[Reading S’s question.]

First of all, Q’uo, S would like to thank you for your service to her and to all of us on planet Earth at this time, a time when we are all in great need of assistance.

She would like some direction in her own path of seeking. She would like to polarize more positively and she would like some direction as to how she could do this more effectively. She would like you to speak to any blockages that you may have noticed within her mind/body/spirit complex and please give her direction on what she can do to unblock these blockages. She would also like some information on how she could balance love and wisdom in her own life. That is a big lesson for all of us and she would appreciate whatever you have to say in that regard.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of the Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we are. We thank the one known as S this day for calling us to this circle of seeking. We feel most privileged and honored to be allowed to share our thoughts with you and with this circle of seeking. And we would ask of you that which we always ask with any circle to which we offer thoughts, and that, my sister, is that you use your discrimination in listening to what we have to say. We may be right on target with some of our thoughts and with other thoughts we may miss completely. We need for you to know your own heart and your own needs to the point where, if something does not make sense to you or if it grates in any way, you lay it aside without a second thought. This discrimination will enable us to speak freely without abridging the free will of yourself or in any way encroaching upon the sanctity of your process. With this understood, we are satisfied that we are in a good position to be able to speak with you and we thank you for your consideration.

You have asked this day about how to advance and refine your polarization so as to achieve a vibration that is consistent with the fourth density rather than the third density of existence as you know it and about how you can better balance yourself in each chakra of your energy body in order better to create the proper environment for this polarizing work in consciousness. You also asked about the relationship between love and wisdom and how that dynamic works and how it can be balanced, which we feel will probably take care of itself as we address the first two questions, but we shall revisit that before we open the meeting to further questions. We thank you for these questions. They are excellent and we simply hope that we may have some material that will serve as a resource for you on this great seeking that you express at this time.

Polarization is a matter of choice and of repeated choice and we find in gazing at your energy that you grasp this basic fact very well and that you have been working on the basic choice of service to others or service to self and not for a short length of time but for some time within your incarnation. The subtleties of choice, especially the repetitions of choice, are sometimes more of a challenge than others. Some choices seem very obvious: whether to respond in anger to anger or whether to respond in love. That is an obvious choice. Yet let us examine this example for subtlety and nuance. When someone speaks with you in a way that feels angry or hostile or jangling to you, certainly your first impulse is to, as this instrument would say, clean up your act as far as the response is concerned. And may we say that we feel that you do a fairly good job for the most part in your responses. Of course, one could find ways to criticize the self. But 95% of the time, shall we say, your basic work in this area is sound and we congratulate you on the kind of full-body effort that you are making to be a gentle spirit, one who does return love, who does not ask to be loved but rather seeks to love. This is the heart of the polarization for fourth-density graduation.

When someone does express negative emotion to you, however, there is more information there than the simple hostility. There is truth. It is the kind of truth that you see in a hall of mirrors at the midway of a carnival. There are no mirrors that show you a true image in such a hall of mirrors. Every mirror is crazed. Some create a tall and slender S, others create a short and fat S. Some warp you to the right and some warp you to the left. Some make wavy lines throughout your entire image so that your eyes and your nose and your mouth do not match up and your neck is at one side and your torso at another and your leg off on the other side again. How can these images be helpful? That is the question that we ask you. How can the crazed and incorrect images of negative emotion directed towards you be helpful?

It is a brave and a stalwart soul who is willing to look into that question; to look into the nuances and the subtleties of other entities with whom you have crossed paths and whose reaction to you is, in fact, a projection of their own process. And may we say that in every situation, no matter how much distortion that there is in that entity’s reaction to you and in that hostility that is unfair and unjust, nevertheless there lies material to be mined in the quiet of one’s own thoughts all the time. For each and every image of you that appears to you is pregnant with information. Perhaps some of this information drags you where you would rather not go, into the shadow side of self that brings before you material that is painful. The injustice and unfairness of such images of the self that they project, from another whose reactions to you are negative, is seemingly completely incorrect. Yet in that moment of interpenetration of the two energy bodies there is sacredness if you are willing to accept the challenge of sitting in sacred space with such unhappy and unjust colors, shapes and images.

There is an honor to be done to those who are unjust to you, who do not understand you and who cannot see who you really are. To honor and to mine this information that you have been given is often a challenge which you need to meet only through a process of time, revisiting the thoughts that were shared, the feelings that you felt upon receiving these unjustly offered thoughts and so forth. The process is not bound by your awareness of consensus-reality time. You can revisit this moment a year from now and it will still be as fresh and real as it was when it occurred. So if you do not do this immediately, feeling the pain, being unable to go further with this material at the present time, that is perfectly and wholly acceptable. There is no time limit on work in consciousness.

