What can I do to be more of an integrated whole and healed being, vital, expansive and radiant, filled with more of the Creator’s joyful and creative light, making me a more transparent and humble servant of the light?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we come to your people and to your circle of seeking this day. We thank each for the setting aside of the time and the energy and the care to seek the truth, and we are glad to share our opinions concerning the question of the one known as B concerning how to live a more radiant and service-oriented life, with the simple request that each of our thoughts be taken as an opinion rather than a fact and be subjected to the indifferent scrutiny of that part of the self which is the discriminator. Allow that energy within that knows what is and what is not helpful to make its feelings known, and, when there is resonance, then we are pleased to have been a resource. If there is not resonance, we are simply pleased to have you forget that which was said. For there is always truth in the surroundings of every moment for those who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hearts to understand. With this caveat, we are able to be comfortably on the proper side of the distortion towards preserving free will amongst all; of being a stumbling block for none.

The one known as B, as well as the one known as Carla and the one known as Jim and in general those entities on your planet which are enjoying third density at this time, indeed do have a tendency to get in their own way, as if there were part of the self that enjoyed blocking the natural light that streams into the body complex, most visibly from sunlight, but, in an energetic sense, moves into the body at all time. Both the physical and non-physical vehicles flow light through in infinitely great amounts, potentially. The energy body is as the electricity, having the capacity for both a large amount of energy carried and a large intensity or resistance of energy carried. Thus, the crystal within you can both be strengthened in terms of more power and can amplify its power by focusing, crystallizing and mythologizing the energy that moves through it and the crystal that bears it and shares it. The higher the desire, the more opportunity or capacity for bringing more light through; the more focused the will upon the dance of creative living, the more intense and penetrating shall be the nature of that widened channel for light. The ability of one entity to be a channel for light is infinite. An unflawed crystal could heal a planet. The secret to doing work in the sense of magnetizing the fourth-density grid or, in a more mythological sense, helping to birth Gaia’s fourth-density self, is a helpful way to encourage and align the self with the emotional point of view which will help create a broader and a more intense and pure flow of the Creator’s infinite love and light into the planetary grid. We may say in another way, into the hearts of all those that lie within the tidal waves that emanate from your being.

It is said in the holy work known as the New Testament of the Bible that it is not good to hide one’s light under a covering, but rather it is good to stand it upon a hill where it can be seen, letting it bear witness to the light. The tendency of this instrument, of the one known as B, of the one known as Jim, and of most of the entities upon the earth is to stand in one’s own light. The truth is that each entity is precisely that which the one known as B asked how to become. Each is as the master, the knight in shining armor, the hero or the heroine. Each faces the ordeal of life, the ordeal of personal relationships, the ordeal of creating a living, the ordeal of true communication, and the ordeal of facing the self, in the sense of doing work in the disciplining of the personality. The answer to the question which you asked lives within you already: purpose, already perfect, worthy co-creator, part of what this instrument’s teacher calls the Godhead principle.

You are part of the Principle of planet Earth. For the most part, this social memory complex has not been activated, because the fourth-density mass mind has only taken its first tentative steps. Each who is master during this hour plants the seeds of a harvest that will feed those who are able to build upon the work done by this special group of those who come to aid in the harvest. Certainly, as the one known as Brother Philip has said, “… the crown (of co-creatorship) weighs heavy upon the head, and yet you shall wear it, and you shall serve under it.”

If each is a master, what is keeping each from the self-realization of mastership? This instrument has been used to calling it “world opinion.” All that is within the consensus reality is world opinion. In no case does it reflect reality. That which reflects beyond the illusion is the consciousness within and it is, as all potential things, caged until the reaping hand unlocks the door. In this instrument’s hymnal, there is a poem which she is used to singing, which [has] the image of the entity known as Jesus the Christ standing outside the door of one’s heart, knocking ever so gently and asking to come in. Doubt, fear and that kind of contracting emotion deafen the ear of faith and blind the eye of knowing. They stop the mouth of hope, and make one’s armor permeable.

