Question from T: Please offer me any information you feel might be helpful regarding the journey I have taken, where I am in it right now, and what would be appropriate for me to consider in terms of spiritual principles in looking forward.

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is our privilege to be called to this circle of seeking and we thank the one known as T for asking us to speak with him concerning the query that he has posed for us concerning his journey. We greet each in this circle: the one known as C, the one known as G, the one known as T, and the one known as Carla, thanking each for having put aside their time for this opportunity to seek the truth. As always, we would ask that each listen carefully to those things which we have to offer, using your discrimination to take hold of those ideas that you feel may be good resources for you, and to cast aside any and all ideas that do not resonate as being helpful to you at this time, for we would not be a stumbling block before you or interfere in any way with the process of your spiritual evolution. If you can do this for us, then we shall feel free to speak our mind. We would not wish to infringe upon your free will and it is for that reason that we especially ask you to use your powers of discrimination and trust only yourself as the authority over what is true for you. Truth is essentially a very subjective matter. What is true for us may not be so for you. We thank you for being able to do that for us so that we may speak freely. In no way are we to be considered as authorities.

You have asked about the journey that you are on, where you are in it, and what spiritual principles might be helpful as you proceed on the journey, and we thank you for this question. Indeed, we are walking with you on that journey, which is one common to all of us. We each have our personal and individual identities and yet the journey itself is a common one, common to all who are parts of the one infinite Creator who have been spun out of the heart of the Creator to gather experiences and offer the blooming of the self back to the one infinite Creator as a gift. In that sense, it is a common journey and we walk always in company with each other and never alone.

Let us talk a bit, my brother, concerning this concept of being on a journey within incarnation. It is indeed a long and winding road upon which this journey takes place upon. It begins before incarnation with you and your guidance system coming together to choose carefully the resources with which you would choose to garb or clothe yourself for this incarnational experience. Indeed, you chose your gifts as well as those things which you might consider your frailties or your faults. You chose people in your life which you felt would make excellent companions for you and you chose those people within your life which you hoped would serve as catalyst for you, giving you what in incarnation you call pain and suffering. For, although your main reason for incarnating was that which you wished to offer and give, you also chose certain balances on which to work, most notably the balance between love and wisdom. Like many entities, you chose lessons such as learning to love without expectation of return, and learning to listen with compassion to those entities who do not think as do you and whose logic does not run as does yours. The choice to focus on compassion, patience and tolerance was part of the reason that you chose some of those entities within your life with which it is less than comfortable and convenient for you to deal with.

You gave yourself gifts of personality and character and as well you gave yourself those things which you now perceive within incarnation as faults. You did this with exquisite care, feeling that this assortment of details of personality were those choices that would best serve you as you attempt to mature, to balance the gifts that are within you, and to seek your true self.

The journey of incarnation is a journey to the center of the self. It seems as though it were a long and ever-expanding trek. As the years go by and as the Earth upon which you enjoy life revolves around your sun body, it seems as though it is a long trail which you are walking, and yet, my brother, we would suggest that the actual journey is from the outside, or the surface of this ball or sphere of life experience towards its very center. From the skin, the eyes, and the awareness inwards towards the very center of your heart. Consequently, if we do not seem to speak in terms of linear achievements, the past, the present, and the future, it is because we are gazing at your journey from a different standpoint. The standpoint from which we gaze at your experience is that standpoint of the soul which is in time/space. We rest within your consciousness to look at those hopes that you had for incarnation before your entry into it.

My brother, you have indeed penetrated the outer surface of your incarnation to a substantial extent. You have begun to see into who you are. We would say that, in terms of those hopes that you had before incarnation, you have more successfully achieved things in the outer layers of living, such as right livelihood and excellent companionship for the journey of incarnation than you have achieved substantial success, according to your hopes before incarnation, in penetrating to the very heart of who you are. We say this not to chastise you, but in order to motivate you to continue the exploration of who you are in an ever deeper and more profound sense. The very center of your hope for incarnation, in terms of achievement, was that achievement which we would call “blooming.” You are, as any living entity, a being which first comes into bud, and then, through the application of much sunlight and water and the right environment for growth, into bloom. Your hope was to blossom and to yield the harvest of that blossoming to the one infinite Creator, to the planet into which you incarnated in order to serve, and to all of those upon the planet, that race of humankind which you love so dearly and wish so keenly to help.

