Question from R: This evening R would like to hear whatever words of wisdom or love or enlightenment that you might have to offer him concerning the journey that he has taken and what would be most appropriate for him now.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most blessed to be with you this evening and we thank you for the care for your soul’s truth that has led you to set aside this time and this energy for this purpose. This instrument also has set aside this time and this energy which are hers for this purpose, as has the one known as Jim. Consequently we are honored and privileged to be able to share with you these thoughts that form the message which we have for you this day. Please be aware that we would greatly appreciate your utmost discernment in listening to that which we say, keeping only those thoughts which resonate deeply within you as personal truth, having the character of a memory recalled. Leave aside all those things which may trouble you or not fit those parameters of your discrimination which are such faithful sentinels of your own truth, which is unique. This will enable us to speak our thoughts without concern for encroaching upon the freedom of your will and we appreciate it greatly.

We see the landscape which you offer at this time as the man solitary and alone upon the hill, gazing out over a vast and trackless land. We see the attitude with which this figure is viewed as seminal in this circumstance, for the trackless waste may be desert, or it may be the fecund and infinite ocean out of which all life springs. It can be the desperate regions of the Sahara or it can be the gentle shore of the ocean of life. Such is the case of the solitary man upon the hill. Is it a hill of good dreams, or a hill of nightmares? Is it a hill from which one is looking upon the past, or is it a hill from which one is gazing upon the possibilities of the infinite divergencies of the present moment going into the future?

We are gratified, my brother, that you chose to refrain from delimiting the parameters of that which we had to say, for we are therefore much more able to use those images and words that move beyond word into emotion of which this instrument is capable. So are we able to speak in this way, when complete freedom of expression is offered and pot luck is taken, shall we say. For we care deeply to answer that which has been asked, not to answer that which has not been asked, and not to infringe upon the learning that is implicit in the question. Consequently, rather than asking, you knocked, and a door may open and for this we thank you.

This instrument had been discussing the broad range of clients with a fellow counselor. And the other counselor suggested to this instrument that the vast majority of his counselees were experiencing the feelings of guilt and unworthiness that come from not setting down the catalyst and experience of the past, not attending to the releasing of old energy and thus being stuck between the past and the guilt thereof, and the future and the fear thereof. This conversation was not without its rhythm in this own instrument’s process, for it deals with continuing triggers which open into unworthiness, which effectively deflate the blooming of this instrument’s joy in the present moment. Consequently this comment went deeply into this instrument’s heart and we share the gratitude that this instrument has felt for this very common-sense observation.

The deep wanderings of any entity will include many episodes during which the knight in shining armor errs in judgment or in intention and consequently loses the luster of the feeling of honor that goes with the appellation of knight. While in the metaphysical realm, error is not seen in the same light, shall we say, as within your density and within your illusion. Nevertheless, within the metaphysical worlds there may be found in any incarnation those spots which did not come clean, those stains of judgment which became catalyst for growth and cause indeed for those extremely understandable emotions of regret and self-doubt. We would not take from you the sting of this learning. For it has been helpful and will continue to be helpful in the way of the ore that is flung into the machine which whirls rocks at high velocity in order to crack them and to open up the ore within them. This kind of action is the corrosive and concussive kind of catalyst that truly creates the feelings of the darker side of the palate of colors of emotions that tell the truth about the essence of any biological entity which you may call a soul. This catalyst is that which is as the Beatitudes of this instrument’s Bible. Those sayings, of the one known as Jesus, describe the poor in heart, and those who mourn, as blessed. 1

We ask you: why are these things a blessing? And we say unto you: as always in the gaining of truth, there is usually within your third-density illusion the necessity for sufficient discomfort to rock the boat of complacency and pride that are the besetting errors of those who strive with every fiber of their being to be honorable, ethical and spiritually compassionate entities.

All other sins, or errors, as this instrument prefers—and so do we—to say, have this characteristic of disappearing beneath the compassion of the awareness that it is impossible not to err while within the third-density state. The releasing of the catalyst, then, has to do with an increasing ability to recognize the value of that which is known to you within this density of yours as the past. Indeed, it is the past only in the sense that your thoughts are those which are formed from that which is in space/time, that which is within this illusion. Consequently, the thoughts themselves deal completely with illusion unless the choice is made firmly and constantly to move the seat of perception from third density to that which is known as fourth density to this instrument; we believe that you are aware of these terms also.

