We’ve had a general discussion that has touched on several key topics, the focus of which is that self-acceptance seems to keep coming back to center stage, regardless of what one thinks its importance level is. As one moves further along the spiritual path it continues to be the ultimate focus. Now, we also had a brief discussion about what it truly means to be a mature soul and how that involves loving yourself and thinking for yourself and not going along with mainstream consensus. So, with this as our basic background of discussion, we’ve decided to leave this session open to the forces to take in whatever direction they see fit for our mutual good.

[This session from L/L Research contains the work of the Confederation group entity, Q’uo, as channeled by Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty, and The Three, the personal guidance system of David Wilcock, as channeled by him. These two sources are substantially different in tone and in subject matter, and we encourage the reader to use discrimination, as always, in reading this transcript, as the material contains substantial inconsistencies between these two sources of information.]

(David channeling)

I am the Three. We greet you as three in one, the triune aspect of the higher self of entity David Wilcock. We are pleased with the opportunity to share our words of good fortune and commerce of energetic exchange. In our heart of hearts we appreciate greatly the opportunity to share these words with you, and only remind you that you can take as you will these seeds of thought and if there are those complexes of understanding that seem to surpass your own capacities, they may be best dealt with by allowing them to fall away as the rains naturally wash clean the buildings in the aftermath of a hurricane.

As the racetrack commentator would say, “Gentlemen, start your engines.” So too is there a time of acceleration happening on your planet. It is this time where the gate bursts forth and the race is then run. The race is a symbol of this capacity for each soul to move beyond cleverness and into compassion. It is the race towards unconditional love for the self and for all others, seeing them as only reflections of the self in the various forms that it exists in oneness. You may smell the enamel coming up from your teeth as we drill through the cavities of your understanding. And the burn of catalyst can seem rather jolting at times, as it certainly can tap into a nerve. Those in this room in which we do these workings are not different from the mass of humanity at this time in that the catalyst of self is accelerating, much as in our racetrack analogy.

It is a dizzying process at first, to experience the releasing of those aspects of living that had seemed to be fixated before. One can be fixated on beliefs or on social structures of various sorts. The prospect of releasing these strictures is one wherein the inanimate difficulties of life’s travails are then made animate or, in other words, where those issues of mind spring forth into physical form and become those which by necessity must be confronted directly in one’s physical experience. In this sense, one could say that physical experience in the tangible and direct form is the final result of catalyst that has remained unprocessed by other means such as the spirit and the mind complexes.

With this key you can unlock the door to the variegated mystery of self through experiencing quite directly those apparent punishments that life has provided.

We ask only that you recognize that the orchestrating forces of life make it clear that there is to be no larger experience of rather catalytic and suffering nature than is warranted for the evolution of the soul to occur in due course along a pre-described plan of action scripted by the higher self. You may see the octagonal red symbol, known as the stop sign on your racetrack, and feel the need to halt or to put on the brakes on this dizzying spiral of experience. This is akin to those who cling to the riverbanks, seeking the solace of fingers trapped in mud rather than letting go and allowing the eventual reunification into the ocean of oneness to occur.

We have spoken of the variance between a soul that perceives itself as mature and a mature soul. Many of those on your plane seek to embellish their true maturity by pursuing the avenues of distinction typified by that known as the status quo. This ability to refine one’s understandings with the monkey-mind mentality, if you will, is indeed a skill, it is a skill of denial and dissociation. The collective understandings would support the war mongers, as some have called these entities, in order that there be a sense of satisfaction in oneself over what is occurring. It is much easier to confront the aggressor with love than with internal condemnation. It is, however, prudent to ensure that love not be confined to one’s own social class or grouping but rather to expand to a more universal perspective and thus, though these words must seem very basic to some of you, see those Afghanis or Iraqis who are hurt, maimed and killed by bombings as being equal to yourselves and respect the fact that any support for a governmental figure should not exclude the full ramifications of their actions.