It is acceptable in the extreme to be doubtful; to, as this instrument would say, “err and stray from the ways” 1 of the infinite Creator, yet the attempt to move gently back into the balanced and centered state of mind which is the open heart ever and always creates a new experience or the potential for the brand new moment. This entity is aware enough of the psychological benefit [of] starting again that it will, tomorrow afternoon, confess its sins, slight though they may be, to that priest which is assigned to her parish. This entity does not believe in sin, only in making mistakes, yet still this entity feels lighter when it is completely empty of un-confessed shadows and forgiven for each and every error. Then there is a new heaven and a new earth, infinity of new possibilities and new beginnings. This is true at the moment, and it does not take a priest unless an entity is fond of rituals and finds it helpful to seek such a practice as this instrument has. The roles of this confession and forgiveness can both be taken by the self. One stands in one’s own light, because one is under the impression that it is the proper thing to do.

Many times, it does not even feel incorrect or wrong to express fear in some way, because it seems practical and thoughtful and responsible to be concerned. However, it is well, when the possibility of doing so arises, to take the opportunity to recount one’s errors to one’s priest or itself and to be shriven with a truly compassionate heart. The addition of the outer priest creates the illusion that there is a Creator moving through the intermediary of priesthood and touching the lowly penitent. The truth is that the instrument creates or projects the priest from the self by fear, contracting against the idea of meeting the Creator directly. This is that which the instrument is aware of and accepts as a part of her earthly personality shell until such time as this practice no longer offers her comfort or a resource in pursuing her desires.

However, for those who are of a more solitary nature, it is well to invoke the priest within yourself, and we would suggest that you create this portion of the self as feminine, nurturing and loving; a part of the self that truly loves with the full and flowing heart, that sees the soul amidst the grime of an entity’s inevitable errors. As this instrument pointed out in the conversation before this meditation, errors are not only necessary but adventurous. They are necessary, because the nature of learning is trial and error, trial and error. Each time, the information of that attempt creates new knowledge. Eventually, an entity increases its knowledge enough to reach its goal, by which time it is involved in a further quest.

So the cycle is a spiral which will predictably address the life’s issues of an incarnational level on a cyclical basis. Each time that the theme recurs, the motif is offered in a new instrumentalization, and there are nuances to be learned each time. There is no reason to be discouraged because the entity sees itself slipping into numbness or over-activity. This is another way of making an error and represents that which offers the possibility of learning. Thusly, if it can be seen as “adventures in failure,” and if it can be seen that each failure inevitably leads to the attainment of goals that are deep within the desires of the soul stream of the entity, then it becomes easier to have compassion upon the self within its dream of personality and preference.

[Carla sings]

Oh, Jesus, thou art standing outside the fast-closed doors, In lowly patience waiting to cross the threshold o’er. Then come, oh Christian brother, His name and sign who bear, And shame, thrice shame, upon us who leave him standing there! 2

The heart is the seat [of] and the portal to the truth of the self. The emotions are the fruit of great refinement through the turmoil and difficulties of turning catalyst into experience and the potential into the actual. It is a short lifetime in which to do such a thing. It is an adventure too great for skin and bones to hold it. The imagination of the entity within the human breast is stellar, star-like, infinite, eternal and several magnitudes larger than life. Yet it glows within as if in a cave until the door is unlocked into the heart, and the self enters fully into the tabernacle of the one infinite Creator. Moving into the silence is like unlocking that door. Even stopping thinking is like picking the lock.

The return to center is a journey from fear to love. When the sun is shining and the pocket is plump with money and the heart and the arm are full of love for a pretty girl or a handsome gentleman, when the breeze is fresh with the smell of spring flowers, such a state of mind as this instrument would describe as centered and joyful is easy to achieve. Yet it is as though the entity played upon the surface of the waves, enjoying the sunlight and basking in the graceful, ceaseless swells of the softly lapping waves. When the storms and extreme tides and waves of inclement weather stir the sea’s surface into spume and spray and destruction, the self must needs remove its body from the deeps and become a land creature again, seeking shelter from that which is too turbulent to enjoy. Blessed is that swimmer with the equipment to dive deep, deep under the storm, to the still, crystalline water that is under great pressure and moves only languidly even with the wildest storm upon the surface.

This circle was speaking of points of view. And the feeling and emotion and point of view of resting in the deep of the ocean and the stillness of the ever-moving sea is a helpful way to create a kind of icon on the desktop of being centered so that you may click on that image, and other images that you find instinctually, to create a sense of expansion, stillness and peace. The every effort which is produced with the intention of opening the self to the one infinite Creator, of radiating more of the Creator’s light and serving more and more as an agent of light, is in itself the heart of the process of achieving the desired goal. Shall you achieve it perfectly within this lifetime? We would not wish to deny the possibility; though we may that it is a possibility/probability vortex rather than a truth.

