Question from A: How can I see beyond this very compelling physical density? I’ve had experiences that were Christ Consciousness. When in the midst of such a blessing there is no doubt that the true reality overlays this one. My dilemma is how to access that state of consciousness more often, to the point of living in this world. I’m very aware of the massive shifts and changes on the planet and feel them quite intensely, like earthquakes. I’m also experiencing miraculous cellular healing that’s happening to the people with whom I’m working. I’m eager to position my consciousness in that place of receptivity in order to radiate as much as I can. I want to understand more about how the biological interfaces with the higher dimensions.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. May we say what a privilege and a pleasure it is to be called to such a group, to be asked such questions in a circle of seeking. It is more of a blessing than we can say. It is in order to offer just such communication that we remain within your planet’s inner planes at this time. The opportunity to work with the one known as A is a great blessing. And to be able to work with each of those within this circle is a great blessing also.

In order for us to protect the communication and to enable us to feel completely free to share our opinion, we would ask one thing of each of you within this circle and that is to employ to the greatest extent your own discriminatory powers, for only you can know what the thoughts are within those things we have to say that may be helpful. If there is that within our discussion that does not resonate to you, we ask you please to drop it and let it go without a second thought. For we would wish not to be a stumbling block before you but only a resource as you, in great independence and integrity, work with your own spiritual evolution. We thank you for accommodating us in this way.

We would say to the one known as A that, my sister, your questions have touched us deeply. It is most heart-opening to us to experience the energy that you bring to this session. It is encouraging to us to feel the certainty and the wholeness of your true and authentic self and to find that you have collected so much of your authentic self into the personality shell that must at times tremble to receive such authenticity. May we say that the essential nature of consciousness is such that the physical body and to some extent the energy body must be worked with patiently and over time, again and again, to accommodate the growth of self-perception. And as the authentic, essential self becomes a clearer voice within the crowded consciousness, it is especially well for the entity to increase its stock of patience with itself. For, you see, the more work that has been done in consciousness, the more clear it becomes to the seeker that there is precious little done and much left to do. And as work advances in this area, that consciousness of lacking the entirety of self becomes sharper rather than less sharp in its delineation.

As service is rendered to the one infinite Creator, there begins to be established a rhythm of synchronicity and questions asked and answered, whether by bird or beast or wind or rain or the Earth or the fire or by a street sign or by a passing conversation or by a song heard on the radio. Information begins to burst out of every hedge and sound and event. And again, as this rhythm intensifies, one must ask the self to be more patient, more tolerant, and more compassionate towards the self. Please understand that what is asked of a physical body in incarnation is that it carry the consciousness. To most entities working within your third-density illusion, the burden of this consciousness is relatively light. There has not been the level or degree of work done that is sufficient in its intensity to threaten the structure of the physical or the emotional bodies. When, over a period of time, again and again, there have been realizations so that the consciousness that is collected into conscious mind grows in its integrity and in its fullness of being, this physical structure can be pressed. And more than that, the mental and emotional energies connected with the chakra body or the energy body, as this instrument often calls it, increases accordingly. This is not to say that you are in any danger of being overburdened by the fullness of your awareness. It is rather to say that it becomes ever more important to do the work that you have come to do and that you are doing, slowly, with infinite patience and with a great deal of lightness of spirit and a sense of humor concerning the garments of human roles that you play, of peoples’ perceptions of you, of your perception of your self, and of the multi-layered tangle that you pass through as a conscious being in the everyday world of consensus reality.

When you are preparing yourself for meditation, find the light in the tiny details of entering into that door and through that door.


What you are doing when you become aware, as you have said, of the overlay of a greater reality, is moving through a portal which is guarded by lions, as they say in the figures of religion and myth. These guardians are there to protect you in going into that sacred space and they are there to protect the sacred space from your premature entry. You have had no trouble with these guardians of the gate but we wish you to grasp that our encouraging you always to take the time and to enjoy the preparation for work in consciousness is in order that you may, at all times, be in complete accord with these guardians so that they not only allow you into the sacred space of your own open heart, but shall indeed, as this instrument would say, watch your back and offer you their love, their light, and their protection so that no mortal error may set its foot across that sacred doorsill into the temple of your heart


