The question today has to do with, what we, as we talked around the circle perceived, as an increase in the level of energy, the tension, the intensity, the amount of things and difficulty that people are going though. And we had the idea that maybe what’s happening for people now is they are reflecting this increased energy by having whatever catalyst [that] is ready to come up in their lives come up—whether it’s getting out of one relationship and into another or transitioning from one place to another, one life to another. We’d like to have some information on whether this might be a correct perception. Any type of elaboration on this topic would be appreciated as well.

(David channeling)

We speak as the Guidance System of the entity now known in this sojourn as David Wilcock. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to be present this day upon the cusp of the awakening of the human spirit and the treasures that are cherished in those moments of quiet solitude when the distinctions of self and other-self melt away in the blinding light of realization once duly applied to the conditions of personality. We approach you from a perspective of knowing that you are not separate beings, and of seeing you in your totality, as you exist even now.

In this totality your experience is a great chain of being. It is a chain that continues to cycle through the gears of your life and thus it is a chain-driven life, so to speak. As you move through these experiences you have opportunities to choose how you will label them and identify them in your mind. We have frequently spoken in these sessions of the importance of stepping outside of the perspective of right and wrong, good and evil or of joy and suffering and to simply remain steadfast in the understanding that the creation moves in cycles of creation and destruction. There are those times for the building of stones, there are those times for the casting away of stones. 1 The perspective of the present moment is the focus that allows you not to get caught up in the dramas and mundane realities of apparent daily living as expressed through “ordinary” circumstances, as this word is then used to describe the rather immobilized state in which most of your people exist at this time.

The lack of mobility comes from the fact that there are blockages in your energy centers, or chakras, and those blockages only allow for a certain portion of the light/love energy of creation to stream and flow through you properly. The question pertains to the exact nature of how these blockages are being opened up by virtue of the shifting energies that are present in your time/space and space/time nexus. We have spoken of this in the last session and the session before, and thus we do not need to repeat information. Suffice it to say that, as of your date, February 19, 2003, you have crossed the next major hurdle in terms of intergalactic astrology. You are now moving into a higher zone of energy, to put it in the simplest possible terms.

When there is a heightened amount of energy on your plane, there is the opportunity for the cleansing of those aspects of self that have so far remained cloaked in cobwebs and stuffed away in some far corner of the closet of your mind, so that you are not capable of truly bringing them out and looking upon that which you have chosen to hide away. Now is the time to step outside of those boundaries and distinctions that have limited you to the perspective of seeing yourself as an ego, as a personality that is beset with various experiences that are of a less than positive nature, and thereby [as one] experiencing a certain sense of despair and longing for a life that is somehow separate from that which you have previously obtained. If you could but recognize that you are truly divine, that you are truly pure love and pure light in this moment; if you could see things as we do, you would recognize that any distortions that you may have in your personality are just brimming with light and love, waiting to spill over the fences and burst into your awareness, much as would the crashing of the tidal wave sweep away those pockets of civilization that had grown up and allowing for there to be a cleansing and renewal thereafter.

Now, of course many of your people might think of these earth changes as being negative in nature. However, it is more akin to the idea of lancing of boils on the skin that have grown too large. Recognize that these boils are in your mind. These boils are in the patterns in which you have lived your life. It is a pattern that extends itself through every activity and focus of your sphere. These patterns have enabled you to continue enacting the same behaviors without really thinking about what you are doing. You consider that you are apart from your experiences, that your experiences are happening somewhat automatically, and that you do not have the power or the ability to change them. You see these forces as acting around you, swirling and spiraling, seemingly chaotic, out of your control.

It is our perspective, this perspective of boundless light and limitless love from which we look down upon you, [that we] recognize how carefully you have created every single aspect of that which exists in your sphere of influence. And therefore you can never have any sense of guilt or blame towards others for that which you have experienced.