At this time there are those who choose support out of fear. They recognize that these patterns have established [themselves] within their own lives as well. We speak of the relative nature of the pecking order in a family for example, where perhaps the oldest sibling has an unequal amount of control over his or her brothers and sisters. There is a desire to see the object of one’s authority in a favorable light, as this allows the conception of the world being a good place to continue. There is a strong desire not to see the negative, not to face that which exists quite plainly for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Many of you have lost your ability to speak, have lost the energy in the throat chakra, by failing to grasp the information that is present in your mind and taking an easier path of watching television for your news rather than studying those sources that are easily available on the internet and in certain venues of talk radio and satellite-dish television. These issues are only relevant insofar as they are the current catalysts that are the architecture upon which your lives are being led. May we point to the persistent cyclical nature of these events and in so doing explain that what we speak of now is as but the current foundry in which the steel is being hammered into swords rather than plowshares. This foundry exists whenever the populace of third-density [feels that a] vortex of being separate from God exists. Once this connection is again reestablished with oneself inside, there is the extrication of external authority figures from one’s immediate influence and this is one aspect of the maturation of the soul.

The soul coming into maturity accepts self in spite of the apparent inconsistencies that are set before the entity. The deeper core of this realization is that the clock is ticking and each one of you is wearing a watch. On some level you all understand that this is the end of a cycle and that the changes that are occurring such as the nearly 300 tornados that occurred in the last week of your time, as we do this reading. [They] are symbolic of a change in consciousness that is happening. This change has been predicted for many thousands of your years of time as you measure it, Christian predictions only being a more recent example, and thus there is a deep knowingness that this is the last chance for third density in this current capacity. There is the often unwavering support for one’s leaders despite the nature of nuclear holocaust that could be unleashed if there was not a greater degree of prudence of thought and action.

We feel that the entity known as Q’uo has more to speak on at this time regarding these “space pirates,” as they have been called. And thus we transfer this channel. We thank you and we consider you to be our allies and equals in this quest towards infinite knowingness. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting love.

(Carla channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you with great joy through this instrument in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we are. We thank the one known as David and the Three and honor them and may we say how much we enjoy working with these energies and how much we feel thankful for the ability to share in the energies of these entities and of each of you. We thank each of you for seeking the Truth, and not by a passing thought, but by setting aside a significant amount of time, energy and love to honor the hunger and the thirst within you for that which is true, beautiful and noble. For indeed, you are experiencing a life in the fire of experience, in the foundry, as the Three have called it so well. And we would use another name as well, the athanor, the oven in which the alchemist places a base metal and ennobles it by knowledge of those higher truths which come from higher to lower, from above to below, faithfully to limn the nature of archetype within the fire of the crucible of living at third-density incarnation upon you present time lateral of third density as you are experiencing it.

This is not what could be called the average or normal way of the ending or the graduation from third grade or third density. In the case of many other sub-logoi, third density’s endings have been breached with considerably less difficulty. The so called “space pirates” that you now experience as what this instrument would call “the Bush Boys” have to a fair degree been able to reinvent and recollect many of the tools and many of the subterfuges of past incarnational experiences. And many [of the] fairly small group of influential American statesmen who are following “the Bush Boys,” are also remembering and feeling comfortable within the structure of support for such ideas as this instrument would describe as tribal and second density in nature, and falling, then, into a pattern which has indeed placed this particular planet for the last good bit of your experience of time in this density on a local time and space system which is as cut off from the main track as any shunt.

The way back onto the track happens at this time to be the graduation of the entities who are ready for harvest from this planet. The challenge for all of those who feel called into service upon a global level at this time is to identify the purpose of the incarnation, to identify the best way to pursue this purpose and thusly to find the peace that lies within the self which has reckoned with both the situation that it believes that it has come to see before it, and the structure of—this instrument would say virtue—but we would ask her to pause while we find a more neutral emotional word for the way of the highest and best. This instrument has often been able to use the terms of knighthood: honor and chivalry, courtesy and that round table feeling of one for all and all for one. The beau geste 1 for many musketeers of Earth at this time is, from the round table of shared experience and concept, to create the fourth density by the way each entity within the round circle lives, moves, thinks and has its being. This is subtle work, yet each of you is, by this work, moving into the place within your nature for which you sought incarnation.