What is it to move into the open heart? In the outer world of consensus reality, when a person says “I,” it is understood that that person is referring to its personality, the “I” that seems to move about and speak through the body that you inhabit. The one known as A is very well aware that this is a surface and incomplete version of the “I” that she is. And indeed, my sister, your query has a great deal to do with becoming more and more comfortable with the “I” that consciousness is within you. For consciousness is a portion of the Godhead principle. It is not a [personal] “I.” It necessarily has a great deal of the details of your personality shell involved and this is something that we may perhaps share with you in helping you to understand what is occurring within you. For you are dropping away and letting go of more than you are aware, perhaps, within the surface consciousness. Again, this is not only an excellent process for you personally, this is a process that, in its very proceeding with you, aids the planetary energies and the planet itself in coming into a new awareness of itself, its evolving consciousness. For you are not an island of self in the temple of the open heart. You are more and more a part of the ocean that in its illimitable and infinite way, expresses and contains all that there is.

You have within you and surrounding you many helpers. Some of these helpers are internal to your own guidance system. Some of these helpers have been drawn to you because of the work that you are doing in consciousness and because of the service that you offer to those about you as you do you work in energy for others and with others. And again, although all of these entities, energies and essences are fully aware of your thoughts, yet still, in order to smooth and make more flowing the relationships involved in this web of love that surrounds you and helps you, it is well within yourself to be clear as to your intention as you enter into your tuning process, as you enter into what challenging that you may do in the process of your work and as you, in brief, attend to the various details of your inner processes. These need to be intimate to you and private and we would only encourage you to respect and honor your feelings, your hunches, every tingle of sensing that you have regardless of how incorrect and seemingly ungrounded these feelings are. Know within yourself and trust that each of these feelings is given to you in order that you may attend to every nuance and clean every speck of impurity from any edge that you may vaguely suspect may be there.

You see, my sister, the work that you are doing attracts entities that are not lovely and that hunger not to enjoy or support your light but rather to remove you from the light, or, if that is found impossible to do, to dim that light by the forces of doubt and fear. It is not necessary to guard against such energies. When such energies seem to enter into a transaction that you experience within consciousness it is enough simply to say, “You may listen but you may not join the circle; you may hear, but you may not cross the line and enter into this sacred space.” It is enough to bless and to send love and to release any fear. It is not necessary to storm into self-defensive action or to call upon names of power. For you are, in your integrity, one who has those names and those powers in a certain, very appropriate, configuration around you. This has been done not by your design but by the design of what this instrument calls spirit. Much is prepared for one who has done the kind of work that you have done. And this is not true simply for you, for as you have experienced in your incarnation, there are many entities who walk the planetary surface at this time who have done tremendous work in consciousness, who have found their essential self. And you are not dismayed by the size and the power that that essential self carries but wish only to find the right use of that power, and right way of service, and to this you offer every iota of energy that has been gathered from the temple of the larger self.

Your query as to how to bring more of that greater “I” into the ordinary life is that with which this instrument is enormously focused upon in her own process, so we find a very rich ground for speaking to you. And yet, at the same time, because of issues with this instrument’s own free will, we must walk a careful line in order that we not interfere with this instrument’s own process.

Let us talk a bit about how we see this situation that you describe, of attempting to bring into the ordinary life the expanded thoughts [inaudible]. This instrument often speaks of the self as a crystal being and of the energy field of the self as a crystalline energy, the kind of crystal that is used in radio transmission [inaudible]. The energy body interpenetrates the physical body. It is inseparable from the physical body within incarnation and it is carefully designed to be so. The silver cord, as this instrument has learned to call it, is that time/space or metaphysical link that nevertheless has its tendrils within the connection between the yellow-ray chakra and the green-ray chakra, or the energy level upon which the ordinary life is lived and the energy of the open heart. There is in this crystalline [chakra-body] energy form a very specific, shall we say, spine upon which the chakras wrap the self and within which they are in dynamic association, one with another. The first triangle of energies is the red-ray chakra, the orange-ray chakra, and the yellow-ray chakra. In this instrument’s system those energies have to do with survival, with personal relationships, and then with the groups with which one works in the physical incarnation. The fourth chakra, the green-ray chakra, is known to her as the heart chakra and we would say, in this instance, that it is important to realize that there is between the yellow-ray chakra and the green-ray chakra what we are showing to this instrument as a right angle turn. But it is a right angle into time/space from space/time. It is impossible to describe or to draw in any physical form that this instrument is aware of or that we can give through this instrument.

