The question today has to do with acceptance. There are a number of people in the group today facing the possibility of a change in their life, of moving to a new location in the country or a new location in working or a new situation at home and we would like some information about how we can accept what the universe or the Creator gives us even though it might not look like what we wanted or what we had in mind. If Q’uo could talk to us about the quality of acceptance, the peace of mind and the harmony that we can achieve by acceptance, we would appreciate anything Q’uo could say.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. As always, it is a privilege and a blessing for us to be here with you, to share in your meditation, and to rest in the harmony of your vibrations. We apparently will be sharing this communication with the one known as M and we welcome this entity. This entity speaks the truth.

You have requested that we speak upon acceptance, and that we are most pleased to do as long as it becomes and remains clear to each of you that we are not the voice of authority but your brothers and sisters, imperfect, as are you in any sense that can be rationally understood. We make mistakes. We have opinions. We share the opinions and hope not to share the mistakes but undoubtedly we shall make mistakes. Not all of our opinions shall be those that will aid you and so we ask, as always, that you use your discrimination and trust your guidance within to the exclusion of other voices when necessary. For we have utter faith that you shall know the truth that is for you. As long as that is understood we are delighted to talk about acceptance.

As we search through this instrument’s store of experiences, we find that this word of acceptance has overtones of toleration and even a grudging or somewhat difficult transaction within. The acceptance is not an easy thing sometimes, that sometimes it is difficult to accept, and we would like to remove that overtone that is implied in that bare word, for acceptance is a word that does not ring of joy. It does not have the freedom of feeling that we would like to talk about. Our choice of words would perhaps be faith. When this instrument was very close to death some years ago, she put a motto above the hospital bed where she lay. It read “Faith, the final frontier.” As each of you does, she wished to find the joy of acceptance. It is well to have that kind of reminder when one is working upon a situation in which one is not yet comfortable and does not yet feel positively or affirmatively concerning the situation.

The one known as Jim has talked this weekend somewhat about becoming the fool, and we are the first to confirm that in any rational sense that faith is a foolish thing, that archetypical image of the fool walking off the cliff into dead air. This instrument immediately thinks of the coyote in the Road Runner cartoon, who is running at top speed to the edge of the cliff and beyond and continues running in the air until he realizes that there is no more cliff. That realization plummets him to the depths. The teacher known to you as Jesus called to the one known as Peter who was in a boat. Jesus was walking across the waves towards him. At Jesus’ call, Peter left the boat and was walking on the water also, until he realized that he was on water. And as his faith fell prey to rational observation, he sank like a stone. So each of you is vulnerable when being full of faith to accusations of foolishness, of not getting it, of not being aware of the true situation, and like any fool there is almost no answer that will satisfy one who critiques the actions of faith.

[Long pause.]

We allowed this instrument to remain without any information for some few seconds in order that we might demonstrate immediately, and within the context of the moment, the type of energy that is involved in the faithful. This instrument did not attempt to fill the silence that it perceived from us with its own opinion or any words that might put off the need for the next meaningful thought. The instrument was content to be silent if we were silent. It is a lesson that took this particular instrument some years to learn. And, indeed, each of you has spent lifetimes already working on this precise discipline of the personality and of the mind.

When each of you is not within the veil of forgetting, each of you is full of faith and power and purity. Each of you has been eons in development. Each of you brings to this moment a tremendous array of gifts. And each has created for itself each and every opportunity that you and your higher self, as forces of soul or spirit, felt that you would wish to have. As the character this instrument calls Clouseau 1 would say, “Every move you make is carefully planned.” We say this as we watch you falling over the furniture of your life, tumbling through doorways, bumping up against walls you didn’t see, and walking through the walls that others see. And yet within the confines of the incarnational self, how difficult, indeed how impossible it is to remain aware of who you are.

It is difficult to gather the self together to meet such a challenge as prompted this question. For that which you deal with upon the surface is extremely seamless. It is an excellent illusion. It is a thorough going in rich illusion, a tapestry of detail that is incredibly intricate and absorbent. And yet all of this is as the thinnest shell, and has as much life in comparison to the self that you are within that shell of personality as does the shell of an egg compared to that life within, that the shell protects, that the forces within the shell feed.