Your sojourn has brought you much awareness and your compassion for others has greatly deepened. We would say the chief stumbling block in your way at this time is a lack of compassion for yourself and we would encourage you to pursue that hardness of heart within yourself, towards yourself, with singleness of heart and with great stores of compassion and self-forgiveness.

It is a common mis-emphasis among your peoples to emphasize the doing over the being and to value things accomplished in the outer world over a growing realization of yourself as an essence. Many things have changed within your life in the most recent past few of your years. Things have dropped away from your personality shell and your identity has correspondingly shifted.

We would encourage you to continue this process of releasing things about yourself that you thought to be true as you discover new truth and new being within yourself. It is in coming into a present moment awareness of who you are that you more and more free yourself from the limitations imposed upon you by your self-concept. Your hope, before incarnation, was that you would come into a more and more full awareness of that essential nature of yourself that is not bound up in the personality shell or in the emotions connected with instinctual behavior as inherited from your physical body, but to be able more and more to avail yourself of that larger personality that you would call the soul or the spirit. And again, the more that you enter into this essential and deeper personality, the less entirely personal your selfhood becomes. For as you get closer to the heart of who you are, you take on those aspects of the self that are wrapped up in the larger self—or as this instrument would call it, the Creator-self.

When an entity thoughtlessly uses the word, “I,” that entity is referring to the personality shell. Certainly, that entity is one-of-a-kind and very idiosyncratic and unique. However, as you cast off items of your personality shell and enter more and more into your spirit-self, you do not in any way remove or limit your identity as “I.” Rather, you retain the uniqueness of yourself as a spark of the one infinite Creator, yet you become more and more aware that this Creator-self has its roots in the Creator Itself so that you have more and more of an awareness of the solidity at the center of your true identity.

My brother, you have made excellent progress in achieving the goals set for yourself, by yourself, before incarnation. And we would say that at this time, and for your foreseeable future within incarnation, we would see your chief goal yet to be realized as coming into a fuller and fuller awareness of who you are and Whose you are.

We shall be glad to come back to this query, but because there are several questions that we have to cover, we would like to hold our request for follow-up questions until all of your questions as written down have been responded to. Is there a second query at this time?

I feel as though I’m doing the right job but question whether I am in the right place. Please comment in any way you feel appropriate, pointing me in the direction of service to others that most fully fulfills my purpose in being.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We would indeed agree with you that you have found the most creative and satisfactory outlet for your considerable gifts as a healer, my brother. While we cannot comment directly on the question of your location, we could offer some thoughts upon this question that might perhaps serve as resources as you consider the question of right location.

It has often been said to and by this instrument that the one thing that remains constant, no matter where one travels, is that at the end of one’s journey one shall still find oneself. Therefore, we would suggest that location and the choice of location involve consideration of two things.

The first is whether or not the location at which you now reside has a resonance for you. If the place where you live does not feel like home to you, we would encourage you to search by whatever means that you have at your disposal until you find a location which seems to you to have the resonance and the familiarity of home. It is a comfort to any entity to feel that they are nestled in a place that is safe and comfortable to them. Certainly, this is a luxury that is not always attained, and many are those upon your planet who are not at all comfortable, nor do they feel safe. Nevertheless, as an ideal situation, it seems to us to be incontrovertibly so that it is far easier to focus on your service to others when your basic needs are being met and you feel a sense of rightness about where you are.

The second consideration in right location, we would suggest, is that of resonant service. There are times when the location itself is resonant to you but you have found that there is some kind of tangle concerning personalities that dwell within this location, or situations that seem to crop up within the location in which you find yourself. And you wonder within yourself whether or not making a new start in a new location would, shall we say, comb these personalities or circumstances out of your hair and enable you to make a fresh start. If this is indeed the case in your situation, then we would suggest that it is well to consider the question of how these entities and circumstances form a pattern. We would encourage you to take a slow, thoughtful and careful look at any difficulties and entanglements that you may feel at this time. The likelihood is that in moving to another location without grasping, understanding, accepting, balancing and forgiving the entities and circumstances that now trouble you, you will continue to be generating through the magnetism of that which you are, shall we say, putting out into your atmosphere around you the same patterns in other places that you have created where you are now.

