The question today has to do with the concept of free will, as regards to how the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator has related to the population of planet Earth for as long as there has been a relationship. Considering all the dirty water, the dirty air, and the nuclear proliferation, warfare, disease, poverty and so forth that are rampant upon our planet now, especially after the graduation of the Harvest, we are wondering, are there any circumstances under which the Confederation of Planets would consider abridging free will and stepping in and cleaning up the air, cleaning up the water, destroying nuclear weapons, providing food and services for people that need it? Or is there some other consideration that we should think about? We would appreciate anything Q’uo has to say on that topic.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we are. We greatly thank this group of seeking souls for coming together in meditation and for calling us to your circle. It is such a privilege and pleasure to share your meditation and so heartwarming for us to be able to offer our thoughts to you, humble though they may be. As always, when speaking with you we would ask that you use the utmost discrimination in listening to and considering those things which we offer, for truth is a very personal thing and it is not our intention to remove the joy of learning from your path or to infringe upon the free will of that Godhead principle which is as yet under construction.

Your query this day revolves around that very topic of free will and so we are delighted to share some thoughts upon this most interesting and very rich topic of conversation. Firstly, we would look at free will without looking further than the creation itself. See the Creator-Self prior to the creation, which includes that which emanates from the Godhead principle in the many, many sparks of the Creator which you see about you as stars, planets and those entities about you who are yourself and other selves. In this pre-creation Godhead, the Deity’s first distortion from absolute and complete unity was free will. It was this principle which allowed the Creator to ask, “Who am I?” and to follow through on that question by the very personal and utterly committed act of entering that question into the vibrations of Self which the Deity experienced upon asking Itself that question. That which It was able to think was the original Thought and that Thought, as we have said many times, was that pallid word, love. 1

Now the love of a Creator is a love that cannot be said to be pallid for it creates, it destroys, it makes manifest, it hides, it is mystery, it is experience, it is nothing, it is everything. Yet this Thought has a certain vibration. This vibration has the power to create movement. Movement is that distortion that you call light. So Creator, then free will, then the Logos, then light, in the manifest universe. That is the progression we would describe to you as a way of saying that free will is not binding merely upon us. It is the first and primal characteristic of the creation of the Father, or that which this instrument often calls the Logos, or the Godhead principle. It is the nature of the Creator; it is the nature of the Creator’s parts.

The question of intervention contains distortions along certain lines which we would like to explore. Your query had to do with what the situation might be within which we would find it possible or desirable to abrogate the free will of those entities upon your sphere which are imposing these difficulties and distortions upon the hapless remainder of the body of population of humanity upon your planet. However, this query is a query which in its very nature asks that which cannot be answered. For it is not possible for each of you to remove from yourselves the privilege, the responsibility, the honor, and the duty of serving as witnesses to the light at this location which you now enjoy at this time, and in this situation which you now enjoy.

Upon the level of the surface life, upon the level of your mass media and the details of politics and policy, it is indeed clear that your sphere is controlled by the few for the sake of the few and to the detriment of many. Gazing at the Earth sphere from the stance of spiritual responsibility or maturity, there is another picture entirely. In this picture, no power is given away to any thought form or actual entity. Rather, each is in relationship with the power, the discipline, and the focus of the self. Insofar as there is no discipline, then there is likely to be very little power. However, your environment is an environment in which the planetary venue was chosen and the ingredients of the life experience of each of you were chosen for an agenda which only peripherally involves the ways of politics, policy and power. In the outer sense, rather, each of you came here to dig a bit deeper within your particular bit of the Godhead principle, that which you have chosen to filter into incarnational existence within the carriage of the personality shell, welling up within the earthly home of your body, that structure that houses and carries you about. Each of you came here hoping to use the illusion’s corrosive and harsh ways to thrash and pound and uncover the jewels of creatorship within the ore of self. Within the rubble of bits and pieces of the shale of the details of the day and the gravel of, “what I do for a living,” there lie great jewels within each, undiscovered facets of self, undiscovered crystalline formations, nuggets of insight, awareness and realization. Many of these insights are very close to the surface and have been salted within the soil of your most available levels of subconscious mind by the self before incarnation, in order that each of you might have real fruit from the digging, real substance from the probing and the examination of the thoughts of the self.

