How should we deal with negativity in our daily round of activities, from situations that we perceive as negative, to people who would like to control us? What is the best way to deal with negativity, a situation, a person or even a thought in our own being?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for this privilege of being called to your circle of seeking. We thank each of you for the seeking, the desire, and the persistence that has brought you to this place at this time. We thank you because you have blessed us with the ability to serve in the way in which we have hoped to serve by being within your Earth’s spheres at this time. To be able to share our opinions and our thoughts is all that we could ever hope to do. We have been limited, and will continue to be limited, by those who offer us their service as channels. And so when there is a group and a channel and we are able to be among you to enter into your sense experiences, to feel and sense anew the courage and the stamina that it takes to seek by faith alone, we are overcome by appreciation, and we thank each one of you for all that you have endured in order to be able to seek and to hope and to wish to live in faith, for that is what we come to suggest to people: that there is a center to that life which does not end.

There is heart to the truth. And that center and that heart is love. Love is a pale and useless word, almost, because your peoples have used it in so many, many ways. We use it in the sense of unconditional and freely given love, the loving that persists when there is no return, when there is no obvious reason to continue to love. This is the love in whose vibration we come and in whose vibration you each have also come into incarnation because all that there is, is love. The raw material of your universe is love interacting with light in order to produce energy fields. Each of you is an energy nexus, a complex of vibrations and fields of energy. And this complex of vibrations is as your name or your signature. We do not need to know the names that you are called by in order to recognize each soul, for as you come to us, as you sit in meditation, you are as the song that is sung, or the painting that is before the eye, every detail, every nuance so beautifully collected. We are aware of how rattled and how chaotic you find your own selves. The heavy illusion in which you now enjoy living is specifically designed to promote confusion and being lost and at sea and unable to order the universe by means of your intellect. This is what your illusion is supposed to do, to pull you off that intellectually safe balance point from which you may carefully judge and logically grade all incoming sensory data, thereby insuring that your universe shall continue to be as you have set it up to be.

The Creator, wishing to aid in developing each spark of love in each unique way, is delighted to offer each entity those confusions and difficulties and losses and limitations which shall involve the seeker in learning those lessons to do with love and loving for which you took incarnation, for each of you here has personal work to do. Each of you came to incarnation carefully choosing your relationships, your gifts of personality and character, and aiming that self within incarnation at the kind of life and the kind of learning which you and your higher self felt would be the most helpful use of your incarnation, for this time within physical incarnation is rare and valuable. The opportunity to live by faith alone is given only to the density in which you are now enjoying the experience of living.

So as you ask the question about dealing with those entities which come into the experience with seeming negative service to offer, our first comment, shall we say, is to move back to that beginning [of] all things which is love, the one original Thought, that Logos that is Love Itself, that Love that is the All-Self, the Creator. It is well to move back always to one’s basis for being, to be sure the feet are standing upon solid metaphysical ground. Starting with unconditional love is always correct and accurate as a mental or logical beginning. Now, as sparks of that original love, each of you has, through many incarnations, distorted in various ways this original vibration. And each of you basically yearns to more and more closely approach the original vibration which is unconditional love. So in that sense each of you is seeking to become the Creator, seeking to be lost completely in unconditional love. This thirst and hunger that you have to be closer to the source and the ending of all things is that thirst and hunger that the awakened spirit feels.

Once you have awakened to your spiritual identity, you cannot go back to sleep. You have to see your life and your priorities from that point on in a way which deals with the fact that you are now on a journey whose end you do not know, whose next steps you may not know. And you are on this journey with nothing more than your hopes and dreams and some companions along the way.

So as you interact with the people about you it is well again and again to move back into the awareness of the self as a vibration of metaphysical self, as that self which overshadows the illusion and the problems and concerns of that illusion. Whatever the day-to-day actions, behaviors and thoughts concerning dealing with negatively oriented entities, it is well always to come back to the remembrance of who and what you truly are, for in realizing more and more fully your own nature you are becoming more and more aware of the nature of those about you. Many are the entities in your world that prefer to gaze upon the self with different priorities. Those priorities may seem very negative. In actuality, most entities upon your planet are neither [very positive] nor very negative but, rather, are in a gravity well, in between those two polarities, neither working hard enough to serve others to polarize towards that path, or working hard enough to gather power and control over others to progress along the polarization towards the negative path.

The great temptation for one who is seeking to serve is to forget that all other entities in your creation are identical to you, in that both of you are of the one great original Thought. No matter how deep the imperfections of that entity may seem, the basic nature of that entity is congruent with your own, for each is perfect. The distortions are apparent in the illusion. All those who go through incarnation in third density distort the vibration of infinite love. The one you know as Jesus distorted this love. It is impossible to live and experience a lifetime in third density without distorting appreciably that original vibration. It is for developing these distortions that you came to this experience.

From the level of soul to soul, then, whether you are gazing at someone whom you feel is acting in a petty way, or you find someone being critical in a small way, or you find someone being righteously indignant, or you find someone willing to massacre thousands, no matter how widely distributed along apparent diversity the souls you meet are, each of them is an image of you. Each of them tells you something about who you are, including that dark side entities may not wish to explore. And so, from that soul level, the question of what to do with this entity becomes less than difficult in that from that level each entity is to be loved as you love yourself. To love the Creator, to love the self, and to love others as the self; these are very simple suggestions, and from that soul level they are fairly comprehensive instructions.

Now, it is often not on the soul level from which entities wish to move. And when one leaves that safe ground, shall we say, metaphysically speaking, of loving from the soul level unconditionally, the ground becomes rapidly much less simple. The terrain can be very puzzling, and so if one does not wish simply to express love or to feel love for another, or to move lovingly without disturbing another, one then has to take some responsibility to look at the self, to look at the gifts of the self, to look at the lessons that you feel that you are working on as a seeking entity, to see, as this instrument would say, to see where you are coming from. Are you objecting to this entity from a red-ray point of view? Do you find the negative actions of this entity to threaten yourself, or someone else, or people in general? Are you coming to the question, “How do I deal with this entity?” from an orange-ray energy where you do not know how to relate to this one entity that you feel that you have to make a connection with as an individual? Or are you coming to dealing with this entity from the standpoint of a person being in a group; that is, using the yellow-ray energy? Or are you coming to this person from the open heart? Or from that level of communication or even from that indigo-ray energy of work in consciousness?

All of these levels of connection with other entities have their own best ways of expressing, and I think that it aids the entity to grasp exactly where the energy [is] moving from and where you would hope that it would go to.

Once that you have fairly well become satisfied with your own self-knowledge of why you have singled this entity out to practice on, shall we say, then you can look at the gifts that you have. Do they include more nonverbal or more verbal skills? Is your gift more in the line of praying for an entity or speaking with an entity? The gifts that one has are important. It is well to think [of this] when you are seeking the highest and best way that you can be with someone else and very helpful to know what you have that might be of service. So often the gifts that one has, if used well, create a life experience that is utterly different than that entity who, gazing at its gifts, chooses instead to move in a way in living and working in relationships that is logically or mentally thought out and makes good sense but may not be a comfortable habitation for that eternal creature that you are.

Let us think now in terms of what that entity that is acting negatively would wish of you, for in giving service to others entities find themselves in very confusing waters. Perhaps the most common mistake that positively-oriented seekers make is the mistake of feeling that they know what another entity needs. Indeed, it is the work of some patience to come to that place where you are willing to wait until you are asked in order to attempt to be of service. This sounds very simple but is very difficult when you feel that you have something to say that will help another. When this feeling hits there is the urge to share, and we do not say that this is wrong. We simply say that it may not be service to others, for what entities desire they shall ask for, and it is when that other entity asks that that precious gift of service may then be shared.

In truth, we do not feel that there is one way for all people to treat all people, for if each entity were perfectly in harmony with each other entity this would not be third density. Before the matter is investigated it would seem obvious that the better that each entity treats each other entity the more harmonious and beautiful the experience of living. And yet the collisions that occur when intimacy is sought either with the self or with others are not harmonious and from the standpoint of each individual within the illusion of mortality and space and time it simply seems impossible that one will ever know enough. And one comes to the conclusion that one does not know much at all. And when one comes to this realization it is a great gift because the great mistakes are made by those who think they know exactly what to do. And there is great healing in the awareness that not only do you not know but that you are not supposed to know, and you are not here to know the right thing. But rather you are here to experience and to learn and to share the essence of yourself with the planet that you came to love and serve. And this is not that which is spoken. This is not that which begins with working with another entity. This is that which begins with breathing in and breathing out. Here is your vocation, in the living, in being, in the breathing, in being where you are with your senses alert and your heart open, paying attention to that moment that is the only such moment that you ever shall have.

So, again and again, one comes back to the fact that in the illusion you must follow your gifts, know yourself as well as possible, and then share the self as honestly, as lovingly, and as much in accordance with those gifts that you have as possible. In this you shall again and again fail. You shall find that you have said what you would not say. You shall find that you shall allow moments to go by when you wished you had said something but could not find the courage. See all of this, if you can and when you can, as nothing more than the grist for the mill, as the one known as Ram Dass has said. And when you perceive negativity, see yourself and say to yourself, “I am that also.” For each has that dark side that is so shiningly mirrored for you. And if you see this again and again then that gives one pause for thought. “Why have I invited this? Why did I feel that [I] needed this rasp roughing up the surface of my life? What does this image of myself tell me that I need to know?” For you are that self and the appropriate emotion is always love.

