Question from S: The first question today is, “I feel like I’m living simultaneously in two worlds, both with opportunities to love and serve and both lined with fear and “what if’s.” I feel right in the middle of both worlds, being pulled more and more, not able to discern. In each world, my indecision and neutrality are seemingly causing others some pain and distress in different ways. I’ve been thinking of R and how she went with N. “Your people shall be my people and your God, my God,” 1 and the possible benefits [to] my husband and symbolically to the fourth-density Earth coming into being [stemming from] that sort of unconditional decision, even to the point of intense sacrifice and standing firm in the open heart and unconditional acceptance. I’ve been consciously sending love and light through my hands and heart—not mine but the Creator’s—and I don’t know if this helps. I’m wondering if there’s something more that can be consciously done to help serve. So my question is: Can you comment as specifically as possible on the dichotomy that I’m experiencing in this situation? By what process can I make two worlds one and honor a now-open heart? Is there any significant distortion of my own that’s hindering this decision?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we joyfully take part. We greet the one known as S and thank this entity for its desire to seek the truth and for its queries. We thank those who have formed this circle of seeking with the one known as S and commend each for that driving desire to seek and know the nature of the self and of the one infinite Creator enough to lay aside this time in service to learning, to truth, and to the benefit of all through the increase of light. We ask only that each listen to our thoughts with a dispassionate and open consciousness, looking for that resonance that speaks of recognition and remembrance and that feels like a personal truth. Leave all other thoughts aside, for they do not hit the mark at this time. Perhaps at another time they may, but for now we ask you to lay aside those things which may constitute a stumbling block.

This query concerns the way to serve to the maximum of the ability of the one known as S. We are aware of the purity of intention of the one known as S. Further, we are aware of the resonances between this situation and situations in the past experiences of two of those within this circle, which create for us the delicacy of movement through highly charged emotional issues concerning fidelity, honor and the concept of rightness.

The skill and art of learning the self has a great deal to do with the patience necessary to untangle the self from the, as the one known as S has called them, fears and “what if’s”; from the trammels and snares of relative and acculturated variations of opinion, each of which has a rationale and a beauty of its own but which are mutually exclusive.

The situation of third density is that of the falling through midair. The entity is aware of the danger inherent in falling while at the same time being completely unable to affect the direction of the fall. This is the perceived situation within which the consciousness of an individual is very tempted to feel itself [a part].

In essence, the situation is one of complete freedom of action, given that the entity can free itself of the various acculturated and relativistic opinions which divide the self as it is from the self, as it believes it should be.

We would gaze with the one known as S at the concept of rightness. This instrument is aware of cultures within the limited number of societies that are upon your planet and dwell within the recorded history of this planetary sphere.

There are those cultures which value above all things the fidelity of the mated relationship and the exclusivity and permanence of such a relationship.

There are other cultures in which this is a value which has its relative uses but which is outweighed by ceremonial or personal preferences having to do either with personal growth or cultural movement having to do with position, status and so forth.

The concept of rightness, then, is, as all concepts within your conscious mind: to some degree an illusion, the falsity uncovering the truth, and the truth uncovering the falsity.

These are mysteries rather than puzzles to be solved, these questions of rightness. This does not negate the value of a wholehearted and deeply sacred process of plumbing the actuality of that which is most resonant as a path of learning and service in the particular moment of this crux. How is one to release the self from all past opinions concerning rightness? There is only the option for the faithful of opening the self to a higher concept of that which is right. This instrument, in speaking as a counselor to the one known as S, has several times discussed the concept of resonance and has suggested that, when there is a question before the attention, that the question may be taken into the meditative state with a view to finding that path of maximum resonance, and we would say that, for this instrument, it is somewhat simpler to connect the heart and the mind, thereby offering this instrument a more balanced platform from which to release the strictures of past conventional thinking. It is more difficult for the one known as S to release these strictures.