Now is the time, for many of these lily pads will be forming on the surface of your lake. You will have the opportunity to skip from one to the other, skipping away from the shoreline of limited possibility and moving out towards the horizon where the sun is again rising in your life and where you have the opportunity for the dawning of the new phase of your awareness. This time is one of growth, healing and renewal. It is a time where you do not have to be the wizard any more and try to cook up these elaborate and arcane spells and magical tricks that will allow you to function somehow within the distorted circumstances that previously existed. Now is the time for you to step outside of the need to “cook the books” with wizardry and to try arcanely to adjust yourself to that which has already been in place. What has been in place will have these upheavals that you had not planned on and that therefore it will be falling away. Your opportunity now is to bless this process instead of trying to fight against it. The energy will seem to move so fast that you have not the time really to consider your actions but rather simply make these actions. This is the case in the lives of those of the L/L Research Team and that of David Wilcock at this time, since there has been a partnership that has been engendered. This is but a subset of the much larger gestalts of change and consciousness of fluid movement that are occurring within the human energy field, as a totality-consciousness, in its own limited state. This moves towards greater concrescence 2 with each step of consciousness, much as do all the rivers pour into the sea.

So, too, you can allow yourself to refrain from blaming yourself over the past; to refrain from having any sense of shame over those opportunities that you have missed. Now you have the purest of opportunities to start everything afresh, to have a complete tabula rasa, a blank slate, on which you can etch your own engravings. It is the engraving on the tombstone of the life that you have left behind. You can allow this death to occur, you can bless the death within yourself and recognize that from death comes life. From this change comes renewal, comes prosperity, and comes the opportunity once again to revivify within the heart the longings of desire that have welled towards seeking to know the face of the one infinite Creator and recognizing that face as your own.

When you have these opportunities present before you, it is akin to stepping in front of the mirror and seeing a new visage, a new conception of your own being. We recognize that there is a great deal of apparent suffering that is involved in these transitions. It may not seem evident or obvious that these transitions are good or beneficial. Instead you may find yourself experiencing more and more a sense of despair over what you have left behind and, in a certain sense, expecting to be paid back by the universe for all the sacrifices that you have been asked to make. We would ask that you simply look beyond the apparent disorder and dysfunction of that which is occurring, and instead recognize the perfection that comes in the joy of sacrifice, in the giving up of those aspects that have not suited you, including the releasing of many physical possessions, as is the case with the L/L Research team and with many others on your plane. 3

By allowing yourself to step outside of the boundaries that have encircled your consciousness, you allow those previous dispositions that have weighed on your consciousness to fall by the wayside. And you find that it is only by cutting these tethers that your hot air balloon is then allowed to rise so that you can once more alight into the heavens and find a greater sense of peace and stability and renewal from the light that becomes yours, in those moments when you have overturned the false longings of the past by recognizing that those cards were dealt to you by your choice. Since you have chosen every aspect of your reality, you chose the very things that you would put your heart’s desire on, the things that you would wish for, the things that you would desire for most deeply in your heart. Some of these desires that you have had may include the desire to prolong a situation that is not in your highest and best good. You may find that you desire for a situation to be better without realizing that there are [other alternatives]; other fish in the ocean, other wildlife outside of your own forest.

In one sense, it could be seen as wild living to step outside of this pattern of predescribed distortion and habitual circlings around the same target of interest. However, you can also step outside of having any blame over yourself for having desired these aspects of stability or apparent stability. Now is the time for the overturning of the patterns that have become well worn, as would ruts grave themselves into the roads where the ancient wagons once traversed. How easy it is to allow these shifts to happen, once you understand that you can let go of your pride, of your ego feeling dissatisfied unless you can make the best out of a situation that has become dysfunctional.

We would ask that you also look upon your political sphere at this time. Many of you are now falling out of love with the idea of a benevolent government that will save you from the fears and the illnesses of the outside world. The terror that can be bestowed upon those who would be jealous of your freedom, so to speak, has been presented by those of your American sphere at this time.

The events that occurred on February 15 4 are recognized very strongly in higher consciousness as an event whereby the collective free will of humanity has voted to have a higher consciousness on the planet. We would ask that you think back to the Law of Squares as it was defined in the Law of One series and recognize that for each entity that marched, of which there were approximately six to ten million, there are an infinitely larger number of requests that are made by virtue of the intent to serve that stand behind these entities, and by virtue of the fact that your Logos is biased in the direction of service-to-others polarity. When you understand this, you step outside of those feelings of despair or doom that hang over your head.

