Question From R: What are the disciplines, prerequisite, attitudes and practices that are helpful to me in order to open my indigo-ray center to intelligent infinity at the present time?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we are. It is our privilege to be called to this group and we thank the one known as R for this query and the seeking and hungering for the truth that brought this entity to request information that may aid in the evolution of mind, body and spirit. We thank as well those who sit with this group in service and in an equally pure search for the truth. These energies that move into the sphere of this working create that vibration upon which we are able to stabilize and establish this particular channel through this group and through this instrument. It is our distinct pleasure to offer our humble opinions upon this most interesting question of information concerning the opening of the gateway to intelligent infinity.

We would ask that, in order for free will to be respected, each who receives these thoughts feels completely free to disengage the self from any of them which do not seem correct at this time. Those thoughts which are part of the subjective truth of that particular individual at that particular space and time will be very resonant and will seem as though remembered, rather than learned for the first time. Those thoughts that do not seem resonant are those thoughts that we would ask you to leave behind. We thank each for respecting this request, for it allows us to speak freely without being concerned that we will be taken as authorities rather than as your brothers and sisters in seeking and in service.

The request of the one known as R for information is exquisitely phrased and we would thank the one known as R for the care and love with which he crafted this expression of seeking for the truth of the moment, the space, the time, and the ever-full expression of appreciation and thanksgiving for that process which moves into the present moment as the emerging blossom of transformation, new life and new birth. The request for prerequisites, practices, disciplines and attitude that are helpful is a request made by one who has spent a good deal of time and energy in contemplation of the outer teachings of what this instrument would call unchurched spirituality. The question being couched in the language familiar to those who enjoy the wording of those known as Ra creates an atmosphere in which we may feel free to use the cosmology of this system, which indeed is most concisely described or represented by those known as Ra.

Within this system of cosmology, shall we say, the gateway to intelligent infinity rests above the energy center known as the brow chakra or the indigo-ray chakra and hence the work of indigo ray is that work which has most directly or proximally to do with opening the gateway to intelligent infinity. The discipline of the personality and work in consciousness is the precinct and purpose of this energy center and it is within this center that the practices and disciplines requested dwell, for the most part, in terms of their subject matter.

The attitude is certainly a central key not only to the seeking, pattern and process of the one known as R but also the seeking, pattern and process of each seeker of truth within the creation of the Father. This attitude is such a central key that it becomes as the chief rod and staff that support the seeking of the pilgrim. The preeminent position of attitude is such that, by attitude alone, the entity who dwells in faith and lives fearlessly and in an atmosphere of thanksgiving and gratitude has, by that simple token, entered the gateway of intelligent infinity.

Being fearless is perhaps not as simple as it may seem. And the threads of being that move into the lessons of becoming fearless are those same threads of being that move into the lessons of peace and the discovery of its nature. Indeed, it may be said that the redeemer of the third-density world is that which is known to this instrument as love. For the heart of the attitude which gives thanks for all things is the fearless heart that sees the love in all things, even as it sees the distortions to which love has been bent by those co-creators which are other selves. The process of becoming aware of reasons to be grateful in all things is a long and subtle process and one which ties back into the discipline of the personality.

The part of your query to which we have not yet responded, however, the prerequisites of work at this time for the one known as R in opening the gateway to intelligent infinity, moves back into what we would call the metaphysical past rather than the historical past, within the inner universe of the one known as R, for the prerequisite for doing work in consciousness for any is that progressive and conscientious query of energy centers and the preparation for the promulgation of sacred or priestly work, thus giving respect and honor to that energy of self which is as the entity of sacred or magical energy which functions as the priest or minister of that which is the sacred life, the life that has been consecrated by the ever-opening awareness of previous work in consciousness.

With this entity then, the one known as R, we shall walk through some considerations for the work of preparing for a session of work in consciousness. The basic plan for this work would be to choose a single place and a single time of day within which to do this work. This time would be a time of contemplation and what this instrument would call the balancing meditation. This meditation is one in which recent thoughts and biases of the feelings that have been experienced by the self are examined to determine for the self the possible distortions, both positive and negative, that have resided in these pockets of gathered catalyst and e experience.

The one who reviews the self’s thoughts and feelings is as one who goes into the storehouse of its grains to gaze at the harvest and judge its worth. As one winnows through one’s thoughts and as one reviews those triggers which have caused responses within the self, one may see those areas of lack and esurience which baffle or otherwise distort the flow of energy through the energy body. It is well, perhaps, to start with that which is the so-called lowest, that first chakra or red-energy center in which reside strong and profoundly meaningful responses to triggers concerned with survival, sexuality and territory. It is very often that issues will become caught in this very basic energy center because of this particular culture within which all of those in this circle enjoy life, and its great dependence upon or emphasis upon sexuality as being central to that root ray or red-ray energy center.

However, within the life experience of all those within this sitting circle, the threat of war has been always imminent and at this time continues so. Consequently, there is an issue common to all of those within your culture at this time which has to do with survival. Further, there are those issues concerned with information of the so-called New Age, as this instrument calls it, information which often suggests the sudden ending of certain processes upon your planetary sphere; thereby, in a lesser but equally disturbing way, suggesting threats to survival. These issues create a background area of interference which may only be addressed when acknowledged, recognized and dealt with as part of that which is the milieu.

Within the next energy center lies that which is most visible among your peoples and yet not that which can be overlooked. The culture which you enjoy and the so-called New Age sub-culture whose opinions often affect the philosophy of, shall we say, the surface culture of your peoples, emphasizes and indeed nearly glorifies personal relationships and consequently it is most likely within your day-to-day discussions and communications and with other selves that the issues which truly are informing and consuming the mind and the emotions are known to the self. It is well, however, to gaze at those patterns which are repetitive which do not seem constructive, for energies within this orange-ray system may well be strengthened and crystallized by such work.

A key indeed is to see each entity within a relationship as a flower of an unique beauty which is better beheld than trimmed or plucked. Again, within that which is called the yellow ray or yellow-ray chakra by this instrument, the culture within which you now dwell is likely to bring to the conscious attention of each the over-stimulations and desires for avoidance which are part of the relations of the self such as the family group of birth, the family group created by the marriage of self and other self, the group created by the working for the living and so forth. Again, these interactions are the stuff of gossip as well as the material for learning within the curricula of the school of Earth in third density. However, within these group systems, may we say that nothing is as it seems, in terms of the value of group structures within the learning processes of the self. We can only say that the value of this system of learning which is bound up in the concept of family, clan and other group concepts cannot be overestimated. It is in this direction that progressive concepts may open new ways of seeing that indeed strengthen and further open the yellow-ray chakra in such a way as to improve the orientation towards the green-ray energy center and that tremendous shift of energy which may come as the heart opens.

The next energy center, moving upwards, to consider in terms of the experiences of the day, is that known as the green-ray energy center and in this wise we may say that this is the beginning of work in consciousness. When one has been able to address the issues and look into the feelings and distortions and energies experienced within that portion of the lower energy body, then the entity is ready to move into the open heart, having secured a good flow of energy, that energy of the one infinite Creator, through the roots of the energy system of the physical vehicle into that energy system which does indeed open to the gateway of intelligent infinity as that infinite energy roars through in its ceaseless dance of upward spiraling light.

The heart chakra is not that which is worked with as much as it is that which is entered, as one with great gratitude enters the holy place in which one is safe, loved, cared for, and appreciated as a child of the one infinite Creator, a child and an heir, a rightful and loving heir, and, indeed, a co-Creator. The space of the heart is that which is filled with the balm of Gilead. It is that which beams and radiates as the sun. It is that in which there is no effort, strife, or worry but only the feeling of loving arms, a strong and loving chest and shoulders to rest [the head] upon when one is weary; a capacious lap to sit in, to nestle in, to curl into and to go to sleep in when one is exhausted within the heart. This is the energy of healing, the energy of unbridled and unstinted compassion. This energy is that energy that is the steady state of the creation of the Father, that vibration which is the essence of the one great original Thought of the infinite Creator.

Resting upon the energy of this center, resting upon the open heart, it is then that the disciplines of the personality begin. That which is the blue-ray center or the throat chakra is the seat of the discipline of creating true communication, true speech, and true statements. It is the seat wherein one discovers the art of listening. And these disciplines feed into those conduits that lead to communication that runs clear, as the stream that does not pick up the mud and the silt of the storm but, rather, lets energies be as they express and as they resound and as they ripple, not so much judging as praising the beauty of the ripples, not so much resisting as dancing with the patterns that emerge.

The one known as R has tremendous amounts of dedication and energy in the area of the indigo-ray work and is well aware of issues which it focuses upon at this time, and we would not infringe upon the free will of the one known as R by commenting more closely. We do not believe that there is any lack in this portion of the creative and intentional work in service of the one known as R but, rather, that this entity focuses with great care and love and persistence at this time. As this entity indicates by the very shape of its query, it is well aware of its need to move always back into the whole self as a prerequisite to doing work in consciousness. It is when the bottom is firmly planted and well placed on the ground of true small things that the spirit may soar. It is when the first story of the house of a life is swept and tidied that one may go to the upper room, there to be lifted up into midair with the angels. Let that first floor first be neat as a pin, with each honor which is also a duty seen to, each promise kept, each relationship honored, each thread of self within found like the lost sheep, brought into the loving heart, kept warm, comforted and fed until the self is as loved as those loved ones that are about one, until the self is also seen as the Creator, as the Christ, as the child of the one infinite Creator, utterly worthy of love.

To become fearless is not the work of a moment or a year, yet it is the work of any within a lifetime. At least there is goodness in the intent to discover the nature of true release from fear. For there are two choices: contraction into fear, or expansion into love. It is the nature of work in consciousness that it does not proceed well unless there is first established full energy into the heart and the resting within the heart in unconditional love. With this energy flowing through the heart, the work that is done in consciousness is well powered, well fueled, well supported.

Above all, we would encourage a releasing of heaviness. It is a time within your peoples’ experience when there is every energetic reason to become more and more wound up, distracted by the nature of the illusion. Yet this is precisely the time when it will be most effective to express, in whatever way is felt appropriate, those positive feelings having to do with the certainty that all is well. For as the fourth density becomes closer and closer, it becomes more and more important to remember the increasing transparency of thought to materialization. Thoughts are becoming things. States of mind are becoming DNA. Lean into, then, the advantages of an increasingly metaphysical atmosphere. If there is a fear-based concept which moves into the awareness of the self, encourage the promulgation of a positive gratitude and confidence-based response. For there is love in each situation, and the expression of that love is as the sun that radiates and warms the chilled soul.

Lift up the heart. Lift up the eyes. Lift up the hands. And lift up the voice in singing and praise and thanksgiving and in joy. The opportunity to express and bear witness at a time of such powerful illusion and seemingly unlimited potential is a wonder. We bless the journey and celebrate the process of the one known as R and encourage him always to keep the light touch in the seeking that honors the ideals of the self beyond all words and yet may take the self lightly.

We leave this instrument with blessings upon its sacred and glowing round, and we offer to this entity our presence within the silent communication in order that we may aid in deepening the meditation for this entity whenever this entity might wish to request our presence mentally. We thank this instrument, this group, and the questioner known as R, and we leave this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai, vasu, borragus.