Nevertheless, call it a jog, if you will, in the path. In order to turn the corner into the open heart, there is this matter of the lions that guard the gate to the temple. There is the path to be envisioned, whether it is a set of steps, or any other figure that helps you personally to move through this process. There is a genuine turning to the One and it cannot be done lightly or casually. Further, it is as if you were announcing to the inner planes through which this time/space portal passes that you have become a magical being. You take on the greater identity, the “I” that is all that there is or, in this instrument’s way of saying it, the Christ Consciousness. You take on the energies of unconditional love and in this configuration you represent a point which spreads to enclose your self and, if you are working with another, the entity with whom you are doing energy work. This other entity also then dwells within the sacred space that you have created and in this environment, that entity has the opportunity to make choices. It is as though you were the point within a pyramid at which health can be preserved or things can be transformed, that point at which healing takes place, at which growth may take place if chosen.

In the usual form of magical work, such a personality change is taken quite consciously and at the end of a magical work, that personality is put away with equal care and equally in a conscious manner. Some entities actually use a physical object to remind themselves of the change in their consciousness. Some use a crystal which they place upon their breast before work and which they take from their breast after work. Some use a ring and place the ring which has been dedicated from its origins to this work on their finger before a magical working, removing it after the working.

Now what you are talking about doing in bringing more and more of this greater “I” into the ordinary life is maintaining a magical personality and we, while having no trouble saying that you are capable of this at times and on some levels, would like to engage your own creative process so that you yourself are more and more capable of assessing your abilities to maintain within the ordinary bicker and baffle of life lived in the ordinary, everyday way, a magical personality. There are times when you are perfectly capable of doing this, my sister. There are times when it is wisest of you to leave the magical personality aside, very consciously and very deliberately, knowing that there are stresses and biases within your pattern at this time that would suggest that it would not be appropriate to take that job into time/space, or to ask the lions at the gate to allow you through into the heart of your being.

It is a matter of judgment. It is in some ways exactly the opposite of what you would prefer to do to be assessing, in a rational and linear manner, your situation, your energies, and the true state of your heart at a particular time. And yet we would ask you to do this in order to protect your soul’s health and the integrity of your energy body as well as, in a more gross and physical way, protecting your physical body from the stresses that might come from disregarding graininess in the texture of your own spirit at a particular time so that you are asking your heart to stay open and asking that Christ Consciousness, or that awareness of all that is, to attempt to penetrate through the cracks and crevices of an ordinary life that is perhaps off-kilter.

There is a good deal of imperfection that is perfectly allowable, for are not all entities within third density, by the very definition of such beings, imperfect? It is not the imperfections that can harm you, but rather the carelessness with yourself that could come around again and bite you for as you are too eager to move ahead, then so that eagerness has that side-effect that you may see in gazing at an immature entity who tries to do too much. There is the possibility of burn-out. There is the possibility of banging the knees and thumping the thumbs and the elbows and the head against various crags and rocks and stones along the path in ways that we cannot describe through this instrument.

What we are saying to you is that, to the extent that you are able, allow a sense of your own situation to form up before you experiment with bringing the magical personality into everyday life. And when you sense, in the process of doing that, that that magical self is in any strain or stress, then we would ask of you that you remove the crystal from your breast, that you take the ring from your hand, that you do, in other words, whatever it is that you have agreed with yourself to do to signal to yourself and to the lions at the gate that you are now leaving the building.

My sister, this instrument is smiling because she is aware that we were using one of her favorite phrases, “Elvis has now left the building.” In a way, that is what we are asking you to do: to see the Christ Consciousness that is within you as what it is. It is your true self but it is a stranger in strange land within ordinary life and to bring it through it is necessary for you to have a foot firmly planted in both worlds. That kind of balance comes and goes in the best as well as the worst of seekers.