How is it possible then, to find those moments when the mind and the thoughts become unskillful? For this is the basic nature of the state of mind into which you, as a personality shell, have stumbled, shall we say, in the way of left foot, right foot and perhaps not looking up often enough beyond the next step and the next, to see, shall we say, “the big picture.” To see that point of view which does not shift with the passage of 10,000 years and to see one’s learning and one’s service in that light.

We would wish to say, my brother, that in no way have you been deficient. In no way have you stepped away from every challenge. In all things you have attempted your best. And we share with you the fundamental and absolute perception that this is enough. This is what has been. Were it not enough, yet it would be enough. For it is what has brought you as a blooming, gem-like, crystalline entity to this moment, which is full of infinite possibilities. Had you hoped to be closer to your goal at this point, my brother? How do you know how close you are to a given goal? How do you know what the nature of your future may be? Indeed, no one, and we say this absolutely, no one caught within the bounds of space/time can know the future. For although the future has been formed from the standpoint of eternity, it has most decidedly not been formed from the standpoint of third density. Indeed, you at this time, shall we say, are on a time lateral, a sidetrack, not even upon the main track of evolution, as you work to move through this illusion which is so cleverly designed to give you the maximum opportunity to change, to transform, to make new choices and find new balances within the spiral of ongoing learning, evolution and service that is the essence of the love and light of the one infinite Creator.

You stand upon a hill. You gaze. And where shall you gaze? And what shall be your thoughts? Shall they be those thoughts that measure and judge the self as though there were a score beyond which one would succeed; in lack of which one would fail? My brother, this is decidedly not the case. The score of which this entity is aware in a quantitative sense is the score of 51% service to others by intention and we hope that you are aware that you are vibrating as service to others at this time by a comfortable margin. There is great purity and sweetness in your desire to serve purely. We ask you to know, for the first time, your nature. To know and begin to have faith in that essence which you have chosen as your essence.

Have you erred in some way in the past, as this entity has, as the one known as Jim has? Yes, my brother. Blessed are you, for you have erred and now you can begin again as if for the first time except that now you have knowledge. There is a knowing within you that you will remember because it is burned and etched into you by the corrosion of catalyst. But you have sweetened this catalyst, little by little and it is that energy which we would encourage you to shed upon this entire concern at this time. We give this instrument the word, forgiveness.

You have harmed no one. We may say that the attempt to take on another entity’s difficulties in order to free him of them is, to our way of thinking, somewhat distorted. Might we ask in this case if it would not have been more skillful to take on that entity’s perfection and know that it was the truth? By believing that which you saw, and not believing that which you did not see, you were more skillful upon the level of what this instrument would call the akashic plane and less skillful upon the level of what this instrument would call the outer planes. Universally, it is less skillful to choose the near target, of working with the pain, the behavior, and the illusion. Always, knowing the truth of perfection is the more universal and the more truly metaphysical solution to gazing at distress, difficulty, damage and distortion in general. That which seems utterly dark is also the light. It has become distorted. As this instrument often says: it has departed the factory specifications. Yet it is still the light. Like all true vines, it is attached to the one great original Root, the Thought, the Logos that is love.

What can there be besides love in a universe in which all things are one? That which you see in others you may work upon within yourself. By knowing the truth, it is true for you and it is true for that entity. You see that the dark side is an illusion which may be charmed with the art, the pretty stories, the songs, the lilts, the melodies, the gentle motifs, of the storyteller, the poet and the singer.

When that choice is yours again, we suggest simply attempting to see in a more balanced and more universal way that which you actually are seeing. Attempt to see into and not at the situation, seeing beyond the apparent into the divine that surrounds and penetrates it. This knowing is not an infringement upon anyone. It does not need their approval, their agreement, or their understanding for it is not a thing. Rather, it is an essence. Share your being, share that which is in you, that which is the true self of you, that which is what this instrument would call “the Christ within.” That consciousness that is unconditional and that knows that all entities in absolute equality of essence are one with the divine.

We stand with you upon this hill in all times, in all places, in all seasons, those who have heard your call. Nothing can separate us. There are energies, which are yours, which guide and aid and give encouragement and support even to one who is in solitude of being. It is well to lean into this support as you would into an extended family. There are energies of fourth density, fifth density, and sixth density that are connected with you. These extended families are energies and essences of a light that cannot be subverted. They can be activated by the focus and the surety and confidence of your…


We find that this instrument has no word for the feeling of knowing that someone is ineluctably a part of your family. The more that you can rest in total confidence that this feeling, this support, is there and able to help, the more this shall calm the troubled waters of the inner ocean.