Many of you have spoken this weekend concerning the desire to move out of that shell, to become a citizen of eternity and not a person with a body and a lifetime, a beginning and an ending. And yet this is your time within the shell. This world of shadow is your time of being unborn and developing that being which shall hatch upon the entrance to larger life which you call death. Within this shell is marshaled infinite power, wisdom and love. Within this shell lies the food that you shall need, those drinks of water that are guidance, inspiration and hope. And so we ask you to abide within that state of being in the learning situation of the unhatched egg. Unlike the little shell of the egg, your shell is large. You may move about. You may express yourself within the illusion in many, many ways. However, you are constantly and infinitely protected. That physical vehicle that sustains life within this density, within this illusion, shall fail. Just as it had a beginning so shall it have an end. So each moment that you have within the time and space of this illusion is precious, for it can be given only the one time. There is no recapturing a second of experience, opportunity, challenge. And of course we urge you therefore to be alert, to be vigilant, to pay attention, for the winds of your thoughts are rich with useful concept. There is constantly coming to you from many sources guidance by sign, by metaphor, by physical experience. And as you use your intuition to notice coincidence and synchronicity and pattern, you may begin to find your environment more and more full of information and this is helpful to one who is attempting to live a life in faith.

For one who is looking for a job, looking for a way to make money, there is that feeling of panic. “Yes, I have faith, I have faith that the Creator loves me, I have faith that I am something more than my body and my mind, but I need a job.” We encourage each who has concerns to voice them not to the self, but to the Creator. This instrument often argues with the Creator. The Creator doesn’t mind. We would encourage each of you to have conversations with deity however you may envision that, at any length, at any time, with any emotional import whatsoever. With this conversation is more than any emotional colloquy. When talking with the Creator you are opening lines of energy within the deep mind that marshal and enable forces that are helpful to you. Let your faith be in something you can talk to. Let the deity have whatever face it has for you. Let the Creator be real to you. For, truly, as you move from this veil of forgetting, much will be restored to your knowledge, and you will marvel that you could ever doubt the eminence and reality of infinite intelligence, that great Logos that is love.

We do not know how to make real to you the Creator. We can suggest conversation, we can encourage silent listening, but in general we can simply say that any way that you can engage yourself in converse with intelligent infinity will be helpful to you. Indeed, you are speaking with yourself. However, it is helpful to speak to the greater Self and not simply to run the small circle of thought that goes nowhere. When the issue is acceptance or faith, the last thing that you need is rational thought. Here is a situation in which the intellect and its logic will not be useful in most cases. Now let us look at that for a moment. The logical mind that you have working for you is extremely helpful in making choices. That is the nature of intellect. It discriminates, it compares, it sees options, and chooses one. Much of the incarnational routine, shall we say, of daily life needs this kind of attention, organization, good choices made that will move you through the day and through the week and so forth.

There are entities that spend their entire incarnation without need for the recourse [of] faith. These people have the bliss of ignorance and having not yet come to the crossroads when logic fails. And one must move into the realm of unknown and mysterious things. For those who have come to be awake within the sleeping world, for those who have chosen to dive a bit deeper into quality of life, times when faith alone will serve come ever more rapidly and frequently. And indeed for many there are times when intuition and faith alone will steer the ship that can read no direction from the stars, yet how to inspire within you that quality of attitude that we call faith? Certainly one suggestion we may give you, and we do that again and again, is to learn to appreciate the still, small voice that speaks in silence. The Zen Buddhists have a saying that this instrument is fond of which is, “I held stones in my mouth for twenty years until I learned to be silent.” Where does that urge to fill up the silence come from? There is that fear of silence, that reluctance to move into the unknown, the ineffable, the trackless, and yet this is the very stuff, the very material that you so value as a soul, as a spirit looking for the opportunity to work upon the consciousness, the polarity of that infinite and eternal self. Indeed, you wished to come here to be of service, but you also wished to learn. You wished to place yourself at risk. You make yourself vulnerable in order that you would have this opportunity to work on faith.

Move into now your body, feel that physical vehicle, feel the gravity that makes it rest upon your seat. Feel that contact, feel the shape of your bones and your flesh as you sit in meditation. Pull back the view and see yourself sitting with your feet pointing towards the center of the Earth and your head pointing outward from the side of the planet as it revolves in infinite space at the edge of the small galaxy, nowhere near the center of the universe. How tiny, how infinitesimal each of us is and yet each contains the creation. It is this sense of the infinite riches within that we would like to share with you as we encourage you to cooperate with your destiny, to recognize that it is well to move from the safety of intellectual and rational thought to the illogical and foolish ways of faith, and knowing that all is well, and all shall be well. There are so many mottos about taking it one day at a time that we can hardly speak about that concept without trivializing our conversation. And yet one great key in living in faith is taking it as it comes. This instrument has a friend that likes to imagine the worst: “What would I do if the worst possible scenario occurred?” This friend causes itself many worries. We would encourage you that when you have that craving for surety, to think upon the fool in mid-air who does not look down, who chooses, illogical though it may be, to trust.