Sometimes it may help in this regard for you to keep a little journal and to write down those things you feel you cannot process at a certain moment. You may find that there is a pattern to this, that certain relationships are almost entirely beyond your ability to process in the present tense, as we think of those things, shall we say, in your consensus reality, in space/time. Nevertheless it helps sometimes to note down what you can about this material, to write down how you felt, note simply what was said, or how unjust or just it might be. This is not necessary for you to do. What is helpful is simply to mark the moment and to note especially everything you can remember about your initial reaction.

What is this initial reaction? Let us say that it is an entry into an underground river or stream of emotion, for you never feel emotion alone. It is not your emotion. Rather, it is a part of the color and brilliance of a system of subconscious, shall we say, waterways that begin with streams of emotion that are very small, that perhaps few people experience. They are highly colored and highly biased and may have to do only with you and another person and perhaps three or four dozen other entities on the face of your planet who have experienced just exactly that combination of emotions that creates this crystalline moment with its biases, distortions, color and beauty.

You are a crystal being and everything you feel has its truth. You are always worthy to feel what you feel. There is never such a thing as an unworthy emotion. Everything, from seemingly black to seemingly blatant white in polarity, is acceptable to the one infinite Creator. Your job is to see and know the truth of yourself. When you feel these emotions you may feel they are unworthy but they are not. They are your truth and in feeling this emotion you have entered into what this instrument calls the archetypal mind.

Within the archetypal mind there is a very rich, detailed and broad spectrum of waterways, shall we say, emotionally coming from the most biased and the most colored and the most unique to you, moving slowly down into larger waterways which you come into as you purify these emotions, as you find distortion and bias and see into that distortion and bias. Over time, through realization and other work in consciousness which is more deliberate and less spontaneous, you begin to purify and refine the sensing system of your energy body so that when you feel the next emotion, even if it is exactly that emotion that was yours the last time that you felt it in connection with this relationship that is ongoing, say, yet you begin to enter into a larger waterway [than that] in which you are in the company only of those few entities who have your biases and have run into an entity and interacted and that entity has reacted in the same way.

You begin, as you refine your own system of energy and the corresponding emotional capacity of that crystalline being that you are, to enter into the system of archetypal mind in such a way that you are in a larger company, with more people who have done more work, just as you have done more work. What you are aiming for here is not to remove emotions but to refine and purify emotions. You are looking for a deeper and deeper truth about yourself. Now, just as all water systems do, when the stream becomes a creek and the creek becomes a river, the river widens and develops energy and power and finally it reaches the ocean. The ocean of the archetypal consciousness is unconditional love. You cannot rush or hurry the sail that you are on. You can mend your sails on your boat; you can correct and re-correct your readings of the stars; you can check your rudder for strength, but you must sail as the truth of your being is ready to sail. Penetrating too quickly into the water system and especially into the ocean of the archetypal mind is dangerous for you. It may swamp your boat. And it will certainly land you in a world of confusion that you cannot sort out by yourself. So as you do this work of attempting to increase your polarization, we encourage you to respect and honor every truth that each emotion offers to you, noting it down. And if you cannot handle working with it at this time, yet still honor and respect your truth, your color, and your brilliance.

Now let us look further at the way in which one polarizes. Let us step back from the question of polarization and look at the energy body with which you are working. For simplification and convenience, that energy body may be thought to consist of the various chakras. And this instrument is aware of a system in which the chakras are as the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet, with the white chakra, shall we say, hovering just at the top of that energy body as a crown. The first three chakras—red, orange and yellow—are the chakras which we would suggest it is helpful to visit every day, asking yourself in meditation, “What are my issues with survival? What are my issues with personal relationships with myself and with those about me? And what are my issues with the groups which I have decided to join as a human being in consensus reality?” These three categories are the categories of the red, orange and yellow energies.

Every human being living through incarnation upon planet Earth has biases and distortions in those three chakras that need to be gazed at in peace, serenity and lack of judgment each day, not with a view to kicking out the unwanted emotions or the unwanted distortions, but with a humble and open-handed prayer to be given guidance. Ask for balance. Ask for your guidance system to find ways to show you how to better balance your fears about survival, your concerns regarding relationships, and your puzzlement concerning the feelings, requests and requirements of the various groups into which you have chosen to come. They may be those relationships of the birth family or the marriage family. They may be work-related. But each group has its own biases and its own distortions and these are not necessarily a part of your own process. Yet they can pull you and push you and affect the way you perceive yourself and your process.

We encourage you to do this work patiently and with a sense of humor, and, most of all, completely without self-judgment. The object here is not to judge the self or to decide how to better the self. The object is to come into an awareness of where you are today.