Before we leave this instrument, we would wish to be sure to speak concerning the state of mind of the boiling and turbulent anger and so forth which you experience when you wish to meditate deeply.

As you may have inferred from that which we have said previously concerning your previous practice of aiding those about you by taking upon yourself their distortions, by moving into the astral and becoming an uninvited guest within their distorted worldview, shall we say, if we could call this situation an entity called “Weltanschauung.” For instance, we could say that you invited Weltanschauung into your aura—to use the term very loosely. Within your energy body there then lurked Weltanschauung, who was not the entity that you attempted to help, but rather a thought form, consisting of your intention and this entity’s distortion. Thusly, in affecting what this instrument would call a yellow-ray energy exchange with another entity, there was the shadow that free will had been gently nudged, if not infringed. It is a shadow area, that helping of another by the force of physical will.

Again this is a portion of that which is past and need not concern you at this time, except in that you may forgive yourself unconditionally and release the past, thanking it for the tremendous gifts of instruction which it has given you and turning towards a blessed future with confidence. This attitude will bring about that which it expects. That which an entity thinks and focuses upon is a strong power to alter the course of a very possibility-strewn existence. There are more choices to make than we can express through this instrument. Every instant abounds. Consequently we simply encourage those who seek the truth simply to be alert for there is information thick-strewn about the path.

The situation then is that there is an amalgamation of Weltanschauung energies which has gotten into the section of the aura which this instrument would describe as being mostly in the orange and yellow ray, those energies of resistance and other difficulty that you have picked up being mostly involved with issues of personal relationships and the relationship of self to various groups such as the family, the marriage, and the working colleagues. 2 These are invited guests and consequently have enjoyed a pleasant ride within your nature. It is time to invite them to leave. We would suggest that you create for yourself, in the privacy of your contemplations and reflections, that which this instrument would call an exorcism. You may investigate the [Roman Catholic] rite of exorcism to see the fundamental shape of such an invitation to leave. Within the works that this instrument calls the Law of One there is some discussion of such a cleansing. And certainly within this instrument’s mind lie many other avenues which can be fruitfully investigated, such as the American Indian tradition and the Hindu tradition.

One very simple method of releasing these thought forms is to remember the essence of each distorted thought form, whether by the name of the entity which had it or by some description of the shape of that suffering which you invited in. Write each down and then ritually and with solemnity burn each piece of paper upon which these essences are represented. It need not be complex. Yet [if you wish] it certainly may be so, and we suggest that the inner self be invited to create the most acceptable and appropriate words and actions for you; ones that express most purely your acceptance of yourself, your acceptance of these thought forms, your invitation for them to depart and your inviting them to do so in the name of that which you hold the highest and dearest of all things, that for which you would live and that for which you would die. Stand upon that which you are, that which you know, that which you believe and have faith in and say, “Goodbye. I thank you, God bless you, be on your way now. Be gone.”

We would now at this time ask if there be those follow up queries which you may have upon your mind?

[Long pause. No verbalized question.]

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with you, my brother.

We are most aware of the lack of what you call ego and we find your imaging charming.

A point we would make as we depart is that there is, for each choice to martyr the self, that choice to use slightly more wisdom and to extend the time within incarnation. This is not meant upon the literal level. It is quite subtle but is the level at which you function at this time. It therefore is at a deeper level than words and we cannot express ourselves directly.

We at this time depart this instrument and this contact with feelings of joy and of gratitude so, so full in our hearts. We leave this instrument and this group in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The Beatitudes:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  2. Carla: I read this sentence through a lot, as I felt sure the Q’uo group did not intend to suggest that one exorcise the family and friends one loves. I believe they were talking here about the times R had taken on some sorrow or time of suffering for such people and suffered with them to the extent that he was suffering for them. Insofar as he as a person and healer would be distorted about the nature of that suffering and the nature of true healing, to that extent would R’s own perception of the energy be skewed, and since what we perceive is truth to our minds, R’s memory was keeping “untrue” versions of these relationships, based on past times of sorrow and his joining the suffering one in confusion rather than “knowing” the truth of perfection and rightness. However, I leave it just as transcribed. My interpretation could be all wrong!