The question today, Q’uo, is please expand on the difference between serving and pleasing. It is mentioned in the [L/L Research] transcripts many times but it is mentioned as though we should already know what they’re talking about. So we appreciate your giving us the difference between serving and pleasing.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. We thank each of you so much for the privilege of sharing this meditation with you and for taking the time and the energy from the busy schedules, about which you were speaking earlier, in order to seek truth. We are happy to share with you our thoughts as they come to us on the subject about which you asked, of the difference between pleasing and serving others. We, however, would ask that each of you use your own personal discrimination in listening to that which we have to offer. For we may offer some things that are helpful and other things that simply are not and we would greatly appreciate each of you accepting only those things which seem fair and resonant and right to you, allowing all of the other thoughts that do not ring true to be forgotten. For we would not constitute any sort of a stumbling block in any entity’s progress.

As we gaze upon this interesting question, the memory which this instrument has of many attempts within this instrument’s earlier life to be of fuller service that were rated by this instrument as unsuccessful, come before us as that about which we would speak as the beginning of this topic. This instrument is, and has been, at a greater extent than is usual upon your planet, one who has been centrally concerned with the question of how to serve for all of its incarnational existence. And in this instrument’s early years she lived a childhood that was unusual compared to the cultural norms of your peoples in that this entity was more responsible and had a work and duty-ridden existence such as that of an adult at a very early age because of the circumstances of her family’s life, lifestyle and the occupations of the parents of this birth family. Consequently, this instrument was constantly serving others: babysitting, cooking, cleaning and doing those services that are common to all who maintain a home and take care of the creature needs of the family. However, this particular instrument enjoyed the company of two parents who were very intelligent, very naturally critical, and due to lifestyle considerations, often very far from sober, thus creating a situation where the instrument was constantly serving and indeed, serving well for its age and abilities. However it was being told constantly that it was not serving well, and indeed, nothing was ever “good enough.”

Consequently, this instrument worked for many years as an adult, consciously moving back into the child years and comforting and loving that child self, which even now sits upon this instrument’s lap, a beloved child at last, adored, pampered and given every creature comfort of which this instrument can think. 1 For truly this instrument has discovered that the secret to recapturing its magic of youth and innocence and dream-vision was connected with the lack of forgiveness which this instrument had toward its child-self, having judged, not as a loving entity would judge the self, but as a thoughtless and critical entity would judge the self. This healing has been an ongoing process within this instrument’s experience of regathering its child self to its heart and becoming that mother and father that truly adored this very human and error-prone entity known in this incarnation as Carla. This ability to move back in thought and to do work in consciousness, having perceived a lack of love, is very helpful as a resource for an entity who is working upon how to serve others in the highest and best way.

Now let us back up from this storytelling to a far hill where we stand to look over the terrain of this metaphysical land within which we traverse as we discuss the question of how to serve. In terms of the cosmology of which this instrument is so fond, the Earth and its experience is the realm that could be called a school. It is a beautiful, marvelous, magical schoolroom called Earth upon which the entity is born, upon which it receives every catalyst which it needs in order to think new thoughts and transform into a new being, not just once but as a continual spiraling progression. And it gratefully accepts the [return to] dust of the physical body when that soul which has done its work within bone and flesh finds that the Creator has called it onward, the lessons here being finished.

It is a specific kind of classroom. The subject of this particular grade which this instrument calls third density or human existence upon planet Earth is, “How To Love And Be Loved.” The paths that each entity enters into in this life are in one way fated and designed ahead of time; in another way, completely and specifically a matter of free choice, so that each turning in the road offers the choice of one or more differences of direction which may seem small at the time. But down the road a few paces one finds the roads diverging rapidly. A few paces more, and the two roads, or three roads, have moved in such different directions that one road no longer gives a view of any other. And then within that road that has been chosen, another series of choices opens up that may just as rapidly move one forward into yet another situation. This is a beautifully designed, though paradoxical construction of synchronicity and will, in which the soul coming into incarnation, along with its guidance, decides upon what particular lesson shall be the focus of the incarnation.

