The question today, Q’uo, has to do with what it seems like a lot of people are feeling these days, because the United States is engaged in a very destructive war with Iraq, and times just seem like they’re full of stress. There’s more to do than there’s time to do. A lot of people are feeling sadness, anger, frustration and doubt. These things just seem to come bubbling out. We’re wondering if there is a way of maintaining one’s harmony in such times; if there is a way of dealing with these difficulties that will bring us back to harmony? We appreciate anything that you might have to say about how we can deal with the difficult times that are within us and about us.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. We wish to thank you for the great blessing of your company and the beauty of your vibrations as you sit in this sweet circle of seeking. We thank you especially for taking the time out of that life which, by your question, is represented as being most busy and somewhat difficult. Yet you have found the time and the place to come together simply to seek the truth. For this we thank you, for it is a great blessing to us to be able to share our thoughts with you and to be called to your meeting.

We share these thoughts with you with the request that, in listening to them, each be very discriminating as to those thoughts which you accept and use as resources. We would not ask that you look upon us as authorities but rather as those with an opinion which we are glad to share on the basis of our being friends and neighbors with you, not simply in terms of time and space but in terms of the nature of our beings and the journey which we share. If you are able to use your discrimination in listening to our thoughts then that will free us to be able to express them without fear that we would be infringing upon any entity’s free will.

You ask us this day concerning the peace and harmony that is so beloved and so dearly sought among your peoples and yet is seemingly quite elusive at times for many of your peoples. The description of the times as being troubled and the self as being troubled seem to be that truth which lies upon the surface of the minds of many of those present and certainly it echoes those thoughts which are upon the minds of your people in general, for upon a global basis the great cry of your planet and its people is for harmony and peace.

This instrument wished to use the term “grass roots,” and we stopped this instrument from using that term to describe that energy which is bubbling up. For in “grass roots” we would not make the pun without intending to! And we wish to say that the energy of harmony and peace is indeed bubbling up out of the grass roots themselves, out of every seed and every living thing that takes its life from the soil and turns towards the sun in your second density. The energies which turn towards harmony and peace are those energies which you possess in each cell of your vehicle upon the physical level, and in your finer bodies within the inner levels as well.

There is an instinct within each spark of the Creator’s light for the balancing of the energy to a default setting of peace and joy. The impulse and energy which nurtures this into manifestation, however, is the impulse—not towards joy or towards peace—but that instinct that lies in the direction of single-mindedness or, as the one known as V has said, the discipline of the personality. So we would take some time to discuss this concept of the default setting of joy and peace.

It is our bias as we look upon this circle of entities, with their beautiful energy vehicles shimmering, that we see that view which lies the deepest most easily and that portion of you which lies upon the surface least easily, whereas within the physical incarnation such as you now enjoy, unless the vehicle in which you enjoy living has been born blind or there are other perceptual difficulties of a substantial nature, that which comes easiest to your senses and to your observational powers is that which is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt. The priorities of your earthly experience, then, focus upon those things about you as an entity which are the least authentic or real. And yet, it is at the level of these inauthentic and illusory structures which this instrument calls “consensus reality” in which you spend your days and your working hours. And we do grasp that there is every temptation and every logical reason for each of you to wander far from the concept of the self as one whose mind is on only one thing and that is the love of the one infinite Creator.

We gaze within this instrument’s mind to find description of this paradox and find her experience of long and busy and well-crafted days of toil in which many chores of varying kinds are approached, organized and removed from the list of things to do. This, within this instrument, we find to be the source of almost no stress, and this is remarkable, for among your people there is the tendency, not only to have too much to do, but also to find oneself being concerned about the fact that one has to much to do. This kind of energy then snowballs upon itself and creates an ever greater sensitivity to one’s lacks and failures to achieve that which has been expected of one either by the self or by others.

Within this instrument’s mind we also find constant efforts towards the re-tuning of the mind and it is in this direction that we would like to go in discussing ways to work with the situation which you now enjoy, which is, basically, a very good environment: observe, analyze, and alter the priorities of thinking which cause your particular mind and attention to focus upon one thing rather than another of the details of those things which are occurring at any particular moment.

At any particular moment an entity may be experiencing a multitude of catalysts. There are catalysts that come to the ears, the trains that pass, the telephones that ring. There is catalyst for the eye in the passing view and catalyst for all the senses in that which is occurring. There is catalyst for the mind in those thoughts which are sparked by the sense impressions of the moment. And there are those thoughts involved with the reactions to the original thoughts that have been thought by the self. In all of this arrangement, there has been no thought described which has not been caused by the outer environment impressing itself upon the being. The one known as C was expressing her desire to move beyond the thoughts of that level, to move into those thoughts which are authentic, original and her own thoughts, moving from the inside out and not from the outside in, so that there is a feeling of being, shall we say, as the flower that blooms to meet the wind, rather than as the scrap of tattered rag which the wind blows any way that it wishes to, for there is no root in the tatter but only material that has been beaten and torn.

