We would like Q’uo to give us information as to how we can determine what our true heart’s desire is, that which is more central to the evolution of our soul rather than what we think we want as we go through our daily lives. We are wondering what you can tell us about determining and discovering what our true desire is.

(Carla channeling)

I am of those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. We bless and thank you for calling us to your circle on this autumn day. The creation of your illusion is most beautiful at this harvest time of year, and we have enjoyed the glimpses that are within your minds of the beauty of these past days. Truly, yours is a lovely plane of illusion, and we greatly enjoy blending our vibrations with yours at this time. As always, we would ask that you listen to our words, not as words of authority, but as opinion from fellow pilgrims along a dusty road. It is often that those who walk upon this road may be the hands and the voice of the Creator for others upon that road also. For each of you is most definitely a receiver and transmitter of energy.

You ask this afternoon concerning energy, for that is the very heart of desire. The energy of desire [fills] the universe in which each entity lives for that entity. The human body takes a certain kind of nourishment, craves a certain kind of liquid to quench the thirst of activity and work done. And just so the desires of the heart, both those known and those unknown, have tremendous power to shape circumstance in order that opportunities might be offered to learn more concerning those desires.

Let us talk for a moment about desire and energy. When we speak to you using this instrument’s voice, the sound you are hearing is a vibratory energy. The bodies which you enjoy the use of during this experience are made of overlapping and cooperating fields of energy. As a unique citizen of eternity you have a core vibration which is a distortion of the great original Thought which is Love. Each of you distorts that core vibration of love in such and such a way, creating for yourselves a signature that is as unmistakable as the name and certainly more rich in information offered about the self in comparison to the naming. So your very nature is vibration and, indeed, the nature of all manifest and created things is energetic. All things are vibratory energy fields.

Those upon your level appear solid and real and yet they are tremendously vulnerable to that entity who knows the higher road, who is able to work with that level of self which overarches the current incarnation. And as each of you has evolved you have had these times of realization of the great effect which your desires can have upon experience itself, and as this instrument is often known to say, you must be careful of what you desire for you will get it. For this is the nature of this experience. The whole human nature is geared towards the satisfying of desires. The heritage from your second-density body is a heritage of instinct to breathe, to eat, to procreate, and to survive. These are instinctual desires, but no more powerful than the desires that your consciousness had as it evolves.

Now let us look at how entities desire, how they may go about determining what their desire truly is. On the surface level, on that level which most entities of your density skate upon, not knowing that there is a universe under that skin of ice which is full of life and water and magic, desire is a very plain and simple thing: when the personality says, “I want this.” The response is according to its personality: the acquisitive person shall go and get that which is desired straight away and figure out how to pay for it later; the more chary conserver of the nest-egg will take the same desire but will carefully set aside that energy that is needed to achieve the desire. For most of those walking upon the skin of life and not into the ocean of it, the desires are fairly simple and are in the physical world. But something happens which turns the surface skater into a swimmer that can swim to the depths. A spiritual awakening occurs as surely as an alarm clock goes off and it is time to wake up. And, as each has found in this process of awakening to the metaphysical side of life, the desires of the heart become much more complicated and much less easy to satisfy. Yet in the way of enculturated humankind it is not unusual to see quite consciously aware entities still approaching the method of achieving desire in the same materialistic way that an entity would save up money to go see a certain movie, or to buy a certain product, or to get, as this instrument is so fond of getting, a new change of clothes.

And the desires of the heart are not commodities. Indeed, the desires of the heart are constantly in evolution just as your whole vibrator nexus of being is constantly in the process of becoming more of that which you truly are. This would seem to be difficult news to bear, for truly we do wish to satisfy our desires, once they are known. But because life for the seeker has become metaphysical, not to the exclusion of physicality but in the sense that the metaphysical universe is known to overarch and to order the manifested illusion, it would indeed seem that there may be better ways of approaching the question of what does one desire than simply to take the opinion off the top of the consciousness and start to try to figure out ways of achieving this conceived desire.

