Question from J: “Please describe the contractual design and service to the one Creator, service to others and to mother Earth which my divine essence through love and service has created, agreed to, and desires to fulfill at this current space-time.”

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator, in whose name we come to you this day, [to] this part of that which we may call the “Godhead Principle” for all entities are a portion of this Godhead Principle, each splintering as gems from a mother lode or sparking off [as] sparks from a glorious and sacred place of Creatorship, always and ever retaining, in the microcosm of the macrocosm, a holographic expression of the infinite reaches of the one Creator and Its creative Thought of love. We are most happy to share our thoughts with you upon this subject and ask only that each thought that we offer be appraised and estimated with quite careful discrimination, seeking and searching always for the personal resonance, for that peculiar sensation of remembering that which you have already known and simply had forgotten. This is the mark of personal truth. All other ideas, be they ever so attractive as toys for the mind, need to be left behind as stumbling blocks, if that essence of remembrance and resonance is not there. With this freedom granted us, we may then express ourselves without being concerned that we, as incorrectly perceived authority figures, might cause any to stumble.

The life of any, the incarnation of the flesh, is brief and dense with possibilities. For us to be able to express to you the whole of those things which you planned as possibilities within this incarnation which you now enjoy would be a very long discussion, comprising many avenues which you have not chosen, which you have left behind for the glory, the service, the sacrifice, that love requires of those who choose the path that is, as the poet said, less chosen. And it has made all the difference. 1

We can say that there is for you perhaps one leaf to fall from the tree of fruit. Yet it is that which will come naturally to you and it is a roundabout route indeed, were one to gaze at the route from the air of hindsight. But upon the ground of time it is a good way to go, and all things shall transpire in their time. This is the essence of that which we are able to tell you in any specific way.

We would then spend the balance of this reading discussing that which you have asked in the light of a point of view which is perhaps broader and less specific than you would prefer. However, we wish very much for you to work this last puzzle, to experience the faith that springs from the leap into midair; to place the self not only upon the line but happily over the line, because it gives joy and it expresses the deepest passion of the being.

These choices are those which, if relaxed into, seem sometimes to flow with uncanny precision and speed. At other times the lesson includes waiting. And there are both aspects within the present puzzle, those things which need not to be resisted and those times faith alone can express the quality of serenity that does not blink at apparent challenge, difficulty or lack of manifestation.

What is the shape of service to the Creator? We suggest that the contract that you speak of is [a] contract that you have attempted to keep for some time. It is a life-long contract. It is elastic. It is in force as long as you breathe. This contact is common to many who at this time express upon the surface of your planet, both those who are in last incarnations, or hopefully last incarnations, as an earth native and those who have come here from elsewhere from higher densities in order to be of service upon planet Earth at this time. This basic mission which all hold in common is perforce a generalized expression of the essence of the self, for are not all selves part of the infinite Creator? So that there is that spiritual paradox, that is so precious, of the absolute equality of all souls and the absolute uniqueness of each gem of personhood that is the soul stream that is represented so sketchily in the illusion of flesh by the personality shell, which those about you experience as yourself. That which you came prepared to live for and to die for is the cause of love and light. The need at this time upon the planet which you now serve is great. The time is Harvest and those who have awakened have awakened to the memory that they are here to serve in a specific way.

This specific way is so completely other than the culture in which your peoples experience life, see contracts and jobs, that it is very different to wrap the mind around the job at hand. However, this job is to live a life which contains as much consciousness and awareness and accurate observance of all that is seen as possible. It, then, requires the instrument that is your soul to aid as a shuttle in bringing into the physical body and out into the metaphysical inner planes of this planet, by intention, the infinite love and light of the one Creator which at all times is moving through the openhearted entity and being sent by intention either to the Creator, to the fourth-density grid of this planet, which this instrument is so interested in strengthening, and to the people that one comes in contact with on a daily basis, that can be served and can be prayed for by the simple level of consciousness expressed within, that sanctum sanctorum which is the opened heart wherein the entity is in tabernacle with the one infinite Creator. To carry this persona into the world is to carry peace into the world, to carry light into the world. To carry this consciousness means that you begin to see yourself as the Christ. You begin to see others as the Christ. You begin to see the creation as an expression of the Father and you begin to see that in being the most essential self that you can, you are moving closer and closer to the selfhood that is the Christ, that is the “I” of “me.”

We do not wish to indicate the literal Christ, that body, that personality shell. But we indicate the consciousness that is the Christ within, that consciousness which the one known as Jehoshuah carried so elegantly and so bravely and with such tenacity. Yet it was a cloak, and that cloak is the cloak of the Godhead Principle, shall we say, or the divine spirit, or as this instrument likes to call it, the Holy Spirit, that which is Christ without the body, that divine fire which flows, that wind of spirit that “bloweth where it listeth.” 2 This is the consciousness that is your basic contract. This is what you came to do and this is not easy work. For this is a work that exists throughout the day, throughout the waking time that is left to you upon this sphere and so it is essential, in the practice of those who would maximize their service, that the entity be more and more aware of the thoughts and the feelings that are occurring, of those triggers that pull the self from the self which rests in the great ocean of divine consciousness into the murk of the archipelago of confusion and chaos that is the usually segmented daily experience.