Each of you feels at times as a tattered rag, as a thing for the wind to make sport of and play with and indeed it often feels as if the wind of spirit has picked you up and put you down someplace where you would rather not have been placed.

To the mind that is focused upon the love of the one infinite Creator, the view of all that comes through the senses, the thoughts concerning those sense impressions, and the thoughts judging those thoughts about sense impressions are all seen as the bits of froth upon the surface of the waters of life that they are. If the single thought that the mind is stayed upon is the love of the infinite One, then the being within has the opportunity to choose to maintain that focus, not only in those moments of silence but also in moments in the noise of culture, of warfare, of crowded conditions, of distressing amounts of inequality in a world which yearns and hungers and demands absolute equality.

In your prophetic literature, in your myths and in your sagas, there is much concern for transformational times. Within ancient Roman literature there is Ovid gazing at the metamorphoses of nature and of humankind. Dry-as-dust historians have gazed at the rise and fall of empires. The energies of spiritual leaders such as Jesus the Christ have focused upon the transformation of that which is material into that which is spiritual. And this instrument has followed a long line of studies of various religions and mythologies and philosophical systems in which this matter of how one helps oneself to transform from the lesser into the more noble aspect of self. The stuff of transformation is the stuff of waking from a sleep.

Fortunately, we have that very humble and accessible example of the kind of change that you all face at this time. It is a time of transformation, perhaps most importantly for your planet. The very Earth which has bred you and nurtured you is itself now being born, and this effort and labor go well. Yet there is difficulty. The difficulty is critical in that if the delivery continues to go poorly there will need to be the equivalent of the Cesarean, the removing of portions of the skin of the Earth that the new configuration of the energy-body of the Earth may have room to be born in its appropriate shape and arrangement of energy nexi. It is more for the planet than for the people that many of you have chosen to be in incarnation upon the planet at this time. It was your hope that you would be able, by awakening within the dream of physical life, to become a magical person, a person able to act as a crystal entity, receiving energy, transmuting energy, and sending energy out into the fourth-density web of planet Earth.

That which distracts is always a detail, that which calls you back to remembrance is always discipline. Very seldom does nature so configure experience that it is impossible to miss the spiritual signals. Most usually the hints and clues of spirituality are so configured as to be completely able to be missed, able to be glanced over, able to be prioritized below the threshold of awareness, [displaced] by the affairs and details and chores of the day. Each is aware of the spiritual figures who have indicated through history that, when they are busy, then is the time to rise earlier so that they may pray longer, for it is in the praying that the work gets done rather then in those long daylight hours of toil. This is a great key for those who have ears to hear. We are not suggesting that entities must get up early and meditate before they begin the day in order to prepare, but we are suggesting that the mind of an entity is that which is in a state of extreme vulnerability to the mental conditioning. The power of suggestion is great. Each entity has seen many examples of such suggestion, the most common perhaps being that when one entity yawns, those about that entity will quite often catch the yawn and find themselves expressing similarly.

So it is too with the mass media, the television and the newspapers, those agents of consciousness of which J was speaking, that tend toward creating cookies of the right shape out of the dough of entities’ thoughts so that entities’ opinions upon certain subjects bear a remarkable similarity. They have been listening to one source and in that source lies a structure which seems to explain or justify actions. And [yet] in the details of these actions there is no end to the shades of gray, the ethical questions, the causes for sorrow or anger or concern of one kind or another.

The simplicity of the solution is funny. For the solution to the awareness of trouble is in the turning of the consciousness to the love of the infinite Creator. We do not intend this as a greatly abstract concept. We intend this in another way and we would ask you to open yourselves to the concept that you are the peace and harmony that you seek, for you are a spark of the one great original Thought of the infinite Creator. Say that the Creator, in its infinity, in its impossibility of being described, is a vibration. You have that original vibration, which is unconditional love, as the basis of every cell of your being. Without that Thought of love has nothing been made that is made. It is not something you possess, it is your very nature, it goes far deeper than the marrow of your bones, it is far closer to you than your breathing. It is far more real then the impressions of sense. For it is that impulse and spark without which you could not take thought, take breath, or enjoy existence or consciousness. This nature of the principle of Deity is the heart of you, is the truth of you. You are as the stone within which the perfect sculpture hides. Each detail, each chore, each duty, each disturbance, each warfare chips away, pounds away, hammers away, rattles away, and aggravates away bits and pieces of detritus, of those things that are not you, gradually beginning to shape that faceted gem that lies within the details of a busy, earthly existence. How blunt are the instruments of catalyst! And yet how effective.

