The question today has to do with the grid of our planet as we are moving from third into fourth density. We are assuming that there are points on this grid that are in need of some attention, some sort of focusing energy which we would like to be able to do, in our meditative state and maybe even in general, just the way we are able to live our lives to produce compassion or love or mercy or forgiveness in our daily round of activities. We would like Q’uo to give us some sort of an idea about how we might be able to be of service in this respect; in strengthening the grid, the road to fourth density from where we are in our daily round of activities in dealing with the catalyst of the day, with our own distortions, with our desire to serve and our feeling like sometimes it’s just too much.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We consider ourselves to be those who are part of what this instrument’s teacher calls the godhead principle, and we speak to that part of you which has called us here, that part of you which is also the godhead principle. It is in the sympathetic vibration of that likeness of focus and polarity that we link and find ourselves in this most agreeable and blessed condition of sharing this time of seeking with you. We thank you for the privilege of being called and for the careful way in which our nature was defined by the parameters of the tuning and challenging of this instrument. We greatly appreciate the care being taken with the tuning of the connection to enable us to experience clear communication with this particular, shall we say, biological instrument; one of the more complicated wind instruments, shall we say, being the human bodily instrument. In this case, the instrument is also the composer of the song which creates a fascinating context for us to work within in shaping these awkward bundles which are called words, to attempt to speak of concepts which exceed the limit of any words. We ask only that each take what seems sensible and helpful, from those thoughts we share, and leave the rest behind, for we are not those who are in authority but rather those who share experiences as your neighbors and co-creators.

We are glad this day to speak with you concerning the metaphysical road-building in which this particular instrument and the one known as Jim have been much interested in late months, as the experience of entering fully into the twenty first century and dealing with the weight of previously known information has brought these two entities to a condition of perception at this juncture which seems to indicate work in the direction of this metaphysical roadbuilding.

We would first comment upon the concept of time, for much of what we say has a certain timbre which can create sense only within a limited context, that being the illusory context of space/time. The metaphysical universe is not the space/time universe, and so, consequently, a query concerning the physical aspects of metaphysical work draws a response which must straddle both space/time and time/space considerations. The outer activism which is the interest of this instrument, especially, is dependent upon a network of information and data concerning space/time projections of time/space events. If one focuses upon the space/time continuum and its illusory march of progress, shall we say, the energies of metaphysical structure recede, and the more the effort is made to interact with space/time events and space/time values, the less direct will be the effect of such work upon the time/space or metaphysical continuum, which is a consideration when one is attempting to connect space/time to time/space, insofar as each entity involved is capable of embodying that linkage.

In this regard, we would state our observation that fear and fear-based concern is easily the most challenging foe that stands before the faithful warrior of light at this juncture. We do not criticize or judge entities for their fear-based responses to the space/time events which unfold as part of the consensus reality of your illusion. There certainly would appear to be concerning and substantial issues which indicate almost certain disaster. From our viewpoint as those observing this global culture from the outside in, we would state another observation, that being that, although it may have escaped your notice, there have been few years in recorded history in which there was not disaster, catastrophe and war. There also has not been a time within your recorded history when there has not been a wide range of options for solving all perceived problems. That which appears to be worthy of great fear on another level is precisely that which may be embraced with the most surety, because it is in challenging and novel times that one begins, within incarnation, to learn about the self and to be surprised, encouraged, invigorated and renewed by the experiences one has in learning of the depths of the self, the self’s emotions, and the self’s hopes and dreams.

Is it hunger that is feared? Then, when that time of hunger comes, take what little that you have and give it away to the common good, and you will find that you can create miracles of loaves and fishes.

Do you fear the cold? Take heart, and when you are cold, move to the company of others who are also cold and embrace them, and together you may live through the night and know the heart of another.

Do you fear having nothing? Take heart, for truly all entities possess nothing, but merely share that which comes their way, that which has been allowed to come their way by circumstance, by pre-incarnational request and by the desire to learn.

Do you fear not having enough? Embrace thankfulness and gratitude and count the blessings of what tiny things you may have in the face of deprivation and you will find yourself endlessly giving thanks.

For once the eyes of gratitude, of thankfulness, have been opened, it may more and more easily be seen that all circumstances are those for which one may give thanks with a true, honest and cheerful heart, for insofar as circumstances seem difficult, just so far shall they later be revealed as the healers of those deeply buried sores that must be lanced.

Each entity has placed in its own path those things which look remarkably like stumbling blocks and sources of great suffering, and they can be seen that way with perfect logic and sanity. We do not suggest that losing fear is a logical process; we suggest rather that the way the process of living has its impact upon a given soul is dependent upon that soul’s point of view and attitude. We are suggesting that the point of view or attitude is powerful and central to the goal of becoming a working crystal which is indeed sending blessed and transmuted light received from the infinite Creator by personal intention into the planetary fourth-density/third-density connection, creating the lighting up of the fourth-density grid.

Losing fear is therefore a tremendous and powerful resource to pursue. The ways of losing fear often have to do with more and more becoming aware of how fear has embedded its trigger points within the network of antennae which your personal structure of perceptive priorities presents to you: first, second, third, fourth and so on. A great deal of what is gained from the input of data into the mind and the consciousness has to do with how items are prioritized in the consciousness. The process of perception is far other than the way it seems, entities neither hearing with their ears nor seeing with their eyes, but rather forming a digitized information grid from not only the present moment [grid] but previously organized grids of expectations. Changing the expectation grid of one’s prioritizing software, shall we say, changes the information package that one receives from oneself as it inputs the data.

In a way, we are speaking very mechanically and yet the mind works along logical, mechanical and habitual routes, taking shortcuts when it can once it has decided upon the priorities. Moving into the prioritizing mechanisms within the self is deep work and takes a good deal of self-awareness that can usually be achieved only through time. Consequently, this is a long-term goal, for fear is not an absence of love; it is not what is left over when love is ended. Fear is the dark side of love. Fear has its legitimacy and must indeed be embraced within the self and asked to avail its gifts to the use of the light. Fear becomes courage when the fear is faced, and the wolf that has caused the fear, rather than being fled or being slain, is invited into the heart to be loved, understood, accepted and charmed.

We ask you to become storytellers to yourselves, telling yourself the story of the hero or the heroine that you are, the warrior of light who makes so many mistakes and must iron its costume daily, and yet somehow, though the costume is baggy and the efforts are unavailing, this story of the self moves on as one of the fighter that will not quit but never fights against but only for. Gaze upon those fear reactions and ask your most intelligent and clever self what creative things that you can do to target, come to understand, and come to have sympathy for each direction of fear-based thought; not rooting it out, not judging the self for fear, but having compassion upon the entity that is involved in a flesh, blood and bone illusion.

Each entity will perish from the third-density experience. This source of fear is, shall we say, the parent of all other fears, that fear of ceasing to be. We would ask through faith that the entity posit to itself whether it is worthwhile to fear death or whether it might not be more skillful to see the inevitability of that, and, rather than shrinking from that inevitability, to turn that story from that fear of death to the love of each and every day and hour that remains to you. Time, in terms of space/time, is an illusion, yet it is within this illusion that each of you dwells; it is within this incarnation that each of you now acts; and within your continuum and your illusion it is indeed a very intense time of transformation and change for the planet upon which you live. Consequently, there are indeed aspects of the metaphysical transformation of the planet’s population and its very global entity that poke up rather abruptly as mountains on the topography of the present time and space. Many catastrophes have already been seen of the natural kind and of the, shall we say, human or political kind, and you may see that these forces and energies become more sharply delineated, more clarified and more obvious.

Embrace this time as a time when those who are steadfast shall be those who are able to function as light transducers, keeping the energy moving into that grid which is made up of love. When an entity’s heart has been able to relax and free itself from fear and from the need to protect, it becomes soft and fertile and yeasty with the food needed for the seeds of love to blossom into those beanstalks that truly do constitute a ladder between earth and heaven. Each is aware of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This entity gave away its cows in exchange for magical seeds, and the entity came home and planted these seeds and grew itself a beanstalk that reached into another world. It is having the faith, in very non-physical ways, to sell the cows that gives to the light worker the ability to grow beanstalks between third density and fourth. The beanstalk is a seed of faith, and each of you is one who gently and sometimes unknowingly cradles that seed. When you birth it, that is the beginning of the self as an impersonal portion of the godhead principle.

When one can see oneself as, shall we say, a priestly or a magical figure, one then is able to move from a metaphysical position, from a position of embracing time/space and time/space values. This is the other side of releasing fear; that is, the discipline of continuing in remembrance of love, continuing in remembrance of who the self is, continuing in remembrance of why the entity is here.