This instrument has a habit when she is tuning of consulting the archangels which she associates with the elements of earth, air, wind and fire, calling forth before her, Raphael and the gifts of air; behind her, Gabriel and the gifts of water; on her right hand, Michael and the gifts of fire; and on her left hand, Auriel, and the gifts of earth. We might suggest to you that your experiment with calling these entities before you begin an experiment in toggling between the magical personality and everyday life and attempting to join them. Attempt, shall we say, to sense into what expression is on their faces, how their robes may catch the wind and what their hands are doing. See how they are relating to you. What is their posture? Are they sitting? Are they at rest? Are they excited? What do they hold in their hands to warn, to encourage, or to support?

Such figures as this, through repetition of use, can begin to yield to you a wealth of information which is coded to you personally. This forms up over time, as many things do in spiritual work. It may be that there are repetitions that you must go through where you receive absolutely nothing. But we might suggest that you work with this figure over a period of at least a month, once a day, to develop it as a resource for you if it is indeed going to work out to be one for you, as it has for this instrument. If it does not resonate to you to bring this very specific and encircling elemental energy about you in this way, then we would suggest doing some reading for yourself in the general subject matter of western ritual magic or as this instrument calls it, white magic, looking at the figure of the tree of life, looking at the figures of those energies such as the archangels that have been used by many faithful servants of the light for many centuries. The point is not to get into another person’s system. The point is to access systems that have been worked upon by pure and loving spirits over long periods of time so that in working with these figures or tropes or structures, you are allying yourself with or following in the path of those who have done work in consciousness before you, smoothing the way, moving stones out of your way, and creating a sustaining and underlying energy that helps you keep your balance in finding your own very personal way.

It is a rightful and appropriate thing for you to do, to live more and more in expanded consciousness. And indeed, part of what this instrument has been attempting to do for many years has been exactly this: to stand, not just in the dust of the ordinary, but to know that dust for the sparkling, glorious, crystalline energy world that it also is. All things are sacred. All motes of matter are alive and full of spirit. And why should you not, in your consciousness, unite the densities and harmonize the sacred and the seemingly non-sacred so that the ordinary is illuminated from within and all things become a temple? We salute you for the attempt and we wish you to understand fully that you have succeeded by desiring to do this thing.

Earlier this instrument was listening to an album of music that had been created by an enthusiast of the Law of One material. And the one known as Carla and the one known as Jim we were reading together the liner notes for this album. In it, the author, the one known as L, was writing a memory that she had of her grandmother. Her grandmother’s advice, she said, was never to be discouraged if you were a political activist, no matter how impossible your goals seemed, or how much of a failure you were at achieving them within the world. For the sheer effort of standing for the truth, for justice, and for the light, was the absolute success of activism. By desiring to bring together the temple that lies within the open heart and the outside world, you have succeeded already in combining them. What we are asking you to do is take a care for your own self in its surface aspects, in its shallower nature…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…so that you bring along the mundane, not as a free-loader hitching a ride on the back of the wagon, but as an honored and respected passenger. The tendency can be, for spiritually powerful entities, to think less of the physical and the mundane and to think more of that greater consciousness within. And yet the glory of third density is the combination of the two.

Each within this circle at this time is a crystal. It is receiving the infinite love and light of the one infinite Creator and it is transmitting that signal onward. Does it transmit it with its full integrity? Does it transmit it with an added blessing? These are questions each must ask the self. You cannot help transmitting the love and the light of the one Creator. But how it is colored is entirely the result of the configuration of energies in that energy body and the connections between the energy body and the physical body. Consequently, each seeker is as a unique kind of flower: the colors, the shapes of its opening, the bloom, the way that it reacts and responds to the sunlight and the rain of spirit, are unique to each. No two selves have the same beauty. Each is a perfect and unique treasure. And we wish for you to see yourself in just that way and to embrace all of these parts of self, not only in those moments when you can see perfectly well that all is one and all is perfect, but also in those times when you are most fragmented and least aware of the truth of the wholeness and perfection of your being. Value the self in those times of seeming chaos with precisely the same energy and enthusiasm that you have when you feel and know that all is well and all is one.

The truth, my sister, is very simple. You are already, in terms of time/space, combining the greater “I” and the mundane “I.” However, as we said before, the challenge involved in living this truth is in evaluating your energies so that when you are weary, you rest; when you are ragged emotionally, you lay down the burden of your knowledge of who you are, and you allow yourself to crawl into the lap of the one infinite Creator, to curl up in that lap, and to go to sleep being rocked by one who loves you more than you could ever know. Let comfort wash over you and let yourself take when you need to take. It is extremely well that you find those times when you have hunger and you have thirst and you have need and to ask for that food, for that drink, for that answer, knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are worthy and that all is being attended to.