The deep waters that surround each moment are not apparent to one skating upon the surface of life. It is those who are brave enough to dive into the present moment and to gain its fruits by thirst and hunger, seeking like the hart that “pants after the water brook” 3 as this instrument would quote from her Bible, that the self becomes a honed instrument, a crystal radio, that is waiting silently, empty handedly, to receive the information that comes through the shuttle of the gateway to intelligent infinity that is the spiritual body.

The strategy that we would recommend for working upon this primary contractual obligation or what the Ra group called “honor/duty” is that heart-opening discipline, for which the one known as J has so richly prepared himself by many resources and many experiences that hone and refine the strategies and processes that this entity may bring to bear upon that seed that is within that blooms in the spring of awakened consciousness. The seed has fallen in good ground and there is every hope of a good spring and we just encourage the one known as J to bend to the Earth of its planting, to tend the buds that come, with great love, with great awareness of the sacred honor in drawing breath at this time, in this place. We encourage the openhearted attempt in each day to gaze at the household of the self with first interest upon the lowest of the floors, that level of survival and sexuality that perhaps the cave and the more primitive parts of a house would suggest, the first floor, a ground floor of personal relationships and the family and group relationships that are intimate in the personal life. These small concerns, these incidental chores and experiences of day-to-day life contain most of the grist for the mill of the metaphysical learning which you indeed did come to do.

The learning will take place whether or not all relationships are used that have been prepared. And indeed in most incarnations many relationships are allowed to lapse or may not even occur simply because of the road not taken—so that there is no way of exhausting the possibilities of any incarnation.

The gift that you give in this contract is the enormous gift of a life that is lived for the Creator, a life that is lived in remembrance of the Creator, a life that is lived in devotion to the mystery of Deity, a life that is lived in faith that all is well, and that all will be well. These energies are the energies which allow the heart to open when the entity is comfortable in its own skin, when it has a home life in which it is functional and content, when it has obtained some grasp of the good and the seeming challenge inherent in the worldly work of gaining supply, then can the heart begin to open and feel safe in an undefended and relaxed state. And in that state full energy begins coming through the heart and according to the will of the entity which is the crystal being doing the work, that energy then can then move in to work in consciousness, for the self, for the planet, for entities about the self or for, indeed, the Creator Itself. All of these energies are part of a life lived in faith and in gratitude, if it can be remembered to give praise and thanksgiving for all that occurs. The resources which the one known as J has so ably stacked up in the years of experience, of service, and in devotion will be able to come into play as they are needed, not because of the cudgeling of the brain or the intellectual sophistry of thinking, but those things which point and hint and suggest shall be bubbling up from dream, vision, bird, bush, sky and unusual, unexpected synchronicity. We encourage, then, the attention to the information that flows from the devas of second density who are in complete harmony with the needs of your soul stream. We encourage those awarenesses of synchronicities and of good words spoken that are given from the actions of angelic aid in fourth density, of higher teachers in fifth density and sixth density and of the Creator’s whimsy, which operates at an even higher level than even these teachers. Indeed, many times the Creator’s dry and attic wit 4 has salted the sad and sorry [earthly] tragedy with ironic yet bittersweet humor. This too is a teaching of a very deep kind.

You are a crystal that has the entire spectrum of energy. You can generate and focus upon any of these colors. And by the responses that you give to catalyst —in the daily life especially, in the small life— you can refine, articulate, purify and crystallize these colors that are your emotions. There is such beauty in the human heart and, as you give yourself to the Creator day by day, you are as the flower in the field that shines with your very own array of colors. These are the palette that you have created to give praise and honestation to the one infinite Creator. What then are your thoughts this day? What then are the feelings that you have produced?

This instrument was saying earlier about itself that in a recent situation it had, on the worldly level, a great success, but on the personal level felt disappointed with herself, for she had not taken the opportunity in every case to see new people, or that is, people new to her, as souls, but rather personalities, becoming involved in the intricacies of very social rituals and aggravation that is inherent in these to this particular entity. Why did this choice get taken? Why was the attention straying from the center of devotion, which this instrument hopes is lit as the lighthouse upon the hill at all times? Nay, this lighthouse sometimes seems to get very faint and seems not to shine very brightly.

These are the times that are precious for learning, these moments of awakening awareness that one has been drifting off of one’s focus. Then it is that it is time— not to discipline the self, rebuke the self, or scold the self—but rather to correct the error of thought, speaking out loud perhaps the principle involved in seeing entities as the Creator, seeing the self as the Creator, and seeing the creation as the Creator’s world. These are those things which you have contracted to do. It is very easy and completely understandable within the culture that you enjoy that you would equate contractual missions with outer gifts. And yet we may say without any feeling of personal wrongness that were this instrument never to have channeled, to have written, or to have sung in this incarnation, this instrument would still be appropriately and properly pursuing that which she calls the King’s Highway.