Each of you will move through your days and meet your eventual physical demise with a mixture of easy and difficult times. We encourage you to watch for the pattern, watch for those things within you that cause you to stop and contract and move into that worried state where the thoughts move in small circles. Watch for those, being aware that your earthly pilgrimage is a journey from the head to the heart, a journey from past and future to the present, a journey from dark and light to oneness, a journey from right and wrong to love. Focus upon your love that you can give, that you can receive. Honor and respect that, follow that, and for the rest having done all those logical things which one can do in a situation, then crawl into the hands of infinite intelligence and rest easy. We encourage you to strive. We encourage you to help your situation in any logical, rational way that you can. But when those things have been done and there is still concern we encourage you to walk upon the water, to jump into mid-air, to toss yourself into the sea of confusion in faith that the Creator will toss you where you are to go and will bring to you the fish you need to eat and the water you need to drink and the understanding you need to grow.

You have but a little while upon this Earth. May you use the time lovingly, sweetly, insofar as you are able. There is for the fool a peace, a peace that the world cannot know. It is the peace of absolute trust, that the one who watches the sparrow also watches you. That no matter what occurs, be it starvation or death, this too is acceptable, this too is part of pattern, a beginning, middle and ending. When once again this body that you now enjoy is dust, what you shall value about this incarnation is the suffering you have successfully undergone, the challenges that you have been able to take advantage of as opportunities to express faith.

There is no way to prove spiritual truth. This is not an elementary mistake that the Creator made but rather a careful example of the refusal to infringe upon the free will of each spirit, That each may learn and each may be guided by faith alone, to rest in confidence and quiet surety. We encourage each to work upon these difficulties with a light heart and with a peace within that simply says, “I’m looking, I’m watching”…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…in your faith, in your serenity, and as you go about this work to remain aware of those about you. For they too are moving through crises of faith, initiations that cause them to be up at night, to be concerned and disturbed. For each of you can be to others that bright light that remains faithful and steady, and remember the unknown stranger as well. Turn your mind to the crisis of faith of those many, many of your tribe of human that you know not, that you shall never know within incarnation and who are yet a part of you, and you them. And lend them your faith, let it wing where it will, where it is needed, for just in such a manner can you love and serve without leaving your chair, without moving a muscle, and serve right well, and in a very important way. You are not the only entity adrift on this sea of confusion. The archipelago is crowded, my dear brothers and sisters, with many frail barques, with many wandering souls, and each of you is to the other an anchor, a mast for sail, a rudder for direction. You know not when you shall be able to be used to aid another.

This instrument is informing us that we have talked long enough on this subject and with our customary humility we shall, therefore, fold our tents on this subject and steal away in order that you may ask other questions that you may have at this time. We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, thanking and leaving this instrument in love and light. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument, and we greet you again in love and in light. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there another query at this time?

As entities, did we always exist, as we shall continue to forever exist?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. To the best of our knowledge, which as we spoke before is limited, each here and each that is now in creation in any portion of the creation has existed before any creation began yet not as you exist now, for you are rich with experience gathered through many, many lifetimes in different locations within this creation. However, as [a] point of consciousness, as an awareness of being, yes, indeed, each has existed, and shall exist, in the future as you see it.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

We had a question yesterday that I thought was very interesting and it was “how do you see us?” and we thought, well, you see us as vibration because you have mentioned that and I believe you’ve mentioned color. I wondered if you wanted to add to that. How do you see us?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We see in a manner which is much like your sensing, that there is within your presence another presence. If we choose we may see you as emanations of vibrations that itself can and does produce light, that which you call your aura. We see you often as accumulations of experience and as potentials for further experience. We see you when we look to the heart of your being as ourselves, as the one Creator. We see you in many, many ways for there are many ways to perceive the creation about one and within one, and when one has perceived clearly enough, there is nothing but the Creator.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I have a question.

We would welcome your query, my brother.

As those of us who are gathered today depart and return to our homes, there may be a desire to meditate at times in ways that we can tap into the collective energy that we have been generating here this weekend. Might there be a particular exercise or focus or suggestion that you could offer that many of us could use at any given time to tap into the collective energy so that our meditations are more of an experience of communion rather than solitary exercise?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother.

[Tape ends.]

  1. Inspector Clouseau, from the movie The Pink Panther