. How we love you, you who are in the fog, in the mist, wondering, “Is any of this worthwhile? What is this for?” Thank you most heartily for your attention.

We leave each of you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of the principle of Q’uo. Adonai.

I am Aaron. It would help this instrument if the fabric which covers the monitor would be placed over the monitor. Thank you. I will be brief. Time is an illusion but your energy is not. The spiritual energy and love that you bring to this session is very high, but the physical bodies are tired. I wish only to offer a metaphor suggested by Q’uo’s speaking of the mist that beclouds your journey.

Last month Barbara spent several days on a canoe trip in a very remote wilderness chain of lakes. In early morning’s light, she emerged from her tent each morning and found the lake covered with such a dense mist that one could not see beyond eight or ten feet. These were big lakes: eight miles long, a mile across. She found much joy paddling out into the mist where she sat in her canoe and meditated, drifting in that opacity. There was no sense of direction. Since she had only visual balance, even up and down lost meaning except for her weight sitting in the bottom of that canoe. There were no visual cues at all. She experimented, first paddling out into the lake with some vigor, then stopping and sitting, looking around and seeing the slight arisings of fear when all was obscured around her. She knew she was safe. There were no motor boats on this lake to run her over. If for some reason the fog did not lift, she could call out for help and one of her sons would come in another canoe. She knew she was safe. She found it wonderful to rest in this illusion of total obscuration. She found much parallel to the illusion of incarnation, the sense, “I don’t know where I’m going. Can that be okay? Can I just rest here and enjoy the wonder of watching the mist rise off the water?”

As the canoe drifted in total silence, occasionally it drifted into the field of a loon, duck or goose, as there were many waterfowl on this lake. Since Barbara does not hear, she had no auditory warning that their presence was immediate until they entered that ten-foot circle around her and she could see them. At first there were fears: “What if I drift into something?” Slowly fear was relaxed: “I am safe. I don’t need to see far ahead or far behind. In this moment I am safe, and the wonders of the universe will unfold right here in this small circle of vision.” What intense joy she felt as fear relaxed and she allowed herself to be fully present in this small circle where the illusion was penetrated, where the water and mist met.

She found that each morning as the sun rose (and it took several hours before it got high enough), it burned off the mist and the circle of clarity expanded. She watched herself grasping at that clarity at first, wanting the mist to rise, wanting to be able to see. And then she found as days passed, she let go of that desire, found that she could be present with the mist without hurrying it away. Can you hurry it? Can you force the sun to rise? When the sun finally got high enough, the mist burned off quickly. Within a quarter hour of your time, the horizon expanded all the way to the shore, mist still dwelling at the treetops but the lake now visible.

I ask you each to draw this metaphor into your own lives. Part of your incarnation is agreement to this veil. It is wonderful that you come here to seek answers for yourselves and all beings. I deeply honor you for that. But I ask you to ask yourselves, can you metaphorically sit in the bottom of this canoe and trust that the mist will rise when it is ready? I ask you to trust your lives, not struggling in fear, within the illusion that is meant to teach you.

You also wish to penetrate the illusion but not to deny the illusion. This relative reality is illusion. Those of you who are wanderers tend to want to deny that illusion, to return to shore, to return home with a clarity; but you entered the illusion with your free will, and with great wisdom you opened your heart to the illusion and asked to become teachers and learners in that illusion. Trust that illusion, my dear ones.

I echo here Q’uo’s statement: I am not infallible. What I offer you comes from my heart, and I offer it in loving service. If it in any way is not harmonious with your own deepest truth, please put it aside. My deepest love to each of you, and my gratitude that you have joined together for this teaching, learning and sharing.

May I ask you, whatever meditation you may enter tonight or in the morning, will you visualize yourself in that canoe literally? Note the arising of fear as your canoe moves away from land and you cannot see. Sit there in the bottom of that canoe, arms and paddle at rest, allowing whatever drifts into your presence to be there, neither grasping nor pushing away. Sit with the simple reflection: How can I more fully open my energy to the incarnation, complete with its illusion? That is all. I return you to Q’uo, should Q’uo wish to speak.

[Q’uo recognized the group’s fatigue and the session was ended.]

  1. This statement is slightly difference from the Confederation’s definition of wanderer, which says that wanderers are beings who incarnate into third density from higher densities to aid and to learn. 

  2. Appalachian folk song; music and lyrics collected by John Jacob Niles, 1933.