Today we will have a session of questions and answers from those in the circle.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a vast pleasure and a doughty privilege to share in this circle of seeking and to share our thoughts with you at this time. We thank each of you for coming together to seek truth and we only hope that our thoughts may prove to be a resource that has a way of being helpful. If there are thoughts that we share that do not seem valuable at this time we do ask that you leave them behind and do not take them with you to worry them over as though you should believe or think in the ways that we offer, for this is not our grasp of our relationship with you. We do not see ourselves as being wiser than those within third density but merely in a somewhat different illusion, and, therefore, in somewhat different circumstances. Yet we, as you, seek to know and yet do not know. We simply have come to hold fairly settled opinions, and as is the way of things spiritual our truths move constantly into the unknown, as do your own. Thusly, there is always the contradiction, the tangle, the knot of attempting to understand that which can only be embodied.

As this is a question and answer session, we will save our philosophizing for the queries themselves and would ask at this time if there is a beginning question?

Yes. I have noticed recently and periodically throughout my life that I have been absolutely full of energy and there is a floating in and out of a semi-lucid state wherein in my daily activities I am going through the motions but my consciousness is in a different state of mind, if you will. Can you comment on this experience in terms of what its nature is to myself and to seekers in general?

We are Q’uo, and would be glad to comment upon this thoughtful question. There are ways in which we must avoid speaking in order to preserve for you the free will of your own learning. However, we may comment upon two phenomena which often occur when those who work metaphysically make contact with new people who are the so-called birds of a feather that flock together, as this instrument would say.

The first phenomenon is that of the energizing by situation; that is, when a seeker moves into an environment in which it perceives spiritual power, that perceived power functions not only as a blessing of a place but can also set up resonance within the individual seeking so that which energizes the location energizes also those within that location. This is quite common to those of your people as they begin what this instrument would call the conversion or the beginning of new fundamental concepts used to enhance the personal spiritual journey.

The second phenomenon which is also fairly common is that of the awakening of and flow of energy which is energized by contact with entities with which one has a particularly good dynamic. The energizing, for instance, of this instrument about which we spoke at another of your workings occurred immediately within this instrument when it opened to the energy of the group. It is not always so that the energy which moves from one to another is successful in moving circularly from that other back to the original sender which creates the open circuit between two such individuals. When the level of dynamic is sufficient this phenomenon continues to occur; that is, the circuit continues to be open. As long as this circulation or mutual transfer of energy is found to be a useful tool or resource each for the other, then the experience of feeling the energizing is well. If such a feeling seems to be too intense to be useful then there is simply the matter of moving back into the meditative state and asking within that state for the higher self or the guidance that you may think of as your own to adjust and stabilize such energy flow. It is not the place of this energy to lead the seeker, but rather it is the seeker’s place to accept and to attempt to regularize those energies which are incoming.

May we answer further, my brother?

That was very enlightening. Thank you. Related to this I have noted prior to today that when we offer a group question you respond in the framework of those gathered. The thoughts seem to be specifically fashioned to include the personal experiences that we have shared as a group. Is there a reason that you respond in this way, if my observation is correct? Is the preservation of free will related to this?

We are those of Q’uo and believe that we grasp your query. That which we give this instrument is given based upon that which lies deeper than words within the group or circle that is asking the question. That is, when there is a group question it is our hope to be able to, for want of a better term, understand that question with as many nuances and layers of depth as resides not only in the words of the question but also within those complexes of thought which each present proceeded through in order to arrive at just that query.

Thusly, we are responding to emotional/mental configurations of energy and this colors, shall we say, the bare words the instrument offers as it processes the concepts received. There is further coloration as to the specific individuals within the group due to the instrument’s own mind complex which she plunders in order to, as she would say, nail together the structure of words which she uses to contain the concepts which we offer, for we do not offer words usually. Most usually we offer concepts and these concepts are then clothed in words which the instrument chooses. The instrument thusly may use examples from its own experiences or thoughts which have been flowing through the mind prior to the contact. On these two levels the distortion increases from universal wisdom to that which is received from a particular essence or source through a particular instrument at a particular nexus in space and time.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Thank you. Two weeks ago in one of these sessions as you responded to the query you responded very specifically to a question that had been on my mind which had to do with Hatonn’s presence in the group responding to a call from the group. My thoughts had to do with feeling gratitude and wishing to offer service in return to Hatonn but I did not verbalize that question, but you responded to it anyway. The only reason that I ask is that I am becoming aware of my gifts which I seem to have; that is, thoughts having power such as wishing to send energy to Carla and it occurred. I ask that question because I would like to become aware of this gift so I might be more responsible with it. Could you comment, please?

