(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we come today. We thank you so much for calling us to your circle of seeking and for taking the time and the concentration and focus from your very hectic and busy lives for creating a place and a time to seek the truth.

We grasp that this is to be a question and answer session, and so we would ask only that, in our answering these questions, each keep in mind that we, like you, are travelers upon a road, knowing little, experiencing mystery and wishing to share our thoughts and opinions but not wishing [to assume] the vesture of authority. Therefore, we ask each to pick up and enjoy those thoughts that appeal to each. Those thoughts that do not appeal, we ask each to leave behind. With this discrimination on the part of each, we are free to speak without infringement upon free will. May we ask for the first query?

Yeah, hi, Q’uo. This is J and glad that you’re here with us today, and I’m the one that called you to the channel, and I’m here with my best friend, R, who is leaving soon to move to the beautiful island of Hawaii, and so I wanted her to be with me here today to ask some questions. One of the most nagging questions that I have is I really like what I do; I like being a body worker; I love doing massage with people, and I feel like that’s one of the ways that I can be in service of others. However, sometimes I feel like that there’s more that I should be doing, and I don’t know if I should worry about it. I would like if you could speak about being in service to others and maybe doing body work and if this is really where I’m supposed to be at this time.

We are those of Q’uo, and we grasp your query, my sister. The desire to be of service to others is the arrow that flies without error. It is difficult from within the illusion of third density to have a clear, lucid point of view concerning one’s own outer gifts and inner gifts, and one’s use of them. [It] is often skewed, because perhaps one misperceives a portion of one’s gifts or denigrates it as being not as useful as other inner or outer gifts. We are aware that, in the case of the one known as J, the desire is true, and, although we cannot ask any to be content with our knowledge, we would offer the point of view that the system of incarnational lessons and service works with a great deal of redundancy so that if an incarnational lesson or an incarnational lesson has been planned, it will occur as an opportunity, not once, not twice, but as long as the entity who has set this pattern up is alive and needs the experience of working with that particular pattern or structure of catalyst.

Therefore, it is not that any entity is going to be the perfect understander and scholar of one’s own fate or destiny but rather that the redundancy feature ensures that, if one opportunity for a certain type of service or a certain type of learning is missed or unseen at one juncture, it will surely come around again offering another opportunity, and another and another. Nor is there any judgment from self to self, in terms of the self between incarnations that set this plan up, concerning whether or not the entity in incarnation decides to take advantage of a particular pattern for learning. Indeed, it may be noted that many wanderers create for themselves a superfluity of incarnational lessons and service in the same way that a child will fill his plate overfull because it all looks so good.

Not all things in life are requirements as far as the school of living is concerned. As a classroom, the curriculum of Earth is simple: it is love. There are lessons in how to love, in how to accept love from others. These lessons may have to do with loving without expectation of return or, in many cases, learning to accept love without expectation of debt or guilt. As the one known as J has pointed out, it is often far easier to serve and to love without expectation of return than to accept the love offerings of others as a worthy and honorable person. The lesson of acceptance of love is keyed, therefore, to those who are dealing with exceptional clarity in seeing the landscape of their own imperfection. Consequently, that entity which is working upon opening the heart to being worthy of love is also working upon lessons that are linked to the distortion of feeling unworthy. The service of the inner type, as each in this group is aware, is the more central service, since it works upon the soul of the planet, the soul of the entity, and the soul of the group entity that is the self and those other selves that are even now becoming more and more able to form the basic structure of trust and sharing that is the foundation for fourth-density shared memory.

Although the inner service is the central service, it is often the least easy to accomplish because of its very simplicity and its nature of being essence rather than form. Consequently, it is often the more efficient route to rest within one’s outer gifts while one is becoming more aware of the beauty of the inner self. There is, as this instrument has often said, a process which this instrument calls falling in love with the self. Until this moment occurs, the self will be seen as imperfect and error-prone. Within the illusion which you enjoy at this time, this is inevitable. However, there is a process of moving beneath the personality shell’s turbulence that we encourage each to invite, through silence and listening and the immersion of self in the creation of second density and first density, where the vibrations are without the veil, and there is much grounding and reaffirmation coming from the energetic beings that dwell within air, fire, earth, water and within each plant that blossoms and each animal that shares breath with those upon this planet. This first and second-density entity is extremely helpful to those who are attempting to get a sense of themselves as beautiful and worthy, for each animal, no matter how humble, each plant, no matter if it be called a weed or a flower, has its youth and its blooming and its happy old age and its natural sinking again into the earth. Does the leaf grow concerned because its structure has been somewhat eaten by insects? Does the doe in the forest lose faith in the rightness of things because there is not enough to eat? Indeed, each plant and each animal spends its time in surety, confidence and peace, for it is not troubled by attempting to justify its existence. It is not troubled by its perceived imperfections. Rather, [such entities are] just as the very aged kitty on the instrument’s lap. As it struggles with difficult and stertorous breathing it has absolutely no feelings of inadequacy, guilt, anger or fear, but rather takes each breath as it comes while enjoying the most positive and safe and comfortable situation that it can find which, in this cat’s case, is to be within the aura of its favorite human.

