Question from J1: Can the source of anger, seeming this is the source of the cancer, be inherited? Can it be from past-life programming, or could it be deliberately implanted or consciously created to create a learning opportunity during the incarnation?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you with great joy in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we are. It is a great blessing and privilege to be called to your group this day to join in your meditation and to offer our humble opinion on the subject of the causes or the providence of cancer. We are glad to share our opinions with you with the request, as always, that each discriminate carefully as each listens or reads so that no idea is allowed to take lodging within your value system that is not resonant to you personally. With this in place we feel much freer to offer our opinion without being concerned that we might infringe on your free will.

The circle of seeking this day queries concerning cancer and certainly we may speak concerning this particular distortion or disease. However, our remarks may in general be relevant to other conditions and estates of humankind’s physical vehicle.

We would begin by acknowledging some of the basic structure from which we speak concerning that which is conceived of among your peoples as disease. Since all that has formed is a distortion of the one original Thought, to say that disease is a distortion is not to insult the breed. For, indeed, that which is known among your peoples as disease has its own beauty and function within the system of dynamics of third density. It is a highly convenient and somewhat sensitive means of ending a life span at the just and appropriate time for that entity and, indeed, in many cases the so-called disease comes into play as a result of the filling up of the capacity of the entity’s learning system from the wear and tear of the daily incarnational experience once the vital energies of the entity have expended that amount which they have to offer to the challenges and pleasures of having breath and life within third density [which] may have ended sooner than was intended before incarnation.

This is impossible to predict before incarnation, either how catalyst will strike the entity within incarnation or to what depth the increased load of unprocessed experience may go. When such bank accounts of undigested experience rest within an entity so that the amount of unprocessed catalyst is over the full line for an entity in terms of incarnational energy then it is that the physical vehicle may gladly accept the disease in order to plead a sensible and timely period upon an incarnational pattern.

This is most helpful for the entity so that healing may occur as would be needed to create an atmosphere within which the entity somewhat healed from its travels in its personality shell through the incarnation may recover itself, take thought after its healing, and consult with its higher self and all guides in the construction of a new incarnation which would address those unresolved catalysts.

It is for this reason that many entities [who] find themselves dealing with physical difficulties of one kind or another would then end life experience at a younger age than would be, shall we say, the cultural norm among your peoples. Consequently, whatever the condition or disease that is perceived by those who offer tests with the various measuring devices of your peoples, [they] have only the outer hints and clues as to the true cause of the condition.

The shape of unprocessed emotion within the incarnational energy vehicle most closely associated with the physical vehicle has a much more accurate and clear concept of where the opportunity of an ending to the incarnation is coming from in terms of cause. Only the entity and, perhaps, sometimes not even that entity is fully aware of what sorrows upon the heart, what unbalanced emotion upon the emotional body, have created a situation of imbalance which has reached the point where the mind complex of an entity cannot balance it. When this occurs the natural evolution of the distortion known as disease is to move from those difficulties within the mind to the more obvious hints and clues offered by the analogous condition which has been given to the body, for it to, shall we say, act out its distress, sorrow, anger, grief or whatever the imbalanced emotion or unrefined emotion that has been causing the distortion to be chronic within the energy body of the individual.

The query specifically moves to question the three possible causes of the arising of cancer from anger, that is: the predisposition of the genetic makeup of the vehicle, the carry over from past life distortions, and the placing of the illness or condition within the life experience as a response to those things which occur within incarnation, and we would take these one at a time after simply saying that we would agree with the one known as J1 that relating the emotions of unrefined anger to the condition cancer is quite often correct as a solution to the linkage between mind and body in the arising of that particular disease.

Firstly, there is the possibility of genetic predisposition, and while we completely agree that this predisposition is a portion of many entities within your density who do experience the arising of this disease, it is entirely possible for two entities with the same genetic makeup to respond quite differently to stress when it takes the form of the hot and fiery distortions of anger. One entity may be able to allow the refining of that anger by not resisting it or holding on to it but simply sitting with that anger in utter compassion for the reasons for that anger, the hurt and pain and sorrow behind that anger, the entity feeling threatened, fearful, abandoned or unworthy and thus creating the experience of a confused anger that then can be placed in the tempering fire of patience and waiting so that that anger is given time to be refined by the enduring fire of experience.

