(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we are ineffably overjoyed to be. We cannot express our thankfulness for being called to this circle of seeking, and, as we prepare to offer our thoughts, we would request that each scan our thoughts and concepts within your process and pattern at this time, looking for resonance and the feeling of recognition. We request that all opposing or separating ideas, in their seeming to you, be released and forgotten, for they clearly are not those which serve as resources for you. With this caveat, we gain our freedom to share our opinions not as those in authority but as friends and fellow walkers of the way of the one infinite Creator.

We greet the one known as J in absentia from the physical circle gathered within the walls of the Magic Kingdom 1 and would welcome this entity’s first query at this time.

J has experienced cancer and its healing, and he was wondering if, in the book he is writing about cancer, Q’uo was involved in providing any of the inspiration for the book, and, if so, would Q’uo have any insight as to its purpose?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. It is an interesting one, for the answer is yes and no. We are a part of your guidance in the sense of being used for personal guidance or higher self in direct communication as an entity, with you, as the specific guidance which is a portion of the soul stream, shall we say. In the sense of being an entity who chose to contact you from some vantage point which convinced us that we as a group needed to contact you for a certain project, no, we were not those who created the desire or the material for the written expression of your heart and your pen.

The process of channeling, creatorship, authorship or composer-ship is that of the tempering fire of circumstance, the quality, purity, intensity, crystallization and balance of the desires of the deep heart for the truth of the self and the truth of one’s service, and the quality of what this instrument would call alertness or awakeness. These are the tools which open the channels of creativity. There is a balance between intuition and guidance and the more artisan-like craft of learning, discovery analysis and synthesis which must needs find an inner bridge in order that the heart and the mind work together as a portion of an extended spiritual family, shall we say. We are that portion of your guidance that we naturally occupy by virtue of the shared soul stream. However, as we have often mentioned, our guidance comes more in the form of a kind of carrier wave that deepens and intensifies or sharpens in delineation the details of the personality shell’s own processes of dreaming, envisioning and seeking.

May we answer you further?

Are there any inaccuracies in the book that I’ve written or are there any areas that could benefit from further amplification?

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. We find that this direction of questioning is one which, if followed, would detune this contact, for these are key queries. We remind this instrument of an experience that it had when the course was being studied and the instrument asked the professor a question concerning the book about which the test would be taken. The response to the query was, “I will not answer that question.” Consequently, this instrument chose to spend its study time answering that question, and this instrument was accurate in determining the nature of the final test. It was indeed that question that the teacher could not answer.

Sometimes, there are these decisions made which must be the sole concern of the creator dwelling within flesh and the personality shell. It is the quality of coloration within the third-density work of art that so enlivens and expresses the courage and the irony of being a third-density entity. We would simply say that a creation is a world, and, when the world is expressed in the roundest, most clearly delineated topography and detail of which the imagination of the creator is capable, then the work is whole. This instrument, as a writer, has never had the inner discipline to persist in correcting distortion until it was satisfied with its work. This has not prevented the work from being appreciated, and we would share that musing of this instrument’s with you, that perhaps something can always be made better, the possibilities being infinite.

May we ask if there is another query?

Are there any suggestions as to how best to disseminate this information, any target groups or timing that you could recommend?

We are those of Q’uo and believe we grasp your query, my brother. The target for the audience is that target which focuses upon the greatest concentration of those to whom the message is written. In your case, this would be those wanderers close to awakening within your peoples. The choice of the writing in English and of using story as a means of delineating metaphysical processes is a valid choice amongst the various approaches that could be taken. The target group cannot be said to be entirely of one type, whether that type be economic, age or job-related, for wanderers exist at this point in your planet’s evolution at virtually all ages. The initial waves of entities have come through to take incarnation beginning in the [19]20’s and 30’s and your [40s,] 50’s and ‘60’s. Therefore, though it is always the youth of any people which are the most sensitized to deeper issues, yet still there is no clear demarcation between the young and those who do not share youth with those younger, because of the length of time that the harvest has been quite close, and the extent to which those from elsewhere have felt it well to commit themselves to the taking of third-density incarnation in order to aid the planet and its people at this time. Thusly, we would say that the young ones are a substantial portion of those who would welcome these ideas but such a creation as your volume would be very good material for those of many ages and conditions.

As to the timing of this volume, again we come up against the full stop of free will, for that is a matter of resonance for you and those who encourage and support you. Allow this question to resolve itself as far as the particular month or day. In general, we would say that the addition of all sources of sound metaphysical information are to be encouraged at this time and in the immediate days of what you call your future, for natural cycles connected with this planet’s sacred harmonics of position will be in crescendo and in coda for your next decade or so in your years. The timing as a particular date—though not necessarily a significant key—is, however, a puzzle that the one known as J may find pleasure in resolving.

May we ask if there is a further query?

The last question is, “Would Q’uo honor the book by providing an endorsement or a message which could be printed on the cover, website and/or promotional material?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. May we say that we are flattered by your desire for the author of cosmic sermonettes through this instrument to give a recommendation for your worthy volume. May we say that your creation shines with its generosity, purity and wit. We are those who honor the heart and the process of forming the point of view that informs your creation has great elegance. The attempt to move from the appreciation of a way of thinking and being to a position of internalizing that system of perceptions is a long journey most often at least partially stumbled through and suffered through. The fruit of such an intense time of transformation is often black and bitter among your peoples.

The energy that is moving through the earth that you enjoy life upon at this time is a cleansing and a purifying energy. Fourth density and third density become more and more transparent to each other. This precipitates, for those who are awake and for those who are asleep, the experiences of a mind and a body which are no longer tuned to the vibrations present in the current ambient experience. The need then is to release the old experience in order to accept that which comes next, and the one known as J has our thanks for being able to express a story in which this shifting of realities is given so many helpful stories, characters and moments. We recommend the reading of all books which may appeal to an entity. We recommend that entities gaze upon this and all volumes looking for resonance. The pleasure of new ideas is that which often sharpens inspiration and clarifies logical processes. Consequently, this and all books may be viewed as possible resources for spiritual growth.

Would there be any follow-up queries that those present might have in terms of these questions and what the one known as J might pursue?

I think that’s all the questions at this time. We thank you very much, Q’uo, for all of the information that you gave us.

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother, as well as this instrument, the one known as T, the one known as M, the one known as J, and those who are with these in thought for asking us to share our thoughts. It is such a precious thing to touch into your energy and feel the shared vibrations of your beings. We leave each of you resting in the infinite Creator. We leave you in the love and the light of the One. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Carla’s name for the Rueckert-McCarty and L/L home.