The reason that we so strenuously encourage this work is that where you want to go in the next chakra requires that these three chakras, the basic chakras, be in sufficient balance that the infinite supply of unconditional love and energy for life coming into your energy system from the root chakra or red-ray chakra can move upwards without significant blockage. We do not say without distortion but without significant blockage into the heart. If you cannot clear the lower chakras enough that you are getting a good supply of the infinite love and light of the one Creator into the heart chakra, then this is where you need to stop for the moment It is important for you to be able to rest in the sacred space of your own open heart and to know yourself there before you can really do work in consciousness with any confidence that you will not harm yourself or confuse yourself more than you clarify things for yourself. As we have said many times through this instrument, there are what this instrument calls “lions at the gate” guarding your entry into your own heart. Listen to those lions and find the patience with yourself to do the work that it takes to make entry into your heart in such a way that the lions not only allow you to pass, but give you the feeling that they are now guarding your back.

Then take a few moments to rest in the consciousness of yourself in its larger sense. For you have, when you pass the first three chakras and move into the heart, moved from the outer personality into the inner truth, from space/time into time/space and from judgment into redemption or forgiveness. For you have become a larger you. The “I” that is the first person singular of you is significantly changed in the atmosphere and the sanctity of the open heart. When you feel that you are beginning to vibrate with unconditional love, you have then achieved that expanded awareness of the truth of who you are. Resting, then, in this truth, it is now safe for you to do your work in consciousness.

Your first work in consciousness is to come into open communication with yourself. You have put judgment away. That is not part of your personality any more. You have put doubt away. You are dwelling as a citizen of eternity. Your possibilities have become infinite. The world has dropped away in terms of consensus reality and you are living at this moment, doing this work in time/space and in the company of all who have gone before you, living a life in faith, dwelling in the sacred temple of the open heart. Here you are never alone. The Creator Itself holds you in an embrace that is nearer to you than your breathing, closer to you than your body. If you need to—and it is sometimes necessary to realize that this is all you need and all you can bear—crawl into the lap of that great entity that is the Creator, however you may see this entity—mother, father, great principle. Crawl into this loving lap and rest. Do no more than that if this is what you need. Let angels surround you. Let the love that is completely unconditional, that created you and sustains you, now rock you and sing to you and sleep the sleep of one who is loved as a child is loved by its mother.

If, on the other hand, you dwell in that temple and are ready for more, then by all means move into those energies you wish to explore. If you feel that you have explored the blue-ray energy of open communication thoroughly and you are ready to move into work in consciousness, then you may work at visualization, meditation, contemplation or any other roads that you seem called at that one moment of work to begin to walk along. There are many paths. They do all lead to the Creator. You cannot take an incorrect path in thought or in meditation or in practice. And you need to move by feelings, by that resonance that tells you when you are on the right track. The blockages that you have spoken of are those within your energy body that would narrow the inrush area of the incoming energy of the one infinite Creator.

Now picture with us, if you will, the image of this metaphysical body that is interpenetrating your physical body. There are two sources of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. One is universal. It moves from the base chakra upwards. The other source is much more focused and pointed. It is the result of the work in consciousness that you have previously done and that exact point at which you are now entering, doing this work at this moment. And this is experienced as coming down through the crown chakra into the violet ray. It moves from the violet ray according to the ways of your energy body. It will not harm you, and if it cannot move further than the violet ray, it will remain there and it will not pull the energy upward. However, when you have achieved an entrance into the open heart and are seated, shall we say, that is, physically speaking, in the green ray, in that temple of the heart, then your hands are empty and you are seeking. Then that universal energy may be pulled upward to where the intelligent direction of your guidance system would cause it to go and your guidance system’s energy, coming down from above, will meet your universal energy at that point. This is work that cannot be thought out or done on purpose. Rather it is a matter of trusting your process and offering your prayer with empty hands, not saying “Lord, I need this; Lord, I need that,” but saying, “I come to you seeking the truth of myself. Show me that which you have to offer me this day. Help me to be a part of the creative or godhead system. Give me my daily bread. Give me that which I may work with and learn from just for today.” And then allow silence and faith to rest with you as you sit in the temple of your own heart.

Many things may come to you as you sit and rest. Again, take them in without judgment; without reservation. Repeat the process as often as you can, daily if possible, and over time you will begin to see why it is called a spiritual process.

My sister, you are asking for the hardest work imaginable within third density. It is work which the physical body literally cannot bear without help. That is why we so greatly encourage the clearing of the first three chakras before doing work in consciousness. You do not want to sublimate these basic red-yellow-orange issues in order to get at work in consciousness. No matter how boring or less than exciting it may seem to do the clearing work necessary before opening the heart, this is what protects your physical body and maintains it for you so that work in consciousness will not create a serious mismatch between third-density issues and fourth-density learning. You need, therefore, gently and patiently to bring that physical body into balance and bring the three chakras having to do with the physical body into more and more clarity. It is a matter of knowing who you are on so many levels.

And you shall not come to a place where you will know everything there is to know about your physical body or your physical energy body. New information will come to you every day. New situations will change your tuning in red ray or yellow ray or orange ray every day. So you cannot simply do the work and then move on. It is repetitive, daily work.