However, we would say that the observation of the one known as S that the neutrality of the present position is catalyst for others is accurate, and we would agree that the present moment is indeed that time during which it is entirely appropriate to ask of the self that it lend its desire to finding that path of maximum resonance creating the atmosphere in which, prayerfully and thankfully, a choice is made and closure found to that structure which at this time resembles, no matter how inadvertently, the triangular relationship. It is well for the choice to be allowed to blossom, and we would simply encourage the one known as S to focus upon the releasing of judgment and all statements containing the word, “should.”

What is the nature of preference? This instrument would say that the key to judging preference is the distinction betwixt preferences and obsessions or addictions. Preferences or distortions of opinion or bias are entirely natural to entities as long as they experience identity. We, ourselves, experience preferences at various levels within our own processes at this time. They are part of a net of information and intuition and, within third density, contain a good bit of grist for the mill of third density. The making of choices as an ethical entity is at the heart of the learning process of third density.

We find ourselves up against the Law of Confusion in becoming much more specific about this particular choice. It is a choice betwixt the past and the future, betwixt the conventional and the conventional in that it is conventional within your society both to remain with the relationship in which trust has been broken and to leave a

relationship in which trust has been broken. Consequently, the desire for purity exceeds the limits of the situation, which is in actuality part of the consensual process for these entities involved.

The one known as S has her heart and soul to listen to. We simply encourage honesty, a full examination of preferences and an honest evaluation of the dynamics of inner truth which operate within the one known as S to maximize her learning and service.

This instrument once asked concerning a sacrificial situation, and, when the source was unable to make any substantive response, it suggested to this instrument that the question may be whether or not it was this instrument’s time to go to Jerusalem. Is it a time for unconditional love to one direction? Is it a time for unconditional love in another direction? Where is the love? Where is the opportunity? Where is the deeper beauty and the feeling of resonance?

We would end this particular portion of this session by responding to the question concerning the sending of love with heart and hands. It is well to see the energy system of the self as being a system of energy which is enclosed within a self-protected system of energies, so that the infinite energy which feeds the vital portion of the being is allowed to remain at all times at full strength. The image of the self sending light through the hand is distracting in that it suggests that the entity of itself may have energy of that infinite kind. It therefore is perhaps more skillful for the one known as S to experience the way that the fully-functioning energy system opens the centers to being a channel for the unconditional energies of the infinite Creator, which then can rush through the open channel within that energy vehicle.

Thusly, the self is seen as the beautiful, gem-like being that it is and full energy continues moving through the channel, itself, which needs to be honored as the self which is offered in service to the light.

Often, feelings of lack of worth and excessive “humanity” influence an entity quite subtly into feeling that one is unworthy of being honorable, content, happy and so forth. These prejudices against the self have an insidious effect upon the faculties of judgment and may be examined for qualities of delusion. The essential truth of all beings is infinite worth and an awesome amount of personal power. We urge in all humility that humility and self-worth are not incompatible.

May we ask for the second query at this time?

You have previously stated that B and I are twin flames of the heart energy. Is this the same as my understanding of twin souls and could you expand on our two particular souls coming into this incarnation and finding each other? If we are communicating and aiding each other outside of our conscious minds, as it seems we have an almost telepathic [communication], we feel we need to know how to deepen that and strengthen that to help serve each other and others through any meditations or practices.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The terms “twin souls” and “twin flames,” in our limited usage of these terms, are equivalent. There are other systems of philosophy in which there are distinctive differences between these terms. However, in our usage, they may be taken to be general terms indicating that entities are part of the same soul stream, which is to say that they represent those who have worked together a sufficient number of times within the same group of wandering souls that they have become one.

In some lifetimes, this might express as being twins; in some lifetimes, this might express as a purely spiritual attraction having to do with that which is greater than both, such as those involved in a revolution or in the mission of sharing the healing or the comfort of spirituality with those about one.

In other cases, it might take the form of the star-crossed lovers.