Now, you sought incarnation for several reasons. Many are the tales of suffering that have been spoken within this group this day. And many are those which have not been spoken. We may say that each within this group has, as this instrument has called it, experience in the “school of No.” 2 These are all true experiences and excellent in their way. And it is the skillful seeker of spiritual maturity who reckons with these companions of the fire with enough respect and honor to sit with and keep company with these shadows of self, these powerful or troublesome indications that the self indeed has 360 degrees of self to experience.

This instrument has been encouraging each in counsel to investigate and get to know that dark side, for it must be loved also, and more, it needs to be disciplined and to be brought into the circle of self that is working together, for there are many selves within. And there are many voices that come to one who is seeking upon the path. Not [only is there] the voice of guidance that is primary to a certain entity, but also many other voices that, as an entity moves through initiations and various levels of realization, will come and be attracted to that seeking self who is blooming in a certain way which calls to the sense of beauty or the sense of spirit, these two things being so close within fourth density we find trouble choosing our metaphors, which, by the Law of Attraction, bring these, as this instrument would call [them], angelic entities, these essences of spirit, these entities that are based upon purified emotion, into the extended family of guidance which increasingly becomes available to the entity that begins to take hold of the process of spiritual evolution and begins to make those difficult choices of what to observe, of what not to observe, what to pick up and what to put down. Indeed, these ways of becoming more aware of the true nature of the self are very important to the eventual success of the mission of each of those within the sphere of the planet Earth at this time and incarnation.

There is the opportunity for that which is already present, but in a very hazy way, to become locally strong. The Earth, with the continual putting of the hostility and bellicosity of many of its entities into the energy of the its mantle, has virtually no choice, as an entity of muscle and blood of its own kind, but to shift the heat that is occurring naturally into a far more balanced way within your planet, into those areas which previously had not experienced so much difficulty with heat below the surface of the mantle of the Earth. When one considers that the heavier materials of the Earth, the oils, the metals, have consistently and for a period of your years been more and more focused within your particular continent of North America, it may be understandable to see the increase in seismic activity for the Earth entity which this instrument calls Gaia is more and more finding it necessary to express some of this heat in ways that it would not have previously, because there was not such a concentration of the heat within your particular continent. The very comfort of your physical vehicles at this time has the potential of becoming greatly disturbed because of the simple lack of awakened and focused compassion that is that which is the prerequisite for bringing in whatever stronger help those vibrations of unconditional love which are as the tie-down points for, shall we say, the airplane or the winged creature of unconditional love. How can you tie down unconditional love, after all? It is infinite; it is mutable in terms of how the energy even expresses within your density.

As the one known as Carla stated, there are partial ways, so far, that your scientists have found to pin down the energy nexi of the incoming grid. There is only that portion of the science of consciousness which has been available to be examined by your scientists. The cosmic sector, as the one known as Larson calls time/space, only shows up as the infinitely changeable, yet always dependable presence of that which cannot be pinned down, cannot be solved, cannot be located and reined in. Rather, it is a harmonic and each of you are as the tuning fork. If you begin to start your own “tuning-forkness,” your own emotional essence, vibrating in unconditional love, and allowing that vibration to continue. all of those within your purview have an opportunity, of which they may be unaware, to allow that portion of them which vibrates at that level to join you… And so you have the experience of entities who are able to be seeds of light and love, who seed a group and, by focusing on love alone, are able to begin the process where one heart fires another into spontaneous harmonic vibration as a resonance of that first heart that has found infinity and then another and another and another begin to light up.

This instrument saw a movie, as did the one known as E, in the previous diurnal period. And within that movie there was the vision that this hero within the movie had of all of the entities upon the planet, all of those who were unawakened, and all of those who had begun to change. When this instrument was very, very ill and in the hospital fighting for her life, as she prayed she began to see precisely the same kind of vision but it was the vision of all of those who were praying, not necessarily for this instrument but simply praying for all of those who were suffering. They shone in millions and millions of lights, and there was hope and certainty there that was precious and miraculous in this instrument’s process at this time. And indeed, was one of the keys to her rapid rehabilitation from that point.

