Question from C: Events seem to be preparing me for a new direction in my life and I would like Q’uo to speak to that direction as much as possible.

(Carla channeling)

We are thus known to you as the principle of the Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. May we say, my brother, what a true privilege it is to be called to have a conversation with you concerning the question of what new directions to which you may be called. It is a question that is a joy to address, as it is open, straightforward and moving to the heart of things, releasing and embracing that which is, and that which is to be.

We would only ask one thing of you at this time and that would be that, as you listen to these humble words, you are able to release any thoughts of our being authorities over you in any way. We may have opinions and we are most happy to share all that we know and think. Yet is not knowledge and truth a very subjective thing, my brother? Consequently, though we aim to speak directly to your soul, at the same time we realize that some arrows will miss their mark. Therefore, please, as you listen, take care to discard these ideas which do not have resonance for you at this time. With that understood we shall feel free to express ourselves and not be concerned with infringing upon the freedom of your will and your process.

Within the question of new directions lies an assumption that that which is old may need to be discarded. For as the one known as C wrote in a letter to this instrument, it seems that there is a pattern of taking on new directions without appropriately evaluating that repositioning of oneself within the nexus of those activities that had at one time seemed like new directions and so had been followed with passion and joy. Yet in one life there is only so much energy and the wise entity looks not back but forward, for it is in the present and in that which the present seeds for the future of the self. Thus, the concern is justly brought to bear for the seeker of evolution for the self. Consequently, we would ask the one known as C what true evaluation can this entity give of his passion for each and every item that is upon the game board, shall we speak, as a piece that is moved and that takes up the time and the energy which the player of the game is willing to expend and has the time to expend? What is the harmony of that particular piece of the game of right livelihood? Or to move the field further, the game of right moving-hood, relative to the other pieces that are upon the board?

This instrument recently was encouraged to do this kind of evaluation of those things that were upon her mind and upon her heart and she found that they were, when gazed at steadily and with an analytical mind, quite prey to being sorted in one of several ways. In the end the criterion which this instrument chose was primarily that of passion. The question became one of those things for which she felt passion. How did she prioritize them in terms of their importance? It was this exercise that relieved this instrument of continuing feelings of being overwhelmed and swept by those things which she had on her agenda and we might fruitfully suggest that this tactic may be a preliminary to more deep and searching ways of evaluating the contents of a rich and fully lived life at this particular time. Some items, as noted by the one known as C, do need to fall off the back of the wagon but why and in what order? This sort of conscious, intellectually based analysis cannot go deep, cannot dive into the essence of the underlying questions that are presupposed in such a query. Yet it can, perhaps, in some helpful way, order and organize a picture of the situation within the mind so that there is a grasp of the whole that can be had at an intellectual level.

In moving deeper into the query of new directions and what we can say about them, you may perhaps have anticipated that we would be unable to be specific concerning new directions for it is not our work to do your work. Nor would we take that tremendous privilege and responsibility from you. There is an honor to being faced with this question in one’s life and it presupposes a “life of significant soil” as the poet has said 1, that life that has dug into itself to produce things of value that are valued and have the history of being valued by others. Consequently, when one wishes to embrace new directions there are those deeper questions that are concerned in such a gaze. One wishes to gaze at the process of thinking which is the habitual nature of the one known as C, gazing at the self through time, looking at those patterns of thought that repeat themselves and beginning to sit with them and identify the themes of those thoughts. Many times there are patterns that have been used, and perhaps used fully, that, because of affection, are retained within the active mind and in some cases these need to be reevaluated in terms of the living and energetic center of the self which seems to be moving on and trying to move, shall we say, into new directions and in new ways of thinking and being.

You do not consider these things as quantities only. For each line of inquiry, each avenue of spending time fruitfully, is an entire world full of qualities and not simply a unit of fact. When things are valued they are far more than fact. When avenues of progress are valued they are far more than streets. There is an aura, a presence, a world that is implied with each turning and each new project. What roads are needed by the one known as C at this time for his learning and service? This is the proper question and we believe it is precisely that which you ask. But realize that you ask about a far more subtle and complex thing than simply that which can be said in a disposition that expresses quantity or essence.

We would move back to the word about which we had some discussion before and that word is “passion.” It is always well to identify the center of one’s passion and in order to do that it is often necessary to release all suppositions concerning the self and to begin from a place of simple inquiry into the self.

This past weekend this instrument was channeling for its group meditation at the regular Sunday afternoon time and a very similar question was asked of us by several within the group who were pondering new directions as well as the one known as C. And to them as well as to you we discuss the experience this instrument is having, of having the wiring within the house in which she lives redone because the previous wiring was not strong enough to carry enough power to do those things which this instrument wished to do within the house. When new directions are intended, quite often before they can be followed there must occur a period of deconstruction within the house of the personality, shall we say, or the ego, the aspects of self that are the shell of the self and that need sometimes gently to be evaluated and perhaps repositioned in a more helpful configuration for telling the truth about the substance of being that dwells within the house of personality and name and identity. And so we would suggest to you that you take a gently ruminating and thoughtful look at the energy entity that is yourself, the nuclear level of personality, the level of the surface of the life experience. It is well to ask the self, “Who am I and what is it that feels the most deeply a part of myself? And what is it, on the other hand, that begins to feel like a part of a role which I am playing, a mask which I am wearing, a reputation which becomes, though true, most tiresome?” Often the expectations of others, as pleasing and flattering as they may be, are also those things which unconsciously limit the essential energies of the self from moving outside what this instrument would call the box of consensus reality and its conventions of thinking.