When this work is done deliberately, consciously, and over a period of what you call time, the energetic body of an instrument of light begins to tune itself as would the piano tuner tune the wire. Tuning, tuning, until the pitch is right for that wire. Each of you has a true pitch and you are tuning that tone of self as you seek the way of the Creator within.

As you dig with a trowel of, “Who am I?” and the weeder of, “What am I doing here?” you are preparing the ground and planting the seeds that blossom into the gifts that you came to share, the essence of self [that blossoms into] the committed and loving compassion of those dwelling within the illusion but knowing that they are not trapped in the illusion. The one known as E reached for his pillows of Faith and Hope, those words written upon those particular pillows 2, and we encourage each to take those pillows, those words, those tools, those resources that hearten and strengthen each of you. For you came here to be strong, you came here to offer the power that is yours in active and personal compassion that reaches out and embraces the planet and its peoples. Not because there is a wish to rescue them or to change them in any way but because entities are there to love, just as the you are the object of the love that is all about you, not simply from those entities within the flesh that may express love in their halting words but more, from those entities which are unseen and whose presence uncovers in silence that state of unconditional love in which the self can finally feel safe, secure and able to rest within that holy place that is the heart, the heart of self, the heart of the planet, the entity of self, the entity of [the] planet. Are these not one thing? Need we intervene to rescue your planet when there are millions of sparks of the Creator upon your planet which are capable of tuning themselves until they burst forth into the most beautiful and harmonious song of love that the world has ever felt?

Each of those awakening upon your planet at this time, and there are many, is awakening at a time when the aura of fear, terror and discomfort has never been greater among your peoples. Even under this barrage of fear and negativity, entities are awakening because of the service of those who are already awake, those who find ways to express the thoughts that encourage, and cheer, hearten, and strengthen the light within those with whom they come in contact in one way or another. It is easy to think very quickly of the performers, the singers, the dancers, those who are very visible in public situations as being good examples of those who use their power well. Yet, each time that the one known as G, for instance, offers heart and car ride and help to an entity whose name is not known but whose heart is, the universe has become a sweeter place. Each time that each of you smiles at the stranger who frowns at you, who offers a soft word in response to a harsh one, each gentle or loving act of friend to friend, as in the one known as J, who generously offers her bodywork to this instrument’s most accepting vehicle, is making the world a more tuned and peaceful place in which to dwell.

One cannot address your world’s situation, may we say, to use a cliché, upon the level of the rescue of third density. Entities shall move into early fourth density no matter what happens to your sphere as the density changes and [they] will repair the planet with the planet’s cooperation. Indeed many entities even now are repairing their little bit of the planetary surface by loving and talking to the Earth, by cooperating with what this instrument would call nature deities or divas, by relating to the surroundings of self with the understanding that all things are alive, all things work in rhythm and in harmony, and all things except those sunk in the mire of third-density forgetting not only love each other but know that they are one. In this atmosphere, the possibilities of becoming a powerful, magical person are great and as the time sharpens the focus right unto the moment of birth of fourth density, there is in effect a fourth-density energy that is now as real upon your sphere as the third-density energy. It shows up within the physical world only by creating anomalous effects [in terms of physics’ sub-atomic particles] but it shows up within the inner life of that wonderful multilayered being that each of you is in a much more clear and obvious way, as the interpenetration of the two densities becomes such that it is much easier for nature, or for the forces of coincidence, to work in order to bring things to your attention which you have asked to be brought to your attention. That is why, in the midst of such challenging times, such times of transformation and change, yet still each of you has had the feeling of entities helping along the way, unseen hands giving a boost and angelic guidance coming through unexpected and unusual means.