If this is indeed the case, that is, that your location itself is resonant but there are things about the situation within that location that seem troubling, then we would encourage you, before even thinking of moving, to enter into these situations looking for the pattern underlying the situation.

[Carla coughs.]

We apologize on behalf of this instrument for the coughing.

You are not looking at the situation in order to assign blame. Rather, we would suggest that you are looking into a hall of mirrors. The people around you and the situations which come from interaction with these people are giving you a somewhat distorted and skewed image or series of images of yourself. Even when these images are highly distorted, they yet have valuable information for you concerning, perhaps, things about yourself which are in what this instrument would describe as the shadow side of self, that part of the self that is not developed and is not often visited because it is that side of the self which is the thief, the murderer, the liar, and other negative images that you have undoubtedly carefully kept away from developing and being shown to the world.

Nevertheless, these facets of self exist, not only in yourself but in all people. Nor are they to be ignored, abandoned or denied. Rather, they are to be understood as parts of the 360 degrees of self that make you up. You are a spark of the one infinite Creator and within that Creator lies all that there is, both of the light and of the so-called darkness. We do not encourage you to develop that darkness by loving the darkness and encouraging within yourself the energies of selfishness and service to self. Rather, we ask you to realize that these darker energies within you are a part of you that you can redeem and balance by your loving of them within you.

It is these darker energies that, when beguiled and charmed by you in the fullness of your soul personality, become within incarnation those deeper elements of your will and your focus which serve to stiffen and make strong your spine and create within you a real edge to that determination to use your will and your focus in order to refine your personality. Loving and accepting these darker images of self does not mean encouraging illicit or immoral behavior. Rather, it encourages you to integrate the darkness into your whole self, to accept the wolf within, as this instrument would call it, to embrace those things about yourself that are the least attractive so that you can cuddle them, lull them into sleep when necessary, and create a structure for them within yourself in which they are given useful work to do for the light, realizing that you have only to love those portions of self in order to place them where they belong in the balance of your energies. You are then freed to know yourself in a more complete way.

Therefore, when these images of self are shown to you again you are much more able to look those images directly in the eye and say, “Yes, that too, am I. And I give that aspect of myself to my higher self because it knows just how this part of myself needs to fit into my whole self in order to create a perfect balance so that I may be free to do the will of my highest and best self.”

May we ask for the third question at this time?

I believe I am a wanderer from the sixth density. Can you confirm this for me? Please comment on penetrating the veil of forgetting.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We can indeed confirm that you are a wanderer from the sixth density. As to the veil of forgetting, we realize that there are many entities who upon awakening wish to penetrate the veil of forgetting and to discover more about the journey that they have taken up until this incarnation.

For our part, my brother, we are reluctant to encourage you to penetrate this veil. We believe that in many cases there is a permeability to the veil that comes by stages and we feel that it is helpful and healthy for this to occur as long as it occurs naturally, that is, within the context of your process of seeking and discerning what you would call your way forward at this time.

We have found that in many cases when entities penetrate the veil of forgetting and discover one or more of their past incarnations, these entities then pull themselves back into the patterns of those incarnations to some extent, and that they tend to explain things about their present incarnation in terms of the dynamics of past incarnations. We find this to be somewhat deleterious to the progression of evolvement of your spirit because you move into the pattern that has already been explored in the past life rather than staying carefully within the present moment and the present incarnational experience.

We may share with you our opinion that you do not have adhering catalyst, or what this instrument would call karma, coming into this incarnational experience. The people with whom you have agreements in this life are not entities with whom the agreements are concerned with past-life balance. Your agreements all have to do with serving together or learning from each other within this present incarnation.

If you begin to receive bleed-through memories, especially within the dreaming, then you will know that your higher self has seen fit to begin informing you concerning experiences that you have had in past experiences of incarnation. And you can then ask yourself how this information might be helpful in grasping a current situation or in observing a certain pattern of thought that you have observed about yourself and are attempting to penetrate so that you may evolve as a spirit.

