We have just about got A Wanderer’s Handbook ready to be printed, and we are going to be sending a flyer for it out to people on our mailing list. Many of them likely are wanderers or spiritual outsiders of one kind or another and we are wondering if Q’uo today would like to say something to these people about the concepts in the book or the quality of being a wanderer, of being alienated and isolated in the spiritual journey.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as the Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. We thank you for calling us to your group this afternoon. It is, as always, a great privilege and pleasure to speak to you. We want to thank each who has come for the sacrifice of those other things that were not done this day in order that each of you might seek the truth and rest in the silence that binds us all in the love and in the light of the one Creator. It is wonderful to be able to share our humble thoughts with you. We do want to be clear that we are not authority figures, but seekers upon the same path with you. Perhaps we have walked a few steps more. Perhaps we remember a few more of the experiences that we have had, and, therefore, perhaps we can offer opinions that may be useful and may be interesting to each of you. But we do ask that each of you listen with a discriminating and careful ear, listening not for all of our words but for those words that seem to resonate within your heart. For truth is a very subjective thing, and when something is part of your personal truth it will have a certain ring to it, and you will recognize it. Trust that resonance of recognition and not the seeming authority of any source, for you have responsibility for your mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. You may choose the rate and the process of change. And we would not wish to become a stumbling block as each of you seeks the truth in his or her own way.

With that said, we are very happy to share our thoughts on the occasion of this special newsletter, which speaks to those who have enjoyed other material that we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator may have offered in times previous to this. For many to whom we speak, we simply say, “Welcome home,” for one thing that is very common among wanderers and all those who have begun the process of awakening from the sleep of Earth is a feeling of not being at home in the Earth world, of not recognizing the colors and shapes of your beautiful planet. As lovely as it is, yet still it does not feel like the shores and the fields of home. And this is because in many cases we speak to those who do not originate from the planetary environment that you call Earth but, rather, are those who have chosen very deliberately and specifically to come to Earth on a voyage of service and learning.

For many others to whom we speak, Earth is the native sphere, the beloved home, and yet the spirit has awakened from the dream of Earth. And more and more, in the awakening process, Earth has become an alien place, not because its shapes are unfamiliar but because the thinking of its peoples and its culture has begun to jar against the newly found shapes and resonances of an awakening awareness of the self as a citizen of eternity and infinity. Whether you listen as one who is an Earth native or as one who has come here from elsewhere, yet still we speak to you as absolute equals, for all of those who have awakened have become wanderers upon Earth. All begin to experience the dislocation of living in two worlds at once. There are certain characteristics to this experience of awakening and finding one’s self, attempting to make sense out of that which seems more and more not to make sense about which we can speak.

One very common experience is the experience of isolation. It is as though a separation had occurred between those who think in physical terms and the self, who is thinking in metaphysical terms. The reasons and the considerations for making choices in the Earth world have to do with practicality, finances, schedules, what people think, what the mores of the culture are and so forth. To the spirit who has awakened, there has been a switch of universes, and the reasons for doing things in the Earth world do not seem to hold the fascination and the attractiveness, if ever they did hold attractiveness. Rather, there comes, more and more, to be a yearning of the heart, for truth, for essence and for service.

The self, once realized as a metaphysical entity, is also realized as an ethical principle. And you can see yourself more and more clearly as one who truly can be responsible for doing her absolute best to do the ethical thing, to hold the highest principle, to hew to the road that seems the most beautiful, the most moral and the most right for the self. Often that which the world considers right and that which the inner self considers right will coincide. However, not infrequently issues looked at from the standpoint of Earth are looked at with an eye to the protection of the self and the maintenance of the environment, whereas looked at as a metaphysical issue, often the solution is transformed, and roads may be chosen that do not seem as practical, as convenient or as down to earth. For in the switch of universes there is the release of the forms of the world and the realization of forms that are higher in the metaphysical universe. All things are energy and vibration and your thoughts and intentions are far more important than whether or not, in the eyes of the world, you have succeeded. It is a cliché among all cultures of Earth that many a fool cannot seem to be practical, and yet many times, from the standpoint of spirit, it is very important to be impractical and to hew to that which this instrument calls the highest and best. Again, such value judgments are very subjective, and another’s opinion of what is the highest path or the finest or most beautiful principle by which to live may not agree with your opinion. And we say to you, one way to become more at home in this strange world of the awakened spirit on Earth is to be decisively impractical and to know, going into decisions, that you shall be making decisions with an eye to spiritual values. Often these decisions will not make sense to others. And we encourage each to have the courage and the faith to follow your principles, your guidance, your light. For what each of you has awakened to is a precious awareness of self as essence.