When that which is creating distortion is allowed to express itself completely in the inner energetic system of the vehicle then it is that the physical distortions that might arise, the cause of genetic predisposition, will not arise since there is not an imbalance penetrating or chronic enough to trigger the stimulus to which cancer is a response. Consequently, the thinking system and the perception system of each entity has the responsibility for determining what is the truth of any particular occurrence and when an entity’s information system is able to deliver, shall we say, a less distorted truth concerning the evolution of the emotion of anger, the skill of this draws the sting out of the otherwise triggering perception that the entity is no longer safe and must become one who is on guard and protecting oneself.

This contracting or defending choice when faced with one’s own anger defines the perception that the cells of the body will receive. If anger is perceived and yet it is perceived from a viewpoint of safety, compassion and nurturing it will not constitute a trigger for a physical vehicle to produce that which is cancer.

Thus, it is exquisitely central for entities to be alert to the actual nature of their allowed perceptions for what is perceived is what the physical vehicle reacts to. Each has seen the demonstration of hypnotism where an entity is informed that being stuck with a pin will not hurt and, sure enough, the hypnotist is able to demonstrate the changed perception of the client which has been hypnotized. This is precisely the nature of perception, and we encourage each always to gaze with a clear eye and an unbiased point of view at the nature of one’s thoughts. For each thought that is processed by the intelligence has its nature, its strength, and its vector in terms of polarity and purity.

The second suggestion as to causes of the cancer, that is, the cause of how the anger expresses itself in cancer, is that which is carried over into a present incarnation from a past incarnation. Often there is in the experience of older souls upon your planet—that is, those who have been through multiple lifetimes upon your planetary sphere—that there is a carry over especially of those experiences that have been involved in a pervious death: the place of a fatal blow, the chakra involved in a mortal emotional dysfunction, even the primary and secondary energy centers associated with certain relationships distortions and imbalances. When such a relationship is central to the incarnation pattern [it] may well constitute an imbalance that expresses even through an entirely new body and energy system the cause of the strength of the previous distortion. Often in the case of wanderers this does not apply because such entities have balanced karma moving into the earth plane and therefore have only the energies of the present incarnation to balance.

When such a lack and imbalance does persist from one incarnation to another we would say that it most generally does not take a certain form in terms of disease but rather constitutes an area of weakness that may be a target of opportunity for those illnesses that are offered to one that is at as toxic state of imbalance. These would then have to do more with the energy center affected by the imbalance than they would have to do with a particular disease.

That is, where the imbalance [was seen] to be a yellow-ray imbalance, shall we say, the disease might be of the organs, it might be cancerous, it might be a nervous [disease], it might have various descriptions depending upon the target of opportunity, its timing, and those illnesses available in the surrounding of the [inaudible]. However, such an illness would involve the same basic area of the physical vehicle.

This, then, would not be so much an emotionally caused disease but rather it would be that almost mechanical outworking of previous patterns with the insulating numbness of forgetfulness to ease the outworking of a complex pattern of imbalance from a previous incarnation. The usual expressions of such carryover illness are those expressions such as the colds, the flu, the problems with weight, the problems with the appearance of the skin, those things which are more generalized or simply visit for a time at a time when an entity does present a target of opportunity.

The third suggestion of the one known as J1 was that such anger may create opportunities for such a disease as cancer from inside the incarnation or from just prior to incarnation during the planning stages. And we would say that often this is the cause which is the, shall we say, the efficient cause of cancer among your peoples. For many are the people who are very eager to cleanse and purify their energy body of all imbalance and the guidance before incarnation encourages the self to put in place a possibility of illness in order that should the incarnation not be going as planned there may be set in place the predetermined tendency to form illnesses which create the opportunity for inner work.

A good example from channeling which we find within this instrument’s awareness is that of the one known as Franklin who programmed into its incarnation the possibility of crippling polio. This did not occur in childhood as that particular disease normally does but rather it was set in place as a fallback strategy in case the one known as Franklin became led astray from its desires prior to incarnation to become more positive, more openhearted, and more service-oriented.

The practice of politics is, shall we say, not designed to create such opportunities for positive polarity but rather such practice as those of a politician may well lead to service-to-self energies being fairly freely encouraged under the guise of helping groups of people for their own good. When this particular imbalance became marked enough within this entity’s incarnation it then chose subconsciously to create for itself a situation within which it would be more able to do inner work and less able to have a breadth and a fast pace of social activity. This did, indeed, in this particular entity’s case work well and created the possibility of much good work and balancing the distortions having to do with the right use of power.