The beau geste of each of you at this time is, among other things, to reclaim and recapture your own freedom of will at the level of spiritual endeavor, at the level of will, at the level of choosing to become personally involved in compassion towards entities of flesh and blood and bone. Move into active compassion, focus upon the eyes within the photographs of the media rather than the details of horror and terror. Focus upon the process of souls learning, being transformed and being lifted away into new lessons and new densities. Many are those who have already been cleared, out of third density and into a fourth-density environment. Many are those who are coming back at this time with the altered DNA possible with fourth-density consciousness. The so called indigo children and crystal children are those who have already been harvested and have begun their new life in a new density in which they begin as the equivalent of an indigenous species, within the context of fourth-density life. Each of you has perhaps an overweening opinion of the gadgets and the trickery of the present level of technological expertise of your peoples. Yet, indeed, the next level of expertise flows with cooperation with the light rather than control of the light and this in turn opens those abilities which create the impression that that which you think of [as] advanced technology is, in fact, the knife, the flint pounder, the fish hook.

Much simplicity lies in true love. Living in this simple atmosphere of the open heart, entities are able to do precisely that which they can focus into, love with all their hearts, and release all attachment concerning outcome. This instrument, for instance, has great hopes to serve the planet by the campaign of information and persuasion which would coax all entities into tuning to that harmonic tuning of love and light and personal compassion which is the true tuning for you. Yet she is aware that, of herself, she can do nothing. But what she can do is pray, daily, sincerely, wholeheartedly, “Creator, teach me your ways. Show me the path that you have prepared for me to walk in.” This in a sense is the giving over of the power into guidance, yet it is the taking of power to ask for guidance and to use it. This is a different matter than asking to be rescued because each feels powerless before the problems of the world. We assure you, in the ways of spirit, each is profoundly powerful and as each becomes aware of the dynamics and the strength of groups who are together tuning their will to love, this power and this beau geste shall come clearer and clearer into the vision, so that it can be seen in ways that are difficult to describe but very real. [The vision is] that the truth can never be hidden, that the light has never been extinguished by darkness, that all is well, and that there is the profound satisfaction and the responsibility of knowing that the combined energy of groups such as yours, in coming together to affirm love, light and unity, have already made a tremendous difference in the progress of this shift into fourth density.

For two decades of your time at least, we have seen what this instrument would call the rubber band effect, as the light generated by those who are awakening affected the planetary shift. So that it was as if the band was being released very slowly, by a tiny increment each time. This is the reason for the many earthquakes and other changes in the planetary experience, none of which is so earth-shattering that it does indeed shatter the earth or remove the general population. Those who have been actively involved in this lightening of [the vibrations of] planet Earth are perhaps five percent of the population and yet much has been accomplished because of a few. And that few has begun to grow exponentially as more and more entities begin to wake up and then, by their influence, begin to lighten the atmosphere around them to enable others the freedom from fear which it takes to begin to wake up.

It is not for you to give up your free will nor for us to intervene. Rather it is for you, each of you, to move internally from the third-density perspective to the fourth-density perspective, gazing at this Earth sphere of yours with a fourth-density perspective. Each has a very sturdy point of land to stand upon to gaze at the chaos of your illusion. That land is the firm terra firma of the truth, that which you know. What is it that you know? What is it? When you dig within yourself and come to the center, what is that that you know? It is the Creator. When all is taken aside and the last veil is parted, that which lies within your heart, that which is your very nature, is the infinite Creator, waiting for you. And in that place of the heart, with the Creator, in that tabernacle of the spirit, the difference between your free will and the Creator’s free will falls away and there is a love that exists that balances, heals and restores. We encourage each to spend as much time as possible in the precincts of your own heart. For even a moment in that holy of holies that lies within informs and enlivens the day, the experience, the reality, if we may call it that, for an entity.

By free will each of you decided to come to try to make a difference—for yourself by learning, and for the planetary light by serving. These aspects of learning and service intertwine like the ropes of a strong ship’s hawser and cannot be taken apart. Living, learning and serving, are all wound in together and there is no telling when one stops and where another begins. We assure you that all is well with your people. The harvest has grown substantially and we are most pleased to see the situation as it is. From our standpoint things look very good. The vibratory energy of your planet begins to lift. Much has been accomplished. Much has been begun of goodness and substance. It remains for those of you awake to be aware of this time and its possibilities, to follow through day upon day, and act upon act, year upon year, and thought upon thought, decade upon decade, and realization upon realization. That is the real heart of the job, the mission. The service is in the being, and in the being lies the tuning that will bring the Earth and its peoples to health within early fourth density. This is early fourth density, you vibrate now in fourth density. Certainly your third-density vehicles are having their challenges in accommodating the new vibrations. And yet the body is the creature of the mind. And as your consciousness begins to feel comfortable swimming in the waters of unconditional love, so the bodies shall find themselves more and more able to enjoy fourth-density vibration.