Each of you has become aware that you live in a very busy physical world. It is a world of never ending detail, a world which this instrument often characterizes as one offering too much good work to do. It is not that the world offers one bad choice after another, though this is often the case. There are many beauties and blessings to the world as it is, in all of its confusion. Yet there is a simple factor underlying all of the busyness and detail of physical life, and that is the essence that you are, that each of you is. We would look at this essence for a moment, for it is at the heart of what we have to say. Each of you is very, very real. Beyond the dream of Earth, beyond the dream of ether, beyond the dream which is at that level at which we are now speaking, beyond all dreams of which we know, each of you is very profoundly, ultimately, uniquely real. You are, in fact, the stuff of creatorship. Each of you is a spark of the divine, and without each of you the divine would not be complete. Each of you was, before time and space existed. And each of you will be, beyond all thought, beyond all telling, beyond any creation’s end, for in infinity an end is always a beginning, and you shall forever be the only you that exists, precious, beloved of the Creator, an essence, a light, a love.

You are here as awakened beings to be, not to do. This is a terrifically difficult concept to receive within the context of incarnated life because life as you know it, as you experience it, as the culture teaches you to experience it, is about doing. You were taught to value yourself as a worker, as a producer, as an accomplisher of deeds. They may be many different kinds of deeds, but at the next gathering to which you go, you will be asked not, “Who are you?” but, “What do you do?” And you will be valued by many people according to how that answer goes. And yet we say to you that you are not here primarily as a doer, but as an essence. In the energetic or metaphysical sense, each of you is a field of energy. Now this energy is not simple. Each of you has, as a core vibration, the one great original Thought. Each of you, at the core, is the Creator. Indeed, the basic goal of evolution is to come once again into full vibratory congruency with the one original Thought that is the Logos. This Logos could be described as love, and yet that word has been so sullied by being used for different kinds of passion and emotion and devotion that it is inadequate at heart to express the fullness of that quality that is creative and divine love.

To this original Logoic energy you have created distortions or variations or complexities that add to that basic vibration and that make you that unique essence that you are. As we see your vibratory pattern, we see your name metaphysically. You are as a rainbow of color and a certain pattern of shape that is, in its own way, exquisite. And we would know each of you anywhere, not from what you are thinking, not from what you are feeling at any particular moment, but rather from the great accumulation of self, through many experiences and many densities. Each of you comes to the present moment vibrating in a very discernibly identifiable way, and this is the great gift of each awakened being to the self and to planet Earth and to the peoples of Earth. For once each has awakened, each becomes an agent of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

It is part of the nature of the ethical, biological entity that you are that you shall express in this way. Here is the plan that we believe each of you set before yourselves before incarnation. The plan was to choose a set of relationships and a set of lessons as the one known as T. was saying in the conversation before this meditation. “I know that this problem has come to me,” he said, “because I set this up for myself, and I am looking to sit with this difficulty, to enjoy this challenge, and to move through this process with as much love as possible.” Your plan as learning entities, interested in the evolution of spirit, was not to be here and be wise, but to be here and be confused. You are hoping, by coming into this very dense physical illusion, to become completely disoriented and to wake up in the midst of a true sea of confusion. And the reason that you hoped for this was that you had the feeling that you could come to a better balance of self, a more pure choice of polarity, and a more passionate desire to seek the truth.

Before incarnation it seemed not so hard, because before incarnation, gazing at the scope of the entire incarnation, it seemed fairly obvious what these lessons were and why these relationships were important to follow through. It seemed unlikely that we could possibly avoid awakening. Yet in most cases awakening is not an easy thing but a process that moves in jerks and fits and starts, going through many an epiphany and many a dark night of the soul. Your hope here was simply to become so aware of the confusion of planet Earth that you would finally stop attempting to control things from the mind, from the ego, from the head, and would abandon what would appear to be an inadequate resource for dealing with that sea of confusion that is Earth life. You hoped that you would begin to move into the heart, for it is the heart, its intuitions and emotions, which contain the true harvest of wisdom, love and truth that lie within you within the sea of confusion.

When the awakened seeker begins to move into the heart and allow the heart to open and remain open, even when it is the most vulnerable, then it is that somehow the issues begin to seem simpler. Then it is that unseen hands begin to lend their aid and messengers of bird and beast, word and sign, and relationship and association seem to begin to pop up here and there and everywhere, forming a synchronistic web of coincidence and connection that teach and offer help when it is least expected and least seen ahead of time.