When a severe illness comes to one unexpectedly it certainly is appropriate to question carefully all three of these possibilities and many others not yet thought of. It is well to gaze deeply into the self to see as clearly as possible the distortions and glamours and exaggerations and cruel lacks of self-encouragement and self-validation that may have created such an imbalance that the energies of disease were needed. It is well always to see disease not as an enemy but as that friend which has perhaps come too soon and needs to be asked to move out of the stage of life and back into the wings so that more of this incarnation may be enjoyed.

The solution which the one known as J1 [seeks] to the riddle of disease and illness is that which we commend for truly all is love and as each becomes able to see the self with love and all things outside the self with love one is able to create the atmosphere in which healing occurs. It is like giving oxygen to one who is having trouble breathing to give love to the inner self. It may seem that others should love one and one should love others and that self-love is selfish but there is a level at which it is not only unselfish but necessary for health, to come into a sense of peace within the self that is beyond explanation that is the result of feeling unthreatened, safe and nurtured and there is no one but the self that is able to give that resource to the self on a stable, everyday basis.

Certainly an entity may feel safer with a certain companion or with a certain group. However, in terms of the innermost workings of an energy system within the human third-density being the setting of the stage for a balanced and even functioning experience of living is what this instrument calls falling in love with the self.

The energy of compassion is easy to feel for others. It is easy to open one’s heart when one sees another’s suffering. It is much more difficult to see the beauty of one’s own suffering and to see the heroism of one’s own endurance and determination to survive. It is very easy for an entity to be blind to his own beauty. More than that it is very easy for entities, especially within your culture, to fear and shun the shadow self, thus alienating that dark side of self in which lies so much strength and health when appropriately acknowledged, loved and disciplined. The one known as John wrote, “Love is all there is.” Others have written similar sentiments such as, “Love is the answer,” and these simple phrases hold a powerful and unified truth.

We would ask each at this moment to rest and to invite the self to move beneath the breathing, the heartbeat, and to the essence of self. Beyond form, beyond function, beyond explanation, can you feel the jewel-like crystal of you vibrating, radiating and being? Experience that beautiful energy that is yours alone, feel it flowing from the root chakra upwards and out the top of the head. Sense into the entity upon your left; now turn your attention to the entity upon your right. Feel the energy fields mingle and cuddle together and feel the energy of the group entwining itself from the energies that have flowed out of the heads of each so that they begin to spin and form a spiral, upward spiraling, moving on into the eternal realms from each pilgrim heart. This is your beauty and this is the beauty of the group.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim that we may answer any shorter queries that this group may have at this time. We thank the one known as Carla and leave this instrument in love and light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. May we ask if there are any briefer queries at this time?

I have a question from T. She says, “I am interested in the energy exchanges between individuals. I understand the law of squares and was wondering if the benefit is the same… “

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument and we appreciate the patience of each present, and to continue.

When in the meditative state, then, it is well to focus the attention upon some quality that belongs to the entity with whom you wish to link your energies. Perhaps this quality might be the openhearted sharing of energies that is available through this person. Perhaps it is the kind of question which this entity seeks with you to solve the riddle to. Perhaps it is a desire to share a certain kind of future experience, the sending of love and light to various places upon your planetary surface, for example.

Whatever the focusing mechanism, it is well to utilize this quality, desire or goal in order to blend the energies with the other self within the meditative state. It is well to decide beforehand the appropriate time for such an experiment, and it is well to retire to that place that is yours for the seeking within the meditative state, that place which you have made holy by your previous intentions.

When these simple prerequisites are accomplished then one may enter into the meditative state with a certain degree of confidence that what you are attempting to do is indeed possible and shall bed the result of your efforts.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I was wondering if you could comment on whether it is equal to have a focus group in a physical location and then have others from remote areas focusing on the focus group or is it equally efficient to have no focus group but simply everyone at a remote location connecting to the place itself at a certain time?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. In the attempt to provide increased energy resources to various portions of your planetary surface we find that it is well to focus upon these places as precisely as one can within the meditative state, for this is a metaphysical working that is being attempted and is not one in which the physical precision is required, for it would be nearly impossible to find the precise location of any point upon your planetary surface that was described by latitudinal and longitudinal lines. Thus, one must rely upon the intention of the group of meditators that sends its energy offering with the precision that is allowed in the metaphysical realms. Thus, it is well to have an entity or a group which organizes such an effort, yet all who partake may do so from their own personal locations.