The spiritual principles involved in any wanderer’s entry into incarnation are those principles involved with service to others. It is for that reason that wanderers seek incarnation within planet Earth at this time. You have had the distinct and clear perception that you can make a difference in this lifetime. After the incarnation begins, it is much more difficult to have that clear vision that you had before incarnation concerning the nature of your service. As we said earlier, it is very easy for it to seem, to one within incarnation, that service has to do with what one does. And indeed, the outer services are wonderful and create a substantial gift to the one infinite Creator. Yet, my brother, the heart of your service is in the nature of your beingness.

We ask you to consider penetrating to the very center of who you are within incarnation as that goal to which you may bend every effort and serve with the greatest of joy and the feeling of peace that comes with knowing that you are on the right track. Let the being that you are being be your main concern, for as you refine and simplify your concept of who you are, as you breathe in the air and breath it back out and focus on essence, you will find that all of those things that you need in order to express a doingness will come to you very naturally, as if drawn to you magnetically.

May we ask for the next query, my brother?

Please comment in any way you are able concerning health issues for me. I have trouble swallowing as food gets stuck in my throat. My mother’s side of the family donated this tendency to me.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We can to some extent comment on this question and would agree that, to some extent, the difficulty that you have in the region of the throat chakra is purely mechanical and has to do with your genetic heritage. However, in asking that question, we are also agreeing with your inference that there may be more to that particular difficulty than the physical aspects of its manifestation and we would like to look at the way…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…the blue-ray energy center or the blue-ray chakra manifests its distress within the everyday life.

Let us look first at the opening of the heart chakra and all that it entails. Basically, the opening up of the green-ray chakra or the heart chakra is a tremendous job. It involves much more than simply the opening of the heart, for there is a two-fold opening of that heart. The first opening is simply the lifting of all concerns into the heart. There are many issues concerning survival and personal relationships, as well as group relationships such as marriage and the workplace, within which many people get stuck. And [so they] never bring these issues up into the heart. You, my brother, long ago began to do so and through the years you have penetrated the first heart, that outer temple, shall we say, and moved into the inner temple of unconditional love. You have brought more and more of your whole self into that inner temple. However, my brother, we would say that you have not brought all of your self into that inner temple as of yet. It is the parts of yourself that are as yet unredeemed by your love, your compassion, and your full acceptance, that are creating for you at once an under-energizing and an over-activation of the blue-ray chakra. These are two separate concerns and so we would look at them one at a time.

The under-activation of the blue-ray chakra is due to a lack of a feeling of self-worth which is because of the fact that you have not yet concluded the process of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance that you have begun in opening your heart. The over-activation is a matter of your very active and strong will, which is encouraging you onward to communicate ever more openly and to move ever more fully into those energies of full sharing, fully open communication, and that self which wishes to move on into work in consciousness, or into indigo-ray work.

So there is at once a certain amount of under-activation of blue ray because of work left undone in moving fully into the open heart and an unwise application of the will that is in advance of your true situation, where you are very much wishing to move onward into more advanced work. And yet, at the same time, you cannot bring to bear the full amount of energy of the one infinite Creator that is flowing through your energy body. This also is a portion of the reason that you are experiencing some difficulty in the blue-ray chakra region of your body.

As you know, my brother, there are various techniques, dealing strictly with the physical body, for enabling the actions of swallowing to improve. And we would encourage you to look into those techniques. But we would also encourage you to go on a hunt for your lost little dogies, as this instrument would call those stray parts of the self that are still wandering in the pastureland of your unredeemed and unforgiven self. Find the lamb that is not yet in the fold of your forgiveness. Go and get it, bring it home, and love it, forgive it, accept it, and know yourself to be fully there and fully worthy.

May we ask for the final query?

Our dog, Y, acts in such a way that I feel she is harvestable to third density. Can you confirm this?

We are those of Q’uo, and yes, my brother, we can confirm the harvestability of your mind/body/spirit complex known as Y.

We would at this time ask if there are any follow-up questions from the one known as T?