All lessons have to do with love. But there are different threads of understanding having to do with loving and accepting the love of others that create many, many, different choices of incarnational lesson, some having heavily to do with the responsibilities of loving and expressing that love in very fundamental and practical ways; other entities having fierce but unseen catalyst having to do with a resistance or inability to accept love and to greet the love offerings of others with trust and faith. In each case the lesson is unique to the entity and the way that it comes into the life is carefully guarded. One way to pinpoint one’s own incarnational lesson is to look back over the incarnation and to begin to see where the spirals have returned to the same theme again and again throughout the incarnational experience. In this instrument’s life, for instance, the incarnational lesson has, in part, been how to love without expectation of return. This particular lesson, therefore, has come up not simply with the birth parents, but with other relationships that this entity has had that feel resonant and correct and right and yet have posed this same theme, motif and question as catalyst for this instrument’s spiritual growth.

[This instrument] also has had to do a great deal of conscious work upon how to accept the love offerings of others. For, damaged and bruised by the catalyst of its early life, it became, unawares to itself, of the opinion that there was an unworthiness to that entity called Carla which must endure, for there was no hope of becoming adequate or worthy. It is ideas such as these that create a situation in which, rather than feeling confident and sure within the self, the self becomes cast adrift from that center of emotional security within the heart that knows itself to be a worthwhile person. And cast adrift thusly, such entities are ever prone to the self-doubt and the feelings of unworthiness and depression that concur with, or occur at the same time as, these particular distortions in the life pattern.

Now, in this instrument’s case these relationships which occurred were carefully chosen, not for that which would be considered happy reasons, but precisely because they set up the dynamics in which this particular lesson might be best learned. The incarnational plan therefore has functioned beautifully. However, had this instrument not chosen to engage with that birth family in relationship work and therefore had this instrument never grasped what the lesson was or how to work on it consciously in this relationship, there were repeated instances where this instrument had planned carefully to meet other entities which would have been just as helpful in setting up the dynamics of a relationship of this instrument with an entity who was profoundly worthy of love but who was incapable of giving emotionally in return.

Thus, this instrument was teacher to those with whom it came in contact who were incapable of loving, for they received love even though they could not return it. And this instrument in turn gratefully drank in that seeming corrosion of difficulty in the relationship because of needs seemingly unmet which then cause this instrument to place itself within the spiritual regions of seeking, asking and silence: the listening, the waiting for the return of the voice that speaks.

In general, it is easy to identify when an entity wishes to be pleased. It is easy to identify that which an entity who wishes to be pleased wishes. And it is usually fairly easy to obtain that which is desired. Thusly, we do not feel that we need to speak about pleasing people. Indeed, it is endemic to this culture that those who are born with the biological persona of femininity have an enormous amount of cultural and familial training in pleasing entities. It is the way of this culture that the feminine aspect focuses upon pleasing and making comfortable those about it. And certainly the feminine persona is most gifted in this way by nature. Thusly, each may rest in the knowledge that when entities ask for something and entities say that they shall be pleased, there is a fair probability that that entity can be pleased, that the need can be met, and that the entity will be “happy.”

To serve someone is a far different matter. Serving someone is not necessarily pleasing the entity. Serving someone is not necessarily doing anything to, with or for an entity. Serving someone is fundamentally the awareness that you and the person you are serving are one entity, united, singular and absolutely equal. Rejoicing in the apparent differences, a servant of the light relates to other selves as “themselves,” knowing that the self and the other-self are a certain kind of entity, citizens of eternity, dwellers beyond time and space, within a universe that is as wide as infinity and as small as the interior of the human heart. Indeed, may we say that from our perspective, the universe lies within each of your hearts and all the stars and all the galaxies actually reside within. So as you sit upon your blanket and gaze at the outward stars, you are also gazing within at precisely the same view. That which lies within you is infinity, blessing, grace and the infinite Creator Whose consciousness is all that there is.

Service is bound up in the knowing of this relationship and this nature so that when one who is a servant of the light and of the Godhead principle, shall we say, gazes upon an other self, no matter what that self is asking, the basic service is the connection of unity without judgment of any kind but with absolute faith that this entity is a spiritual entity and is to be honored, loved, respected and treated as a spiritual entity.