There is nothing of outer gifts that is contractual but rather the contractual obligation, the honor, and the duty is to the being that you hope to allow to flower within this density and within this lifetime specifically. There was a hope of one who would come to the Harvest, harvestable and shining as brightly as the sun, and thus harvesting those about it as the radiance lights other people and begins other people’s journeys toward awakening simply by the radiance of being that they experience. This is a very subtle, a very hidden service. It is one which takes tremendous discipline yet gives great joy and is actually what this instrument would call the fast track to inner learning. For in this particular state of mind you are as the tuned instrument that is able to observe, from a standpoint of compassion and thankfulness, the unfolding plan of the one infinite Creator.

This is the time wherein many are being called to awaken and take up their part in this effort to build a road to fourth density that is a safe one for those who come after this generation upon planet Earth. The work with third density of this group of entities called human beings is largely at an end and the, shall we say, political, global score does not look very good. It looks as though we have as entities not proceeded to a very appropriately harvestable place for those interested in love and in light. Yet these appearances have no substance.

A microscope taken to anything physical may show that there is virtually no substance in matter but, for the most part, space. Energies are what have substance within the metaphysical world. The energy of intention and the absolute fidelity to focusing upon the center of your desire are the basic prerequisites for the work ahead. It will bless many, yet it will often be hidden.

We do bless and encourage you to follow those paths which lead to outer service as well. These are less central to the energy which causes you to ask these questions, yet we feel that you will be feeling delighted as well as in some consternation as things unfold. There is much of interest to come so we simply encourage the feeling that all is well, the feeling that the road is beneath the feet. That which this instrument calls the King’s Highway, that Tao, that Way is beneath the feet and you are on the road. This is the bulk of that which we would say to respond to your query with one more thought concerning the work with the environment that you mentioned.

The one known as Gaia or the Earth or Terra groans in a despairing labor at this time. She has become somewhat encouraged as more and more entities send light and begin to grieve for the suffering and feeling of fear that is being cast about the surface of your globe like a pall. This is encouraging to Gaia yet she needs ever more reassurance that her children love her and wish her well and assist her in the travail of the birth of her fourth-density self. Entities such as this instrument and its group and other groups like it have begun to become aware of ways to intensify and strengthen the one known as Gaia and especially that fourth-density labor. The tool, as is so often the case, is the human crystal placed in visualization or meditation at a particular time, thus joining wills into a more and more giant and strong will that may bring many others to it by the sheer energy of its light.

There is, inherent in the attempt of Wanderers to, shall we say, infect the Earth with heightened awareness of love, that dependency upon what this instrument would call the One Hundredth Monkey Effect, the hope being that eventually more and more entities are forming lighthouses, light groups, study groups, meditation groups, groups of all shades of devotion and way of expressing devotion to the infinite Creator, yet groups that harmonize in wishing light and love to planet Earth and its people. These goals are moving along with speed and we see many more places of light coming to be where entities may come into small groups and form spiritually oriented friendships, fellowships and families. These possibilities for increased light at this time are great blessings and we encourage those opportunities that come one’s way for these are opportunities to add one’s light to the light of many others. And these opportunities are occurring with greater and greater frequency for those of your peoples who have awakened.

Know that the Earth will be fine. It is the sadness and the sorrow that shall occur if the Earth must give up upon humankind that is the tragedy here. Therefore love the Earth, express that love by direct relationship with the Earth, spending the time with the nature and the state of nature and simply sharing love with the Earth, experiencing loving and being loved as you breathe the carbon dioxide for the trees to inhale and as the trees exhale their oxygen so that you may have life, rest in the harmony of the one infinite Creator, and be healed.

We would at this time ask if there are any follow-up queries that we may help you with at this time?

I would like to know about that tone that he has experienced in his right ear for a number of years, a very light tone, what that tone might be for, what it might be a symbol of or a result of?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. This tone is that confirmation of a positive conclusion that you have set for yourself. The similar tone upon the left side would then be the indication of a negative response to a conclusion that had just been reached. This is not a fast rule, for other causes can produce tones within the ear. However, it is helpful when such a tone is perceived to think back upon that which was the issue upon the mind at the time the tone was heard and see if there might be some information within that sound that is perceived within the inner ear.

Is there another question, my brother?

When J does breathing exercises he goes into a certain state of suspended animation where he hears another tone. Could you explain what that tone might be?

[We are those of Q’uo.] The one known as J has the separation of a slight nature of the inner bodies from the physical body as the complete cessation of the respiration occurs. The inner bodies are lifting somewhat up into the gateway and moving up, shall we say, the silver cord or the spiritual shuttle resting in the information stream that is down-pouring from the one infinite Creator. This indeed does alter the consciousness, and the noise is as if the car window were cracked a bit allowing the universe of airflow outside to enter the protected shell of the physical vehicle.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

J feels a connection with those of Ra, with the Great Ones of the Central Sun, and with those of Metatron. How can he make that connection more apparent and how can he use it in his own spiritual journey?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The precise status of connection to entities with these names is…

[Tape ends.]

  1. “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,

    And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

  2. Holy Bible, King James Version, John 3:8. 

  3. “As the hart (deer) panteth after the water brook, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.” (Holy Bible, King James Version, Psalms 42:1) 

  4. attic wit: a poignant, delicate wit, peculiar to the Athenians.