Question From J1: The question today from J1 has to do with the difference between belief and faith. He considers belief to be a lower channel of data and catalyst processing than faith. We would like Q’uo to give us some information on what they see to be the difference between belief and faith.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come today. It is a great privilege and a pleasure to greet each of you, and we wish to thank you for arranging time in your lives to come to this circle of seeking, to spend time asking and yearning and opening doors in search of the truth. It is those who persist, and those who do not quail at the thought of further truth being shown to the world, to whom that truth comes so richly and so generously.

And for us, you are our truth; you are our primers of beauty, service and learning. We thank you for sharing those vibrations of your meditation with us. As we share our thoughts on belief and faith, we would ask each of you to do us the favor of listening with great discrimination, and choosing only those thoughts that appear fair to you to keep and to think about, letting all the rest go without a second thought. In this way we may be assured that our opinion remains opinion and not authority, as we would not wish to be a stumbling block for any.

We wish to thank the one known as J1 for such a perceptive and probing question. Indeed, we have a very simple story to tell, and our story is in part the story of the difference between belief and faith. Our story is a story about unconditional, pure and creative love, a love so powerful that it has created all that is, all that has been and all that shall be. It is also creative and powerful to destroy, and all that has arisen likewise moves into transformations which remove it from one form into another.

And this same energy of unconditional love is that energy which creates that benign and most kind gateway to that which is the life to come. Thusly, this Logos, this great original Thought of the Creator, is responsible both for your energies of life and your consciousness and for those limitations upon the form which you now enjoy, which shall put a period to the apparent lifetime of you as an individual. And indeed may we say that it is more than an apparent ending, for each personality shell that you choose with which to come into incarnation does indeed have its appropriate period, when that personality shell has done the job for which you assembled it.

It is difficult to imagine, faced with the riches of one’s own complex and subtle gradations of personality and beingness, that that which you experience as yourself is only a tiny portion of your true self. And yet this is indeed true. That which you experience within a single incarnation is as that tributary that is a portion of the stream of soul that is you, but it is as that stream flowing from the beginning at, shall we say, a distance from the center of the circle of life, and flowing towards the center that is your soul stream; that is, rather, a soul ocean. And each individual life experience is at the same time, in metaphysical time, flowing towards that center of the ocean of self. Consequently, it is well that you are not able to remember or to know that which is going on in all the other radials of this circle of self, for the information would be too much to bear.

Nevertheless, it is within this rich milieu of discovered and undiscovered self that the question of faith and belief arises in its best context. For it is questions that move beyond transient material that are generally thought of as the life-and-death questions, and these are the questions that seem to ask for belief or faith as that which is used to address the uncontrollable and implacable forces of this great creative love that births and that puts an end to life, with equal generosity.

What is the entity within third density to do with these inarguable forces of life and death, being born and moving through the gateway of death? There is within the heart of your people an absolute instinct towards what you may call either faith or belief, in the general sense that it calls forth a spiritual response. The catalyst of being faced with one’s mortality creates the situation in which the self faces the unknown and asks, and there is a great hunger behind that question: What? Why? Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I poised between my birth and my death? Why did I choose birth? Why did I choose a state of mind, body and spirit that will end inevitably in the dissolution of body? These are fundamental queries about which the spiritual instinct of third-density entities will naturally cycle.

When this entity was a young woman of teenage years, this entity discovered that it could not believe in the dogma of its church, this entity being what she calls Episcopalian or Anglican. The point of dogma upon which this instrument choked was the virgin birth. And so this instrument asked for advice from its spiritual advisor, an entity of great authority in this instrument’s church. He suggested to her that the Christian story was a mystery which, in the particular church that is Episcopalian, is not expected to be understood, but rather is held as a point of faith, as a mystery to be understood at a later date, not within this lifetime. This view of the story of the virgin birth, and of all the other points of faith in the Christian creed seemed to this instrument to be far more tolerable, and to this day this instrument retains firm and loving ties with its parish church. Nevertheless, this instrument has never been able to absorb, accept or understand the need for dogmatic and dogmatically held beliefs.