It is often helpful in searching for results not to forget the search for essence. Results are something that occur almost as an offshoot of that entity whose process is on the beam in terms of following the resonance of the needs of that essential being and energy that you are. Involved in the hoopla and the tap dancing of speech and expression and ratiocinations of all kinds, beneath the shell of words and the easy glibness of surface eloquence and meaning no matter how attractive, there lies a hungry and thirsty soul and spirit whose essence is aching to explore not further, but deeper, not more broadly, but in a more focused manner. And as the searchlight of one’s everyday consciousness becomes charmed and intrigued into attaching itself to the focus of a deep inner search, that spotlight may sharpen and delineate much that upon the surface of things is impossible or certainly improbable to see.

In some cases it is a matter of almost seducing oneself away from the joys of thinking and into a position of utter surrender to that darkness that accepts the mystery of the self and the infinite possibilities of what that self may do if allowed to bloom as the Creator has prepared for you to bloom. Not that there is one destiny for you or one choice that is right. Quite the opposite. There is certainly one destiny in terms of a general incarnational design but it is rather that chances for that design to be fulfilled are bursting at every corner so that there is never an end to the possibility to, as this instrument would say from the old Shaker hymn, “come round right.” 2

There is more than one configuration that is appropriate at this time. However, one needs to be chosen and we encourage the one known as C to go deeply into that country that is unknown within himself. It can be done by something as simple as an exercise this instrument has done from time to time in just such a situation. The simple exercise is that of standing in front of the mirror and gazing, not at the self, but into the eyes or more particularly into the left eye, choosing one eye and gazing within it. This is a technique that aids in the focusing which moves the entity from [the attitude of] looking at an image or a form into the attitude of looking into an essence. For that which lies within the sparkle of the eye is the one infinite Creator, of which that sparkle is a little holographic unit.

We pause while this instrument awaits the removal of two feuding cats from the immediate vicinity of the instrument and the one known as V.


We are again with the instrument. Gazing into a mirror is gazing into the eyes of the Creator. Implicit in that flash of light that you are able to see into, in the eye in that mirror, is the gaze of The Lovers 3 which has been given flesh and is fascinated to find what it may find. This is your quest. To be and to learn and then, with the harvest that you have learned, to offer the gift of your observations to the one infinite Creator. For in learning about yourself you give the Creator the opportunity to learn about Itself in ever richer detail of understanding.

When you are in this state you have only to rest in the connection in order for that which is in your heart to be asked of that web of guidance that lies within that sparkle that you see in the mirror. It is a very physical way of identifying for you that consciousness that indwells you, dwells within your body, yet is closer to you than any cell in your body. For it is that essence that is you and out of it can be spun a thousand or a million bodies that may experience incarnation. That light in your eye, as you gaze into it, is all that there is. And so you have direct access to grasp that which is not able to be grasped by the intellect, that all is truly one and that all information that you need will come to you as you need it. Rest in that looking and in that receiving until you begin to get a sense of yourself as consciousness, not the [you of the] physical eye but the great, the universal eye that is a citizen of eternity and that has come to this particular place at this particular time hoping to do certain things.

It struck the one who is the instrument when she was reading the very helpful note which the one known as C had so kindly sent her, that in the query about the writing of songs the evaluation of that song writing took only one criterion and that was the possibility for popular success of the writing of these songs and these screen plays. Why, the one known as C wondered, would an urge to write these things be there if it were so inappropriate in terms of creating that green energy which the instrument calls money. And yet we would say to the one known as C, while it is the form of things that you wish to write songs or screen plays, what is the essence of that which you wish to communicate? Having achieved an age of seventy, it’s a good time to move not into the mundane but into the metaphysical, not into the practical but into the philosophical, not into the outer world but into the essence of the inner world that contains the roots of consciousness. It cannot be said that there’s any harm in outer achievement. Often such outer gifts to the world are most needed and most appreciated and most helpful in lightening the consciousness of the planet. Yet many times the essence of one’s incarnational service to the planet, to its people, that for which one took breath in a very deep sense, has to do not with outer gifts but with inner gifts and their development. Many times in the attempts to be productive the self is not allowed fully to come into its bloom. That which blooms, that which is unseen, also lightens the planet.

And so we encourage the one known as C to open into a wider point of view so that there are more points to evaluate and a deeper puzzle to solve. We do not wish to solve this for you, my brother, but we do wish for you to see the justness of the question and the depth of its ramifications. We wish you great joy in moving into this time of choice with full awareness of your freedom to do that which truly creates for you the right environment in which to bloom.