And this instrument has also seen that there was an entity who was forced to mutilate itself by removing its own arm, for it had been trapped in the mountains by a boulder upon its arm. This entity also, in the powerful and challenging situation of pain and survival that this entity faced, prayed. And when it did so, it also reported the same vision of all of the souls that were like lights, millions and millions of lights, that were lighting the planet keeping watch in the room of prayer that is common to each of you in this circle; common to every entity upon the planet; common to princes and paupers, Afghanis and Iraqis, and wealthy, wealthy Americans, and every other entity: intelligent, barely sentient, and everything in between, that lives and breathes and has taken a body so that the ensouled entity within may gain experience, may go into the furnace and may come out of that furnace with a gift for the infinite Creator of dearly bought and precious experience, and more than that, dearly bought and infinitely precious emotion. Never doubt the importance of those emotions that move beneath the surface of the situation, beneath the anger, beneath the grief, beneath the emotions of any descriptions which are easy and come immediately to mind. And indeed, simply sit with those first shallow reactions watching the self at work, watching the triggers go off, watching all of the playacting that you have learned to do in order to cope with a very difficult environment and a heavy illusion.

If you have the patience to watch through the processes that the mind puts you as an entity through, you may come to these peculiar moments of awareness, as this instrument would call it, where you are beyond the details and into that spacious part of the self that moves beneath that dense geometry of the surface experience into the much broader and more mystery filled caverns, mountains and ranges of the archetypical mind. This works, for the most part, on image, on myth and idea, and the connections that create new places within the mind. So each of you is extremely powerful to deal with this somewhat discomforting situation as you gaze upon the Earth plane. Each has the capacity to generate focus, to generate intention, and thusly to open the door to such disciplines as maintaining silence, reaching through that silence to ask, and then finding the discipline to wait in faith for the movement of spirit.

At the same time, may we say what a joyful thing that we see in each of your hearts! There is a joy, a feeling: “that now I believe I may have the possibility of service,” true service, beyond the self, beyond time and space. And we say to you this is the time that you have waited for, in many ways, for each of you. This is the time of opening and flowering development. And we find our hearts so full of pleasure and joy in sharing a bit in the experience of your awakening that we cannot express it.

We feel that we have spoken long enough for this group at this time and would ask the one known as J which the one known as Carla set this up with beforetimes to read that query which comes from the one known as B.

[Reading a question from B.]

“It appears that the fourth-density harmonic grid forms the requisite structure for social memory between living organisms. Can you confirm this? And please feel free to make any comment that you feel would be helpful without infringing upon free will.”

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. And we find that, as this instrument said in her perfectly conscious state, there is some knowledge missing which would helpful for a responding in specifics to the one known as B. However, we will use this instrument for a while before we transfer this contact back to the one known as David and the one known as the Three.

The concept of social memory, while in a linear way perfectly understandable, is less understandable in terms of its venue, its place of occurrence. It occurs within what this instrument would call the cosmic sector. And yet the cosmic sector appears within third density only by anomalous behavior recorded in otherwise traditionally and classically accurate experiments having to do with the Einsteinian view of the universe. Thusly, the concept of social memory has anomalous characteristics. It may be said that such forms training wheels for social memory and creates the necessity for learning. However, we may say that there are other approaches—or another approach—which also yields social memory. Perhaps we could look at the two as inner and outer in their pathways. Or in another way we could say that the local, as opposed to the cosmic, both have their ways of developing fourth-density characteristics.

With that said, we would transfer this query to the one known as David and incidentally, as we will not speak with each again through this instrument, we leave each at this time with many, many thanks in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai.