However, we believe that we grasp the nature of the need for articles of faith that are dogmatically believed, perceived and promulgated, and perhaps if each will think within its own mind and heart of those times when structure equaled comfort, it may be more easily understood what the attraction might be for those who desire and crave the black and white world of right and wrong, acceptable and non-acceptable, that is implied and created with the acceptance of a dogmatic structure. Basically, that which is belief always has content of a specific nature. This insistence upon the nailing of spiritual value, truth and beauty to specific words and only those words chosen by a specific dogmatic editing of holy works, each point which is used to describe another limitation of specificity, is as the builder who wishes to build itself a house to keep it safe from the whims of doubt and change. There is the desire to create a structure of belief that will be stout and firm against the storms of those issues that inevitably bring one face to face with what seem to be the gray areas of self.

In such times, as inconvenient and limiting as belief systems may be, the comfort of knowing what one must do often seems fairer and more desirable than existing within the outdoors of an unconstructed spiritual path in which the only features of the landscape which are distinct are those features that come at one at their own time, out of their own fog, bringing their own gifts in hands that are open to give, loving, but above all, unknown and unexpected.

And let us look at the processes of faith, for faith is that which accepts a truth without content. For the structure of faith is such that it is expressed in that leap into midair, where all that is known is that it is the Creator’s world, and all is well. Thusly, one launches oneself into the abyss of the present moment and what comes next, because one has lost all fear of the consequences of being out of control.

In the Buddhist story, there is a tiger above and a tiger below, and the seeker clings to the side of a cliff, and the question is, “Shall I let go?” That is the question of faith. The question is, “Shall I let go?” Thusly, perhaps it may be seen that the choice between belief and faith is the choice of arranging a protected structure in which faith may stay the same, and arranging an open structure where the sanctuary that is built exists primarily within the heart.

We would pause for the one known as “GuS” [Guidance System] to speak through the one known as David. And, may we say, the pleasure of sharing this communication with the Guidance System of the one known as David is indeed a privilege that we appreciate to our very toes.

We would at this time pause, awaiting this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(David channeling)

We speak this day as the Guidance System of that entity known as David Wilcock. We greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

When enunciating the peculiarities of semantics in such a question as the differentiation between belief and faith, one must pause for a moment and be somewhat guarded in the dissemination of wisdom in accordance with said words or sound vibration complexes, for it is a fact that those of your peoples are more than capable of using either of these words in a variety of contexts.

We do understand the framework of the question as implying a selective bias preferential to the idea of one concept complex over another, and we would ask that you recognize that there are negligible degrees of semantic overlay between these two concepts, such that you may discover one entity using one concept in a completely different fashion as would another. And so, there is certainly one aspect of personal definition whereby the term known as faith would be seen as a less distorted view of the one infinite Creator in all Its majesty and glory, as opposed to that of belief, which, [as a word,] has more of a “herd” mentality [in which the Creator] is apprehended for a sense of purpose or satisfying curiosity, rather than for enhancing one’s love and ability to serve. This is the aspect that we will focus on in the course of this session. But let us begin first of all by describing the characteristics of the words themselves, in terms of how they are most commonly utilized.

It is indeed true that both belief and faith can be seen by your peoples as a positive. Both of these words can be used in contexts wherein the entity has found some aspect of meaning that informs existence, and that gives pause before one would otherwise indulge in repetitive behavioral patterns that have become so ingrained as to wear a circle in the rug of your mind, so to speak.

And let us also say that it is indeed quite a fact that in the name of belief and in the name of faith there have been many great evils committed. And thus both of these words could be used in a decidedly negative context, depending on the will of that person, for the benefit of others or for the benefit of self, and how those terms are then contorted.