And indeed there are. Moving into a more skillful way of examining self and the self’s milieu is quite possible and not particularly difficult for the one who is moving to be silent and to allow unknowing to remain as it is until it will change. Let us think along the lines of computers for a moment as we often find that such an allegorical comparison is helpful when talking about the structure of the mind or the structure of consciousness. In the software of the computer there are bells and whistles to help you do that which you wish to do upon the computer, but they are not all of the same level. And hidden in many programs are many powerful subprograms that are not seen by the casual observer and are simply ignored with that ignorance that is bliss. They know not that deeper programs exist and they know not what use they would be. They are still [skating] on the surface. They are still asleep. And each of you as seekers have plunged into those infinite waters of consciousness and you have become aware of those deep voices within the mind, those presences, those principles that are personal and yet impersonal, that are the self and yet the oversoul of the self. And in the silence you can put the question: “What do I truly desire?” and then you can listen. Listening to that graceful and yet muscular silence is a discipline of the personality that will never disappoint the persistent listener. Simply allowing the distortions of the moment, the confusions of the day to slip away can put one into the heart’s sanctum sanctorum, that inner sacristy of silence and prayer where the Creator waits infinitely and patiently. The Creator awaits each of you within your own heart, within that deep silence that is within that room within the heart, for truly the holy of holies is within you, and within you are not only all of the instructions for this life and for this period of learning but, indeed, all of the instructions whatsoever for the you that you are before time was.

There is no end to that which can be sensed by one who is willing to stop and listen and remain without impulse. This instrument is very fond of an old Irish poem, the last verse of which is, “The peace of God it is no peace but strife closed within the sod, so brothers let us pray for one thing, the marvelous peace of God.” As you activate this holy of holies within, as you tabernacle with that great Logos which has created all that there is, you free from your deeper self and allow to move into conscious experience that self that is truly surrendered to service, to the service of the one infinite Creator, to the service of learning and expanding and evolving that you have committed yourself to in a personal way during this incarnation. We would not wish to do your work for you. We cannot make choices for you, but we can encourage each to seek for herself an ever deepening awareness of desire. For we feel that each will find that as he moves into that frame of mind that offers a different vantage point on the concerns of the day that in truth each desire that has seemed to have been thwarted has, in fact, simply not been an opportunity that was part of destiny. And why would this occur? Why would the entity desire and desire and try and try to achieve that desire and feel so completely failed when the attempts do not work?

It is because there is this assumption that desire equals the need to fulfill the desire. As before, we would say to a person skating upon the surface of life this is a logical and useful attitude. To those wishing to live a life in faith and service the attitude simply does not encompass the experience that you have set up for yourself as a seeker. Does this then mean that as one has awakened to one’s metaphysical identity one ceases to be able to achieve that which one desires? We cannot answer this for you, for some have a very clear idea of the deeper desires and others perhaps not as clear an understanding of their deeper desires. When you reach the bottom of the personal life, the incarnational mind, you find that the universe within is created as though for the first time in such a way that you have connections into the impersonal and Creator-filled realms that guide events within this realm. When you come to the end of your human ability to reason and to understand, you will come to a point of surrender, and this point of surrender is a [peak]. Working with the personality to see into the deeper energies of the self, you open and enable for yourself the underlying desire that feeds all of life. This level of desire is that which wounds in the flower, that which springs from the smile; or from the eyes. Each time you are able to get to the bottom of desire you will find that the base of that desire is the desire to cooperate faithfully and persistently with the destiny that has brought you all which you have so far enjoyed. At the back end of that great long train of desires you will find a little gay caboose that says, “I surrender. Not my will, but Thine.”

Perhaps this is bad news for those who wish to affect their lives in such and such a way. But we believe this to be the way things are in the metaphysical realm, for in that realm thoughts are things. Intentions of actions and desire is turned upon its head, blending for the citizen of eternity the desires of the self and the desires of the Creator, and as these two come slowly into synchronization, destiny becomes fluid and one finds oneself more and more easily able to pierce the illusions of desire to move into that heart which desires completely one thing: the opportunity to love and be loved, to have consciousness, to breathe in and to breathe out, and all else will be as it will be.