May we answer any further queries at this time, my brother?

Yes, can you tell me, if you can, when the human population of the earth will be reduced?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We may say, ironically enough, that the human population of this planet is already in the process of being reduced. For as those entities which are born come into incarnation, the structure of their cells are somewhat altered in such a way as to better enable them to enjoy fourth-density vibrations, which are becoming increasingly transparent to the third density of vibration upon your planet at this time.

We are not able to offer information concerning the possible sudden removal of entities from the planet which you know as Earth or Gaia. There are no more than possibilities or, as the one known as Ra called them, possibility/probability [vortices]. There is a wide range of possible futures for your peoples. May we say that much has changed simply because of the events since the turn of this last millennium in that while the outer situation has seemed to become darker and darker, the situation as regards the lightness of its peoples has improved in that the sheer darkness of the situation and the relative simplicity of identifying the darkness and the light have helped to quicken the pace of awakening those who were, shall we say, sitting on the fence, half asleep and half awake.

The sheer outrageousness of some of the patterns has been as the snooze alarm on the alarm clock saying, “Just wake up a minute and check out this one thing. Then you may go back to sleep.” However, one snooze alarm after another has to bring one into a more wakeful state in which underlying patterns of planetary madness begin to become more obvious. Consequently, it is completely unknown to us at what rate entities will continue to awaken and at what rate the ensuing lightness of the planetary atmosphere will begin to cause what this instrument would call the “Hundredth Monkey Effect,” 4 thereby causing rapid positive changes within planetary policies of all kinds. This could occur as well as those events which would set off rapid reductions in the population of humans upon the planet Earth.

May we answer you further upon this, my brother?

Please tell me what you can about Western civilization and where it is heading.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We can say somewhat elliptically that your Western civilization has been heading nowhere for its entire sojourn upon your planet. Before your planet experienced its first orbit about this particular, shall we say, rut into which your third-density entities have fallen, the planet known to you as Mars had completed the pattern of choosing aggression over peace and territorial separation over unity as a society. And when those of what this instrument would call Babylon, Rome, the Holy Roman Empire, Germany, and finally, America, started and moved through the pattern of dominance and warfare and societal destruction, their orbits changed not, only the costumes worn by those who move through this particular pattern.

We are of the hope, as are many within your peoples, that at this particular time those within your societies, not only of America but of the entire globe, are able to move away from the old way of increasing polarity, war and destruction. It is not that this pattern is a complete disaster, for it has been most instructive in terms of the Creator discovering those things which do and which do not work to the betterment of the evolution of mind, body and spirit. It becomes obvious that there are aspects to the complete lack of guidance concerning polarity that encourage that which is known by this instrument as the dark side to have a seductive value that it would otherwise not have. Be that as it may, it has been so that your planet has included a nugatory 5, useless pattern so many times that its entire society has been quarantined and put to one side of, shall we say, the usual timeline. It is as if time itself had been suspended for these entities while they are moving through this pattern again and again. So it is a matter, more or less, of taking back the mind from those who would keep it distracted, polarized and asleep.

May we answer you further, my brother?

You have been very enlightening and I thank you very much. Is there anything further that you would like to say to me?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We find we have only to say to you, “Be of good heart.” There are many about you in the unseen world and some of those in the seen world who are angels and who wish only to help you. There are many ways of giving messages and leaving one’s opinion to mix into the thinking process and those who are in that web of love about you are actively attempting to find ways to send a symbol, a hint, an inkling or even something very obvious to let you know that they are supporting, encouraging and attempting in all ways to help bring you into alignment with those things which are most deeply within your heart and within your incarnational plan. We would say to you, simply, “Take heart.” Rest in quietness and confidence in that peace that the world knows not of. And from that consciousness know that all is well and all will be well. That which you need shall come to you and you shall, no matter what it looks like from the outside, be making those choices which help… “

[Tape ends.]

  1. T. S. Eliot, the ending of Four Quartets; The Dry Salvages:

    Here the impossible union Of spheres of existence is actual, Here the past and future Are conquered, and reconciled, Where action were otherwise movement Of that which is only moved And has in it no source of movement- Driven by demonic, chthonic Powers. And right action is freedom From past and future also. For most of us, this is the aim Never here to be realized; Who are only undefeated Because we have gone on trying; We, content to the last If our temporal reversion nourish (Not too far from the yew tree) The life of significant soil.

  2. A Shaker song of the 18th century:

    ’Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free, ‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be, And when we find ourselves in the place just right, Twill be in the valley of love and delight. When true simplicity is gained To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed, To turn, turn will be our delight Till by turning, turning, we come round right.

  3. The nineteenth tarot image. 

  4. From The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Keyes Jr:

    Although the exact number may vary, this Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that when only a limited number of individuals knows a “new way,” it remains the conscious property of those individuals. However, when one more individual manifests this new awareness, the field is strengthened, a critical mass is reached, and the awareness becomes the conscious property of all. This new awareness is communicated mind to mind. 

  5. nugatory: of little or no importance; trifling, or having no force; invalid.