When inappropriate emotions are felt, however, we cannot say that it is wrong to express those feelings which may sound negative, for it may be your gift to that person to take away the mask and give that entity another way to think about the negativity that that person is doing. There is no one way to relate. You must simply toss upon the waters those actions and those words that you would most want to be shared. And know that each word that you say and each action that you do is not what it seems, and that the ripples of each action and each word will become confused and will tangle in to other actions and other energies that you have set in motion.

There is an art to becoming clear enough within the self that the self becomes almost transparent. The art in this is that when the self becomes enough transparent then the self does not any longer relate so much to the mirror images that come within one’s view. If that dark side of self is seen clearly enough already, then the emotions arising in response to that negative person coming into your purview is perhaps a small disturbance, an awareness of disharmony, perhaps not even that. The more work that you do in knowing, forgiving and accepting yourself, the less work that you shall have to do vis à vis other selves. And the more powerfully you defend, understand and respect that dark side of yourself, the less you shall have to defend against the dark side of others.

Each within the group has had experiences with negative energy, had run-ins and painful times with disharmonious entities, and each has that sense of wishing to make it all better. And you may do precisely that at any moment that you choose by stepping back into the remembrance of the one great original Thought. You are doing nothing more and nothing less than vibrating in the original vibration that is your true nature. The rest is details. May you enjoy the details of your life. Knowing them to be temporary does not make one less fond and appreciative of the opportunity to live and love and seek in a world in which by faith alone can one find one’s way. May you love as you are loved. May you love each other, care for each other, pray for each other, carry each other’s burdens, tell the truth to each other, and bring each other home.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and leave it in the love and the light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves to speak to any other queries that those present may have for us. Is there another query at this time?

We were talking before the meeting about how positive channels go awry, and I was wondering if there was anything that you wanted to add to that discussion?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that you have covered those external appearances and experiences which groups such as this group have suffered in the loss of their original contact and its replacement by sources of information that are perhaps other than desired. The only further comment that we would make would be that those who have the honor and responsibility of serving as instruments for contacts such as ourselves would do well to examine carefully the qualities and responsibilities of such an instrument. The exploration of this service is that which is often not undertaken by those who seek to serve as instrument. It is too often the case that entities are so overwhelmed by the experience that they seek only to continue as they have previously in their efforts at being instruments and channels for information, whereas it is most helpful for each entity serving as an instrument [to] become aware of the necessity for preparing the self for this work, not only in the daily round of activities and in the type of standards that one wishes to keep for the self, but in the actual performance of the service, that is to say in the tuning of one’s own internal mechanism, the setting of the desires of the personal nature aside for this time of service and the exercising of the tuning, as we find it has been described by this group, the setting of the internal radio dial, if we may use this radio analogy, to the highest source that one can stably maintain.

The ability to discriminate between spirits is also an exercise which is well undertaken by all who would serve as instruments, for it is indeed a crowded universe and many are those spirits who would seek access to those instruments that they might speak and do as they will with or without regard to the welfare of the instrument or the group to which they speak. Thus, one wishing to serve as instrument finds that quality within the self that is the foundation stone upon which they stand in the discrimination between contacts. It is well for the one serving as instrument to find that quality for which it lives and for which it would die if necessary, and in the name of that quality, or entity, or concept, challenge those contacts which wish to speak through it; that they ask if they come in the name of—for this instrument in particular—the Christ consciousness, for others, perhaps, Jesus the Christ, for others, perhaps, the quality of love, of service to others, and so forth. When those who wish to serve as instruments have mastered the ability to tune the self and to challenge those entities who wish to speak through their instrument, then we feel that the one who wishes to serve as instrument has prepared itself well and is then able to enter into this service in a fashion which can be sustained and in a fashion which may truly be of service to others.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again. Is there another query at this time?

I would like to serve as an instrument one day. How can I practice discriminating between contacts?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The practice of the discrimination between contacts is undertaken best when done with the assistance of an experienced instrument that will work with you on a periodic basis so that it is able to assist you in this discrimination in its initial stages.

Is there a further query?

Yes. Perhaps later, since I forgot what it was.

Is there any other query at this time?

Are you speaking of working with someone in the physical or in time/space when practicing this skill?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. For the vast majority of entities within your third-density illusion we would suggest that entities work with teachers within the third density who are themselves instruments and who are willing to work with those who wish to learn this service.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I would bet that P would love to have a message from you. I am pretty sure that she is scraping the ground in low spirits right now.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your request, my sister, though it is somewhat difficult to speak to an entity who is not present within this circle of seeking and who, herself, has not requested a speaking for her.