The energy to walk a path and to live a sacred life is as the energy of the deep [ocean water,] with little movement but great force. The peaceful soul is a soul resting in love. It has no waves to buffet it, because it is protected by its position, just as the heart is protected within a heavy and very strong cage of rib and spine. The precious interior of the body is well protected, and the precious heart of the energy body is similarly loved. To allow oneself to feel the joy and the passion and the brio of one’s being is to dare great things. To do so with gentility and honor, with grace and with style is to shine up the armor of life. Rather than shrinking from pain of any kind, we do not say to dwell upon it, but rather to see it as a helpful friend, a sister or brother. You do not know why this friend is helpful; it may seem to be very, very unhelpful. However, the blasting of sand against rock creates the removal of grime and grit and the reappearance of the stone in all of its crystalline beauty, and so is the soul blasted to remove the grime of living and learning and failing. The storms come, and to all eyes which look upon the surface, the boat is crashed upon the rocks, the body is thrown into the turbulent and boiling waters, the life is extinguished. Those who are in the open heart simply dive with remembrance, with faith, and with joy, deep, deep into the waters that separate the mind from the heart, the storm from the stillness, the illusion from the truth.

We would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument for its service. We leave this instrument in the love and the light and transfer to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time, we would inquire of the one known as B if there may be any further shorter queries to which we may speak.

Is S what’s known as my twin soul? Are we twin souls, her and I? How may I serve her highest good? Is it likely that love will bring us together in this present world?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. There are some aspects of this query to which we may say very little, for we do not wish to infringe upon free will. Concerning the concept of love bringing together two souls to sing a song of service together, [this] is to suggest that that which has begun shall continue, and indeed this shall, in some sense. However, the exact configuration of this relationship is even now being turned, and we would not wish to interfere with that which is of perfection.

Concerning the previous portion of the query, we must pause that this instrument be allowed to go deep.

[Brief pause for tuning.]

I am Q’uo, and we appreciate the aid from the one known as B. Will the one known as B re-vibrate the query?

Is S what’s known as a twin soul, and are we twin souls, her and I?

I am Q’uo, and we appreciate your restating of the query, for the portion which we had responded to was the portion dealing with this illusion in particular. The query referring to the concept of the twin souls is one which goes beyond this illusion and reaches into those timeless states where being is all and service is easy. We would suggest that these two souls indeed have found themselves within each other’s hearts and in this respect are twin flames of the heart energy, each expressing in a unique fashion that which is one and which has, through their mutual expression, become two.

Is there any further query, my brother?

[Side one of tape ends.]

There are moments of higher consciousness where I think I am piercing the veil, and I would like to know, are these moments more gifts or are they states of consciousness that are attainable? How may I best use these moments, and is there any kind of outer gift of service that I can bring out of them?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest that these experiences of unity with the one Creator, the experience during which one feels great inspiration and such, may be likened to the stages of a journey, where there is a marker left on the trail by the self for the self, at certain times during which there is an opportunity for an increased level of service. Some may call this initiation; some may call this a reaffirmation or dedication. Indeed, there is a quality of a connection with unity which of itself will be made apparent through the life pattern and the energy exchanges that follow such experiences. For it is not possible to feel so inspired and aware and not be changed to a degree which will be noticed and be a means of service in itself, in that the light from within the soul shines forth in a nurturing fashion.