(David channeling)

We are those of the Three, and we greet you in the light and love of the one infinite Creator. Bear in mind that the verses that are uttered at this time bespeak of distortions that are unavoidable due to the mismatch between your current physical conceptions and those of the templates of universal consciousness. As the one known as Ra has stated: Understanding is not of your density and there are those elements that remain inscrutable. With this disclaimer in place, we may enunciate further on this query.

The geometric structures so often sought after in your sacred science teachings, whether secret or public, have their importance as the solidified forms of vibration, and this is the ultimate point from which all other queries branch. They, i.e., the geometries, correspond literally to the solidified essence of light or sound, if you will, and the civilian victims of a holocaust may not be likely to understand such pains as can be wrought by the separation from understanding that comes about when this important truth of creation is lost once again. Your crop formations have been given by the Confederation to help enunciate the importance of these structures, for as a mandala of thought, they are unsurpassed in the capacity to align one with the vibrations of the one infinite Creator. It is for this reason that many of the cathedrals in the European continent have been built by those of the Knights Templar to utilize this system of sacred geometry in their construct, as have the temples themselves. The cloak and dagger capers that have occurred within self start to be erased as the geometries are contemplated and the greater capacities for self-acceptance are made clear in that transformation that then occurs.

The geometry itself corresponds to a crystallized consciousness template and therefore is indeed crystallized thought. Thoughts manifest as vibrations of neurons, if you will, in the electrical pathways therein. And, it has been discerned by your scientists that these neural pathways are holographic in nature in that a given sector of the brain is activated contemporaneously with other sectors and thus the information of memory is stored holographically rather then linearly in one area such as the pons or the cerebral cortex or medulla. With respect to the structure of the thought forms it will be eventually discovered that these energetic pathways are geometric in nature and this is the essence for the roughly spherical orientation of the brain itself.

The neural information is a nested structure of geometries with infinitely intricate and ornate patterns that subdivide within the major geometric gestalts much as could be seen in the patterns of a paisley shirt, as this instrument calls it. These fractal patterns are also typical of what is seen on your Earth itself based on the positioning of conscious intelligent entities, whether in the form of your body complexes or in the form of second-density life including that of the vegetative nature. And so in the duplication of the ability to respond to this geometry within each soul comes the strengthening of the particular ornate inlay work on that aspect of the grid allowing there to be reconciliation in that area causing the oppressive heat to be released in such a form.

Much as the grid exists in a bare-bones skeletal fashion it forms the template for the structure of continents on your planet and in turn forms the structural regions known as mountain ranges, based on the energetic upwelling of the core magma that then punctuate the lithospheric area, as this is known, forming these structures of passive energetic generation, causing the energy to be released into the atmosphere much as would a firearm release a projectile if not duly taken care of to avoid such energetic releases. The mountain ranges can also be chaotic in their activity as can be seen in the Flatirons in that region known as Boulder, Colorado whereby there is obvious evidence of a sudden breakage of the crust, causing a rather violent disturbance in the geotectonic outlay of the corresponding structural intricacy of that area. These mountainous formations come about when the energetics of consciousness have not been duly grounded by the aspects of selfhood known as third-density entities and thus the formative structures of fourth density consciousness have a great degree of importance in how they are corresponding to the relative efforts being made by entities in a given area.

May we state that the power of prayer can be utilized much as the shoebox organizes a pair of shoes not yet walked upon, to then box up those loose energetic vibrations in areas where the physical presence of entities is otherwise not possible, such as in the Siberian regions of the Asian sub-continent of Russia. With these abilities for prayer to cause a structuring of chaos in given areas comes also the lessening of disturbances to your planet by virtue of this release that occurs.

It is the release of each soul’s condemnation of self that forms the elastic to allow this grid to bend and fluctuate in an appropriate fashion. The movement into fourth density is a swelling of the physical geotectonic size of the Earth, if you will, with the corresponding increase in intricacy of the grid matrix substructure through the ornamentation of the given geometry in its blossoming, flowering formation to a new structure. Thus, the Becker-Hagens unified vector geometry 120 polyhedron, as it is known, is indeed a structure that will continue to provide accurate coordinate information as it then evolves or flowers into the corresponding formation, as can be seen in the evolution of the Earth whereby the original landmass was subdivided along the equidistant points known to you as the tetrahedral formation. And these points continued to be vortices of influx of energy as the cuboctahedral and now icosadodecahedral forms then took its place. Similarly, the essence of social memory is one wherein souls form a collective, as there is a geometric structure to consciousness within the brain and within the greater soul matrix at large, based on the instreaming of different chakral regions.