We would close this discussion or, shall we say, this primary discussion by touching upon those interests that this instrument has in more specific details of ways to have organization come to a physical effort to support the concept of helping the fourth-density or Christ grid become stronger; helping the connection between this world and the next to solidify. You may tell from the balance of our cosmic sermonette that most of the work has to do with state of mind, for love and all of the energetic essences which underlie and create your space/time reality have to do with the energies of love, those energies which created you and which you now can focus as co-creators, allowing your will and your desire to direct those healing and infinitely beneficial energies of unconditional love that flow through each entity ceaselessly from the Creator. This state of mind is always the choice of the entity and indeed constitutes the greatest and most continual choice of the incarnation. Where shall the thoughts settle down? In love or in fear?

When one sees the self in fear, do not abandon the self, do not correct the self, but sit with the self and look at the fear. Let it be. Let it wash over and through one seeing the self as permeable, as healable, as fallible but [also] as a shining hero dealing with the most amazing adversity. This is your story; we ask you to stick to it; we ask you to think well of yourself. The one known as S, in channeling, enjoys creating a common ending for these channelings just as this instrument enjoys closing with those words which mean farewell and peace in the Creator. This entity closes its channelings with the thought, “Play well together.” This is a great road-building statement. Those who play well, with themselves and with each other, are honoring the Creator and the forces of unity that will release fear and open the heart.

There is some science which can be applied to a linear calculation of those plans which entities may create for themselves in order to give more shape and focus to what may otherwise seem an amorphous goal; that of lighting the planet and creating that solid connection to the next world which is at this time attempting to be born and certainly having its own difficulties.

We commend all and any efforts to serve. Needless to say, we must leave plans which have to do with physical calculations in the hands of those in whose free will these plans are being tossed about as dreams, hopes and visions. We commend the group effort suggested for exploring such services and would echo the sentiments of this instrument as spoken prior to this channeling having to do with being willing to rest in mystery and resonance to a certain extent in feeling one’s way towards the blending of the physical and metaphysical in service.

We thank this instrument for its service at this time and would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, leaving this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each of you in love and in light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to ask if there may be any other queries to which we may speak at this session of working.

[I have] questions with me. In each meditation we have with you, we offer the lives of those friends and family who may be in need 1, but, since we may not always ask specifically to do that for them, would that be considered any violation of free will, per se?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. There is the gift of the one Creator which is the prana, the love energy which is available to all entities as a source of the life-giving qualities of the one Creator. It is to these energies that one adds when one prays for the wellbeing of another. Thus, the entity has the free will to work with these energies as they are given in the daily round of activities, perhaps enhanced by those who pray, by those who wish the entity well, but these energies are added to those which are usually utilized without one’s being aware of them.

Is there another query, my brother?

The last one is, I seem to have a great affinity for quartz crystals and points, and I was wondering if there is any other light that you could shed on why that might be so, whether it’s past incarnations or just the energies they allow or anything like that that I could contemplate on?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that there is some general information of this nature which we may share without infringement. We would suggest that there has been within your pattern of incarnations a great predilection towards these means of communication and healing which you have utilized in various ways in different incarnations. Thus, there is within your being a portion of your learning and service which resonates to these crystalline entities and their abilities to enhance one’s wellbeing, one’s level of élan vital, shall we say, the energy which powers one in the daily round of activities and in the geometric precision with which these crystalline entities may be utilized for healing, for communication and for the far-seeing, shall we say.

Is there another query, my brother?

Not from me, thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I’d just like to ask, since it was my question and also my channel about the grid, if there was anything that you could channel through the one known as Jim that you couldn’t get through me because of my biases? If so, I’d be glad to hear it.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. No, we do not wish to be overly generous in our compliments to your abilities as an instrument. We would suggest that there is a clear entry into your being which we may utilize in speaking our thoughts through your instrument. We feel no distortion or hesitation or bias that would hinder our ability to communicate that which we wish to communicate.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you, thank you very much. Thank you for the indication. I’ll look at it very carefully.

I am Q’uo. Again, we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

[No more queries.]

I am Q’uo. We are most grateful for each entity’s participation in this circle of seeking, and we thank you for inviting us once again to join you as you walk this path of meditation, of service, of intensification of desire, and of open-hearted sharing, each with the other.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. L/L Research meditation meetings are concluded by a release of stored light from the session, while placing in that light the names of those we wish to offer healing prayers for.