When one begins to become aware of this process of catalyst and experience, learning and transformation, one begins to be able to pick up some tools to use that are not as blunt as the blunt instruments of outer experience, things learned the hard way. And once again, the key to making use of these finer instruments, of removing and distilling from the self those impurities which one targets and wishes to see fall away, is the will. And each time the will is used to lift the self from that archipelago of small confusions to a place of spiritual attitude and consciousness where these details are seen as details like any other, a burden is lifted off of the attention. It is as though blinders are released from the eyes and for the first time, by asking of yourself this discipline of attention, you may begin to experience the unreasoning feelings of joy and peace of which this instrument was speaking earlier. For it is our opinion that it is this instrument’s long years of attempting to be disciplined about returning the mind to the silence from the details that has gradually enabled this instrument to find a measure of peace that does indeed pass understanding.

The Creator within you, the Truth of yourself, is happy to live your life. You have sufficient spiritual impulses within you to move through your incarnations in a state of true peace and undiluted joy. Yet it is something for which permission must be given from the self to the self. One must give oneself permission to be content and happy and blessed, for these are not things which are in the training which your culture offers its people. It is not taught among your peoples that happiness is a natural state, but rather that struggling and competition are the natural state. And each is aware of many ways in which the culture itself offers these lessons to those who are growing and in need of instruction. Always it is the spiritual sense alone that is able to release the conflicts, the struggles, those things which are the truth of the illusion, in order to turn once again to the stunning mystery of oneness, to the love that is all that you see, to the light that has created all that is, without blinking at those things which seem good and which seem evil.

The life that is lived is a work of great subtlety. There is an unlimited potential for transformation within the physical illusion and the limits are released one by one by that entity who is willing to ask of the self, “Yes, but who am I beneath that detail; yes, but who am I beneath that action? Who am I, whose am I, why am I here?” When faced with disharmony it may be a resource for you to think to yourself this thought: “Who am I? In terms of that situation that is ‘out there,’ what’s the situation with me? If I am a creature of love, then what am I doing in this situation?” To look at the situation and to react as you see it from the outside in is often less than helpful. To gaze at a situation from the inside out is to find the love within that particular structure and then to be the defender, the protector, and the expresser if need be, of that love. Whatever it is that you gaze upon, whoever is reaching out to you that asks for a reaction from you, attempt if you can to leave that situation, that relationship, that moment in a little better order than you found it, with a little more love, a little more understanding, a little more of the Creator’s freedom in the atmosphere.

In almost any situation it is easy to lose the tuning of mind which is that tuning of yourself that holds remembrance that the “I” of you is an “I” that is far more than the personality shell and that self which lives the surface life. Who is truly living your life? Infinite Consciousness would like to live your life. It is a matter of getting out of Its way.

Those who remain silent may be those who have the most wisdom. Those voices that speak the loudest in your society may well be those voices which offer the deepest confusion. Consequently we encourage your appetite for the silence. We encourage plunging into that muscular silence that is the speech of the one infinite Creator and going as deep as you can for as long as you can whenever you can. If you only have thirty seconds or two minutes, or five, you may visit the gateway to intelligent infinity. Take the time, whenever you can, to release your energy body from its very strictures to refresh it, open it up. And when you find yourself in the open heart, we greatly encourage your sitting there for awhile with that one great original Thought that is love itself. Rest in the love that lies within the heart and know that it is the truth of you, it is your deepest self. And then go forward in your armor of light, knowing that those things which are of earthly origin will express as they must and that all things that live shall die and all that passes from illusion shall once again come into being. Rest in those cycles that lie beyond sense. Rest in that mystery that lies beyond mind. Rest in the feeling that you have…

[Side one of tape ends.]

In order for personal learning to occur and in order for you to do your service we are always happy to join you in your meditation in order to deepen that state of meditation that you may enjoy. And there are many entities in the unseen worlds which are alert to those who seek in various directions. Consequently, it is a matter of knowing that which you are and that which you believe and then asking for help from those structures within which you feel comfortable asking. This instrument would call the help angelic. Others would describe various entities of various levels of the inner planes by various technically more accurate names. Our point is simply that there is tremendous energetic help for those who have become clear as to what it is they seek, who it is that they are, and why it is that they have chosen life at this time.

Move into a feeling of as full an awareness of the self as can be had. Ask for the help that is there. And then find that courage which releases the self, in a state of complete vulnerability, to face the next moment without preconception.

We are informed by this instrument that our time with her is up and consequently, and with good grace and humor, we gladly leave this instrument and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, that any questions remaining upon the minds of those present may be addressed. We leave this instrument in love and in light with thanks. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. We greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to ask if there may be any further queries remaining upon the minds of those present to which we may speak.