It is in your hands, each of you. We would not take this learning or this service from you. The energies of your planet at this time are, as this instrument has heard it described by her teacher, off on a side track: a time lateral. The train of yellow-ray third-density Earth has been shunted into a lateral experience by the determined and repeated actions of what this instrument would call the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, or those who promote peace and joy and those who promote war and suffering. In the outer sense, these few entities have again and again, upon other planets and upon this one, in many different societies, chosen the ways of war and chosen them for reasons unknown to themselves; being manipulated by those far cleverer than they, who use the suffering and the pain of third density, in its endless repetition of war, as food. It is time to stop feeding fifth-density entities who feed on fear. The only way to move back onto the normal time track of this planet is to find ways to lose fear and to respond to all situations not with hesitation but with confidence, not with the feeling that something needs to be done but with the knowledge that something is being done. It is being done with the mind and with the heart. The power of each to help each in these realizations is great. We are most pleased to encourage each to listen to and to respond to each as the seeking and the processes of learning go on. Each is teacher to each and there is a circle of learning.

We would at this time leave this instrument and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim, for there are questions within this group and we would like to leave this instrument, as her energy becomes somewhat low, and to use the one known as Jim’s rather more capacious physical energies, although we do find that there is a limited amount of energy within the circle of all of those at this time. Consequently, we would thank the one known as Carla and in time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo, and we leave this instrument in love and in light.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves to speak to any further queries which may yet remain upon the minds of those present. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, if it’s not too large, I would like to know, metaphysically speaking, from your perspective, from love’s perspective, what happened in the middle of the last century when the Hindus and the Muslims set down their weapons, ending a downward spiral of violence, death and bloodshed in order to end Gandhi’s fast, in order to save him from the termination of his own life?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query my brother. We find that this experience was one in which there was a great deal of the opening of the…

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. We shall continue.

These two great faiths, the Hindu and the Muslim, had through the actions and the service of the one known as Gandhi been able to appreciate this entity’s open heart to the degree that they were willing to set aside age-old differences in order that this entity whom they revered so greatly might stop his fast and continue to live among them. For it is well perceived, when there is an entity such as the one known as Gandhi who has opened his heart to that degree, that there is no boundary beyond which love cannot be given. This entity was successful in opening his own heart so that the will of love moved through him in a way which was easily recognized by those whose lives he touched. Thus, when it became apparent that this entity was willing to give his life and the remainder of it for the cause of peace between the warring religious factions, those religious factions found the way to their own heart in relation to this entity and were willing to cease the hostility in order that this entity might cease his fast and remain among them.

This was a shining moment for these religious factions for there has been little before or since that has galvanized them to lay down the differences, as did the one known as Gandhi’s actions.

Is there another query my brother?

Not from me. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you my brother.

Yeah, Q’uo, I have just a quick question. I was hoping that you could give me some clarity on this. Before I came to the Earth is it possible that I came from the Pleiades and the particular star that I am thinking of is Alceon. Can you confirm that for me?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that there has been some influence in your previous incarnations from this particular star system which you call Alceon. Not necessarily that you have originated there but that you have had experiences there as you have had upon the planet Earth.

Is there another query my sister?