You already have an absolute and overwhelming love for how it feels to be in the open heart. And a great deal of your service in this incarnation has been done from an open heart. Yet we ask you, my sister, “What have you left behind in your rush to open the heart, and what do you need to collect lovingly and patiently so that when you move into your heart you bring all of yourself?”

Let us look at the figure of the redemptive Jesus, for the one known as Jesus, as you have told this instrument previously, is very dear to you. Therefore, we will use this particular teacher and what this teacher has to say about the open heart in looking at your situation.

The Creator requests of you that you take up your cross and follow the one known as Jesus. We are not speaking literally or dogmatically here, but we are using an image and a figure or a structure, if you will, which many people of faith have been able to use well. What is it to take up one’s cross but to honor your suffering, to know it and not to turn away from it or to avoid it but take it upon yourself. It is said, “For his yoke is easy and his burden is light.” 1 What makes this yoke easy? What makes this burden light?

The one known as Jesus said, “When you see me you do not see me but you see the Father who sent me.” 2 Can you see how that illuminates the challenge to take up your cross and follow? You are not following an entity known as Jesus. You are following the one the Father sent to do His will. You are following an entity that was described by the one known as Jesus over and over again in ways that would indicate that this entity wished, when you said the name “Jesus,” not to think of a personal consciousness but to think of unconditional love. And this entity put itself on a cross to express what unconditional love is. This entity expressed it literally as the giving without expectation of return. And in that unconditional giving lies the key to the entry into fourth density.

So the one known as Jesus as a teacher was saying to you, “Love is the way; love is the truth and love is the life.” 3 Thusly we say to you, as you focus yourself into work in consciousness, “Know who you are.”

And in a way you are your pain. If you may see that you need to carry that cross into the sacred space of your own heart, you do not need to get rid of that pain. You need to honor that pain. And as you collect it into yourself, you are collecting all the darkness within you so that no shadow remains of which you would say, “That is not part of me.” You wish to collect all of yourself into the sacred space and then you wish to follow the ways of unconditional love in that sacred space.

And how do you follow love but to trust it and to know that it is the truth of you? It is your larger consciousness and if you cannot yet feel every iota of that unconditional love then you should be patient and you should ask and you should await, in utter faith, the realization that is to come.

This instrument is instructing us that we must wind up our main question, and so we would simply once again touch upon your question concerning the balance between love and wisdom. And here, my sister, we would say to you that you have challenged yourself within this incarnation with this balance between love and wisdom. And why would you challenge yourself? It is not because you do not have enough of either, but because you may have an overbalance towards love. And in that regard we would ask you, when doing work in consciousness, to visit the blockages within those first three chakras, asking yourself the question, “Am I worthy?”

The open heart knows the answer to that question, but when you are doing work in consciousness you are the Creator and so you have a great deal of capacity both to learn and to delude yourself. Therefore, examine the love you have for yourself and the redemption that you know that you possess. And wherever you find yourself unredeemed by your own self, wherever you find yourself judged by yourself, we ask you to move to the foot of the cross and look up into the eyes of the one known as Jesus. We remind you of the stress of this entity upon the cross as he hung between two thieves and murderers. We remind you that one thief asked the one known as Jesus, “Master, when you get to Paradise, will you think of me?” The one known as Jesus said, “This day you are with me in Paradise.”

Your redemption is absolute. It is not time-bound. It is not local. It has nothing to do with how imperfect you are. It has to do with the fact that you too are part of the Creator.

We thank you, my sister, for these beautiful questions and for the delight it has been for us to share our thoughts with you on them and would ask at this time if there are follow-up questions that you would like to ask? We are those of Q’uo.

No. There is a great deal here for me to ponder, digest and work upon and use. And until I do that, I won’t have any further questions. I need to think a great deal and work with it. And I thank you so, so very much for all that you are doing for us. This is a difficult time right now and I cannot express how much it means, the love and the care and the help that you give us.

We are those of Q’uo, and, my sister, we thank you too and would express our humility in the face of the beauty that you offer to us. We thank each of those within this circle for the beauty of their being and for their willingness to stop and yield moments of their precious time in order that they may come to the circle of seeking and seek that truth. We seek it with you, my sister, and we simply leave you and this circle in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We rejoice. We are at peace and we rest in all that there is. We are those known to you as the principle of the Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Holy Bible: Matthew 11:28-30: “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

  2. This saying is in several forms throughout the Gospels. Here is one version from John 10:25-29: “The works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness to me; but you do not believe, because you do not belong to my sheep. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me; and I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.” 

  3. Holy Bible: John 14:1-6: “’ Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And, when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way where I am going.’ Thomas said to him, ‘Lord, we do not know where you are going; how can we know the way?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me.’”