Attempting to live by essence, attempting to be oneself, is the work of the heart. Often it does seem very impractical as a way of living, for the opened heart seems very unprotected and very vulnerable. And so it is vulnerable to confusion and challenge of all kinds. The strength of living in the heart is that slender strength called faith, that lifts one on angels’ wings and takes one above a problem, so that even if the body is troubled and the mind is confused, there is a serenity that comes from the release into knowing that all is well, and that all will be well. This trick of living which is called faith is a great key in switching universes, for faith takes the place of control in the Earth world and doing becomes being. Details become essence, and a life moves from the inside out rather than being driven from the outside in.

Another aspect of being a wanderer, which is common to those from elsewhere and to those who are native to the Earth sphere, is the enormous yearning to serve. And we say to each that the main service of each of you is the service of being yourself. For when you are most truly and deeply yourself, when your heart is open and vibrating in its fullness, you become a crystal capable of receiving energy, transmuting energy and releasing energy into the Earth’s sphere. Many of you from other planets have come here specifically to do this. It is a simple process. You breathe in. You breathe out. You allow the truth to flow through you. You allow the infinite supply of energy that is the love of the Creator to flow through your energetic system and out into the Earth planes, and as you bless this process, encourage it, you intensify and enhance those vibrations that move into the Earth plane. Each of you, by being the way you are, is at this time a servant of the light, and you need do nothing more than live and love to fulfill your mission upon Earth. Naturally, each of you gave yourself gifts to share, lessons to learn and outer services to perform. And we encourage each to move along those lines of talent and gifts as you perceive them, looking for ways to share those gifts. But realize that, more than those outer doings, the inner essence is the true and central gift of the life, which you have come to offer. It is a beautiful gift. It is a gift that will take you all your life to give, and our encouragement to you is to give this gift and do this service regardless of what else you seem to be doing in your life.

You can work on opening your heart within the process of the workaday world, within the process of any present moment, under the storm of any challenge. It is impossible for any thing or any one to keep you from pursuing this service of being, and we want you to know that you have many helpers to aid you in this service. For each of you has guidance, personal guidance, deeply impersonal sources of guidance, inner planes teachers that shall come to you if you have a desire for that which they have to share. Many are the unseen spiritual aids that are available to the persistent and asking seeker. The key here is simply to ask and to keep asking with all of your heart. For it is true, as this instrument’s holy work says, “Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you.” Your desire shapes a tremendous amount of that which you shall receive spiritually. So trust that self that desires. Do not scorn it, but rather seek to know yourself more and more, and to define and refine to yourself that which you truly do desire, that which you truly do seek. For that which you seek, you shall surely find.

Each of you is a tremendously powerful principle, spiritually speaking, and a wonderful haven of help and healing to others. You are a particular kind of spiritual being, and although it may seem that you are isolated, that you are different and that you cannot be effective, yet we say to you that this is far from true. You cannot know what importance a smile or a word from you may have to another. You cannot know who will oversee some action or thought that you take and become comforted and inspired. You do not know, when you reach out your hand, how it will be received, and yet the impulse to do that is gold, spiritually speaking. Know yourself to be one who is truly powerful to serve, one who is worthy, one who, by doing her best, shall have done all that is necessary. This instrument often says, “Is there ever enough?” having noticed in so many ways that she is seldom satisfied. Yet we say to you, “Yes, you are enough, just as you are at this moment. Know yourself to be of great value as you are, as you sit, as you rest, at this moment. And know that all of the confusion of Earth cannot remove that essential quality from your being.”

We greatly sympathize with the confusion that each feels within the Earth plane. We admire your courage. We rest in the comparative sureness of knowing of our density, in which many, many things are known, in which all thoughts are clear. Our confusion and our seeking lie in the mystery beyond that knowing. But to you, even that, the knowledge of self and the knowledge of other self, is so often hidden. It is as though each of you were in a scene from the television program this instrument knows as “The X-Files,” looking around with flashlights in one dark corner after another. Such is the spiritual world. Within the Earth plane it is a very dark plane. The inner planes are not clear, and often there is no observed light. And yet we say to you, trust the light that is not seen. Trust that candle that is your heart, and know that as long as you keep that candle lit, that is your only responsibility, not for other’s thinking, not for other people, and not for outer issues, but only to open the heart, to offer the self to love and be loved, to know the self as part of the Creator.

I am Q’uo, and we are aware that we have taken a great portion of your time speaking to you this day. We would, at this time, take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.