May we say in this regard that service is often greatly helped by association with those who are able to support, encourage and offer honest criticism of that path which in general is shared by both. The value of spiritually-oriented companions in this wise of seeing oneself, seeing one’s service, cannot be overemphasized. All is within the self, and that which is intended to be placed before the view is indeed being placed before the view. The essence of service is that there is not a specific right service, but rather there is an opportunity that will revolve and come about again and again, and each instance of this sort of opportunity to pursue an outer gift will, if pursued, blossom into a viable path. Consequently, you cannot make a mistake; you cannot choose an incorrect road. You can choose only between a more direct one and a more roundabout one.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, that was good on that question. Back to the second-density beings. I was wondering if you could speak to me about my dog, Gypsy, who is also getting on in years. She is so loving and so faithful. Is she third-density harvestable at this point in time when the cycle of her life ends?

We are those of Q’uo, and we find that we can confirm this as the one known as J is already aware of this entity’s harvestability.

Okay, one more question, and then I’d like for R to ask a question if she’d like to. I’ve been wondering lately if earth changes, things could really occur this year. I see Carla as an advisor, because she really helps me to stay grounded and not have a lot of fear. I’m thinking that possibly I should change residence. Is that something that you can speak to? I do like this place that I live in, but I’m wondering if I move in this coming year of 2003.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The energy that moves through your peoples at this time is an extremely vigorous one. It is the product of the increasing transparency between third density and fourth density. As this process of transparency continues to intensify, more and more entities will be sensitive along the lines of their distortions, sensitive in all ways. In those who are awake, it may seem to be a vigorous, cleansing wind; in others, it may seem to be the wind of change; in those who are fast asleep, it may seem simply to be a wind of confusion, chaos and disaster. As this instrument would say, it is all in the point of view.

In such an atmosphere of increasing sensitivity of the self to thoughts and subtle energies, it is not surprising that entities whose distortions lie along the lines of quiet and an untouched aura would begin to feel that perhaps dwelling in such a densely populated area might not be as desirable for the peace of the inner self as moving to a less crowded area where there is more space for the aura to flower on its own. We see neither harm nor [true help] in such a move in terms of any deep spiritual motivations but would note that often, when there is within the self the desire for transformation, the movements of the self in the outer sense of literally moving from place to place may well help to create the atmosphere of transformation, in that the process of moving is in itself traumatic and carries an energy which can be added unto by the cleansing and regenerative energies that are felt within the being. Therefore, the move is not just a physical move but a symbol of the felt or perceived movement or transformation of the self. Therefore, it may be that such a trigger, that acts as a suggestion resource for the inner entity, may be helpful to the outer entity.

Is there a further question on that, my sister?

No, no, that’s good. That explains everything great. I personally want to thank you very much, and, as always, it’s good to be around you and your energy. I would like to ask R if she would like to ask a question.

Yes, J, thank you, and thank you for honoring me by bringing me here to this channeling.

Thank you, Q’uo. I feel like a lot of what you’ve spoken already has been spoken to me and my inner self and questions.

I am moving to Hawaii in less than a month, and I feel one of the big reasons is that I want to create that feeling of space and openness for my inner transformation, and you spoke of the first and second densities, of the plants and the animals, and I have a strong urge to submerge myself in that environment of nature. My questions would be, how can I best serve this world, my girlfriend, M, who I’ll be moving with, and myself through this move and this transformation, and are there particular energies, whether it be individuals or groups that might… that I might be able to assist and they may be able to assist me in our transformations to be love?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We are glad to comment upon this exciting and transformative adventure upon which you set out in so brief a period of days and hours. The best way to serve in the new environment is the best way to serve in all environments, and that is to offer the self without pride but with joy, to the moment, to the lifetime, to eternity in purity of being, in the glisten of armor polished by discipline so that the armor of light may shine.

Already the one known as R sees the self as a light. The question always with the light is, where to put it? Shall it be placed upon the top of a building and become a light in a lighthouse that warns those of dangerous reefs? Shall it be a light of hope that is cast into those lives which have been darkened by pain? Is [it] the particular kind of light that is the flame of passion? This is the question that each may ask the self when hoping to serve one’s very best. Where is the passion, where is the desire, and where, when one opens one’s eyes, is the opportunity?

It has puzzled, confused and baffled many and discouraged more that when the dreams of the heart are to serve by noble and outwardly respected means, [that] when the eyes open to the situation at hand, it consists instead of cleaning a bathroom, washing the dishes, cooking the meals, “chopping wood, carrying water,” as this instrument would say. The one known as R also has placed for itself in the coming situation, as well as in the situation it is leaving, ample opportunity for service and for learning. There are entities and groups with whom, as a soul, your soul stream has made agreements. You may think of these entities as members of a large family that has been apart for some time but that, when it comes together, has a certain resonance that speaks of home, anchoring, safety, intimacy and nurturing. Look for the resonances in those that you meet, not only so that you may be of help to them but so that they, in their need to be of service, may be of help to you.

May we answer you further, my sister?

[Long pause.]

Is there a further query at this time?

No, I think this is probably about the length of time for this instrument. We thank her, too, for offering herself as a channel and thank you very much, Q’uo, for being with us today.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, too, my sister and the one known as R as well. It has been our privilege and our pleasure to share energy with you. We thank this instrument as well, and we leave each of you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.