It has been said that truth is a moving target, and in one sense this is true, and in another it is not—so thus you see the pun. The essence of truth is indeed an individual process. As was enunciated in the Law of One material, the primary gestalt through which one views the Law of One is that of free will. This gestalt implies, fundamentally speaking, that as long as you understand the importance of each individual’s path as being totally unique, and its own Christed self in action, then you shall never fall again into the whims of the ego, or that personality-self that seeks self-annihilation, that seeks separation, that would seek to fragment the creation into a series of disparate parts rather than to allow the melting influence of love to form that energy of allowing, which does then cause all of these various separate aspects to again fuse together.

So let us be clear, therefore, that although truth is a moving target, there are those philosophical principles that act as over-arching beams of support upon which the stage of life is being played. It is important to have a steady diet of spiritual materials that gives you an adequate respect for these principles, as otherwise it is all too easy to use either the principle of belief or the principle of faith as your platform through which to expect that a particular belief construct that you would have or a particular aspect of faith that you would experience is also right for others. We are speaking in broad generalities here, because we are aware of the disparate levels of consciousness from which many of our readers will be coming to this material from. And thus this is not to imply judgment or blame in any way, as we are aware that you understand this.

Given this construct of free will as being the overarching support structure through which your game is being played, it is wise to then understand that you are in a system of causes and effects that has a very discrete motivating purpose, regardless of whether or not you are conscious of it. This system of free will shall be preserved. It has been said in the Law of One material that you are free to have any experience that you desire. It is only when these experiences begin to infringe on the free will of another that you then would experience those balancing acts that would manifest into your physical sphere, so as to offset the energetic disruption in the harmonics of your field and in the fields of others that had been produced.

Therefore, if you can step aside from the drama of self, from the passion plays of whether you will be enlightened or whether you will make the ascension or not, you can have loads and loads more freedom and information coming into your being by simply recognizing that every single path that is being followed is precisely perfect for that entity; that every entity at some point or another becomes aware of this under-arching framework often known as karma. This under-arching framework is not something that can be easily stepped aside [from]; in fact, it is our job as your guardian, as your higher support structure, to insure that, without judgment and without blame, karma is carried forth.

And therefore, there are many of those of you who would experience those elements that would seem to be of a balancing nature, that would seem to produce those experiences that you would tend to label as suffering, and therefore there is a subconscious bias in your mind that we, as your guardian, have in some sense cast a foul judgment upon you, that we have seen you as impure, that we have seen you as disgusting, or that in some fashion you have not lived up to our expectations.

We recognize that this is a belief, that this is an essence of perception that is brought forth in the illusion that is wrapped around you, which you perceive as being the three dimensions of length, width and height in which you experience your lives. Understand that outside these three dimensions, there are those densities of higher energy; higher energy that is not directly visible to you but which nevertheless exists all around you. And thus, one possible way that you could look at this is that the energy is beyond the threshold of the speed of light. And thus, were you capable of raising your vibrations beyond the visible speed of light at 186,000 miles per second, you would then perceive other structures that existed around you, such as those angelic beings who are ministering to your very needs.

We want you to understand, therefore, that the beings who are standing around you in the room in this very moment are those beings that exist outside of the apertures of your perception—outside of the capabilities that you have to understand and to resonate with your experience. There are those upon your plane who have not been given adequate compensation by the mainstream media, who are nevertheless capable of crossing this threshold of light and becoming aware of the energies and emanations that surround them. These entities have their own sets of experiences that have informed their faith, and have informed their belief.

In previous epochs of your history, and in those times which are now known as history, you have had other examples of those souls who have come forth and stepped up to the plate, so to speak, to then raise the vibratory frequencies to such a degree that the threshold point of light is then crossed, that these unseen worlds of emanations are then directly apprehended by the sensory organs, such that it is no longer [behind] a veil shrouded in mystery, but rather that of the completeness.