What is it to serve? Upon the surface it seems a thing of question and answer: “Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened”; “Can you make me a peanut butter sandwich?” “I certainly can”; “Can I have half of your peanut butter sandwich?” “You may have the larger half.” This physical kind of service is easy to see. The problems begin to multiply in wishing to be of service to another when the lines of relationship have become tangled into the energy nexi the body of the relationship, so that blockages have been set up which create the inability to communicate fully. In this atmosphere there are hungers that cannot be fulfilled. There are thirsts that cannot be slaked. There are needs that cannot be met, or so it would seem. And in such a pickle it seems as though the universe has become full of centers of trouble, what this instrument might call “trouble bubbles,” which keep coming into what would otherwise be a very simple equation and creating such confusion that no clear path to the most high or the most loving service can be seen.

Certainly the one known as T1, who has asked this question, is aware in many ways that there is no firm ground upon which a conversation concerning things dear to the heart of either self or other-self may be voiced. For the blockages and distortions within the body of that relationship have become by repetition hardened in the way of thought forms into that which is set up as the situation in which the feeling of being of service is impossible to receive because the capability of other-self to express to self and the capabilities of self to express to other-self have been compromised. When service reaches an impasse in a deeply central relationship, such as the one known as T1 experiences at this time, the possibility of being gratified by a sense of having served becomes distant and rare. For that other-self which is being served is unable to become aware of the nature or the purity of the service. May we say that this in no way etiolates or annuls that service of true love freely given which the one known as T1 offers. This is a service. There is no hesitation in our stating that all who love serve.

Let us examine what occurs when one loves. When one loves, one is expressing the self, the nature of the self being love. The one great original Thought is a Thought of love. When this Thought of love decided to know Itself, each of you, as sparks of the divine, was created and then all of the worlds, densities and creations were created in order for the Creator in all of Its parts to have a place to play. The [classroom] level of this school of love which each of you enjoys at this time carefully hides the simple truth of this unified and loving nature. It is not apparent that all entities are one, for each seems to have an end at the skin and the hair and the appearance and all others seem to be separate from the self. It is the work of the student who seeks within to move beneath the veneer, the flesh and appearance, and especially the apparent firmness and stability of all things, for things are much more plastic and pliable than is usually thought within the illusion. For those who are able to move into the heart, and to open up into that self that is love that is the heart of each, the illusion begins to shimmer and waver and finally to drop away from time to time completely, showing the great ocean of unity and love and tremendous emotional support which the Unity of the entire creation offers to the one who is able to move beyond appearances. To the one who has become able to rest in her own skin, in the knowledge that she is a perfect and worthy spark of the infinite Creator, as well as a bozo, and a wretch, and a sinner, and all of the other appellations with which humans are wont to name themselves when they see that they have made what they would consider mistakes. It becomes clear at last, as the mists lift, that all is well, all is One; the being is the service, and the doing, a secondary and distant detail.

Now this translates into rethinking the nature of service from a doing to a being. That which is done unto another is subject to the rules of free will. It is not well to infringe upon the free will of another. It is not well to criticize or judge another. It is not necessary in any case to do these things. Yet, there is the drive to serve that is or becomes a frustration for one who is having difficulty shifting back and forth between the world of appearances and actions, and the world of essences, energies and intentions. We would say then, focusing into service, that the heart of service is the full acceptance, respect and honoring of other-self as the self, and treating other-self as the self is treated. Within each entity’s progress in evolution in mind, body and spirit, there needs to be careful and continuing attention given to the working with the self alone. Wherever an entity sees damage elsewhere, no matter how clearly that energy is another entity’s, a key to working out this quandary of service and its appropriate nature is to do the work upon the self that the entity would wish to do upon the other-self.

Thusly, if there is great projection from other-self of judgment and control and this kind of careful tension built as a barrier between self and other-self which seems to be projected towards the self from the other self, then it may be skillful for the self to move into that area of self that is being criticized, that judged, controlled, unhappy area, as if self were other-self. As if there were a self that was able to come to the aid of the self that is being criticized, judged and limited. The self then, who is attempting to be of service to other-self works upon the self to affirm the self’s value, to honor the self, to ask the self what it needs and in all ways to turn the attempt to serve other[-self] within so that the self seems to be serving the self, yet it is the self who loves, serving that self within, which is studying the incarnational lesson of loving, without expectation of return, loving, independently of the reaction, loving beyond condition.

What does this develop into then, as one shifts from the being of the loving heart to the doing of the outside world and the conversation at breakfast, and the conversation during the night-time news? We do not know, we cannot know. Each entity and each moment are as those stepping-stones which springboard into “we do not know,” for each of you has an exquisite amount of free will and each of you has infinite possibilities.