No, that’s all for now. Thank you for being with us today.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you as well, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have one, if nobody else does. Q’uo, in seeking love there are different moments in a seeker’s life when he is overcome with the emotion and desire to seek and find and feel and know love, and there’s dry times in between. And I was wondering what you might have to say on the effect of just putting forth the intent to see love, just that motion, just that request. Whether it’s felt in the heart or not, whether it’s just empty words, what kind of effect that has?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. As the seeker of truth moves upon the journey, there is for each seeker those times of increased seeking, increased desire, increased passion for the purpose of the life’s path. It is during these times that there is built within the entity a metaphysical foundation, shall we say, that is added to by each additional seeking desire. Each time the seeker renews its quest for the open heart, for sharing with others the love that creates all things, then the seeker has added yet another stone, shall we say, to secure the foundation of its metaphysical journey. As you also mentioned, there are those times when there is less passion, less desire, perhaps less expression of the desire to seek love. These are normal experiences for each seeker. For there are seasons, cycles, periods of increased awareness, increased strength in seeking, increased compassion within the heart. This is as the seed which has been nurtured by attention and has begun to sprout, cracking the hard shell of the exterior, sending forth the first roots, sending forth the first small leaves, beginning to express in the way in which love has been encoded within each entity, each seed, each seeker.

Thus you find periods during which there is a great wave of energy that moves through your being. It is at this time that the desire to know, to seek, to share, and to love is nurtured, is brought forth. As you continue to move upon your journey of seeking, you will begin more and more to create this desire for yourself rather than feeling the normal rhythms that move throughout all creation. This is the conscious portion of the journey of seeking. Each entity has the subconscious or unconscious motivation during which the upward spiraling line of light begins to manifest more through the seeker’s journey. When the seeker has become enough aware of this type of energy moving through its being then there is made a room, or a place for it by the seeker, so that there may be a more, shall we say, conscious application of the energies of awareness. Thus there is the completion of one portion of the journey; that is, the subconscious movement in rhythm with all creation, that becomes the conscious creation of the mind of the seeker that seeks to know the source of love within the self, and within all creation, upon a more continual basis.

Is there a final query at this time?

Not from me, thank you so much, Q’uo.

I have a question. This is from K, and she says, “In the story of Job, God seemingly inflicts horrible events onto his faithful believer named Job. With regard to this parable I have two questions. One, why was the Creator portrayed in such a dark manner? Is this story accurate? And two, does the Creator have a dark side and what is its nature?

I am Q’uo, and aware of your query my sister. The story which is spoken of in the book of Job, in your holy work known as the Bible, is an example of the entities that were of what we call the negatively-oriented nature, who were attempting to pose as your Creator in order to control the actions of many of the peoples that you may refer to as the Jewish race of that time, who had long-established relations with many sources of information from elsewhere, shall we say.

The experience of the one known as Job was along the lines of giving and taking in order to control the behavior of these entities. There is, of course, a source of love which is truly of the one Creator which has, as you have mentioned, a complete identity in that it is of all things, both manifest and unmanifest, that which you would call the light and that which you would call the dark. However, there are lesser entities who have traveled from distant star systems to various planetary spheres such as your own Earth and have placed themselves in the position of one which would be the one Creator, in order that they might exercise a kind of control over those entities that they were able to convince to worship them as the one Creator.

We apologize for the somewhat scattered nature of this instrument’s work this day, he is somewhat distracted and we have been able to utilize this entity only in some degree of effectiveness. We would ask if there may be a final query, my sister?

OK, just on my own hook, my question would be: Given that I perceive the pyramids with the knowledge that they would be a complete mystery, and given the knowledge that the time for the pyramids is over, I was thinking that the crop circles are one of the Confederation’s ways of actively putting mystery into the fabric of our third-density experience, so that in actuality, in your own way you are continuing to offer mysteries for us to solve or to use. Would you say that that is accurate?

I am Q’uo. I am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, this is one means by which mystery has been presented to your peoples by some of those in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. The concept of mystery is the opening into the consciousness which we have found most effective to utilize and it is that which seems to fuel the desire to seek further along the lines of love and light that so many of your peoples now express as a result of coming into contact with various sources of mystery.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Carla: For those wondering why we do not capitalize the word, love, when it is used to indicate the Logos or Word which is the Creator, we refrain from focusing on this word, since it is so greatly overused in common, everyday language. The “love” that would be capitalized is a love far beyond the general usage of the word, which tends to be used for romantic, sentimental and casual feelings. 

  2. E had exchanged his throw pillows, which he was using to prop himself up with for meditation, for ones that had the legends, “Faith” and “Hope,” saying that he had need of those qualities.