Even as you do this unto others, so are you doing it to yourself. Thus there is that parable in the Bible:

When the Son of man shall come in His glory, before Him shall be gathered all nations; and he shall separate them… as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. And he shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on His left. Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand, “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was an hungered and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger and ye took me in. 1

In this melting away of the difference between self and others, there is a unity. There is a unity in understanding that if you could go beyond that threshold point of light, you would see that your body is enmeshed perfectly with the others around you. And thus, as the sixth-density entity, Ra, once said, it is impossible for us to see you as separate beings. 2 Recognize this for yourself, and then begin to understand how it is that this universal law of cause and effect, the preservation of free will, is the primary motivating factor behind those corrective experiences that we would then bring about. They are corrective much in the same sense that a chiropractic adjustment would realign your skeletal system so as to be in greater harmony with the necessary functions of the physical body in its optimal state.

You can understand that we 3 are making adjustments to your energy body by bringing about those experiences that cause you always to return to a state of perfect balance. And thus, if you have just found yourself going through a situation where you feel as though some aspect of what you may term “bad karma” has occurred, recognize that it is simply the precise degree of balance that is required to bring you back to being unified.

In that moment of unification, once again you have the opportunity to rest in faith, to rest in belief, to rest in the understanding that, if you choose to believe, if you choose to have faith, you can see that once again we have taken the necessary precautions and steps to bring you back into that state where your karmic report card is 100 percent straight A’s—where you have not failed in any way, as there is no concept of failure, but rather that you can see that you have been returned to a state of balance, the balance that you think is implicit within these moments of readjustment.

The balance comes about by virtue of understanding that, regardless of whether you see this unseen structure of cause and effect that informs your experience, it will nevertheless continue. And thus, what we do find is that in that discernment between belief and faith, whereby one would see faith as being the higher vibratory frequency, there is the understanding that faith comes about when one allows the illusion of belief to fall by the wayside.

The illusion of belief is that which can be ascribed to many things. Many of your peoples still would believe that which is read in your mainstream media, such as the newspaper, the television media. Thankfully, this is changing, as this has been a source of many distortions. However, let us remain on this point for a moment and take one of many examples.

It is widely understood that there have been those sightings of UFOs, that there have been those entities who have directly experienced them, including many of your astronauts and many of your best airline pilots. 4 And yet at the same time there is a very curious silence within your mainstream media structures as to any mention of these events. Also we would encourage you to reflect back on the event known as the Disclosure Project conference on May 9, 2001, whereby 39 top-notch whistle blowing members of the government and of military structures assembled together at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to give a final and definitive statement to the world about the fact that this presence was real, and having the proof that was required to show beyond any shadow of doubt that this phenomenon did indeed exist. 5

What we find is that this conference was only covered very briefly in your mainstream media, if at all. And thus the perception or the belief that there is no such thing as UFOs has continued, by virtue of the lack of support within these structures. Thus, be aware of the fact that belief is highly subjective. It boggles the imagination of most entities to try to contemplate and to understand how something that appears so ubiquitous and overarching as the mainstream media that you are infiltrated with every day could be actually not entirely believing itself, and actually not entirely informing your belief in a fashion that is most suitable, that is most capable of giving you a true glance of that which is perceived.

Another example that we would share is that of the ruins that have been discovered under the sea off the western tip of that island known as Cuba. These ruins include structures that look just like your Stonehenge, structures that look like pyramids of those step-pyramid varieties known in Mexico and in the central Yucatan area, and even those known as sphinxes. These structures also have inscriptions on them that are clearly written. The problem, as seen by your geologists, is that these structures are only seen as being capable of being above water as early as 11,000 of your years ago. 6 Now, it is the combined team of Paul Weinzweig and Paulina Zelitsky of Advanced Digital Communications, or ADC, that gained permission from the Cuban government, through Fidel Castro, to take sonar readings of these areas, and thereby make a study, as previously the Communist regime in Cuba did not allow such undersea analyses to be conducted. Recognize as well that it has been publicly announced that these entities did sign a contract with the National Geographic Corporation to then bring forth a documentary to the public. Recognize as well that of course, nothing further has occurred, and that this story has never been covered except on certain internet media, such as MSNBC. 7