There are many times in your individual life where you will have an experience that appears that something negative is going to happen to you. In the preparation of the self for said negative event, there are those appropriate shifts and realizations that are made in consciousness. You come to understand that, because of the bourgeoning event that is transforming you, you can let go of many things that have formed stopping-blocks and holding points in your life in the past. Now you have the opportunity to let them go by the wayside. It is only after you make these shifts that you discover that the negative event itself does not need to transpire, as what was truly required was the change in consciousness and not the essence of actually going through said event.

Similarly, there are many scenarios being bandied about regarding the idea of apocalyptic doom or nuclear conflagration or some other aspect of mass destruction that would take you outside of your zones of comfort and put you into a “Mad Max scenario,” as some would call it, some form of complete disruption and chaos. There are adjustments that are being made to planetary consciousness. There are carefully placed strictures involved in what your negative elites are actually capable of performing in terms of physical acts on your plane.

Thusly you see the detention of one known as Jose Padilla, who was accused of having been a terrorist without any supporting information and was apprehended and held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, without being able to contact his lawyer or otherwise have access to the normal rights in the Constitution. From this one case, one may project a fear that this will become commonplace; that ordinary anti-war protesters will be denied their citizenship and herded off to detention camps or such things. Since the beginning of our work with David, we have always stated that although these potentialities would appear to be possible, that they will never actually arise into physicality. This is by virtue of the fact that your planet is essentially positive and that there are simply not enough of your peoples who are willing to turn their backs upon others, especially within their own country, and in so doing, create this nightmare scenario that is such a virtual re-depiction of previous negative scenarios on your plane. Therefore, you can choose to have a fear reaction, if you want to, to the events that are transpiring on the Earth at this time. However, we would ask that you make this choice with the understanding that it is only useful to you insofar as it leads you to make realizations about your own life. To put it in a more blunt fashion we can say that as you fall out of love with your negative elite and no longer seek to give them the god-like status that the media would convey, you also take yourself off of the pedestal that you have erected and recognize the ways in which you yourself have allowed negative situations to propagate and to fester. When you become more and more cognizant of the ways in which some of these negative actions in the grand political scheme play themselves out in your own world, you begin to understand how ascension truly occurs.

As we have said, ascension is a process not a conclusion. Ascension is not something that you are simply going to watch happen in newspaper headlines. It is an intimately personal event that transpires within your own life. It is an intimately personal event that transpires within the lives of all as they move in synchrony together, as one, through these energetic changes. And thus we want you to understand that as you will be seeing the dissolution of these strictures on government and on politics in your sphere throughout this year, so too will you have opportunities within your own personal sphere of influence.

Those aspects in which you have had dysfunction with your family members can become renewed into a grander light and a grander love by simply allowing the various distortions of personality to be OK without feeling that you need to identify and classify each little wrong that is done against you and to rage against it, insisting that you will not proceed forward in your life until every item on your laundry list has been duly satisfied and mitigated through intense discussion. Rather it is OK to allow that ego to die, to allow the personality that clings to the idea that all of its needs must be met in that itemized list to fall away.

You are not here to get along with each other and to have everything be perfect. Rather, you are here to agree to disagree, to allow those distinctions that make one different from another simply to stand as they are. If you are in a situation right now, it is best to choose whether or not the situation is acceptable to you as it is right now. Forget about those goals that you have laid upon yourself of how you want things to be, and of what you appear to be working towards with another person in terms of what you would like to have as the eventual outcome for how you will engage in behavioral interactions. Instead, simply accept the situation as it is. Once you do this, then ask yourself if the situation, as it is right now, is indeed suitable for your patterns. What we often find is that when it is not suitable for you, there is a tendency towards the argument and towards the fracturing of your energetic body. This fracturing does cause a wound, and the wound needs to be healed somehow. This often leads to the psychic vampire effect, where you will attack those around you and seek to find those little things that are inconsistent and amplify them to such extremes that there is then this great conflagration that unfolds.

We ask you to see that the negative elites in your sphere of American influence are seeking to find anything they can possibly get their hands on to justify bombing Iraq. Your “global village” as a whole is seeing that these [justifications] are ludicrous and certainly inconsistent with any chain of logical thinking. Therefore, the situation that now occurs, with this country desiring to bomb Iraq so strongly, is very similar in many ways to the situations that occur in your own life when you have found your own Saddam Hussein, your own petty tyrant, someone in your sphere whom you have labeled as being the cause of your ills. And that you seek to find any small inconsistency in their behavior that would allow you to feel that you have now the claim ticket, the right, to lash out, to drop your bombs of fury and anger and hatred, to cause that scalding, with the hope that, after you have duly caused shock and awe to occur and your bombing campaign is complete, that you will then have unconditional surrender, and all the petty things that you have wanted will be given to you without conditions and that the white flag will be duly raised before the scorched battlefield.

We ask that you not think about this in terms of anything that is a metaphor, for we are speaking in very literal terms here. We want you to understand that those events that transpire on the physical plane are entirely mirror images of exactly that which is occurring in your own sphere. Thus we ask for you to draw these analogies between what is happening in your own life and in your own mind, and that which is occurring in the world.

The consciousness of humanity in general is moving towards a greater acceptance of others. This persistent anti-war stance that is coming out more and more contains the realization that there is nothing virtuous in bombing others for the sake of their leader being inadequate. Similarly we would ask that you not bomb the other-selves around you for those small fragments of their consciousness that indulge in negativity. We ask that you also become aware of the inventory of overall treatment that you receive, and as we said, to see if it is indeed suitable for you.

You may find yourself being led to quite unexpected circumstances as they shift [your thinking] outside of the perspectives that have encased you in this apparent amber whereby you become like the frozen mosquito in time for millions of years to be fossilized, unable to move, unable to grow, unable to strive towards the light and love of the one infinite Creator. The amber that has encased you is melting. You will ascend with your wings to the firmament and again find the peace that “passes understanding,” the peace that moves outside of logical thought or rational/intuitive thinking, either one, and instead moves directly into the zone of being. If you can allow yourself to be, without attempting to have a goal, without attempting to notch things on your bedpost that can say, “I did this,” “I did that,” “Look at what I have gained,” “Look at what I’ve attained,” you move out of having that awareness of past and of future and become in the ever-present and omnipresent Now. You can have this consciousness in this moment as you contemplate the words that we have spoken.

At this time we shall shift this work over to those known as Q’uo for additional perspective on the matters upon which we have spoken. We thank you this day for having had the opportunity to be present with you in this aura of thanksgiving. This is truly a time for the renewal of the human spirit and we are appreciative of the opportunity to catalyze your growth in this matter. We thank you.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. It is a great blessing for us to be called to your meeting and we thank each of you for creating this circle of seeking, this opportunity for us to share our thoughts with you. We would ask only that each of you listen carefully to that which we have to say, with an eye to keeping those thoughts which appeal to you and have a resonance to you, and laying aside all those that do not, for we would not wish to constitute a stumbling block to any. We ask that each of you trust your discrimination for there is that within you which recognizes that truth which is yours.

Each within this circle has a tremendous amount of experience at thinking about spiritual structures and the spiritual life. And each realizes already, as the one known as David has said, that there is something going on and there is change in the wind, shall we say. Now let us pull back a bit and gaze at the sphere of consensus reality that this instrument sometimes calls the world of Maya. 5 It is the nature of illusion to appear quite real. It is the nature of reality to be an illusion. The essence that is not illusion is unfindable, existing in potentiality only. All of which you may become aware with your present—or with our present—organs of sense or instrumentation is illusion. You are not moving from a third-density illusion into a fourth-density position of no illusion. You are moving from an illusion in which there is a relatively small amount of light into an illusion in which there is a fuller or more generous brand of light, a different animal, shall we say, a new kind of light that has different characteristics and that supports different life forms, different planes of existence, different lessons, and so forth.

This is occurring within that which the one known as GuS 6 called the time/space continuum. And may we say that we are most grateful to have the good offices as the one known as GuS and it is a great pleasure to work with this beautiful spirit. The experience of each of you, as you begin to become aware of those things which built your question this day, the increased energy, the increased [rate] of change, the increase of suffering, the increase of stressful things, is receiving experience in ways other than they seem on the surface. The third-density kind of light casts a certain construction upon events which transpire within the day-to-day living. The same events gazed at from the standpoint of the next density are seen in a fuller and more generous light. The key to adapting to this time of increased light, increased transparency between third density and fourth density, and increasing amounts of the light of honesty within the self as it matures and grows, is to offer that which is wrapped up in the fuller and more generous light. The information coming into your very body, into the energy system of the body, at this time is information that is light, that is the limitless light of the one infinite Creator, carrying with it overlays of the increasing fourth-density energy which is, as this instrument said in the discussion prior to this “cosmic sermonette,” bringing things to the surface that were hidden and making the rough places plane.

The energies of fourth density are those energies which look at distortion with full awareness of the beauty of each distortion and awareness also of those harmonics and harmonies of undertone and overtone that create avenues of progression in which the biases, which may seem less than harmonized, may blossom and open in the sunlight of compassion until a fuller view is seen, a larger area constituting a point of view in which not only can a distortion be seen but also the surrounding energy that creates the distortion and that place which seems to be blocked.

It is, from the third-density point of view, very tempting to make judgments, especially concerning the self. It is very tempting to make these judgments far below the level of conscious thought. In this atmosphere of judgment, whether it is known by the self that the self is judging the self, or whether it is only known to the self that there is judgment against the self and the entity experiences that judgment as being projected from others, yet still there is that spiky, thorny energy of judgment which can catch an entity up into an endless round of self-examination and attempts at healing. So we would suggest that there are things about the fourth-density point of view which are increasingly available to those who look for them.

The fourth-density energy is not an energy in which it is possible to make a judgment. Rather, it is an energy in which distortions are seen in their colors. Let us say there is a different kind of judgment in assessing the beauty, the truth, the purity of a color. Gazing at a distortion it may be seen, shall we say, as green, but is it a beautiful green? Or is it muddy with the overlays of judgment? It is possible in many cases for an entity to sit with the self and ask, “Is this feeling, this color, this bias, a thing of beauty, a thing of honesty, a thing of truth within my being? Or do I carry that which is not intrinsic to myself? Do I carry armor to defend against an enemy? Does this bias carry the pain of self-judgment, the opposite of armoring in which armor is tossed away and the self is flayed by the judgment of the self?”

Come to a feeling concerning that bias, that color. See that as yourself and accept that bias, not as a third-density entity would, judging its worth, but as the fourth-density energy would gaze upon any vibration which crossed its path. This enables each entity as a person, as a seeker, to have a way of assessing inner feelings, inner biases, without calling the self in any way incorrect, wrong or unworthy. We do not mean to suggest by this that there is no structure within which one may judge for the self the ethical rightness or wrongness of action. This is indeed a very helpful and driving part of the spiritual life. Metaphysically speaking, entities move from decision to decision, from choice to choice and those choices build the polarity which is intended by the intensity of the desire to make the most positive choices.

What we are attempting to move into here is the pattern wherein entities set, deep within themselves, as the one GuS noted, the habit of being a certain way, the habit of accepting this and that as true about the self and those other things as untrue. As change inevitably occurs, some of those things which have been true concerning an entity change and this process is cumulative, so that many is the person who gazes at the self one day and realizes that a change has occurred and it has been missed until this instant. It is a wonderful time when that realization occurs.

While [each is] the entity who lives within the flesh and bone of third density, we assure each that these changes and disruptions will continue and increase, for there is a time of transformation for this entire planetary entity. The actual changes that are occurring, while exquisitely articulated, are in fact relatively slight. Consciousness among your peoples upon the metaphysical level is heartwarmingly, shall we say, close to jumping that area of resistance which is as the meniscus upon the surface of water, which is as the ocean which runs betwixt the densities, that area of resistance or quantum boundary to cross. You are much advanced as a people in doing this, to the extent that we can begin to address those of Earth as a social memory complex in the metaphysical sense. Certainly there is a good deal of development that shall take place before this process of birthing…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…that work of being, as the one known as GuS has said. Yet in that being you can become far less troubled by yourself by doing what this instrument has called falling in love with the self. This is the essence of the fourth-density way of dealing with distortion. Each is aware of entities they know which have quirks and habits that are laughable or ridiculous. This entity’s love of clothes, for instance, is well known to many within this circle. Yet were those within this circle to speak of this quirk of the one known as Carla, their tones would be fond and their voices would hold nothing of judgment but only affection. For it is seen by all others within this circle that the personality shell of this instrument, while silly, is not criminal. It is simply distortion, and each has its patterns of distortions. Thus, each can see that [it] is possible to love the quirks and distortions of another, finding them loveable and forgivable. Yet as this instrument turns its eyes on the self, this instrument, in the past, has been known to judge itself quite harshly for having this predilection and it has, for various portions of time within its life, simply refused to allow itself to purchase any new garments, feeling that it had quite enough. And yet, within this instrument there was the constant craving for something new to put on the body. Is this a clever, intelligent or sensible way to be? No. And yet it was the work of literally decades for the instrument to come to a day in which she gazed at this distortion within herself and realized that she had fallen in love with herself, that she could forgive herself this: that there were, in her newly expanded way of looking at herself, more important things to focus upon than the details of a personality shell.

Once this lack of judgment began to filter into the roots of personality, relaxing this skein of judgment that had netted and twisted itself about the personality shell, that energy to judge the self faded for this instrument, thus freeing the ability of this instrument to love other flawed personality shells and the souls which they contain. The fourth-density attitude begins with the awareness that each entity is divine, yet a portion of that which we may call the “Godhead principle.” The physical being, the personality shell, the thoughts of the surface of the mind itself, are layers of an illusion which is held in place by that system of energies which is at this time beginning to falter and weaken, beginning to give way to a fuller and more generous light. Allow and call for this golden light. Know that you are as capable of receiving it as you are as asking for it. We encourage each to begin to find ways to fall in love with the self. This resource that you have within you of forgiveness is extremely powerful and it connects within the tree of mind with those energies which are far more powerful than those archetypal rulers of third density. This is, may we say, a fascinating subject which we could speak upon for some time yet, but this instrument informs us that we must stop speaking and so we accept that it is time for us to release this instrument from discussing that main query.

We would move to the one known as Jim to pick up any brief queries before we would leave this group. We thank this instrument and this group for bearing with us while we attempt to articulate that which is not particularly easy to say in your words. We thank this instrument and we leave it in love and in light. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be any shorter queries to which we may speak in a brief fashion. Is there another query at this time?

[Long pause.]

I guess not, Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. We are most grateful to each for inviting our presence this day. We realize that we have spoken over-long and we ask your indulgence and your forgiveness for causing you to have to sit for this period of time. We are most grateful for your patience and for your desire to seek that which is loosely called the truth. We share with you that which is our opinion and we ask that you weigh each word carefully, leaving behind any that do not feel right to you. We do not wish to be a stumbling block in any path of seeking.

At this time we would take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends.

  1. Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes, 3:5. 

  2. concrescence: the act of growing or increasing by spontaneous union. 

  3. Both David and Vara were moving from independent domiciles into one room. For Jim and Carla, the giving up of two of the rooms of their living space also resulted in a grand paring down of material goods. 

  4. On this date, millions of Americans and those all over the world protested for the cause of peace. 

  5. From the Sanskrit Maya, another name for the Hindu goddess, Devi or Sakti, consort of Siva, meaning in Hindu philosophy “illusion.” In magical lore, Maya is the densest of all planes that ascend the tree of life. 

  6. GuS: Guidance System.