When service is occurring it will become clear to the self only gradually and only by hindsight. And the hallmark of that service will be the awareness that the heart remained open throughout the decision-making processes of everyday life. There shall be many words in working out any tangled relationship; there will be many feelings and many balancings and rebalancings of the energy between the two. Yet when service is being successfully offered, there will be the continuing stubborn, quirky and absolute insistence upon continuing to see self and other-self as both worthy and loving and compassionate entities who are striving to solve that mystery which is implicit in humanhood: how to express the metaphysical nature of the self within the material world. The material world seems often inimical and unfriendly to the spirit. Yet indeed it is not, or need not be. For within that material world lie not just concrete and computer chips and men’s dreams of empire but also the call of the birds that the one known as S was mentioning earlier in your conversation as being such a blessing to him within his new abode, the feather of the eagle as the one known as F. was mentioning, and all of the blessings of earth and water and fire and air and the plants and the animals which make up your second density. All of the entities and energies are messengers, easily impressed and magnetized with news that is just for you, just for today, just for right now. We cannot tell you ahead of time what winged or furry beast, what street sign or road sign or chance-read word shall be a signpost for you but we can assure you that, as you look for them, they will crowd around hoping to be noticed. Information lies thick upon the ground, flies in the air about you and comes to you in every ray of light that the infinite Creator sends. The universe is alive, it is intelligent and it is working as one infinite being. You are a part of that. Not a mechanical part, but a living, breathing entity which breathes the air of eternity and whose concerns are beyond the trammels of the apparent passage of time.

When an effort to serve seems amiss, we simply suggest that the self take a very deep breath, in and out, in and out, and begin coming back from the details of the tangle to the truth that lies beneath the tangled surface of the waves of life. Picture the surface of your life as the choppy waves that seem to crash upon the shore, and know that deep within you, the truth of your being is as the liquid core of the Earth itself: calm water, quiet, deep, powerful, infinite and strong. This is your nature. This is your very essence. You are love. As you allow the surety of this one Thought to pervade your being, feel all concerns drop away leaving only the flame of spirit, only that love which created all the worlds that are and all that shall ever be.

We would at this time thank the one known as T1 for the excellent question which we have enjoyed working on with you although we fear our words are very poor. And we would at this time thank this instrument and leave it in the love and the light of the one Creator as we transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries of a shorter nature which may remain upon the minds of any of those present. Is there another query at this time?

I had one that C requested I ask. In a previous session it was mentioned about psychic greeting 2 and it seems more and more obvious that it is something that she is suffering through and I was wondering if you could elaborate or shine any words of wisdom or light on this situation.

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query, my brother. When one feels that one has become the focus of the attentions of a negatively-oriented entity, and that one’s behaviors, thoughts and actions have begun to reflect this interaction in a negative fashion, then it is well to incorporate some means of examining the life pattern and seeking a means whereby the openings that offer access to such entities may be closed by the efforts of the self. Thus, we would recommend that the one known as C begin a daily practice of meditation; whether at the beginning or the end of the day or some time in-between is of her choosing. It is often easier to do a meditative practice at the day’s end, when one can assess the qualities of one’s experience during the preceding day and work upon these perceptions that focus one’s attention upon one’s behavior, one’s thoughts, and one’s responses to them.

Thus, during this meditative time it would be well if the one known as C could examine the recent events within its life pattern that have made an impression, whether to the positive or the negative, whether of joy or of sorrow, whether of what you would call good or bad. Then take this inventory of events and examine it with an eye towards choices made which may be less harmonious than are possible for the one known as C… Examine those areas in which she has offered herself in a manner which she would choose to improve, shall we say, if possible. When there is seen a pattern, then it is well to begin a process of balancing this energy. The pattern may be of any nature, may be choices made in certain areas which were seen to be deleterious at a later time and then may be relived in the meditative state so that as the energies are once again felt that were felt in the beginning of the day and these energies can begin to be balanced by the conscious knowledge of the one known as C and of the natural balancing within the human soul that is possible when one has made a discovery that is in such need of such balancing attention.

The effort to make what we would call a cleansing is also helpful. This was our previous suggestion, that the one known as C attempt to find a way to purify her environment.