Therefore, what we see is something that potentially is an earth-shaking paradigm shift, something that gives the definitive smoking-gun proof that there is a civilization before the one that you now know, and that it exists right now on your sea bottom—that it has been discovered, that it has been photographed. The evidence already exists and has been seen. And yet, it is by virtue of the pall of consensus reality that is drawn over the eyes of many in their desire to believe in what they are being presented that this information goes unreported, and that it is still possible for those entities around you to make choices which say to themselves that there is nothing mysterious in the universe, that there is nothing beyond that which is in three dimensions and is right in front of one’s face, that there is no history beyond that which is taught in your books and your texts.

We would ask that you understand more fully now how it is that belief has been instructed, and not necessarily having the greatest degree of discernment in the instruction. Furthermore, we would ask that you understand that faith is a choice, in the beginning. Faith is a choice of moving outside of that which is necessarily presented for you to be spoon-fed as a belief. Faith, as has been expressed by the entity Q’uo, is that of the ineffable. It is not something that can be easily defined. There is no empirical equation or formula that will give you the necessary ingredients to experience faith; that will give you the necessary discernment to understand if your faith is indeed that which will consist of that which is for your highest and best good, or whether there are those aspects that are in conflict.

We say again, therefore, that these underlying support structures of free will, or that which was termed as the first distortion of the Law of One 8, gives that which does inform faith, and does inform experience. If you can understand how important it is not to infringe on others, you then have the game of karma understood, and never again will you have to experience those balancing acts where you are once again brought back to that undifferentiated state of unity by having those karmic events occur.

We want you also to recognize the flipside of karma, and this is where faith becomes so important. The flipside of karma is equally automatic. So many of your people get tied up in the idea that bad karma is destined to happen, and you, in a sense, fear the Lord your God. Recognize that you are just as amply rewarded for the good things you do as for the negative. It is so easy for many of you, however, to become aware of karma and to become more aware of the negative transpirations as they appear for balanced proportions rather than those of positive feedback for that which you are doing that spreads light and love to others.

Therefore, when you are serving, it is not in vain. We are not asking that you serve as a system of reward or punishment. We are not asking that you do this as a Pavlovian system where, if you hear a bell, you will receive a food pellet to encourage salivation. Rather, we are asking that you understand how it is that by melting into the joy and the beauty of that world of energy that exists beyond the threshold of light speed, you come into an awareness of the scientific reality of the fact that you are connected with all others. Therefore, anything that you would do to another is that which is done to yourself, and you understand beyond any shadow of doubt that there can be no other act but service. Even if you appear to be doing things that are selfish, this too is a service, for the Creator aspect has both the Shiva qualities of destruction and those qualities that would build up and renew and mend fences and heal. But this healing energy does often come through as a result of the destroyer aspect of Creation. Both yin and yang flow together in divine symmetry and proportion, and your life is a balance of this.

We have said that to be harvestable you must be slightly above fifty percent service-to-others polarity. There is still a great degree of service to self within the self [at this point]. Therefore, it is wise to comprehend the idea that there are those aspects that in your historical traditions would be known as “sins” that can still exist within you, these drives that you may have towards service-to-self behavior. And by simply accepting and healing and renewing the fact that these exist, you are coming into a greater degree of faith.

Faith, therefore, is not simply having the faith that you will promote yourself to a point where these distortions will not exist. Rather, faith is the belief that you can have the distortions, that you can have certain blind spots. You can have certain areas where you may rub against something that is not comfortable as you go through life, and nevertheless that point of discomfort is that which calls your attention to becoming ever more optimal in your energetic functions as a divine being.