One last thought concerning desire. The one known as Ken Keyes has done a good deal of work in looking at desire, and this instrument has a good opinion of that which this author says, which is this: that desires in and of themselves are neither bad nor good; they simply are things which create a bias. If one moves too far along that route of desire, the bias becomes an addiction. So, in many ways, the managing of the too rambunctious desires of the somewhat less evolved person may be seen to be of an addictive quality. The feeling is, “If I have this, I will be all right. If I do not have this, I shall not be all right.” This author then encourages the addict to downgrade that addiction to preference. One can say, “I prefer that this thing happen in this way, but I am not addicted to it. It is not necessary.” This too, in its own way, is a key, for when you look at desire with the conscious mind it is difficult to see what that energy is. But you will find that there are addictions in the personality just as there are in eating foodstuffs, and certainly life becomes a more, shall we say, comfortable illusion when one is able to see clearly one’s preferences and yet have the center quality of balance that allows one to surrender.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument and leave it in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present might have for us. Is there another query at this time?

For several years I have said that I want to write a book about wanderers for wanderers, but [my] time keeps getting caught up in so many other wonderful things to do. I would appreciate your thoughts. This is obviously something I am not addicted to, but I would prefer to finish this book sometime before I leave this incarnation. Any comments on that, Q’uo?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. And it is our desire to be service in our response without infringing upon the Way of Confusion, that is, upon your free will choices. For there are, indeed, many possibilities which present themselves at this time to your attention for the fulfilling as a means of being of service. That which you have found yourself doing is the reaching out to those who reach first to you, offering advice and opinions much as do we when this circle of seeking has called us as you have called us this day. We would remind you, my sister, that the ability to serve one is the ability to serve all, and there is, in our humble opinion, no necessity for concern upon your part as to how you shall serve, for service and its opportunities shall continue to present themselves to you. You are in the position of being able to choose how you wish to refine, or indeed how you wish to present, your service to those who would seek your advice, your opinion, your suggestion.

If it is indeed your heart’s desire that you write the book for wanderers, then you will find a way for this to be accomplished, as you have done so in the past with other projects of the nature of the book. However, if you find that there are other ways in which you wish to serve, these also may be explored without any feeling of that which “must be done,” for, as we are familiar with it, there is the saying from the one known to this instrument as John Lennon that, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans,” and this is indeed true for most entities who seek to be of service. The seeking to serve [is that] which is of primary importance. It is that which draws to you opportunities to serve. The opportunity which you choose, the avenue which you go down, is that which is right for you, for you have chosen it, and it has chosen you.

We realize that we have not added a great deal of insight to your understanding of this situation, but we wish to remain within the bounds of free will in our response.

Is there any further query, my sister?

No. I appreciate your not wanting to infringe upon free will, and I wouldn’t want you to either. I appreciate what you said, and I think it is in my nature to write to one person who is asking the question, and put my whole heart into that, than to sit down and write for the unknown people who would read my book. I know that if I gathered up all that I have written to various wanderers I would have a book. So I guess I can rest easy. Do you have any comment?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query and would simply respond by suggesting that to serve one is to serve all.

Thank you. That gives me peace.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

How does one distinguish between answers that come from the higher self without filtering from the ego?

I am Q’uo, and believe that we understand your query, my brother. The messages that one receives in the meditative state, the prayerful state, the contemplative state, the inspiration that strikes one in the midst of the day, these sources and means of receiving information may be examined again in the meditative state for the depth of purity. For there is within each entity the tree of mind, which moves ever more deeply to make contact with the deepest resources available to one. Whether this is the higher self, the guide, the teacher, or whatever source of inspiration one has sought, it is within the meditative state that one determines the relative purity of or use for this information. For there is within your illusion no clear and certain means to know at each communication what is, shall we say, flavored with the interpretation of what you have called the ego and what we would call the personality structure. Indeed, in some instances it is helpful for this flavoring to occur, for it aids the entity in moving in such and such a fashion. When there is the necessity for a message to be imparted with relative purity one may trust and have faith that this will be done by that source which one seeks, be it the higher self or other sources, and that one may look at this information when it is perceived—in the meditative state—and determine that this is from the higher self.