We are those of Q’uo, and we fear that we have missed the thrust of your query. Could you restate its essence quickly, my brother?

Were you aware of the question that I did not speak, and, if so, how were you aware of it?

We are those of Q’uo, and grasp your query at this time. We thank you for being patient with us. As we said before, what we respond to is not just those words which are brought to meetings such as this one but also those things which are upon the mind, spoken or unspoken. It is not that we read the mind, for the mind is not a book, but rather that we sense the gradations of desire and when desire has a vector we can sense that which it aims at, shall we say.

These desires are that which we call “the call.” When we thank the circle for calling us to a meeting we are speaking as those who dwell within a certain vibrational range and broadcast within a certain range. And that which we pick up is that which is aimed at our range, not that one number on a dial is more advanced or better than another, but that there is a range of possible contact that is quite broad. When a new dynamic enters a group—and this is not difficult to see in a group that numbers less than ten—that new element then creates a new summation of call, and as the one known as Bob moved into harmony with this particular group that which it blended was a desire whose coloration included that of our brothers and sisters of Hatonn so this call was heard just as a radio that was set to a certain number on the dial would pick up broadcasts from that number.

The difference between hearing the desires and emotions of the group and reading the mind is that we are able to pick up that which is of the emotion without infringement upon the privacy of one’s thoughts. We do not move into the phenomena of mentation that go on within the mind and simply read them off.

Does this answer your query, my brother?

Yes. When I find myself in these semi-lucid states there are times that I find myself in a flow of information that deals with everything from things going on in my personal life to people around me, and in some instances to flashes of supposedly past life experiences and how they affect what is occurring today. Can you tell me what the source of this information is? Am I establishing contact with my higher self?

We are Q’uo, and believe we grasp your query, my brother. We give this instrument the picture of the starfish who reaches out and touches the sandy bottom of the sea this way and this way and this way, each tentacle or point of the starfish reaching in a different direction. The starfish may be thought to consider itself as reaching out into all parts of the universe, for it reaches in a complete circle. The consciousness that each entity carries about during each incarnative experience is that consciousness which has points that reach out in all directions on one level and then on the next, and then on the next, and then on the next, so that there are universes within universes within universes which dwell within that which you are.

Indeed, not only does the entity carry within those understandings of the incarnation with all of that depth and breadth of experience within incarnation there is also carried within memory of all that has been experienced and this memory is contained in progressively deeper and more spacious containments or structures which hold one level of information. There is the high subconscious, that which feeds the dreams and so forth, that is the easiest to touch into while at the conscious state.

The phenomena which you experience at this time is to a great extent coming from that high subconscious level. There are some who consider that there dwells within this level of mind that higher self or guidance which can move from the subconscious up through the threshold of consciousness into the living day of conscious mind. This is a process to be encouraged. Further, there are levels of mind progressively more profound and progressively more spacious in terms of the amount of light which illuminates and fills consciousness. These levels are of the lower subconscious and contain that racial history which is the consciousness of the second-density physical vehicle which supports and carries your consciousness. There are inner guides within these darker and more obscure levels of consciousness. There in the deep portions of mind exist the mind of the archetypes, and, indeed, ultimately the ground of consciousness becomes that which is and that which is is the Creator Itself.

Thusly, it is as though within the mind there lie temples whose doors are carefully guarded, and as one moves into the process of seeking the truth in a persistent and sacrificial manner one begins to trigger or put the key into some of those temple doors. It is, we feel, helpful to experience such flows of the information which lies within and to keep some record of such trains of thought when they occur. For the most part these trains of thought are subconscious material which the practices of meditation and contemplative analysis are encouraging and enhancing.

May we answer further, my brother?

No. Thank you for your answers and your patience with me as I attempt to ask these questions that are often hard to phrase.

We are Q’uo. My brother, we have the same difficulty with our answers and we throw ourselves upon your mercy as well.

Is there a further query at this time?

Greetings in the love and light. Could you restate what you said earlier about trying to learn the truth that can only be embodied in another way, and perhaps add to it?