The more that you understand these principles, the more that you recognize how it is that you can build up the line-of-light spiraling energy within yourself; the more you can again spiral higher and higher into your own awareness. [It is then] that you can see that belief is a choice, and that faith is more of an understanding. Faith is simply an allowing of yourself to be that which you are. There is a certain genius of motivation that must be present in order for you to make this leap into faith, and hence the term “leap of faith” is often used.

You have plenty of evidence that you could choose to “believe,” that would allow you to think that faith could not exist, by virtue of the fact that you exist in a Godless universe, or so it would seem when there are so many injustices or apparent injustices around you. In a grander vision of faith, you understand that you can have faith in the process of karma. You can have faith in the process [so] that when you do something that is of service-to-self nature, it will be balanced.

You can have faith in the fact that there is no judgment when this is done, contrary to what many of your peoples have thought. There is no judgment. All experiences are acceptable, and you can move through these experiences, accept yourself as they are happening, and accept yourself in the realization that will allow you to get down to a deeper layer of the onion, so to speak.

And of course, as you do this there are many tears that will be shed. But as you get deeper and deeper into your core, you come into a grander understanding of the positive aspect, which is that by simply allowing yourself to be present with others, to be present in that moment of opening the heart to the Christ self, of opening the heart to universal freedom, to universal bliss, that you have become undifferentiated. And in that moment, if even for just a slight touch of a thought, you can grandly experience the true ineffable nature of your being, where faith becomes a living process, a living consciousness. [It is] a consciousness that transcends all boundaries, all distinctions, that exists in the ever-present now and that is yours in that moment when you have that breathtaking joy and bliss, the true knowledge that you have never been left behind, that you have never been abandoned.

[Side one of tape ends.]

And thus, even in those moments when you have no faith, when you have no belief, the structure exists. And this is a structure that loves you. It is a structure that has an identity. You can think of that identity as the Christ self. You can think of that identity as your Buddha nature. You can think of that identity as the part of yourself that is the one infinite Creator, such that when you are looking into the mirror, you see the face of the one infinite Creator. You see this face when you look into the faces of others. You see this face in the environment all around you. You see this face, indeed, in everything and everyone.

And as these boundary lines and distinctions melt away, you understand that faith and belief also melt away, in a sense. For you become the living embodiment of belief and the living embodiment of faith. Again, we say that it is not necessarily plausible to fully apprehend this in each and every moment, as this requires a great deal of work on the self. But, rather, we do want you to understand that if your humble efforts are significant enough and sufficient enough, then you can indeed tap into this pure state of consciousness. Even just a few moments of it can fill you with the wellspring of emotion and joy that will [allow you to] shed tears as freely as a flowing river. Once again you know that you have never been left behind, that you have always been protected, always been loved and always been cared for, now and forever. Amen.

At this time we return the microphone to that entity now known as Q’uo, and we thank you for this time that we have shared.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. Grasping the dominance within third-density of that distortion known as the Law of Confusion or free will, it may become clearer why the third-density illusion is made in such a way that it shall always be impossible completely to satisfy the requirements of proof for spiritual truth. It is necessary within third density that all choices to believe in spiritual matters in a certain way be made completely in freedom, that freedom that only exists when there is no proof and it is a matter of faith.

The instinct shall always be within the human breast to reach out to that energy that it senses as being greater than it is. Many are the stories told about this mystery of the Creator, the Logos, the Grandfather, the Father/Mother God. There are many and many a name, and many a story, and in each name and in each story some may find comfort. And in the words that those entities have said that were written down, or that were written down on behalf of these entities, some may find tremendous and substantial resources. Therefore, the spiritual panoply of riches lies open to the seeker. Yet what shall be that which increases faith? What shall be that for you this day?

The nature of faith is that it is a state of consciousness. It is a state of consciousness that already exists within you, within each spark of the Creator, within each of Its children. Not that this can be proven, but that it is the truth that calls the spiritual seeker to awaken, and, once awakened, that calls that seeker onward and onward to find that for which it thirsts and for which it hungers.