To most effectively utilize such experiences, it is necessary simply to open the heart and the mind as a natural portion of the daily round of activities in a fashion which says, “Here am I; what would Thou hav’st me do?” When one is willing to serve in whatever fashion it is asked, then one has provided the channel through which any such energies as these of the enlightened quality may flow. Thus, to desire, to intend to be of service is all that is necessary, for the way shall be made clear how one is to serve when one clears the way to the heart and mind.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Thanks, Q’uo, for this channeling You know I pore over your words almost daily. To realize my highest known desires, is it necessary that I change or purify my diet, and, if so, to what degree?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The degree of purification of one’s diet, of one’s thoughts, or of one’s actions is completely a function of one’s free will. As one wishes to increase the level of being with the knowledge that this quality informs all service, then it is well to take an action such as [the one] you have suggested, the improving of one’s diet, to serve as a training aid, shall we say, a function or an action in the physical world, which grounds the desires that are spiritual in nature so that the daily round of activities is informed by such inspiration, such desire, and such perseverance. Thus, it is completely a function of your free will as to how your personality sees such physical expressions of metaphysical principles. Trust your own heart, your own knowing of that which is appropriate. “Seek and you shall find,” it is truly written.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Is it probable, after my work is accomplished in Ohio, that I might move or stay for a time in Louisville and/or Virginia, to help in whatever manner I can?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, we reach that point across which we do not wish to step, for there is infringement possible when speaking of this kind of future activity. May we simply say that all things are possible for one who desires to serve.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Can you tell me what happens to me when I smoke marijuana? In December of 1998, the year I graduated high school, after much time spent smoking the substance, I found my body and mind reacting severely to marijuana. I became paranoid and self-doubting. My thoughts became jagged and conflicting. I couldn’t make sense of what was real and what wasn’t. My body reacted violently, shuddering sometimes, breathing with difficulty, heart palpitating, unable to interact with anything external, unable to think, unable to function. And every time I have tried to smoke it since, it has been the same experience, sometimes almost fighting for my sanity/survival.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are aware that there are certain, shall we say, parameters which have been drawn by your higher self in your preincarnative choices for this incarnation which were necessary in order to focus the considerable amount of spiritual energy that is available for your service and your learning. The desire was that there would be a near-complete reliance upon your natural ability to access this information without the use of any aid or crutch such as that which you have mentioned, the marijuana. Thus, we find there is a preincarnative choice that has expressed its qualities in your conscious and subconscious response to the experience you have described.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I feel very scattered within my mind/body energy. I am either on one side of my head or the other, or in different focal points and twistings and turnings, and I wonder, does the imbalance lie in my brain, in my body, in the chakra system? And how can I bring greater balance?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. To achieve the balance of which you speak it is well to engage in the meditative state once a diurnal period so that these various thoughts and directions of energies may find their true home. That is to say, as the energy of a spiritual nature, of which we were speaking in the previous query, begins to move through your physical vehicle, there are various, shall we say, distortions which may have an influence upon this energy, so that there is the shattering or the splintering of the integrity of the energy and the information which is available to you. If one is able to calm the conscious mind and present a cry, or plea for coherence, or centering, for the return to the foundation of one’s spiritual self, then these various thought patterns may, as the mud within a murky water, begin to settle, [so] that the water be cleared, that the sight be restored, and the vision made whole.

Is there a further query, my brother?

You’re making a lot of sense to me, Q’uo. I was recently told by a healer that I had done physical and spiritual damage to my red ray and was wondering what steps I can take to heal and open that chakra again?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The practice of meditation, of which we just spoke, is again that which is working upon this same, shall we say, distortion, that has its effect in the randomization of the thought process. When you are able to feel at home in your body and in this illusion to a degree where you are ready to express the energy available to you, then you will find both the thoughts and the red-ray energy center will be easily discernable to you. And it will be far more easy to express any energy from any energy center. Thus, the practice of the meditation is that which, when done with the appropriate dedication of purpose, may become a healing for you that is reflected throughout your mind/body/spirit complex. The meditative state is much like the recharging of a battery and a reorganizing of its energy potential, so that as your desire taps this potential, there is useful work in the metaphysical sense.

Is there a further query my brother?

You know I’m kind of out. Would you have anything to offer, to say, advice on my work to come, my healing to take place up in Ohio, my interaction with my family?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would advise the worthy seeker to go forth in faith. All is truly well and the Creator awaits the interaction of your love, as you express it, within your family structure. It is much like building a firm foundation for that which is to come. There is much potential. There is the positive direction. There is the realization of a few remaining stones necessary to place within that foundation and this work has begun apace. We say be of good cheer, go forth in love and rest in faith. All will be well. Your feet are firmly planted upon the path of seeking. Continue walking this journey with a happy heart, and with a willingness to accept all that awaits you.

Is there a final query at this time?

Surround Jim and Carla with a lot of love and light, and that’s my last request.

I am Q’uo, and we assure each present that as each seeks light, the light finds the seeker and there is an imbuing of the seeker with this light, that it may be shared with others. So that each as a candle may alight the earth with the light of love and service to the one Creator, and each face that comes before the pilgrim on its dusty journey.

At this time we would again thank each present for inviting us to join your circle of seeking this evening. It is always a joyful invitation that we gladly accept. We remind each that we are available to help deepen your personal meditations when requested to do so. It is our honor and pleasure to join each in meditation to lend our conditioning vibration so that the meditation might be more stable.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. A phrase from the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer

  2. From an 1867 song by J. H. Knecht and W. W. Howe.