There is value in seeing the grid as the template of consciousness for the social memory complex, if you will. We do ask that you recognize that there is a disparity between the degree of completion of the grid itself and the degree of completion of those who would exist on said grid even in the formative structure of social memory. And thus one could think of this grid as being a library of light, an everlasting template of information which does then lead to the formation of consciousness. But, much akin to your internet, [it] cannot be searched in totality due to the degree of complexity within said structure. And thus the interface between entities on the planetary grid and the grid itself is not one to one, but rather it is akin to the prop or support structure through which consciousness is then informed by experience. This may help to enunciate more completely how these structures of consciousness emanate from the realm of light into the temporal fluid crystal form of geometric template, then into the mind/body/spirit complex of the entity itself as it struggles to form a unity with other entities.

In this capacity, then, the car pulls out from the garage and the free will is utilized in the journey through the awakening of self with the understanding that the car is garaged at the end of such sojourning. The garage for each entity is that area in which it lives upon the global grid and therefore each sojourn out from the house forms another loop or whorl in the structure of energy on the grid itself. Thus you can indeed thread the beads together of different areas on your planetary surface and in so doing form that string of pearls that is of greatest price that can then be worn as the crowning achievement of the overlay of the super-consciousness onto the conscious templates of manifestation.

We appreciate the opportunity to share on these matters of great importance to your planetary evolutional catalyst, as it is a deemed to be essential that such a grid be worked with in the capacity of the healing of the informational structure through the correspondence of the healing of internal landscapes therein. In the ancient lore, various cultures corresponded to certain aspects of the zodiac, if you will, and this has to do with the geo-astrology, as this science is then known. Therefore when certain astrophysical influences flow into the grid there are those given geometric areas that have an activation experience. And thus when this geo-astrology is understood for given areas, it can then be used in concert with the sign in which given planetary conjunctions are occurring at a certain time. Thus we would ask that you watch for these conjunctions of less than spurious nature, with the understanding that those areas will then be energized and the corresponding Earth change events will occur if there is not a fully awakened consciousness therein. In this matter then, a form of spectatoring of possible advance disaster may be undertaken and the prayer power utilized to form the shoeboxes, or the healing balms for those particular areas of the grid. We speak of “b-a-l-m-s,” not “b-o-m-b-s” as this instrument has spoken, as the bombing is not a healing by any stretch of the imagination.

We thank you and want to remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, bearing in mind always that it is yourself that seeks this love. What you feel, of God being abandoned from you, is truly the sense of God in the self that wants so dearly for you to reunify. It is that loneliness that you then project onto the others around you and seek their acceptance fittingly. Whereas indeed, if you can find that peace that knows no boundaries within one’s self, all others will, by their very nature, be correspondingly resonant with higher aspects of the conscious self and in so doing heal the apparent indiscretions that have persisted in what you would think of as the past. Thus by transforming oneself the holographic reconstruction of one’s external environment is made complete. And by extrapolation we are referring to your grid, and [the] Earth at large.

We thank you. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting love. We shall exit this instrument and require a period of approximately one and one half of your minutes of time to reintegrate this consciousness into physicality. We thank you. Adonai and amen.

  1. beau geste: A graceful or magnanimous gesture. [F, Lit., beautiful gesture.] 

  2. Carla: When Don Elkins and I first came together, I felt that I had entered into the school of No. May we be married? No. May we have a family? No. May we settle down in a home? It was a challenge for a 25-year-old woman who had intended firmly to have six children! Many preconceptions of what I wanted in my life eventually fell away because of this catalyst.