We suggest to you that that which aids in inducing that particular state of mind that opens the heart to the awareness of that consciousness-state that is unconditional love is that which is available to each of you each day. It is that time which, like this meditation, must be gouged out of a day that is already so crowded with good things to do. It is that time when you give yourself to silence. It might be only a five minute silence, but if it begins your day, or ends your day, it may completely change the attitude with which you look at that which lies before you when you open your eyes.

So we encourage each of you in your own way to find some silence, either by walking in nature, by silent meditation, by taking an image and moving into contemplation from gazing at the rose, or the sunset, as the one known as T was speaking of, or whatever visualization or image takes the mind beyond itself so that it rests in beauty and in truth.

The essence of faith is a realization that all is well, and that that which is needed is in hand. All that you need is coming to you. All that you do not need is falling away. The processes of a loving and nurturing Creator insure that all is well, and that all will be well. Not as the world in which each of you experiences the illusion of life might define wellness, and yet this core attitude, this point of view that states unequivocally and without proof that all is well, is as that seed that grows every time the sun shines, that sun which is the open heart.

This instrument is fond of saying, “Center. Move back to the Center.” What are your thoughts this day? Where is your center? Upon what do you rest?

We would transfer this contact as we make this last point. We would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, that we may address any shorter queries that remain within the minds of this group. We thank this instrument and we leave it in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

We are those of Q’uo.

Can the entity speak to the opposite side of faith and belief, which is when one is scared, when one exists in fear, so that we may better understand the process of balancing, and that we may experience faith without the weight that this fear imposes upon the self?

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. We are aware of your query, my brother.

As entities begin the conscious journey of seeking that which you may call the truth, and begin to ask those questions of which we spoke at the beginning of this session, seeking to know who is the self, what is this love, what is it that the seeker believes about this life and the journey through it, the fruits of continued seeking for truth; when the seeker begins to fashion some form of concept or quality that answers for it one query or another in relation to those fundamental queries asked by all seekers, this gathering of beliefs, shall we say, is as the beginning of the journey, during which there may be many difficult moments which challenge the beliefs.

There may be fear, doubt, confusion, anger, grief, jealousy and so forth. Each instance of the challenging of beliefs gives the seeker of truth an opportunity to call upon a more, shall we say, nebulous feeling, that being the quality of faith, that is slowly, quietly and assuredly developing as the seeking continues, as the attempt to answer these queries continues, as the facing of difficult catalyst continues.

Therefore, this quality of faith is powered by what you may call the exercise of will; the continuing to seek, the renewing of the thirst, the asking again of questions, the getting up when catalyst brings one to one’s knees. To continue, seek relentlessly, persistently, without fail. Even if there is failure to seek at one time, there is the renewal of the seeking at another. Thus, the exercising of the will is that which builds this quality of faith within each seeker; that which will nourish the seeker when the catalyst is fierce, when the doubts rage, when the anger boils, when harsh words are spoken, when relationships are shattered.

The faith, then, is that which rises from the very soul, being called forth by the continual exercise of will in the face of all catalyst, that which you may call good, that which you may call bad. Therefore, we recommend to each that the will be featured and focused upon as one faces all catalyst, including those of the negative nature.

Is there another query at this time?

I have one, and with Q’uo’s permission, I would like to direct this one to David’s Guidance System. As has been done by those of Q’uo and by those of Ra, I would very much like to hear from David’s Guidance System what is their point of origin and their identifying vibration?

(David channeling)

We are the Guidance System of that entity known as David, and we have heard your query and shall respond in due course. Understand that the entity, David, has been working with us for some measure of time in various incarnative states, and that we exist through a triumvirate system, or a tripartite system, if you will, meaning that there are three essential aspects. There is, of course, the sixth-density aspect of that known as the higher self or oversoul of the entity David, and this source is the same source as that which spoke in the Law of One material. However, it is wise to reflect on the fact that to have a pure and undifferentiated sixth-density contact requires a great deal of tuning and the assistance of other selves.