We are Q’uo, and are glad to speak more upon this concept. There are many ways to think about the spirit, the life of the spirit, and its evolution. Because of the condition of physical incarnation it is only natural to look at any process of learning as a process of gathering facts, making inferences, proving postulates, and then using these new axioms to create further knowledge. However, the world of spirit is specifically and thoroughly non-rational. It does not build from one fact to two and from two to three. Rather, it exists and those sparks of it which are walking about differentiated by energy fields which are called bodies…

We find we have started a sentence we cannot finish through this instrument, so we shall drop back and try again.

Those who seek tend to put a great emphasis upon learning the truth. However, that which is true lies already as the heart and soul of all that depends therefrom, including the energy field which is each seeker’s location or body in space and time. Thusly, one may add fact upon fact upon fact, all in the name of spiritual seeking, and become an entity whose head is filled with many, many facts. However, the journey of spirit is a journey from head to heart and that which comes from or through the consciousness of an entity in the way of the basic vibration, the basic way of perceiving, that is the clearest indication and gift of self to spirit which seekers are capable of offering.

Far more high, if you will, or exalted are the puzzled, confusing thoughts of one who loves with the whole heart than those words, however wonderful, which build an intellectual house for truth or have a central place for the heart. It is the heart that holds truth. It is the heart that can be disciplined to show those truths which now seem murky to the mind. It is the heart from which will, hope and faith journey into expression. It is the heart that gives meaning to the whole. The function of the intellect is the prosecution of that which needs to be done in order to make the physical being comfortable and happy within the world.

We do not denigrate the use of the intellect. We were simply affirming our opinion, which is that the truth embodied by the seeker is a far more whole and full truth than any words, however brilliant.

May we answer further, my brother?

Could you express in another way the comment to discipline the heart will show the truth that is already in there?

We are those of Q’uo, and shall attempt to do so, my brother. Picture, if you will, the color and energy of anger. Not anger at an object, but that emotion. Perhaps you might even see within a certain color—or complement of the color—this is the coloration which you as an entity at present give to a truth which is called emotion. Picture, then, that color and texture which is the shape of love, of joy, of healing, of grief, and so forth. These deep feelings, shall we call them, are truths. And they are not in their pure state either limited in any way, or of negative connotation, or positive connotation.

Much of metaphysical thought has been given to creating logical structures which explain spiritual concepts throughout the history of your peoples, and this is a universal bias in favor of that which can be seen and measured. It is difficult for entities to perceive of their own emotions as pure, and indeed they are not normally experienced purely. Normally, the experience of emotion has strong moral, mental and emotional reservations, limitations and colorations.

As the seeker grows in experience throughout the incarnation, it may choose to begin to look at that which is being experienced as it is being experienced with an eye to lessening the emotional biases which are coloring and often creating pain through that emotion, for once such coloration can be perceived by the seeker it can be grasped and gradually laid aside so that we experience, for example, grief and can move from [it] being a rending and tearing inner experience to an experience of channeling, as this instrument would say, a purer and less limited form of that emotion.

Once one takes the bars down that hold perceived emotion in one particular structure, that emotion can begin to express more purely, and as the seeker grows in self-knowledge more and more those imposed limitations can be dropped away and the deeper emotions can then be channeled through the functioning, living mechanism in less and less difficult ways and more and more deeply true ways.

May we answer further, my brother?

This is difficult for me to grasp. Are you saying to encourage the heart to work with each coloration of emotion to distill it to more pure and universal light of truth as you work through it, and in the process dissolve the contractions and blockages associated with it?

We are those of Q’uo, and you grasp the gist of our answer, my brother.

Thank you for that answer. It is very interesting. It would be great to hold hands and run from star to star and jump all over the place.

We are Q’uo, and thank you, my brother. We shall meet you as you dream and explore.

We are those of Q’uo. Is there a final query at this time?


We are those of Q’uo. What a thing it is, dear ones, to open the heart. What great adventures lie before each. What great puzzlement, bewilderment, as well as joy await each. We thank you once again that of all the places upon your Earth you chose to come together to share with us hope and love and the desire to know the truth. You enable us to serve and we most humbly thank you.

At this time we would take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each in the love and the light of that which is wonderful, the one infinite Creator, that Thought of love that created all that there is. We are those of Q’uo, and we bid you adonai.