We are aware that this entity and others as well suffers its own form of anguish in its current experience. To all those who feel the suffering and the difficult circumstances we would ask that each take a time during the daily round of activities each day and sit in meditation, releasing all the fears, the doubts, the worries of the day, letting these fall aside for this moment, and within this moment seek the presence of the one infinite Creator. Rest therein for as long as one is able and feel the unity once again with all that is. Feel the center once again to the self. Feel the feet upon firm metaphysical ground. Feel again the hand of the one Creator moving within the life pattern. Feel the love and light of this one Creator coursing through one’s being. Feel those special touches of heart to heart that are available in these times of seeking the One. Rest in this nourishing flow of experience, and when it feels appropriate move once again into your third-density illusion. Feel the quiet and peace of the meditative state moving with you and ever available as a resource within as one moves in this daily round of activities that brings the challenges, the catalyst, the opportunity to use that which one knows in the heart, the opportunities to love where it does not seem that love would go, to bring light to those who move in darkness, to become as a beacon, one who gives the love and light of the one Creator to all those about one. In such situations, many are the doubts, shadows and fears that will fall by the wayside as one continues to seek the inspiration of the one Creator in daily meditation.

We would remind each that all that lies before you you have placed there for a purpose that is of a service-to-others orientation. There is light in each doubtful situation. There is love in each fear-filled heart that can erase the fear and remove the doubt. It is not an easy journey, nor would you wish it so, for there is much to be gained by bringing love and light where there is darkness and doubt. We wish each seeker a good journey through this illusion, for there are many sideroads that can distract, confuse and fill [one] with fear. But there is always love and light from the one Creator available to each within one’s own heart. Never could it be closer. There seek to find the nourishment that will carry each of you that await on your journey of seeking the one Creator.

Is there a further query?

I am aware that dreams give us needed messages from the subconscious, but if one is not able to remember these messages in dreams, is there a way to work in the conscious state to aid their remembering?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The subconscious portions of each entity’s mind are filled with the patterns of the incarnative experience and send various portions of these lessons and experiences to the conscious mind in the form of the dream, that there might be a dialogue with the conscious entity seeking to uncover the treasures of the subconscious mind. In order to be able to work with these dream images it is well that the seeker send a message to the subconscious mind that it is ready to work upon those messages in dreams. This may be done by reminding the self before bedtime to attempt to remember one dream this night, to further reinforce this desire by placing the appropriate instruments to record the dream whenever one is able to remember the dream, whether it is shortly after the dream or upon waking in the morning. It is through the constant repetition to the self, the subconscious mind, that one wishes to work with these dreams that the subconscious mind will become convinced that the conscious self is serious and serious in this desire, and will then begin to release to the conscious mind dreams which will be able to be remembered.

Thus, it is a matter of setting up a dialogue with the subconscious mind and to express one’s sincerity to continue this dialogue by the continued repetition of remembering the recording devices, whether they be the tape recorder, the pencil, the pad, the flashlight or whatever. In this repetition, then, lies the building of a bridge betwixt the conscious and subconscious portion of one’s own mind.

Is there a final query at this time?

Is the setting aside of the personal worries as one is about to serve as instrument the same as activating the magical personality?

I am Q’uo, and we would answer in the affirmative, for when one wishes to work upon the experiences and services of an instrument, one is indeed working in the time/space portion of the magical or metaphysical self. Thus, when one is able to see the concerns of the day, label them as they are, see them put in their box, see the box set aside, then one is entering into that portion of the unmanifested self that is called by some the magical personality or by others the higher self. Thus, one is also with this work establishing the bridge betwixt the space/time illusion in which you find yourself now working and the time/space portion of this illusion in which one works as a metaphysical personality.

Is there a further query?

Should one work on that during regular meditations?

We feel we grasp your query. If one works in the meditative state to set aside the waking consciousness and its concerns in order to establish the magical personality to serve as an instrument it is well that this be done only in a circle of seeking such as this one so that the new instrument has the experience and protection of the experienced instrument and the circle of seeking as well. An individual doing this work alone would be unable to make the initial discriminations to serve in a stable fashion for positive contacts.

Is there any further query?

No. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and thank you once again, my brother. And at this time we would thank each once again for inviting our presence to your circle of seeking this day. As always, it is a great honor and privilege for us to be invited to join you for during this time we are able to partake for the moment in the intensity, the variety, and the vividness of your illusion and are able to serve in our own humble way by offering the opinions and experiences that we have found helpful in our own journey of seeking. We would, however, advise each to use personal discrimination to decide which words we have spoken that are useful to you in your own journey. Please leave behind any word or concept that does not ring true to you. If any word does not ring true to you it is not useful at this time no matter how much it may shine.

We are those of Q’uo, and we leave each in the love and light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.