Is there a further query, my sister?

So, just let me clarify. So when somebody like James Twyman goes to whatever place he has gone to most lately and then has everybody pray for peace at that place—I think most recently it went to Iraq—the advantage is psychological within this illusion rather than metaphysical. Is that correct?

I am Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister, and, in general, this is correct, though we are aware that the entity of whom you speak is one who also performs his own kind of music and magic within the location that is in need of the energy of healing. This is a somewhat different kind of working, for this entity also operates within the social and to a lesser degree the political realm of the area in which he is involved, this adding different levels of energy to the mix, shall we say.

Is there another query, my sister?

If you don’t mind me being persistent, would it be easier for people to focus and become linked concerning a place if there was a small focus group somewhere in the surrounding area at a specific time, or does that make no difference in terms of the law of squares, in terms of the actual faith of entities who are able to join with each other metaphysically? My basic question is does it actually help people with the process of linking up to have somebody to focus on or is it just as easy to focus on the place as to focus on the person?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We appreciate your persistence. The query is best answered, we feel, by suggesting that it does not make a difference to those who are from a distance sending their energy resources to have other entities within the area receiving the energy that will focus it. This is an activity which all may accomplish from a distance, shall we say, for it is a metaphysical working that is attempted.

Is there a further query my sister?

So the only advantage that a focus group would have would be if they produced their own gift to the place and that would be another kind of energy rather than purely metaphysical, is that correct?

I am Q’uo. This is correct, my sister. Is there another query, my sister?

No, I am done. Thanks a lot.

I am Q’uo. We thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

My question is that I am really interested in learning how to start to remote view. I realize that it takes a lot of energy. Do you have any suggestions that you could give me on maybe how I could create more energy to learn how to remote view?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Again, as in all metaphysical undertaking it is well that one cultivate the desire to do that which you describe and to set aside a certain amount of your time upon a daily basis in order to practice that which you wish to accomplish. It might also be helpful if you enlisted the aid of a friend or two and informed this friend that at a certain time you would attempt to visualize this friend within whatever surroundings this friend may be currently placed. Then at a later time to check your experience with that of your friend. This done upon a daily basis or some portion of your time might develop the ability to see with the far-seeing inner eye that which is usually missed.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, Q’uo. Thank you so much for being with us today.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister, as well. Is there another query at this time?

I have a question. I was re-reading Ra in connection to how they came at this time to help correct distortions that they felt occurred from a long time ago. I was wondering if there is any assistance we can provide in helping Ra correct any distortions that they feel occurred?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The attempt to alleviate those powers which were given to the Law of One by the experience of those of law with those of the Egyptian culture many thousands of your years ago, is an experience that is profound enough in its fundamental nature. Its ability to influence many of the population of your planet is also that which is difficult to achieve in any physical sense, for there has been the, shall we say, construction of a certain artifice of an intellectual or mental nature that is the result of the reserving of information meant for all by a few.

That this pattern has been reproduced in an extensive sense in the years that followed this experience, that perhaps the most help that can be offered by individuals at this time is to seek to remove these distortions from one’s own pattern of experience and personality structure. Thus, the healing of the self as is the first attempt and work of any who would heal others is that which is most helpful to the entire planetary population and not just to those of the social memory complex known as Ra.

This experience of attempting to balance the internal distortion is that which uses the information concerning the Law of One in its most significant sense, for as one is able to find a balance within the self then one radiates this attitude of unity in a way which is much like the broadcast signal from one of your radio or television stations.

Thus, the principle might be stated that one teaches many, for the beacon that shines from the consciousness that has cleared its own system of energy is radiant, is all-pervasive, and is that which enlightens the darkness.

May we ask if there is a final query at this time?

Not from me, thanks.

I am Q’uo, and as we find that we have apparently exhausted the queries for this session of seeking, we would again take this opportunity to share our gratitude with those present for inviting our presence in your circle of seeking this day. We are most filled with joy at each invitation, for to share your experiences for but these brief moments is most enheartening and enlightening to us as well, for we see that with which you struggle in your daily round of activities as you move through this grand illusion attempting whenever possible to pierce the veil of forgetting and remember just one small bit more of information and inspiration with which you have propelled yourself into this dimension and these incarnations with the desire to serve and to seek the one Creator.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We would take our leave of this instrument and this group at this time. We leave each in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.