I had a channeled reading ten or twelve years ago when there was a reference made to myself and an aspect of Neptune and I was just wondering if Q’uo has any comment about that?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The question had to do with whether there are aspects of Neptune that might be fruitfully considered in the process of the one known as T at this time.

We would encourage you, my brother, to examine fully the so-called astrological chart of your natal birth, looking for the placement of that energy, and of all energies having to do with water, within that chart. The energies of Neptune are certainly those which have a bearing upon the incarnation of any wanderer and we feel that there is productive ground there for exploration. However, we would also encourage you to examine less traditional ways of viewing the birth chart, such as that given in the book known to this instrument as The Invisible Garment 1 in which these energies are gazed at in a non-traditional way.

This and all ways of looking at the energies involved at the moment of birth are ways of looking into the archetypal influences which you have chosen to ring about yourself as companions and allies. These are all energies that anyone may access within the deeper self, and yet, in each lifetime, the entity chose just that particular arrangement of energies and so we would encourage your investigation of these energies, especially, as you said, that energy known to be of Neptune.

May we answer you further, my brother?

If we are sixth density, and we die to third, from a harvestability standpoint, where do we go: sixth, third or fourth? I’m not sure how to ask the question.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. You asked us, since you came from sixth density to third, upon being harvested, where do you go? Do you go to fourth density or back to sixth? We believe we understand your query, my brother, and we would say that it is unknown to us at this time as to what your decisions shall be once you have graduated. The challenge for each entity that goes through the veil of forgetting and takes incarnation in third density is so to recapitulate the lessons of third density that you are able to clear third density and walk the steps of light into fourth density. For all of those who are able to graduate, that is the first destination, that being the larger life of unconditional love. Once you have cleared the barriers that keep you from moving again to the place of your choosing beyond third density, you shall then undergo a period of reflection and a discussion with your higher self such as you had before incarnation, discussing the possibilities as you see them at that time and where the resonance for you, the place of service for you next seems to lie. It shall not be known or decided until that moment.

We would encourage you in the context of being still within third density to focus upon living from the open heart so that you are already living in unconditional love and are harvestable. You remember much as soon as you clear the process of death, but it is your state of being before the death process that determines whether you are free to move back into higher densities or whether you have been caught by the third-density energies of light and dark, good and evil, and so forth so that you must again take third-density existence. We do realize that you, like many wanderers, have no great affection for the environment of third density and so we would greatly encourage you to look to the wholeness and integrity of your heart energy and attempt more and more to live very genuinely and naturally in those sacred precincts of unconditional love which are so dear to you.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I don’t have any more questions. I do have a comment. Carla and Jim are supposed to send me some information that either came through you or Ra on healing. I’m a chiropractor and I want to do some different stuff. If you might have any comments on that I would appreciate it.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The one known as Carla has endeavored to find this information for you, and interestingly enough, neither she nor the one known as Jim has been able to locate this information. It is not a problem that is infinite for there are other locations in which this information can be found. However, that has been the reason that you have not yet received this information. The instrument is aware of the need to find these lost documents and has been working towards locating them.

What we would say concerning the information is that, like all information, it has a certain amount of power but its power in and of itself is infinitesimal compared to the power that it grows to possess when in the hands of one who uses gifts that are given with a full and open heart. We know that with or without this information, the broader and deeper avenues that you seek will come to you. We have not investigated the deeper reasons of the misplacement of this information but would simply offer our opinion that your path is one which is open before you. When this information is found, it shall be sent to you and we encourage you to seize upon it and to absorb it, realizing that you enliven these simple exercises that the ones known as Ra have offered. It is you that create the living gift rather than any pieces of information.

Our reflections upon leaving you, my brother, are simply to thank you with all of our heart for the beauty of your spirit and the richness of your blooming. We cannot tell you how much we admire and love you and at any time you would wish us to be a part of your meditations, you have only to ask for our presence. We do not offer words or images but if you ask for our presence what we will do is to enter into your meditation with you in such a way as to deepen and help to stabilize your basic level of focus within meditation.

We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts. And we honor you. We leave you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Connie Kaplan, The Invisible Garment: 30 Spiritual Principles That Weave the Fabric of Human Life: San Diego, CA, Jodere Group, [c2004], ISBN 1-58872-089-6.