At this time, although we have not addressed many of the nuances in your excellent series of question you began with, we feel that we have used that initial energy and in sufficient measure that we would stop and ask if there are additional questions or if you would like to take other directions in what remains of this session of working. We are those of Q’uo.

Okay, if I’ve read what you said correctly, you are saying that I need to relax into the process that is ongoing rather than worry about the process. Is that correct?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We believe that you have it quite well in hand. That is exactly what we are encouraging within you. It is a relaxation into the process that is ongoing. You have sharpened your will and you have made it single-pointed. This is something that is very often a difficulty for entities but this is that which you have done. This has made it possible for you to penetrate. You have also focused your faith and again, this has allowed you to broaden and to deepen your work. Consequently, with faith and will in hand, and with a dedication that is complete, the work of outer things may rest. What remains is an incarnation bursting with possibilities The shape of the rest of your incarnation is not known to us. It is not known to us how those things trembling into being shall form themselves. It is only known to us that this process goes well for you and that you may indeed relax into it and enjoy it.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Yes. I feel a caution, not to be like one of those who are not wanting to move forward. I want to be maybe more discerning as to whether there is within my personality complex that which doesn’t get enough consideration, that which we might call a shadow?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. Let us look at this query, for it is an interesting one. What is an entity that doesn’t “get it” but a mirroring or projection of the part of the self that doesn’t get it? What is any entity out there that seems to represent those who cannot come forward into the light but a portion of the self? So, indeed, it could be said in a surface way that indeed there is a portion of the self that does not give enough respect to the shadow. However, we would not choose to frame it in that structure for the simple reason, yet not so simple, that we sense within you a full awareness of and respect for the shadow, however it may be described or however it may be perceived. We do not sense within you an uneasy relationship with the wolf within, with that which can bite or kill or steal or be in any way the shadow self. Rather, we sense within you a love that is human and that wishes to embrace and heal.

However, in many portions of those selves that present themselves to you, not for healing but simply as selves, there is within them the unreadiness to accept healing, the unwillingness to sustain growth. And consequently, that great love and embrace that you feel is that which is unwelcome on levels beyond the possibility of others to address. For they know not that they have any resistance to healing and growth. Consequently, it is a matter of being able to respect and make allowances for entities that are other than ready to embrace their own light. Let them be as they are and know that for them that which they are projecting into your consciousness, as biased as it seems, is the best they can do, and is all that they can do. They are at the limit of their abilities at this time. So the reaction towards them at this time is still love and is still an embrace but it is an embrace that allows them to be as they are and with no judgment or thoughts of the future but with the awareness that they are precisely [inaudible] [as they need to be.]

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, I think I understand that. I would ask about my upcoming trip to Egypt with David Wilcock… Is there anything that I could do to further my receptivity in that time?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We would simply say to you that we would encourage you to move serenely, to listen well, and to know that these energies too are those that are guarded by those who love you and who wish to help you to serve humankind and the Creator. Again, the secret in service is not to reach, not to withhold, but to move in serenity, in peace, and within your own integrity at all times.

May we answer you further, my sister?

[No further queries.]

We find that the energy for this session is beginning to wane and if you have one last question we would be glad to entertain it at this time before we leave this group and this instrument.

I think my last question would be, is there any specific protocol on crystalline notes that would help me further my work?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query my sister. We offer to this instrument the suggestion that she share with you that she herself has found comfort in using a tuning fork that is tuned to the “F” above middle “C,” that she chose because it is, in some systems, the sound of the open heart. We would not wish to move any further than this into discussions of tonal work for the reason that we would be interfering with your own process. Nor do we feel that this is any more than a beginning for you, that perhaps if you launch yourself in some way in chanting or simply intoning that energy and, if you have such a tuning fork, balancing it actually on the heart chakra as you are doing the work, that perhaps it will lead you to your own discoveries and open your creative springs.

My sister, we cannot tell you how much pleasure we have found in working with your energies and the energies with each of those within this circle. We thank each and we leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. We are known to you as Q’uo.