The environment of the mind, of the attitude, of the being, within oneself is also a good place to begin, but would need to be supplemented by the daily meditation so that there may be a continual effort to examine the part that one plays in the opening of the self to the possibility of psychic greetings. For such greetings do not occur by themselves. There is a choice that each entity makes somewhere within the life pattern that opens the self to the possibility of such greeting, whether negatively-oriented entities find their ability to work in any life-pattern when such openings are made either wittingly or unwittingly by the third-density entity. Thus it is well that any entity who feels that such negative greetings are a portion of its experience begin to examine that experience with care upon a daily basis so that these openings may be reduced and healed.

Is there a further query, my brother?

That was interesting, thank you very much. Just one last one on a lighter note. You don’t think that Funny Cide is going to win the Triple Crown, do you?

I am Q’uo. We are aware of your query my brother. And we find that we are less talented as racing prognosticators than as those who are able to comment upon the daily round of activities. We are sorry that we are not more helpful in this regard. Is there another query at this time?

No, I always ask every year. I just thought it was amusing, thanks.

I am Q’uo. We thank you for your levity and for your concerns. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, Q’uo, I have another one from T1. She says, “We are told that love is not an infringement on free will. What actually happens when that love is sent? Does it provide an increased probability or potential for love to be assimilated into that entity’s life unconsciously? What happens on a metaphysical level? How is it a service?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. When love is sent to any entity, it then is a resource which may or may not be used by that entity. Most often there is little conscious recognition of love which has been sent from, shall we say, what you would call a distance or through time. But there is the unconscious recognition, by the receiver of such love, that one’s beingness has been enhanced, that the possibilities are greater, that the resources have increased, shall we say. For at the heart of each seeker, there resides a supply of love that is the daily round of gift, shall we say, from the one Creator, the intelligent energy by which the Logos creates the one creation; by which the Logos provides each entity within the one creation the energy to partake in that which you call life. Thus, when one sends love to another, one amplifies that which is already there and sets up what might be seen as a harmonic wave that moves within the metaphysical realms of one’s consciousness there to enhance that ability to perceive and utilize the gifts of the one Creator.

Is there another query, my sister?

Just a follow-up from me on T1’s behalf. So there isn’t any way in which loving someone can be considered an infringement on free will?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and this is indeed so. However, we see that many entities have differing definitions of what they would call love. The primary quality that we recognize is that it is unconditional.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I do have another question from another person. I would like to ask on T2’s behalf: “What is the metaphysical meaning behind SARS? If AIDS reflects the public fear of sex, what does SARS reflect? What can we do to treat SARS positively?”

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my sister. We find that there is much within this query which would infringe upon the free will of many, so there is but little we may say in this regard. As to the metaphysical implications of this disease, as you would call it, we would suggest that there is much occurring upon your third-density illusion at this time in which there are populations of peoples being experimented with, shall we say, so that there is an added degree of difficulty in the life experience. Beyond this we may respond no further.

Is there another query, my sister?

Yes, T2 had a follow-up and I will ask it on his behalf although he did say that he realized that you probably could not answer it: “Is SARS a biological weapon that is being used by people against other people?”

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of your query, my sister. We may speak in general terms and suggest that the gist of this query is basically correct.

Is there another query, my sister?

T2 asked specifically, “Was SARS made by China’s government?”

I am Q’uo, and at this juncture we find the full stop of free will must be enforced. We may say no further. Is there another query, my sister?

No, and on T2’s behalf I thank you so much, Q’uo. And also on T1’s.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you and they as well, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo. We would be happy to respond to a final query at this time if there may be one.


There don’t seem to be any more questions, Q’uo, but we surely do thank you.

I am Q’uo, we are also most grateful, my sister, and we are grateful to each entity within this circle of seeking as well for inviting our presence this day. It is a great privilege and pleasure to be asked to join your circle of seeking. We ask that each utilize the powers of discrimination so that there is no word or concept which we have spoken that becomes a stumbling block in your area of seeking. If any word or concept does not ring of truth to you, we ask that you leave it behind without a second thought.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We shall take our leave of this instrument and this group at this time. We leave each in the love and the ineffable light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Carla: My teacher, Papa, sent me a Raggedy Ann doll a year ago, which I declared to be myself as a child, and have subsequently loved with all the fervor of a new Mom! I ask her to tell me her dreams, and she does! 

  2. psychic greeting: psychic attack by non-physical service-to-self entities.