Yes. I have a question that continues right off of what the entire channel was about. I’ve never believed too much in entities from outside of myself influencing me, but I’m coming to believe that, in the last year or so, that due to whatever reason, I’m drawing more attention to myself. Could this just be the general upheaval which everyone is experiencing? I don’t know how far you can comment without going beyond the Law of Confusion, but please comment as to whether I am being specifically targeted or is this just a general thing that everyone’s having to deal with at this time?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. As we look upon the experience which you describe we see that that experience is one which is common to many people at this time. For there is within many such as yourself the great desire to be of service in a situation which does not allow the service in the manner which you desire to give. Thus, you feel a great deal of powerlessness. This powerlessness is full of desire to serve which has been blunted. This causes there to be a blockage of energy, shall we say, within your system of energy centers. There is a kind of fracture of the crystal that may be observed in such a situation where the energy applied by those of negative polarity to those who wish to aid but are blocked in their aid causes the fracture, a catalyst, to become apparent and to vibrate in an overactive manner and then to express as you have described. There is the need, shall we say, to examine the fracture, the catalyst, that triggers the difficulty within the meditative state. It might be well done to feel these feelings and to examine their origin. When one is more aware of the composition of the self, of the means by which energy moves through the body/mind/spirit complex, then one is less liable to suffer the intensification of difficulties that one has freely chosen. It may be well to find a positively-oriented project where one can construct a symbolic mending of the fracture within one’s energy centers. For example, there may be various small projects or items about one’s dwelling place that need repair, that need cleansing, that need attention. This can be a symbolic expression of energy that then is felt within and allows healing to occur within, therefore repairing the fracture.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo. We thank you very much. Is there another query at this time?

I have what I wouldn’t say is really a question but more of a statement. I notice as I go through life with family and friends around me, that sometimes I take [them] for granted, and don’t always show my appreciation and gratitude. I’d like to include you, Q’uo, and, as you say, the heavenly hosts and to express my gratitude and appreciation of [your] being there when I feel like talking to you or just knowing that you’re there, and the help and love that you’ve given. I just want to express my love and gratitude again for all that you’ve done.

I am Q’uo, and we are most filled with the same love and gratitude, my friend, that you have expressed for us. We feel this for each entity such as yourself and all those who seek to be of service in this illusion that you now inhabit for it is not an easy task to move through the darkness with but a small candle to light the way and there are many missteps in the darkness. We are happy to join any entity who asks our presence for the purpose of, as you say, listening, to blend our vibrations with your own, to perhaps offer a bit of inspiration that may aid in the movement through the daily round of activities and the many experiences of catalyst that are part of the third-density experience that each of you now inhabits.

Is there another query at this time?

Not for me, thanks.

Yeah, I have a quick question, Q’uo. Do you express yourself in other groups such as this one, in this world?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We of Q’uo are privileged to speak to this group using the verbalization technique of channeling, as you have called it, but restrict our contact with other groups or individuals to a more personalized sense of blending our vibrations with theirs. There are, however, portions of our principle, such as those of Hatonn, which do speak to other groups and have for a great many of your years. The mind-to-mind contact that produces the channeling phenomenon is one which is difficult for most to initiate and more difficult yet to maintain. So even though there have been attempts to make this kind of contact with other groups, for the most part they have been short-lived. However, we do not measure our success at service by the channeling type of contact which we now enjoy with this group, for we find it is possible to reach with our hearts in love and light to all the creation and are pleased to feel the loving response of the great majority of the creation with which we are one.

Is there another query, my sister?

Well, I, like S, would like to really give a heartfelt thank-you. I do feel your presence. I feel like that when I work with other people and do massage work I feel your presence. I’ve been feeling it more and more since belonging to this group. You’re a big part of love in my life and I really do appreciate that.

I am Q’uo, and we return your loving respect and pleasure of company, my sister, for it is our great joy to be able to be with each in this circle and with any entity who requests our presence, for when we tabernacle with any we tabernacle with the one Creator. Your experiences are unique to yourselves and each time we are able to blend our vibrations with yours we find new ways of expressing and experiencing love and light.

Is there a final query at this time?


I am Q’uo. As it appears that we have exhausted the queries for this circle of seeking, we would once again thank each present for inviting us to join you in your circle of seeking. We are always overjoyed to be able to join this group and we look, as you would say, forward to these gatherings though forward is perhaps a misnomer, for we live as one being at one time at all times. The illusion which you now inhabit is one which plays a trick, shall we say, in order that you may do a certain dance, make a certain choice, give of yourself in love and move one step further in your union with the All.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends.