The question today has to do with the concept of self-acceptance. It seems that every seeker of truth at some point needs to be able to accept the self as completely as possible in order to progress in the seeking. It seems like many of us, in order to increase the compassion in our lives, have programmed a lack of compassion for the self, being service-to-others people, and this gives us constant opportunities to accept the self when we fall short of our goals. Could Q’uo give us an idea about how we can go about accepting the self, perhaps through opening energy centers, through balancing the distortions that we find? Any other information Q’uo would have concerning self-acceptance would also be very much appreciated. And we would appreciate any additional comments Q’uo would care to make about the process of sharing with each other that we’ve undergone this weekend; 1 we’ve had a great weekend of sharing personal experiences and our catalyst and our growth and our dreams, and we would appreciate hearing a little bit about what Q’uo might have to say about that.

(David Wilcock channeling)

[(David’s Guidance System) We greet you through]… that entity known in this sojourn as David Wilcock. We greet you in the light and love of the one infinite Creator. It is at this time that we shall commence our communications.

Bear in mind that the relevant statistics of proportion have it in your favor that, within the span of this incarnation, you will have increasing opportunities to allow those aspects of self that have been inimical to the greater process of integration to fall away. This process of falling away is fundamentally that of an allowing; allowing the consciousness of the higher self so to infuse you that your every breath is quickened and enlivened by that living essence of the creation that is all there is.

Recognize, as you gaze across the spectrum of experience that you have amassed within this sojourn on the physical sphere, that there are those experiences that were of an apparent detrimental nature, which seemed to remove a certain degree of opportunity for the self to have happiness in function and an ease in mobility, among others. As you are now becoming increasingly aware, the nature of your experience is chosen, and it is the catalyst of the choice that determines the polarity of the entity.

The progress towards polarization to the positive is indeed, at times, a dark and bumpy road with many false steps and apparent inconsistencies in the path. Recognize that truly all steps do lead back to the Oneness, and thus [regardless] of the apparent discrepancies in the patterning of life, there is always centralizing focused consistence within the sphere. The fact is that you can walk along any surface of the sphere and you will always be the same distance away from the center as you always have been and, thus, progress is made while also the orientation with regards to center has never been lost.

The idea, then, is to recognize those inconsistencies that have developed in what you would think of as the past, regarding times where experiences caused for there to be a mental partitioning and a sealing away of the pains that have been brought about by said experiences. We have referred to these before as fragments. The fragmentation of the self occurs when there is a denial that certain experiences truly exist; not that they have been completely forgotten but, rather, that they are knowingly held down with a conscious exertion of energy by the mind, so as to eliminate the possibility of further apparent suffering or struggle from occurring by the reflection on the hurt.

What we have spoken to you about during the course of this weekend, through the medium of the checklist questions, is that most centralized way in which we can begin to look at the life pattern as a whole and examine the droplets of issues that have [bedewed the] spectacles [looking on] the entire vista of awareness that is the self. Each droplet is, in and of itself, a precipitation from the ocean of Oneness from whence you sprang, and, thus, the differentiation of yourself as being separate from others is but another aspect of this illusion, as is the illusion that any experience is separate from that of the conscious forces.

Thus, you could think of these fragment cells as being akin to droplets of water that have been arrayed across the tabletop of your own psyche. The process, then, is to enable for there to be that centralizing gravity well at the center of the circle that does then call forth all the droplets together once again to merge into oneness. In this rather simple analogy, you see how it is that, by the formation of a sieve or a funnel, so to speak, that the water droplets, in turn, form rivulets which then grow into larger droplets, and then all again returns back to that point of oneness.

These topic areas that we have mentioned speak particularly to the issues of how one’s self has been able to enunciate these differences between “before and after,” “here and there,” “seen and unseen,” “form and formless,” within the realm of the conscious self and how that consciousness then precipitates into physicality. And so, much as your mouth is filled with teeth which are used to chew and to process that energy which would sustain the physical body complex, we ask that you also sink your teeth into the issues that have been the central, leading motives of your life; and then to spend some time distilling and chewing upon each [of] those experiences that you have processed in the past; to arrive at greater levels of understanding and coherence within the self, so as to eliminate any distinction that these were events that caused you to be a victim or that were unprovoked but, rather, to recognize that all was occurring in perfect, harmonic, sacred ways

There was a question with regards to the self-acceptance aspect of this understanding and how it is that the falling away of these fragments might very well lead to a greater ability to accept oneself. We would ask that you recognize that the intrinsic lack of self-acceptance is a precipitation of the fundamental characteristics of work within third density; namely, this work does not prescribe a certain degree of easy “half-ways” but, rather, it is a path of suffering, or apparent suffering, as the experience is chosen to be labeled by the conscious self. The nature of catalyst, therefore, is for those experiences to come about which create a motivation which allows[or invites] that muse that helps the self to move forward and to make strides towards higher and higher levels of attainment and understanding, towards a greater and greater degree of personality transparency such that the self becomes as a gleaming mirror that reflects back only that which is the true essence of the one infinite Creator, such that those other selves may then see it.

The balanced, self-aware and self-accepting self is one that has been able to work through these processes, then to analyze, understand and accept the experiences of the past and distill the love and wisdom contained within them and to use that as a propellant for the rocket to take off into the ethers, such that the self is no longer encumbered by the gravity of the physical but can indeed rise higher and higher into the firmament, with the understanding that there is only irreducible simplicity in this essence of creation.

The simplicity is that you are the light. The chair that is holding you up as you hear these words is formed of light, as are you. There is only an apparent sense of there being an atomic or molecular structure by virtue of the distortions of this light through the various spiraling movements that then bring about physicality. But, in essence, all begins and ends as light. Thus, more and more, by defragmenting the self, by working through those aspects of personality that have remained compartmentalized from conscious awareness, there [comes] an ability to supersede those feelings of being frustrated by virtue of the understanding that all of your life’s experiences have been created only for your own evolution in understanding.

Therefore, you cannot continue to indulge in victimhood. Once you have seen past the illusion, [you see] that there was [not] any experience foisted upon you other than that which you, by your own discretion, created for your greater evolution and path. We ask on this day that you recognize that the brain is but a biocomputer; that the true center of function that you have exists outside time/space, outside of anything within your body; that, at this time, there is a mind being created as you listen to these words, with all others who would seek to find that Oneness. And, therefore, you can never be alone; you can never be outside of this Oneness; there is no differentiation save for that which is consciously elected to be chosen by the higher self as it then exhibits its tendencies towards producing catalyst that will allow the physical self to rise towards higher and higher levels of manifestation and acts of greatness; not acts of greatness measured in your physical terms but, rather, the greatness that can be found in simply being able to let go of the repetitive behavioral pattern that has not been in the highest and best good of all involved; by being able to focus one’s efforts towards the greater good and recognizing how it is that, by clapping the hands together in appreciation for oneself and being able to self-accept, that there is an everlasting wellspring that is created within the self and that the chalice of divine self-preservation and self-transformation can be dipped into this sacred water; that you can, then, imbibe these waters of life for yourself and experience that divine communion with the one infinite Creator.

It does, then, allow you to supersede those distinctions of right and wrong, of good and bad, of positive and negative; to recognize that all experiences that have transpired in your life, whether you felt alienated, isolated, alone, victimized or abused, are all emanating from that essence which does have the destroyer aspect or Shiva as well as that positive, constructive aspect. It does, then, form the framework through which you can arise to higher and higher levels of manifestation.

We now, at this time, cast the wording over to that known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

We are that principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we are. May we thank each in this circle of seeking for calling us to your group to share our humble thoughts with you. It is our privilege and our blessing. We would ask of you that you allow the opinions which we share to drift through your mind without attempting to accept them or reject them but, rather, simply listening to them. Those thoughts which are part of your process of truth will resonate to you as though you were remembering them. Those truths that are not part of your personal truth at this time will simply roll over you, and we ask you to allow that to occur and to leave them behind without a second thought. For, truly, that careful discernment upon the part of each of you allows us to share our opinions and our heart with you without concern that we might infringe upon your free will and your learning.

May we say also that it is a great privilege and a great blessing to meet that entity which suggested that it be known to us as Guidance System. We greet the Guidance System of David; that is the chosen name of this entity for us, at least. We are most privileged to be able to share this conversation with the one known as Guidance System.

We would perhaps pick up upon the powerful image that this entity suggested: a way to look at suffering as being that rain which falls in its bitter drops upon the sensitive sphere of the self and which is, then, allowed by the fearless seeker to enter into the energy system of the vehicle and to come through the natural spiritual gravity that moves the energy within that body to pull those energies down from tributaries into rivers and to the ocean of All That There Is.

Let us look at the suffering as it touches the sphere of self. It flows in a muddy, silt-filled rain, touching the grosser of the antennae of the sphere of self that are put out to catch those energies that threaten survival and comfort. The emotions that are brought from the second-density instinctual entity that is your physical vehicle are often clear, but not often of an energy that is at all open to growth. Rather, such energies are protective, armoring, defensive and survival-oriented, and, in such an atmosphere, these droplets simply must slide off. They have stung the [antennae] of the outside of the sphere of self but have not penetrated and begun the process of working through or being refined by the energy system of the physical and finer vehicles of that soul stream in connection with personality shell in connection with physical vehicle that you call a self.

As the self begins to lose the need to armor, the self becomes semi-permeable, and, for the first time, this vulnerable, undefended self is able to suffer, and this is an achievement, in our humble opinion. The achievement of a self-acknowledged suffering is a great achievement among your peoples. When that crystalline moment comes that the self knows its suffering and sees its sorrow, in that moment is born the opportunity to lift, transform and energize that portion of self which has become deadened, that it may once again become enlivened. The process occurs through this simple process of permeability that allows one tributary, and then another, and then another to spring up in that desert of defense until the self becomes fallow and open to the rain of pain; to that which is causing anger, jealousy, envy, covetousness or any other feeling which causes one to feel an adversity.

Look, now, at the color of this rain, as it begins to be distilled by the processes of the energy vehicle. The process of [self-]acceptance moves the pain through the protective layers and into the personal layers and into the depths of the societal layer, the most difficult of all for catalyst to penetrate and flow through.

Notice that this rain seems to fall upward, but this is because, my friends, you are one of the branches of the tree of life, and that tree has its roots in the heaven worlds and only its branches within your earth world. The rain is moving upwards into the heaven worlds; the energy, as you allow the pain to move through the energy body, is moving upwards from the denser aspects of pain into the heart and into that transformation of the heart which is as the ninety-degree phase shift which moves an ineffable part of the self into a kind of time/space in which that higher energy may far more easily be made permeable and penetrated with great amounts of energy and undifferentiated or unlimited light.

In this part of the process, once that simple allowance of pain has been able to create permeability so that the pain falls into the heart, then the energies of the tabernacle of the one infinite Creator are able to exercise their true-color nature upon this dim, many-colored rain, and each drop of envy becomes true-color envy; each drop of grief becomes a true-color grief, and, instead of the muddy palette that you began with, as you allow the truth of your interior self to work upon this catalyst as it will, in wisdom, in rhythm, and in time, this heart energy begins to place true-color value in those things that you have allowed the freedom to be fully experienced.

Once these colors have been achieved, the experience flows on wings of beauty, transformed by that warrior of light that is yourself; that true channel of light that keeps the armor bright, [moving] into that truth which is the newest portion of the Creator’s knowledge of Itself. In this process of acknowledging your own suffering, it is perhaps appropriate to speak through this channel of that which it experienced earlier this day as it experienced the feast of the presentation of the one known as Jesus the Christ. This is the last or final aspect of that mythological system which this entity experiences as its closest road to the Creator 2 in its season of acknowledgement of the birth of the spirit within flesh. It is long been our feeling that each within the circle of seeking represents, as the one known as H has said, the Creator Itself, in the aspect not of the Creator-Father but of the child of the Creator, the daughter of the Creator, the son of the Creator, the Christ of the Creator, that which is in the world, that which has come among us in each of you.

The heart awaits the birth of your own spiritual self, realized for the first time as a being of integrity, eternity and infinity that you cradle within the manger of your heart. This seed, this child must be protected, loved, cared for, nurtured, encouraged and paid attention to. In this Christ child dwells all of those things which the one known as David’s Guidance System was describing as that house of cards which is the build-up of accreted crystallization of pain. Once one crystal is dissolved, it is easier to collapse the rest of those crystals, which become as the ice that melts into the water or the cards that collapse the space between them. In this presentation, the one known as Jesus was brought, as an infant forty days old, to the temple to be given to the Creator, as is the custom of this particular entity’s culture.

Each of you is an infant; you are at the temple; you have been given to the Creator by that parent which is your physical self, and we say to you,

Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word, for mine eyes have seen thy salvation. 3

Behold the self as it is: an outer defense system of clay, bone, flesh and blood; an inner network of feeling, and, within that feeling, an inner network of truth, and within that truth, an inner network of the one infinite Creator. May you rest in that tabernacle whenever there is suffering within your life, and may you rock the child within. Protect that spiritual self with your love, with your compassion, with your acceptance of the suffering that is going on, placing it all within the loving arms of that Presence that rests within the tabernacle of the heart.

We believe that this is the energy that we wish to share upon this subject. However, we find that there have been two queries asked and that they are connected in a very integrated and energizing way, and, consequently, we would move from speaking through this instrument to passing the sacred feather to the one known as David’s Guidance System, for there is much to speak on in terms of that movement of the energy through the system of points of energy or chakras of the finer bodies. The techniques involved in removing blockages move into interesting connections with the nature of suffering. The energy system of the physical vehicle, as we have said, moves from what this instrument would consider the lower to the higher, and, as energy moves into the scoop of the root chakra, it has a full and undifferentiated potential. The colors of the chakras of each individual’s energy vehicle are unique to that entity. Each entity is its own blossom; each entity flashes in its own colors, and there is, in the fuller acceptance of the self, an increasing scintillation and strength of energy of the energy that is moving through the body that is a product of that acceptance of self that relaxes the strictures that narrow the path of energy flow.

We believe, however, that we would do well at this time to allow the one known as David to speak upon this subject for a time, as this entity does not have the vocabulary that would be helpful in this discussion. Consequently, we would at this time temporarily pause and turn the feather over to the one known as David’s Guidance System. We are those of Q’uo and leave this instrument in love and in light.

(David channeling)

Your neurological system is not fundamentally related to the cognitive processes of the brain and how the various nerve system impulses do then holographically imprint their matrices upon the tissues of said organ. The aspirations of the higher self, to strive for a conscious mind that does involve a fuller and more complete rendition of the vibratory centers or nexi of the physical form, [functions] in such a fashion as to have the conscious self using a mental process, using a consciousness template that involves emanations from all of these centers.

The issue to which we are speaking is a representation of the fact, as was stated in the Law of One series, that the contents of an ego is so distorted as to be useless. 4 Rather, we would ask that you reflect upon the energy that forms consciousness, and see that the wheels-within-wheels of the chakra system formulate the true consciousness that you experience at any given moment in your illusion. Therefore, potentially speaking, all chakras do then contribute to that which you know as your conscious process, the conscious process being that which you oftentimes experience as imagination, intuition, hunches and the like.

We are setting up a necessary framework in order to better differentiate between that distorted concept of consciousness which most of your peoples possess, and the truer and deeper essence of awareness as a harmonious function of all the centers. You have seen many examples in your life of what is known as synchronicity, whereby you experience that time where you look up from a book or have some other moment of symbolic importance which is then immediately followed by an instantaneous feedback mechanism from that which you would think of as the physical. You recognize, of course, that there must be some aspect of yourselves which goes beyond that which is physicality. But this is in effect a thinning of the veil between dimensions, causing you to have a greater ability to focus and differentiate on the essence of true individualized creation as opposed to true unified creation. When this differentiation has been accomplished that which is known as form then dissipates into formlessness. This is known in the shamanic traditions as stopping the world. It is by this process that one who has quickened his process can see those other selves around it to suddenly disappear, and perceive that it is the only being in existence. This is a vibrationally uplifting process. The reverberations that we speak to most specifically this time have to do with the relative degree of cacophony that exists in most of your entities as they go about the hustle and bustle of daily existence without care or consideration for the stillness of mind. This causes there to be an extreme vibrational dyslexia, so to speak, within those lower centers. Then the kundalini spirals, so to speak, can only be awakened by the vertical uplift of the vibratory energy frequencies so that to allow the higher centers to be more fully actualized in the here and now.

What we find is that if you do not have a rooftop over your house, then you will never truly be able to experience the shelter from the raindrops of catalyst. You will never truly be able to home in on that which is known as “home,” that which is of the warm hearth, the bear rug, and the delicately arranged objects on the mantelpiece that allow you truly to feel at home in your own physical instrument. Relatively speaking, most of those on your plane exist in a homeless condition. They exist in a condition where they drift and wander to and fro, much as do their thoughts. And this does cause there to be a specific vibrational disharmonious complex in the lower centers.

This disharmonious complex can be analyzed for each individual center as a spiraling line of light, so to speak. And as we have spoken before there are those turns of said spiral whereby certain events have transpired. We seek to collect these spirals, to bring them back to a spherical center of one-pointedness or unity. When this spherical point has been readapted, then all experiences that happen in the present moment can be understood within the greater matrix of the soul and the understanding of how past, present and future merge into a seamless continuum, much as would the Ziploc baggies in which you have stored the food that you have prepared in loving service to others.

So, too, do you have the opportunity to take this manna from heaven, this bread that is the bread of life, and to then package it and conceal it from yourself, without the compartmentalized self recognizing that this manna or higher consciousness that breathes into your physicality does then have the opportunity to be differentiated, not for the purpose of partitioning the ego from those aspects of self that would be deemed as differential but rather storing away various nuggets of awareness within the self. So that, as you continue along the spiral, and various experiences arise into your illusion, you have the prosperity that comes from having a storehouse, so to speak, much as would a squirrel store up acorns in the hole of a tree, knowing that when winter comes there will be those hard months of cold and shivering. Thereby there is a supply that has been instilled.

There is the opportunity for greater abundance in those moments when many others would feel distraught and alone. By storing a larger amount of catalyst than is currently being processed, you can then have that background of experience. When these experiences again arise, they can be compared against that newfound wisdom that has been accumulated by the self. In so doing, [the self may] arrive at a greater degree of functionality so as these blockages are then moved through.

With the appropriate requisite collapsing of fragmentariness within the lower centers of your physiological organism, as it relates to the glandular systems, and that of the energetic body as it relates to the chakra system, we do then see a greater opportunity for there to be a relative clarity in these lower centers and this does then allow for the spiraling line of light, or the kundalini in this case, to progress higher up the chakra system into that known as the seat of love, where the heart is centered, into that known as the seat of will and communication, or the throat center, into that known as the seat of psychic awareness, of the unification of love and compassion, or that of the brow chakra, and on through the crown [chakra] 5 into the gateway density, in which spiritual gravity 6 is attained and you again begin collapsing into the oneness.

And thus, fundamentally speaking, the acorns of the self have been holed away in this moment as you listen to these words shared by those known as Guidance System and those known as Q’uo and experience for yourself how it is that, though you may not be able to remember consciously all that has been spoken, that which you think of as the conscious mind is actually a subset of your true awareness. And the deeper awareness that you have is that which is existing in all the chakras. The synchronicities manifest by virtue of the fact that your mind does possess those aspects of the higher centers, if you can but remain still long enough for them to bubble to the surface, much as would the precipitation occur as we have previously spoken.

Therefore, in potential, your conscious mind and day-to-day awareness does have the ability to have full access to intelligent infinity. It is [needed] that the cares and concerns that you have can be cleared off the tabletop, so that you can then make a place setting for the Master, the Christ self to be seated before you. As this Last Supper occurs, you can then accept the death of that distorted ego personality that you have created for yourself and understand that it is through the prayer, “Not my will but Thy will be done,” 7 that you can allow this ego sense to be subjugated and recognize the greater degree of personality transparency such that the higher aspects of being do then become, by virtue of proximity, your vibrations.

As there is no proximity within oneness, we thank you and again turn the microphone back to that known as Q’uo.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known as Q’uo, and again are with this instrument and greet you once again in love and in light.

So it may be seen that the rain of catalyst, the cycle of suffering, is that which may also be seen as the sunshine of life and the cycle of joy. There is a healing in that permeation of self with suffering, in that refining of emotion through the processes of dealing with and experiencing those emotions and experiencing their growing nobility within you, their growing beauty and deepness of tone. It becomes clearer that, once this rain has fallen and been accepted, sunshine moves into the heart. For is there not rain and is there not sun, and shall one be surprised at the rain? But shall one not give thanks when the sunshine abounds and when the day is fair, and opportunity is rife. Those days are also part of the cycle of joy and suffering.

We thank the one known as David and the one known as David’s Guidance System for discussing the energy centers as they did, for it is beyond this instrument to explain in that detail how one may move from dealing with specific catalyst, dealing with specific flow of emotive material, to moving into the deeper waters, that ocean of processed catalyst which has become beautiful, blessed, transformed and given back to the one infinite Creator. That is a crystalline and light-filled ocean of experience…

[Side one of tape ends.]

It is as the overarching system that rules the system most proximate to the human or physically human experience. If one can envision, as the one known as V was discussing, diving down that cliff of ocean from the relative shallows of the conscious experience into the abyss of infinite awareness, that infinite awareness has a coherence that is full of information that, in its very transmission, is as the Balm of Gilead, that healing energy that can move into a situation within as those healing waters, as that medicament without description heals by its energy alone, not needing rhyme and reason, not needing logic and possibility, not needing the human acceptance; needing, rather, the acceptance of a state of mind that is other than that which your culture understands, or accepts.

So let us end by looking at the silence. For this is the most potent weapon that the warrior of light, as this instrument has called the spiritual warrior, possesses. The silence has been described as that [which] unlocks the door to the room in which the one infinite Creator dwells. It has been described as that which unlocks truth. It has been described as that which enables and ennobles the process of catalysis, chemical reaction, and result: catalyst and experience.

Silence is as the open hand. Come to the Deity empty, empty-handed, empty-minded, empty of all but the thirst and the hunger for the presence of the one infinite Creator, the one original Thought that created all that is. Come empty, for you shall overflow. What concerns you? Come to your heart, and come empty. Come into the sea and dive deeply. Dive for that deep, deep water where truth has been crystallized within your own process, where you can enjoy the company of the angels of the deep that are there to comfort you, hold you, love you, strengthen you, and send you back into the fray.

And when you come back, into that archipelago that is conscious living, know that each island of chaos and confusion and each stretch of lonely ocean between are one with that deep water. Each drop that touches each island of confusion comes from the One and goes back to that same One.

We leave you with the greatest of love and thanks for each of your hero’s journeys. Why are you together this weekend? What have you come to rejoice in? We leave you to each other and we ask you to love each other. Heal each other. Encourage each other. Bear each other’s burdens. And bring each other home.

We are those known to you as Q’uo. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai, vasu.

  1. L/L Research’s annual Homecoming was held at Louisville, Kentucky, at the Rueckert-McCarty-L/L homestead, The Magic Kingdom, from January 31 to February 2, 2003. The sitting group is the Homecoming group, folks who gathered for this time together to celebrate our shared journey. 

  2. Christianity. 

  3. The Song of Simeon, from the Holy Bible, Luke 2:29-32: “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word; For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; To be a light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the glory of thy people Israel.” 

  4. The Law of One, Book I, Session 11:

    Can you tell me how you balance the ego?

    I am Ra. We cannot work with this concept as it is misapplied and understanding cannot come from it.

  5. This refers to the chakra system by ascending order from green through violet. Green is the color of heart energy in this system. Blue, the throat chakra color, is associated with clear communication, while indigo is the color of the brow or third eye chakra. Violet is the color of the crown chakra, and in the Law of One material, it is associated with the “gateway to intelligent infinity.” About this gateway, the Ra group says, “Know then, first, the mind and the body. Then as the spirit is integrated and synthesized, these are harmonized into a mind/body/spirit complex which can move among the dimensions and can open the gateway to intelligent infinity, thus healing self by light and sharing that light with others.” (Law of One, Book I, Session 17) 

  6. The Law of One, Book II, Session 29

    Then when our planet is fully into fourth density, will there be a greater gravity?

    I am Ra. There will be a greater spiritual gravity thus causing a denser illusion.

  7. When Jesus is praying in the garden of Gethsemane, the night he was taken into custody before his trial, he prayed to be spared this, but, he said, “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless, not my will, but Thine, be done.” (Luke 22:42)