There are opportunities for each entity to feel that information is more or less helpful according to the origination, the source of the information. We encourage each seeker of truth to use a healthy dose of discrimination on whatever information comes before your notice. We would further add that we would also suggest that all information that comes before one has a value to the entity that notices it. Whether this value is to take the information literally or whether to interpret it with the flavor of the personality structure, is for each entity to determine. For, indeed, all that speaks to one is the one Creator. Each message can have value if followed to its ultimate source. All information can be helpful, and all information can be discriminated, can be evaluated by means of the meditation, the contemplation, and the prayer.

Again, my brother, we realize that we have not biased you in one way or another or given a technique by which information may be discarded or retained unerringly. This is always within the bounds of one’s free will. We wish both to emphasize the value of discrimination and the value of the many voices of the one Creator about each seeker of truth.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Is it reasonable for me to ask over the last few years what [is the] percentile of accuracy of determining my higher self’s messages to me?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. And we must refrain from giving such a percentile, for we do not wish to seem to judge, and we are aware that each seeker such as yourself must needs make these choices for himself or herself. We again would reiterate that it is as important for each seeker to determine the framework for seeking, that upon which it shall build its metaphysical personality, as it is for a seeker to receive information from any source other than itself that might aid in the building of this structure. What we mean to say here is that your choices, made with consideration, with love, with consideration for the harmony and unity of all things, these choices are as important to you as any information you shall receive. How you choose, what you choose… you can construct the basic foundation out of the desire to know the truth and the faith that it will come to you as certainly as can any structure be builded by any discarnate entity with information to share.

Is there any further query, my brother?


I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my brother. Is there any other query at this time?

I just want to thank you for the inspiration such as you provide. I find it very useful. I guess it’s my desire to say it again.

I am Q’uo, and we appreciate your heartfelt sentiments, my brother. We seek to serve those such as yourself and those in this circle of seeking in the most helpful way that we can. As you discussed previous to this session, the desire to serve is that which propels entities who wish to seek the light and the love of the one Creator. The means by which the service is rendered is not often easily determined and is, indeed, a delicate process, one which challenges the imagination of all true seekers.

Is there another query at this time?

One more. When one is at a higher level of consciousness, as opposed to those of us in third density, the third-density person must operate without clear sight. Can we still give advice in this condition and not get carried away with error? How are we doing?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, we would remind each that there are no mistakes for any portion of the one Creator which seeks its source and its unity with all. There is in this illusion that you now inhabit the great desire to seek, to love, and to be loved, for this is the lesson before you. The ability to know whether or not one has served well is not a portion of this illusion, for it is that which partakes of wisdom. In this illusion one cannot know anything for certain. One can seek. One can desire. One can build the framework, the foundation for the metaphysical self, and build this foundation securely without knowing anything in detail or in particular. For there is in this illusion the great interplay and interchange of energies as each relates in one form of relationship to each other entity within the illusion. The many steps forward, backward, sideways, missteps, bumped feelings and knees, all of this great cacophony of experience is that which eventually informs each entity precisely as that entity needs be informed. It is a great dance of the one Creator and Its many portions with Itself and though there seem to be many missteps and paths traveled that one may not wish to travel beforehand by entities, indeed, each step is taken with perfection. The ability to learn from what you call the mistake is oftentimes more valuable than avoiding the mistake, as it is called, originally. We are aware that there are forces, subconscious energies, in each entity. There are teachers of an unseen nature for each entity. All work in this great musical effort, this great dance that all participate in that allows each to exchange energies with others that are necessary to be exchanged. We applaud each entity’s desire to move in a certain direction, metaphysically speaking. However, it is not so much the direction that is important as it is the desire that is important, the faith that such movement is possible, the faith that it occurs though one may not see it or measure it in any knowable degree. However, the faith that such movement is possible and the desire to move in the direction of love and light is that which is of importance.

Is there a final query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and we would take this opportunity once again [to thank you] for inviting our presence to your circle of seeking this day. We would again assure each entity that each walks with many companions upon this unseen and dusty trail of seeking the truth. There are with you many who have traveled this trail before and now return to walk again to aid you in some small way that you may perhaps find the right person, the right book, the right roadmap for that moment. In your quiet moments, give thanks and praise for each entity, for they are indeed an angelic company who walk with you at this time. They have walked with you since before time and shall walk with you through all time. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave each at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.