It has been the status of David’s work up until this time that there was not the capability to bring forth others to the process of this seeking, and therefore we may reflect on the fifth-density aspect of self which also exists for each entity. These aspects may be many in number, but it is very common, as you would think of it, for there at least to be one aspect which is of the masculine propriety or gender in its overall energetic bias, and one entity which is of the overall feminine bias. This refers back to material that is spoken of in the earliest sessions of David’s material, whereby the masculine aspect introduced itself with the archetypal sound vibration complex of Grandfather, and whereby the feminine aspect introduced itself with the archetypal sound vibration complex of Lucia, or Light. Therefore, we see the interesting paradox of the fact that the feminine principle is named after Light, and the masculine principle is named after Love, as many souls have the opportunity to love their grandfather. 9

And so, what we would ask for you to visualize is simply that we stand before you as three, that there is a process of dissemination of information that involves the inspiration from the higher self which is then transduced through these fifth-density contacts to then impinge upon the energetic fields of that entity known as David, so that the speaking may then occur. We trust that this is as satisfactory of an answer as we are wont to give at this time, and we thank you for your query.

We ask if there is another query present at this time, that it may be posed to any of the three channels on this day.

I have one query and this is directed towards David’s Guidance System. I am a bit confused sometimes about clockwise and counter-clockwise in the use of the spiral needles. I just wanted to ask if the clockwise motion is actually pulling energy out of the body, or is pulling energy and light into the body, if this is correct or if it is in the opposite.

We are those of David’s Guidance System, and we thank you for your query. It is wise for others to understand the context in which this question has been asked. Recently there has come to the attention of David the work of those Russian scientists that has brought forth new meaning to the understanding of torsion fields, or the spiraling wave of consciousness. There are waves that are of clockwise movement, and that propagate through the vacuum, or aether, as such, as well as those of counter-clockwise movement.

There is also the entity known as Dr. Alexandr Shpilman, who has designed a device which does then create either a left-handed or a right-handed torsion beam. These beams do then have a very beneficial effect in either capacity, by virtue of the fact that this is the energy that feeds the body. There are those times in which entities wear clothes that are made of the synthetic materials which do then act as a torsion shield, such as those known as polyester, and this does then impinge upon the amount of torsion fields that are brought into the body. 10

There are those upon your plane known as non-eating saints, who do not have to ingest food and water and such, but rather draw directly off of this spiraling energy for their total sustenance and support. Therefore, what we are dealing with in the question of these needles is a particular design of metallic substance that does then have the archetypal shape of the spiral worked into the end of the needle; that spiral known as the phi ratio, of that of 1 to 1.618 in proportion. 11

Understand that by creating a needle with this configuration, there is a funnel produced, so to speak, for this energy to be circulated. Therefore, what the question deals with is the difference between the left-handed and the right-handed beam, or that of the counter-clockwise or left as opposed to the clockwise or right-handed beam. It is the left-handed beam which actually brings energy into the body and its aura systems. This beam is that which is more fundamental to the basic energy and structure of consciousness.

However, just like any other process of consciousness in your system, there is that which must be purged and released. Similarly, you can eat but you also must excrete in order to remain healthy. Therefore, you see the right-handed beam or the clockwise beam as representing that which takes energy out of the body. Therefore, the needles can be used in such a fashion. We thank you for your query.

Thank you.

Is there a final query at this time, for anybody?


(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. As it appears that we have exhausted the queries for the moment, we shall once again thank each present for inviting us to join you in your circle of seeking this day. It is always a great pleasure and privilege for us to be asked do so. We would also remind each that we are available to aid in the deepening of your meditation. A simple request, mentally sent, is all that is necessary. We shall speak no words but simply blend our vibrations with yours in order that your meditation may be deeper and more centered.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument, leaving it and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator.

We are those known to you as Quo. Adonai, my friends.

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