And in many cases these relationships mingle and have undertones and overtones connected with the many experiences of learning and serving as companions of the heart and as those who are portions of the same social memory complex or those complexes which are allied. For there is a vast brotherhood of allied, spiritual entities, whether they are planetary entities or individual entities of your inner planes, that have banded together at this time and, in many cases, for several thousands of your years to work upon that which this instrument calls the harvest of your planetary sphere. We do not wish to cross that line from describing the nuances of being twin souls to defining the details of a particular joined relationship but would simply say that potentially all entities are twin souls. It is a matter of the two becoming so intimate that the barriers to shared thought are completely removed, and that which is an experience for one is an experience for the other.

It is seldom that entities within third density have the comfort of such companions, and we would suggest that each comfort is also a responsibility and each responsibility, a comfort.

The deepening of any inner relationship is contingent upon resting in the confident silence of knowing and allowing time within that silence for the communion of souls. This instrument uses a small doll to allow a channel for its spiritual teacher to rest physically close to this instrument and certainly the one known as B and the one known as S, in exchanging the many things which they have created with their hands and hearts, have created such talismans for each other that may serve as channels for such resting energy.

These talismans are able to operate because of confident faith that all things are alive and that there is no space or time within love, and we would encourage the moving into the silence and the resting in trust and faith as the primary methods of deepening this service-oriented oneness.

We would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Jim, as this instrument tires, and we would wish to address the remaining queries. We leave this instrument with thanks and transfer in love and in light to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. As we feel that we have spoken to the third query which asks us to differentiate between the terms “twin souls” and “twin flames,” and what makes it a unique relationship, we would ask if we might respond to the fourth query at this time.

Can you comment on the stress situation in my body and anything I could do to help relieve and release the situations before they become manifest physically?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that the stress of which you speak in this query is related to the situation that you described and to which we spoke in the first query. Thus, the alleviation of the stress which you feel within your body complex is contingent upon the ability to relieve the stress that you feel in the relationships that are now pulling your heart

and your thinking in various directions. It is a situation in which we are unable to participate fully, for we do not feel it a service to solve the riddle which you now contemplate. However, we can suggest that, as you meditate upon the direction in which you wish to move in your relationships and find a ground upon which you may firmly stand, there then will be the reduction of the stress factor within your entire life pattern that you will find reflected within your physical vehicle as well, for, when the physical vehicle is party to catalyst, it is usually so because the mind complex and the emotional complex have not fully utilized the catalyst which has been given to them. Thus, they pass on, shall we say, a kind of doubling effect…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…I am Q’uo, and we are once again with this instrument. We thank each for the patience that has been granted to us.

We were nearly finished with our response to this query, but wished to be certain that it was clearly understood that the ability of the one known as S to find an harmonious solution to the balancing of emotions and relationships is that crux which will determine the ability of the body to deal with less and less of that which you call stress. Thusly, we recommend significant portions of time spent in the meditative state upon the daily basis, during which the one known as S may ponder that direction which is most in keeping with the heart of her own compassion and desire to serve.

We realize that this is not an easy situation in which to find direction, for there are qualities of character that are involved in each instance respecting the traditions of one’s own culture and religious upbringing, in the keeping of vows made in marriage, and the direction of the spiritual seeker whose heart has opened and has found directions that move beyond cultural conditions. This is a matter which must be carefully considered. However, we assure the one known as S that there is within her own heart a direction which seeks to be known. Thus, within the meditative state, this entity may seek to be moved by her own heart.

At this time, we would thank each once again for joining in this circle of seeking and for inviting our presence here as you continue to seek means by which to open your own heart and be of service to those who would cross your path at any time in your daily round of activities, for this is the way that each entity affects not only one’s own spiritual growth but the service one would wish to offer others. For it is in the non-dramatic interactions of your everyday round of activities that the power of your own choices of service to others and opening the heart may be found.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Holy Bible, Ruth 1:16.